Nude sexy beautiful girl homemade and hardcore

Nude sexy beautiful girl homemade and hardcore
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Suzanne brushed toast crumbs into the waist basket and tossed the dish rag into the sink. The kids were off to school, the house was clean, and it was time for some recreation. But what?

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The movies in the local theaters sucked, all the men of the world were at work, and there was nothing on TV but talk shows and the fake fucking courtroom crap. If she went shooping again, Stan would kill her. Suzanne was a hot little blonde which men often chased to the point of exhaustion.

She certainly didn't mind. As a mother of two, the oldest being 7 years old, she liked being chased. With her husband always out to sea, she needed the reassurance that these little diversions gave her. If she was chased, she was sexy. In fact, she would be horrified if she wasn't chased. Everyone would agree, Suzanne was cute as hell, with waves of blonde hair, freckles around her nose, green eyes and a perfect figure.

Ok, her breasts were not exactly perfect, but they were ok for naturals. They weren't half as good as her neighbor Katie's. Suzanne walked to her kitchen window. Speaking of Katie, there she was working in her backyard. Like Suzanne she was a Navy wife. There were a lot of those in Santee, it seemed. Either single or Navy wives, which amounted to the same thing. The difference was that single women had to work, Navy wives laid around the house and got bored.

Katie was one hot little bitch. She was a dishwater blonde with soft brown eyes. She too had a sprinkling of freckles. She liked to wear almost nothing while working in her garden.

Not that it really mattered, nobody could see into her backyard but Suzanne. Suzanne walked through the French doors into her own back yard. Katie's yard was separated by a bed of tulips. They were so bright, in the hot California sunlight, that they almost blinded her. "You're working hard for a sexy blonde bitch with nothing to do," Suzanne said with a smile.

"It's better than sitting around the house," she said, wiping her forehead on her arm.

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"There isn't shit to do in this fucking town." "Tell me about it. You look hot." "I could use a good bubble bath," she nodded. "I hate our fucking shower. Next time we don't buy a house without a tub. Hey, can I use yours?" she asked hopefully. "You don't need to ask, you can come over and use it any time, whether I'm home or not. But if Stan is home, come dressed. That son-of-a-bitch want's to fuck you bad." "You're a lifesaver," Katie grunted as she stood and tossed the trowel into the tulips.

"Tell Stan to fuck himself. I'm not too happy with men right now," she said, rubbing her back on the way to Suzanne's house. They stopped just inside the door and kissed. They had been doing this for some time. Each loved to kiss, but their husbands didn't. So they decided to kiss each other. It never went any further than that. It was just play.

But Suzanne had to admit, there were times when she considered going farther. Suzanne followed Katie into the bathroom. Katie noticed Suzanne's red boots on the floor and snorted. "If you wear those you had better stay away from Fernando. He loves a short skirt and boots." "I bought those to go with a red plaid mini," Suzanne said, grabbing the boots and slipping them on.

Katie kicked off her slippers and grabbing a hair tie off the sink. She put up her hair. The bath would feel good and she couldn't wait to jump in. Suzanne was bent over the tub in her bathrobe, which covered a see-through teddy, and those ridiculous boots. Katie giggled at the sight she made. Suzanne turned at the sound of her laughter and Katie suddenly became serious. "You are one sexy bitch," Katie said, suddenly gasped. She looked over Suzanne from her breasts to her shaved pussy and back up her slender figure.

Suddenly the games were over.


She had a new thought and it frightened her. She licked her lips nervously and looked at Suzanne with a surprised, frightened expression.

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"What?" Suzanne asked, before looking down at herself. Katie had seen her naked plenty of times before. There was nothing disturbing about the teddy and the boots. Was something wrong? "Suzie, why haven't we ever done it?" Katie croaked nervously. "Done what. oh," she said in surprise. Suzanne's eyes now went over Katie with a look of surprised wonder.

She looked back at Katie and shook her head with a slight smile. "I guess we never thought of it," she said with a nervous laugh. "Maybe we're afraid that we'll become lesbians." "I sure as hell wouldn't tell anybody," Katie snorted, but there was a look of entreaty in her eyes.

"Yeah, me too," Suzanne said, stepping closer. She pulled the tie on Katie's swimsuit top. Katie pulled it off and tossed it onto the floor. Suddenly they couldn't get naked fast enough. Upon Katie's insistent, Suzanne kept the ridiculous boots and removed everything else.

Katie was naked much faster. They stood looking at one another uncertainly, then Katie took the initiative. She pushed Suzanne back on the cold marble counter.

Things slid, rolled and crashed to the floor, but neither paid any attention. In the dim light of the bathroom, Katie knelt between Suzanne's legs, watched her face carefully, then extended her tongue and touched it to Suzanne's aromatic pussy. Suzanne shook and gasped. The entire thing seem unreal to her.

She couldn't believe that her best friend was kneeling between her legs. The sound of the running water went unnoticed and Katie pressed her lips against Suzanne's pussy and kissed it as she would a mouth. Her tongue snaked out of it's own violation and slid in between the folds of steamy flesh. Suzanne's pussy felt so soft and warm around her tongue.

