Sexy brunette babe goes crazy fingering

Sexy brunette babe goes crazy fingering
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If you were to ask me today why I fell in love with my son, I couldn't even begin to explain it rationally. The best explanation I could give that made sense was that he was there to care for me when nobody else would. Let me back up just a bit. I have seizures. A lot of them. Most of them are small, but every once in a while, I'll get one that's so bad that it knocks out my motor functions for a while; I can't even open a bottle of cola, at times. Other times, I lose the ability to speak for a few hours, sometimes even up to a day or so.

But despite all that, for some reason or another, mostly bureaucratic bullshit, I can't get disability for the longest time. So while I've taken a few small jobs, mainly things that don't require too much strenuous activity, like a convenience store clerk, I've predominantly had to rely on whoever I was with to take care of me. And nearly all of them were assholes who just wanted one thing in return.

I honestly can't say I blame them; a full-figured woman with a size 16 body, a round ass, and 40DD breasts, I'd want a piece of that, too. And I'm a horny bitch, as well. I masturbate nearly all the time, so I don't mind getting some "D" where I can, but I'd rather not be someone's fuck slave.

Finally, right around the time my son, Jackson, graduated high school, I got approved for disability. I decided to try living on my own for a change. I got a small studio apartment and Jackson moved in with his longtime girlfriend. Things were fine for a few years; Jackson came by quite often to check up on me, make sure I was doing okay and didn't have any bad seizures.

However, things soon soured between him and his girlfriend, and they broke it off. This left Jackson with an apartment and bills that he could barely afford on his own. And he had just renewed the lease, too, so he was stuck there for another year.

I think it was actually my idea to move in with Jackson. For starters, Jackson was probably the only person I truly trusted to take care of me, as he had done it for years when he was at home.

And helping him with rent on his place would actually be cheaper than my current living situation. Jackson's apartment was only a one-bedroom, but the living room was spacious enough for me to put most of my bedroom stuff there. My bed was pressed against the wall that divided the living room and the kitchen, and Jackson had taken it upon himself to install a small cabinet nearby for all of my pills and medications. After a few months of living with Jackson, I'd already had maybe two or three seizures.

Jackson went in to work around noon, but he would always check on me first thing in the morning because that was when I had most of them. If Jackson saw me having one, the first thing he would do is take my hand so that, when I came out of it, I'd always know he was there, and I would squeeze it to let him know I was responsive.

Many of my seizures wouldn't last longer than a few seconds, but there was one that was particularly rough. I don't remember when I have a seizure; usually Jackson will tell me afterwards, or I'll realize that I've had one by noting my lack of motor functions, or any slight impairment of my speech, both of which are extremely common.

That particular morning, Jackson came down to check on me as normal, and I'd informed him that I wasn't feeling well. He got me a drink and went back upstairs, saying he would check on me again in about five minutes. It seemed like only a couple seconds later that I felt Jackson's hand in mine, and he was calling out, "Mom! Mom!" It was distant, though, like he was miles away from me. My vision, which was blurry, slowly started to clear up. I finally saw him leaning over me; one hand was gripping mine, and his other hand was on my collarbone, just above my left breast.

"Mom, can you hear me?" he asked. "Squeeze my hand if you can." I squeezed his hand as hard as I could, which wasn't very hard at all. He felt it, however, because his face, his whole body, relaxed, and he let out a breath of relief.

He was still worried, however; that look never disappeared from his face. He lifted his hand from my collarbone, and I realized that my heart had been beating quite rapidly. I wasn't sure if it was from the seizure, or from Jackson's touch.

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Jackson gave me my meds, which I hadn't taken yet, and got me a cup of water to take them with. "Here," he said. I took them, my hands shaking the whole time, I could barely hold the water.

"Did. I." My words weren't coming to me, and I knew the answer before Jackson opened his mouth to respond. "Yeah, you had another seizure," he said. I started to ask how long it had been, but again, I couldn't form the words. Again, Jackson understood. "I don't know how long it was before I came down, but I was down here for about five minutes or so." I lay back down in frustration as Jackson pulled out his phone to make a call. To my surprise, he was calling in to work, feeding them some bullshit about having a kidney stone.

They apparently bought it, because they gave him a couple days off. Once he hung up the phone with them, he crawled into bed with me and put his arms around me, hand on my stomach, which made my heart beat faster and faster inside my chest. "You'll be alright," he said. I placed my hand on top of his and cuddled up next to him.

The fact that he was there was the only thing that kept me from bursting into tears. *** A week later, I still didn't have use of my voice, but I was feeling a bit stronger physically. I could move around, and actually stand up to go outside for a smoke. By the third day, I could speak a bit, but some words were still hard to find.

