Black womans homemade chop shop owner gets shut down

Black womans homemade chop shop owner gets shut down
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This the beginning of a story about two girls who learn about their sexuality in ways they would have never dreamed. I won't give their specific ages. Instead I've left what I think are obvious clues. I don't often write these types of stories.

Nor do I commonly post them online. And it's even rarer that I write incest. So let me know what you think if you're so inclined. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter One Diana dropped her backpack on its usual spot on the floor in her bedroom.

She set her half empty glass of water on top of the dresser. The school day had felt longer than usual with testing coming up soon.

She was overall a "B" student, and she had taken to frantically taking notes as to make sure that she didn't drop down to a "C" in any of her classes. Diana's lack of drive in junior high meant that she had to work all that much harder to stay caught up on what she should have learned earlier on. That, plus low grades would compromise her future in track and field. Aside from that, Diana was also stressed out from the bus ride home.

Despite the driver's attempts at keeping order some of the younger kids were almost always causing a ruckus. Though not generally a target of the little hooligans, this afternoon saw a misfired prank sending a rubber snake into her lap. Which, with help from Diana, ending up taking flight out the window. Unfortunately the driver just happened to be looking in his rear view mirror at that moment. At her stop she got a stern talking to about what she had done.

Littering, what if it had landed on someone's car and caused an accident, completely unacceptable, blah blah blah. It's not as though she had started it. Diana took a handful of cheese flavored crackers from a box in her closet. While popping them one at a time into her mouth she pulled a textbook from her backpack.

Today's assignment was only some extra credit work. Even if it was only worth ten points it would still inch her closer to getting an A. Only a few minutes into her work Diana noticed a familiar feeling in her stomach and nether regions. Thinking about it, it had been more than a week since she last gave herself any "special attention". It could wait though. The assignment wasn't all that long.

Or so she thought. While laying on her side she found herself brushing her inner thigh. Diana's attention was split. As the seconds ticked on she changed positions on the bed a few times, then decided that she wasn't going to be able to focus until she did something about her urge. Besides, she could use some stress relief. Putting her textbook on the floor, she got up and went to her dresser.

A little digging later and she had her rubber dildo in her hand. She downed the rest of her water and lay back down on her bed. With her left hand, Diana reached under her shirt then bra and lightly pinched her nipple. After playing with her breast for a bit she ran her hand down to her abdomen. Normally she'd stimulate herself through her clothes at this point, but the urge was stronger than usual. Diana skipped to undoing her shorts and pulling everything down enough so that she could spread her knees apart.

Not wanting to dive straigh in she lightly pressed the tip of her toy around and over her clit. She added a little more pressure, then ran between the moist walls hiding the small entrance to her technically virgin body. Diana had come close to getting intimate with a boy the year before. That was until she learned that he was two timing her with another girl. To the other's credit, she didn't know either. The two girls teamed up to expose the jerk and were soon friends. Ever since Diana hadn't really gotten romantic with any boys.

Besides, she was intrigued by the idea of waiting for "Mr. Right" before giving over her body. It just seemed like it would be more special that way.

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Her vagina now prime and self lubricated with bodily fluids, Diana pushed the dildo inside. She slowly pumped herself in and out without going all the way in just yet.

That could wait until the climax. --------------------------------- "Bye Claire," Emily said waving at her friend. She wiped her forehead with the same hand as she went into her house. The school may only be a ten minute walk away, but temperatures were in the 90's. The running a/c was a welcome sound. Leaving her school stuff on the couch she went to the kitchen to make a sandwich and a phone call.


"Aw crap," she muttered, rummaging through the cabinets. They were out of bread. Instead she took an overripe banana. It was soft, though not to the point of it looking gross. Emily picked up the phone and dialed a number. After a few rings it was answered by a man. "Hi, may I speak with Trevor?" The reply was that he was staying after school for a project.

"Oh, okay. Bye Mr. Owen." Well, so much for that. First no sandwich, now no phone call. Emily's other friends were likely off doing other things. So with not much else to do she went to the living room and turned on the TV. '.Today we're joined by the Ambassador to the nation of Lumbucka-' "Who cares," Emily said and changed the channel." '.Just look at this beauty of a fish-' "Boring." '.You know I can't let you go through with this.

Unless you.Jimmy! Wh-what are you doing here? I watched you die in that fiery car crash!' 'No Rick. Who you saw was my long lost twin brother. And now I'm here to aveng-' "Puhlease. I hate soap operas." Emily flipped through several more channels. Deciding that there was nothing good on she turned the television back off and moseyed toward her bedroom.

When all else failed there were always handheld video games. And if only to further this afternoon of unfortunate events she realized that she'd forgotten to replace her dead batteries. Maybe Diana had some spares. Emily when down to the end of the hall where her sister's room was. The door was cracked open, so she gave it a slight nudge. She opened her mouth to ask her question when what she saw froze her in place. Diana was lying back with her legs hanging over her bed, spread out to reveal her nakedness.

She had a strange blue object inside of her.her."spot". Was she having -sex- with it? Emily had touched herself before but she' never built up the nerve to put even her fingers inside. And here was her sister putting more than that in. Her face feeling hot, Emily put her back against the hallway wall.