She could feel it clench around her tongue and quiver.


Watching her face to ensure that her friend was not revolted, Katie slid a finger into Suzanne's moist pussy and licked diligently, while her finger glided gently in and out. "That feels so fucking good," Suzanne gasped.

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"Of fuck, wait until it's your turn, Katie. You won't believe how wonderful it feels," she groaned. The marble was deathly cold on her back and ass.

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She needed to change positions. She gently pushed Katie away and rolled over on her hands and knees. She knew she couldn't last long in this position, the marble counter top was already beginning to hurt her knees.

But the heat between her legs made the discomfort more that worth it. Katie was lapping like crazy now. Neither woman was a trained lesbian, but both knew what they liked.

With her lips tightly pressed against Suzanne's wet pussy, she slid her tongue up into Suzanne's wet folds and began tongue fucking her while she used her thumb to stimulate Suzanne's clit.

Suzanne screamed loudly. The sound echoed loudly in the large tiled bathroom. Katie slid her thumb up and down through the wet folds of hot flesh. She wiggled her thumb inside of Suzanne and watched her squirm. Suzanne was rocking and moaning like crazy. Katie liked doing something that would make a woman feel so good. She couldn't wait for her turn.

Suddenly she felt moisture on her leg, where there shouldn't be any. She looked down in surprise and realized that the tub was overflowing. With an oath she leaped to her feet and dove toward the tub, turning off the water and pushing down the handle. The tub began to drain noisily. Katie turned to find Suzanne laughing. She slid off the counter and walked gingerly toward the door. "I'm so fucking sorry," Katie said, looking at the soapy water on the floor. "Don't worry about it, Stan has a shop vac.

I'll get the kids to clean it up when they get home. In the meantime, let's finish what we started," she said, leading Katie into the livingroom. She sank onto the coffee table and pulled Katie down with her. This was much better for Katie. Her knees sank into the soft carpet on the floor. She pried Suzanne's moist pussy open and lapped her pussy brutally. She wanted to give Suzanne an orgasm, but more importantly, she wanted to feel Suzanne's soft lips between her legs. She flicked her tongue over Suzanne's clit and watched her face go through a million changes.

With a slight smile she sucked her clit into her mouth and tongue it brutally. Suzanne squealed and grabbed Katie's head, pulling her tightly between her legs. Katie had trouble breathing, but she maintained her attack on Suzanne's wet mushy mound. Suzanne began coming. She started with small little kitten cries, humping her sex against Katie's mouth as she grunted.

Then her eyes flew open in alarm and she surged up off the table. Panting loudly for breath she looked down at her friend's hot, busy mouth. At the very instant that she was too sensitive to take any more abuse, she reached for Katie, but Katie pulled away. She fell backwards on the floor and sat looking up at Suzanne. It was obvious that Suzanne was very happy. "Holy fuck!" Suzanne shouted enthusiastically. "Katie, I can't believe we haven't done this before.

"That was fantastic!" she shouted again. "Don't fucking tell me, show me," Katie demanded. "I'm really hurting, Suzi." "Oh yes," Suzanne said enthusiastically. "Over on your hands and knees, sister." Katie quickly rolled over on all fours and she felt Suzanne's mouth against her pussy before she even got settled.

It was quite a shock. Then she got an even bigger shock. Suzanne's thumb slid into her pussy, and her tongue attacked her ass. She felt the stiff member trying to push it's way inside her ass. She tried to relax. She wanted to feel it inside of her in the worst kind of way.

She couldn't believe that Suzanne would go so far. She loved her because she did. "Oh fuck, you're starting a fire in my ass," Katie hissed.

She began bouncing her ass against Suzanne's face, trying to force the diligent tongue inside. The thumb was sliding smoothly in and out of her pussy like a small prick. She was on fire. She had never felt a tongue on her ass before, and certainly not another woman's. She was juicing up very nicely. Katie cried out in disappointment when the tongue left her ass. But Suzanne spread her pussy lips and began bathing her pussy with her tongue.

She licked her pussy from the very top to the bottom, spending much time on her clit. She found herself grunting and pushing against Suzanne's mouth as she flicked her tongue back and forth inside her moist folds. Her eyes flew wide when she realized that she was going to cum. She didn't want to cum yet, she wanted to make it last for hours, possibly days.

She had never felt anything so wonderful as this. Why was it that husbands lost interest in eating pussy, soon after the honeymoon was over? Didn't they realize that eating pussy was a large part of sex? "Of fuck," Katie gasped. She hunched her pussy against Suzanne's mouth, feeling it smack into her best friend's face.


Growing hotter and hotter she grunted like an animal until she let out a loud, long scream. She humped her spasming pussy against Suzanne's face for several minutes, then collapsed on her belly.

She never realized that her carpet was so soft, or that the light reflected beautifully off the wall by the windows. It was funny, you noticed a lot of new things, right after sex. "So how did you like it?" Suzanne asked playfully. "Roll over on your back," Katie growled, pushing her friend down for a second round.