Jackson wound up going into work that day, leaving me by myself in the apartment. Jackson hadn't left my side for more than thirty minutes that week, which meant I hadn't had much of a chance to rub one out. He'd even slept in the same bed with me, which I enjoyed his company, but I didn't dare try to even give myself a quick finger, since Jackson was, I knew, a light sleeper.

Jackson and I weren't shy when it came to talking about sex, but having him walk in on me during a passionate moment of self-love, that might have been a little awkward. A week after my seizure, when Jackson had left for work, I pulled out my night bag and dug deep for one of my favorite toys: a studded vibrator. I started going to my phone for one of my "old reliables," but then realized that Jackson had a stack of porn videos upstairs I hadn't looked through yet. I quickly hopped up to his closet and saw his stack.

He had, I was impressed to say, the entire "Nailin' Palin" series, which I made a mental "maybe" of. There was actually quite a variety: BBW, Asian/Japanese, hentai, lesbian, MILF porn, everything. There were even a few classics like Taboo and Deep Throat. I didn't realize that Jackson was such a porno connoisseur. I grabbed one of the "Nailin' Palin" videos, popped it in, and started going to town on mysef, but I stopped before I really got started.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jackson, and I wasn't sure why. I tucked my vibrator away, turned off the video, and rolled over to go to sleep. A few hours later, the door opened and Jackson came in. I looked up and saw him holding a frozen boxed pizza under his arms. He used his foot to close the door before walking across the room to my bed. "Hey," he said softly. "Feeling better?" I shook my head no; most of my words still hadn't come back to me yet. "What. kind.?" I started to ask, but he beat me to the punch.

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"Pepperoni," he announced as he opened the box in the kitchen. I stood up and walked into the kitchen with my drink cup. I moved past him and opened the fridge to pour me a coke.

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I tried to unscrew the cap, but I still didn't have the arm strength to turn it. I tried for a few seconds, and got more upset with each passing moment. Eventually, I got frustrated to the point that I slammed the bottle against the counter, and broke down into tears. Jackson looked up and saw me crying, and put his hand on my shoulder. "Here, let me," he said.


He grabbed the bottle and opened it with ease. He poured the cola into the cup and then grabbed some ice cubes from the freezer before closing the lid. I watched through the tears as he finished up and handed the cup to me. I took it from him, but then set it down and crossed my hands over my chest. "Hey," he said, putting his hand on my chin and lifting my head to look at him.

"You're going to be fine," he assured me. "I. don't. know." The word disappeared. "I do know that," he said. "You've always come back before, and this time is no different." His hand touched my cheek and, he wiped away my tears with his thumb. I smiled at him; my face felt like it was glowing.

"Come here," he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me close to him. I suddenly caught a whiff of the cologne on his neck, and my stomach filled with butterflies. That smell, combined with having his body pressed against mine, caused my head to become filled with dirty thoughts. Without realizing it, I took in a deep breath of him. It was at that moment that he kissed me on the forehead, and my heart skipped a beat.

I lifted my head just a little and found his eyes; they were deep blue, and staring into mine. The butterflies came back in force, and I was suddenly filled with a sense of desire. I don't know what in the world possessed me to do what I did next.

It might have been the pills I was taking; one of them did have the side effect of heightened sexual arousal, and I hadn't rubbed one out in at least a week, before this most recent seizure. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't known a man's touch in over two, maybe even three years. And Jackson just happened to be there. Hell, maybe it was some combination of all three, I don't know. But it doesn't matter what it was that caused my mind to go where it did; all that mattered was what happened next.

I puckered my lips and moved in to kiss him. Our lips met briefly, but I jerked them back at the last second, second guessing myself.

I then leaned back in to go again, but I stopped short, having come to my senses. But suddenly, before I could process it, his lips were on mine, and all my inhibitions went out the window. I closed my eyes and pushed my lips against his; my heart was on fire, and I could feel my passion rising. Goosebumps rose on my bare skin, and I felt my womanhood quiver in anticipation. I felt his hands move down my back, and in response I reached down into his pants and took his cock into my hand.

It wasn't stiff yet, but I knew that a few good tugs would get it there in no time. Our tongues were now snaking around each other. I started to stroke him, and he went rock hard in my hand. His hands found the bottom of my shirt and made their way underneath it, crawling up my back.

I was short on breath; his touch was driving me absolutely wild. Words would not be able to express just how badly I wanted him to be inside me right then. He drove me backwards up against the wall, causing his big, strong hands to dig into my back, turning me on even more. He dragged his nails down my spine, and a soft moan escaped my mouth, which was still locked firmly with his. I pulled away just long enough to whisper breathlessly, "I want you. in me. now." He responded by burying his face against mine and kissing me so hard that it felt like all the air in my lungs had been sucked out.

