Aurora Snow ist ein Latex Slave

Aurora Snow ist ein Latex Slave
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A little less than a year later, it seemed that things had returned to normal with me and mom. My wife had to have surgery and went in the hospital for a few days.

My mother came down to be with her and help us out. She stayed with us at our house; mom insisted she would sleep on the couch even though I offered to. To my surprise, I was awoken the next morning by her getting up out of our king sized bed. She explained that she got cold and came to get more covers but instead, laid down and fell asleep there.

The next night the kids were gone on a church trip and my mother was to be making the trip back to her house. After spending all day with my wife, Mom and I went to a local steakhouse to eat before she left. She said she wanted to pay for the meal but when the ticket came I took it and said "my treat". She replied, "well, I'll just have to treat you to something". On the way to the house she talked about how she dreaded the long drive home.

I convinced her that she should take another 1/2 day off from work and leave tomorrow, and finally, she agreed. I said she could have the bed to herself tonight and she said "nonsense, we did fine last night, you will sleep in your own bed!" We took turns showering, she went first and as I finished up I could not help but think about the possibilities, I had a raging boner and I had to stay in the bathroom a while and concentrate on other stuff to get it to subside.

As I entered my bedroom, lit only by a nightlight, I could see that she was watching me get into bed, she had a scared and flushed look on her face, the same expression I had seen on her years ago driving by me and my friends on her way to get fucked!

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I got into bed and stared at the ceiling, determined not to do anything that would again strain our relationship. I heard some rustling under the covers and could see her outline in the dim light, I could swear she was taking her panties off!

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A minute later she slowly pulled the covers down and crawled over towards me. She was on her knees, she put her lips to my chest and began kissing me, her hands then slid down to my waist and began pushing my briefs down, she said "baby. your treat.". She then kissed her way down my stomach with her breasts dragging over my chest and by the time I could feel her hot breath on my crotch, my cock was stiffly wagging about pointed straight up at the ceiling. She took the head of my cock into her lips and began sliding her mouth slowly up and down the length of my shaft.

OH MY GOSH! How good it felt! I could not believe it! She was really doing what I had always dreamed of! I rubbed and stroked her back and her chubby ass with my hands and then I grabbed her hips and pulled her midsection over me. There it was!

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Right in front of my nose! Here was the pussy that had given me life and had given me thousands of orgasms in my dreams. I could only faintly see her pouting cuntlips in the dim light, but I could smell the wonderful odors of my mother's cunt and could feel the heat coming from it as I pulled at her ass cheeks to draw her down to me.


I buried my face into her. I licked and tasted her all over for a while, rimming out her hairy hole with my tongue and lips. I concentrated hard on the taste and smells of her wonderful cunt trying to keep myself from blasting my jism into her mouth, I knew I could not hold back much longer and I needed to make her come quickly.

I buried my nose in her moistening slit as I sucked and licked her clitoris. She was moaning loudly now and breathing hard but her face stayed buried onto my throbbing dick. She was bottomed out on me, easily deep throating my entire stiff rod and I could feel her breath from her nostrils blowing over my swollen nuts.


Suddenly her pussy just seemed to open up and begin oozing as she pressed harder into me and I knew she was coming. I sucked and drank every drop of the precious fluids flowing from my mother's cunt, my balls tightened and I started shooting wads of cum into the depths of her throat. Our energy and our fluids flowed in an erotic cycle, her spasming cunt discharged her body's nectar into my face and mouth while I sucked franticaly, nearly suffocating in the embrace of her swollen cuntlipslips, this energy flowed through my being and gathered at the base of my throbbing prick to await it's turn to be ejected in great spurts back into her body by way of her throat.

It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

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We didn't break from this position for several minutes as we both slowly recovered. She then turned around and crawled up to me and we kissed.

She tasted of my sperm and my face glistened with her juices.

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We groped and sucked on each others mouths and pressed tightly to each other. I rolled on top of her without breaking our liplock. We continued our passionate kissing, and as our bodies pressed to each other, my cock rubbed over her soft pubic hair. I could feel my manhood swelling again, preparing itself for the assault on my mothers womb that for decades, it had longed for.

I reached back while rubbing her ample ass and chubby thighs and grabbed her legs one at a time and folded them up towards her chest, this raised her ass up off of the bed and drew her cunt towards my throbbing pole.

I could feel her large soft breasts press into my chest as I slowly lowered myself into her incredibly hot, tight, sopping wet, hole.

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Sliding into her then was excruciatingly wonderful. We breathed heavily into each others mouths as I pushed myself into her as far as I could possibly go. I ground my hips into her and could feel the pressure of my swollen cockhead on her cervix.

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I slowly withdrew only to plunge back into her over and over again, each thrust brought us both to a new level of ecstasy. Mom would break our kiss every few seconds to let out moans and squeals through deep rapid breaths, then she would pull my face to hers and kiss me deeply. It was obvious we both wanted our bodies to be as close to each other as possible. Mother and son, joined at their most sacred places, looking into each others eyes and satisfying their most primal needs.

Who knows how long we fucked, it could have been two minutes or two hours, our minds were only conscious of our blissfull union, the closest of kin, as close as we could be, joined by rock hard penis and hot wet cunt.

We clung tightly to each other as we climbed higher and higher towards the blissful summit that we would reach together. At last, her breathing became frantic, her pussy opened up, pressed into me, and allowed me to penetrate another fraction of an inch deeper into the place from which I came. Mom's whole body shook with orgasm and my cock began spewing it's incestuous seed.

I felt as though my brain had been sucked through my spine and spewn out through my cock into the depest recesses of my mother's womb. I could feel my cum leaking back along my shaft, with me so firmly lodged in her tight depths there was no where else it could go! Her frail body slowly grew limp beneath me as occasional tremors shot through each of us as "aftershocks" of our mind numbing orgasms. We were so close, she comes so intensely just like I do!

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The next day she told me that our experience from a year ago had bothered her greatly, but at the same time, it had turned her on so much that she had begun masturbating herself, something she had not done for years, while she thought about me. That day we went to see my wife and mom told her that she would try and stay until she was completely recovered.

That night we would join again in another overwhelming experience.