She knew that she should just walk away. Go find something, anything, to watch on TV and try to forget this. She couldn't though. Was it her fault that she'd always been curious about sexuality, even before she even knew what it was? When she was little she went through a period where she would press stuffed animals between her private area and hard surfaces such as the floor or wall, though she would never know how to continue on.

And as Diana began growing "up there" Emily had secretly hoped to catch a peek in order to get an idea of what she would someday look like herself. Hearing Diana's breathing get heavier, Emily couldn't help but to peak back in. Her sister was now on her hands and knees. With her eyes closed she got down on her elbows. This time instead of using the toy she reached underneath to use her fingers.

Emily could no longer see the action. It wasn't necessary though, as Diana's facial expression said everything. ------------------------------------ With two fingers now, Diana really went at it. She knew she had been going for longer than she'd originally intended. Emily would be home from school any time now. Feeling that it was nearly time for the finale she opened her eyes. The next step would be to stick the dildo in all the way and go at it like a mother fuc.

Two wide eyes stared at her from the doorway. When the hell did Emily get home? How did Diana not hear her? And why did she forget to close the door all the way? The girl disappeared back into the hall. Embarassment and shame washed over. Sweating, and not from the intense masturbation session, Diana pulled her shorts back on.

She stood up and tried to collect her thoughts. A part of her wanted to finish regardless of the new situation. How she could still be horny now was beyond her. Taking a deep breath, she took a couple of steps toward her door. She had to do some damage control. The sooner the better. But before she could reach the hallway Emily's red face reappeared. "I'm sorry," Emily said. "I didn't mean to see you.

Please don't be mad." "It's okay," Diana replied. It wasn't really. What else could she say?


"Come inside. I think we need to have a little discussion." 'Wow,' she thought. She surprised herself with the calm she was exhibiting. Shyly, but with an undeniable look of interest on her face, Emily came in and closed the door.

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"Okey dokey then," Diana started. "I know you've had sex ed classes, so we don't need to cover the birds and the bees." "I've actually never known what that phrase means." "You know what sex is?

You know that's how babies are made? It's just a metaphor.

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Okay then." Diana stopped to think. She felt she needed to tread carefully here. "What you saw me doing, it's called masturbation." She found that she almost had to force the word. Awkward. "Have you ever, you know, touched yourself?" "Diana!" Emily exclaimed. Then remembering why they were having this discussion in the first place she muttered a yes.

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"You ever go inside yourself?" "No." "Alright. That's good. No need to rush things. I was a year or so older than you before I built up the nerve to explore myself that far. And I only got the idea because I accidently came across some porn when I snuck out to watch TV one night.

Well, more like that lead to what started it.Anyways, it's like getting the feelings of sex without actually having it." "And you stick.things.inside yourself to get those feelings?" Emily asked, looking at the toy on the bed. "It's one way. Normally you can just rub the outside with your fingers. You're a little young for these things anyways. So, I guess, any questions?" Emily was silent for a few moments as if mulling over what to ask. Or if to ask at all.

Then she just blurted out, "You're hairy down there." Now it was Diana's turn to stare. Out of all the things.It was either laugh or get mad.

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She chose the former. "Yes, guilty as charged. Don't you have any pubic hairs yet?" "Of course I do!

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Well, a few." Relieved that the mood had changed so that the awkwardness wasn't as bad, Diana sat down on her bed. "Any other questions to ask me?" "I've been wondering." Emily seemed to gulp. "My boobies are finally starting to grow. They've been for a long time. It's only really noticeable now. I was wondering.what they're going to look like when I'm older." "What exactly are you asking." Diana asked suspiciously.

"Can I see yours? Imeanwithyourbrastill-oof!" "You little perv!" Diana said, hitting Emily with a pillow. "You don't say things like that. Especially to your own sister." With that she bopped Emily on the head with her knuckles. "But it's not as though I'm asking you to show me everything. I mean look, I don't even have anything to show yet," and she pull her shirt up to reveal two barely pointed mounds. Which only got her hit by a pillow again.

"Pervert." "Alright, alright. You win." "I didn't say I wouldn't show you." Again, Diana was surprised with herself. This was all just spur of the moment. Also, what she wouldn't admit was that she was feeling increasingly turned on. Maybe it was the leftover sexual energy from her unfinished business. Or possibly this whole situation was simply unexpectedly arousing. "Sit down," Diana ordered. They traded places with her now standing. She took a step back and peeled off her shirt.

She turned to the side then back forward again. "See? Pretty average I'd guess. I have another two or three years before they're fully grown but I think you get the idea now." "Yeah." Her curiousity seemed satisfied for now. Diana knew this wasn't over though as Emily looked back at the dildo.

"Can you, you know, teach me?" "Teach what? How to masturbate you mean? Look, Emily, it's not difficult. Some things are best left to personal discovery." "But you looked like you really knew what you were doing.

Can't you teach me something? Please?" Emily whined. 'I'm going to regret this,' Diana thought. "Oh, alright. Spread your legs a little. But keep your shorts on!" She said when Emily begin to unbutton. "We're just going to take it easy. Take your finger down here like this. Now just lightly run it so you know what it feels like." "I already know," Emily said.