I felt his hand grope for my pussy through the front of my pajama pants, and I moaned softly into his ear as he continued to touch me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my heart pounded wildly in my chest. His hands then burrowed under the waist of my pajama pants. First, he grabbed a handful of my fleshy ass cheeks, which sent a shiver through my body.

Then, his hand moved around my side, caressing my waist. He dragged his finger through my wet pussy, his finger found my swollen clit, and I melted. I suddenly got even wetter than I thought was possible; I was practically gushing at this point. I pulled my hand from his pants and went to work unbuttoning them before pulling out his cock. Once free from its denim prison, it felt seemed even larger than before. We turned so that he was against the wall, and then I squatted down, legs spread, and took him into my mouth.

I rubbed myself through my pajamas with one hand, balancing myself against the wall with my other, sucking his pole with only my mouth and tongue. I could feel every inch of his engorged cock as it slid down my tight throat. I licked him all up and down as he went in and out. Soon, he started to twitch and throb, preparing to cum.

I pulled him out and quickly ripped off my shirt, exposing my black lace bra. A moment later, his hot white cum blasted my tits. Gobs of it clung to my sweaty skin, and a few wayward strands hung from my chin. My clit was throbbing, and I couldn't wait for him anymore. I stood up, pulled down my pajama pants, leaned into him and whispered hoarsely, "Fuck me.

now." I pulled him against me and walked him backwards towards my bed. I fell backwards onto the mattress and pulled him on top of me. Our lips met again, and my body was getting hotter by the second.

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I reached around him and began scratching his back with my nails; he responded by pressing his lips harder into mine before moving his kisses down my neck, towards my collar bone. His hand then moved around my back and unclasped my bra, which fell away and left my 40DD breasts to hang freely. He licked and sucked both nipples stiff, and then he moved his hand down to my thighs, tracing the insides and teasing me to my tipping point; I was absolute putty in his hands, and he knew it.

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He spread my legs wide, and my wet snatch awaited him. The tip of his cock positioned against my cunt, which was dripping like a waterfall. "Do it," I whispered softly. "Put it in me. I want all of it-" I hadn't even finished my sentence before Jackson shoved himself into me.

I screamed loudly, but his lips found mine again and what remained of the scream vanished into his mouth with a muffled moan. It was absolute bliss. My blood raced through me, and I could feel my vagina stretching and contracting with every thrust.

His skin was sticky with sweat, as was mine. His chest rubbed against my erect nipples, and his hip movements were powerful, almost robotic.

I placed a hand on his face, caressing it gently, stroking it. My other hand found his, and he gripped it tightly, interlacing his fingers with mine.

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I squeezed it tightly, and he responded by doing the same. Suddenly, he moved down to my collarbone, and bit down. Not hard, but enough to make me squeal like a girl. I gripped his hand tighter, and was soon gasping in time with every thrust, each seemingly more powerful than the last.

My pussy was throbbing, and his breaths shallow. He was focused, I could tell; all his energy was being spent on making sure that we both came fast and that he filled my pussy with his cum, which is exactly where I wanted it. I instinctively squeezed my pelvic muscles in time with his movements, milking his cock with every thrust.

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His free hand grabbed my breast, and his other hand squeezed mine tightly! I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he was suddenly deeper in me than ever before! "I'm going to." a groan forced its way out of me as I spoke. "You're making me cum, son. I'm. cumming. Oh God!" The tip of his head pounded against the back wall of my vagina, and I was finished; my pussy contracted super tight around him, yet he was somehow still throwing it.

Every single thrust made me cum again and again. I was shaking in his hands, but his touch, his body against mine, assured me that everything would be alright.


"I'm cumming, too, mom." he wheezed. "I'm about to." "Yes, I know," I said, kissing him eagerly between words. "I want it. inside me. All inside." I was breathless, and my whole body was shaking in anticipation. About the time of my fifth orgasm, as I started to scream from the ecstasy, Jackson wrapped his hands around my body, pulling me close to him as he gave one final almighty thrust, throwing his member as far into my pussy as it would go before blowing his warm, sticky seed deep into my belly.

I was floating, somewhere far away from Earth. I was on a cloud, with only Jackson with me. He stayed hard for several moments before pulling out. My vaginal muscles contracted and I soon felt his spunk start to leak out of my pussy.

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I moved to kiss him again, and my heart skipped again when his lips touched mine. "That. was. amazing." I breathed in between kisses. "Really?" he asked, surprised. "I thought I was kinda quick." "No, it was. perfect," I assured him. He smiled and his body finally gave out, collapsing against mine. I pulled him close to me, and we were both asleep in minutes, the pizza forgotten on the countertop.