"And I can't just do it lightly as you said with these on." "You're right, it does take extra work this way," 'Oh gawd, what I am doing?' "Go ahead then." "You too. So you can show me the right way." Both girls pulled their shorts down without saying anything. A smell of sweat and vaginal fluids emanated from Diana. Emily seemed to pretend to not notice. Or maybe she didn't care. "Now just do what I do." Diana ran her finger around her sensitive area.

She tried to resist watching Emily and failed miserably. Her eyes were glued to her sister's activities. She couldn't believe she was actually jacking off alongside her kid sister. With her mind only half there she intensified. Now she used two fingers to stimulate her clitoris. Emily followed suit, her panties now damp. "Can I please use your toy? Please?" Emily asked between breaths. Taking only seconds to consider - and ignore - the potential consequences, Diana took her dildo and left into the hallway bathroom.

After washing it in the sink she came back to find Emily digging her fingers beneath her underwear. "Lay back," Diana said. She used the dildo to push Emily's panties aside and began moving it up and down her vulva. She noticed Emily gasp slightly when the rubber brushed her clit, so she pushed a little harder against it.

"St-stop. It's too much. I could never spend much time touching that part." Diana complied and placed the dildo flat against the entirety of the slit. "Yeah, that part is more sensitive. Let's focus on the rest instead." She couldn't help but to giggle. This whole thing was crazy.

"What?" Emily asked. "Nothing. You know what? How about we go inside. Just a little." Emily nodded. Before starting though she decided to completely remove her sister's underwear. Diana didn't know why she was doing this. It was so wrong. And borderline incest. She placed the dildo into position and gently guided the head in. Emily took a deep breath. Her chest rose up and down, her body covered in sweat. Diana resisted the urge to go any deeper.

So there was apparently a line to be drawn after all. She at least remembered what it was like to go too far, too fast. After a bit of moving the dildo around she pulled it out. Diana was feeling so turned on and really wanted to finish what she began with herself. "Okay Em, I think that's enough for now.

You should go ahead and--" Emily suddenly placed her hand over Diana's area. "My turn," she said with a grin. Before Diana could argue Emily planted her lips firmly onto her sister's. This was it. There was no turning back. Emily pulled her shirt off, then get to work with undressing Diana. All inhibition out the window now, Diana undid her bra. They continued the amittedly awkward kissing - Emily was completely inexperienced - and before long they were rubbing each off.

Diana wasn't a lesbian. Not even bi. Yet she enjoyed this forbidden interaction. In the back of her mind she knew that their parents would be coming home soon. What would they think if both their daughters were smelling like sex? "Shower.

Now." She muttered. Once at the stand in shower Diana turned the water on to a mild hot temperature. They both stepped in and began soaping up. She flicked some water at Emily, who reacted by cupping her hands underneath the shower head and splashing back. They went back and forth until Emily stopped.

Her gaze was directly on Diana's breasts. Which wasn't difficult considering that she was a head shorter. She ginglerly reached up and cupped one of them. Then the other. She faced up to lightly kiss Diana on the lips. She kissed her again on her neck.

Then a couple down her breasts. The older teenage girl had had enough. She grabbed the young girl under her backside and lifted her up.

"Put you legs around my waist," she breathed in anticipation. Placing Emily's back against the shower wall for support, Diana positioned them so that she could lean over and suck on the little nipples.

She licked, kissed, then sucked some more before repositioning so that she could french Emily. Her body becoming tired, Diana sat down with her feet pulled up and knees spread out. Emily joined her with her back against Diana.

She turned the shower nobs to cut the water flow and the two simply rested. "Where did you learn those moves?" Emily asked? "I have absolutely no idea. I think we should go ahead here that?!" "Yeah! Mom and Dad are home!" Emily jumped out and grabbed a towel. Without waiting she ran to her room.

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"Oh, thanks alot for leaving me without a towel," Diana muttered. She opened the bathroom window hoping to air it out. There was no reason to hide that someone had used the shower. But what could she say, her mind was in a jumble. On her way back to her room Diana took a towel from a hallway closet and wrapped herself in it. She closed her door behind her and put hers and Emily's clothes into her laundry bin. Their mom had stopped doing their laundry for them years ago so there was no chance of being found out that way.

Even then, Diana could just claim that she offered to do Emily's with her own. Diana fell onto her bed once dressed. What had she done, she wondered? With the sexual high subsiding came conflicting feelings. She had taken Emily's innocence. And sacrificed basically what was left of her own if she didn't count that she was a technical virgin. 'Consider it lost,' she said to herself. So what if she'd never had a guy inside her?

She was now, for all intents and purposes, sexually active. And she simply didn't know what to think of it all. End Chapter One ___________________________________________________________________________________ What's the verdict?

Should I continue writing? Is there anything different I should have done? Too slow? Too Fast?

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Lay it on me. And if you're interested to know Emily will be the main character from here on out. Think of this chapter as like a prelude from the perspective of the character responsible for giving Emily a jump start into this new world.