Massagem no pau do marido

Massagem no pau do marido
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This is part one of a two-part story. I hope this will turn into a series. These are based on true events, with some changes, and a few embellishments.


Constructive comments are welcome. ----- My wife, Laci, and I have an understanding. She's insatiable when it comes to sex. If she doesn't have at least one orgasm each day, it's disappointing to her. I'm not saying she fucks anything that moves. Sometimes it could mean she plays with herself in the shower until she cums, or she watches some porn while fucking herself with her dildo.

But most days, she figures out a way to cum. I'm the lucky one who gets to participate most of the time. Of course, I like it when I'm part of the action although in this story, I was only participating by phone.

We have a fantastic sex life. We're both in our 50s, but I would have to say we act a lot younger. We only got back together a few years ago, having been separated for a very long time. Laci and I first met when we were teenagers, working at the same restaurant, and we fell in love. We dated exclusively for two years, and our relationship burned brightly during that time.

I was Laci's first lover. My name is Karl. But it didn't last the product of jealousies, insecurity, and just being too young. Both went our separate ways, eventually got married, and had kids. We only got back together after our marriages ended. And now we're enjoying each other immensely. The vast majority of our lovemaking involves just the two of us, but we like a little spice, too. Occasionally, we have invited others to our bed. It's mostly been other couples, but sometimes a single man or woman.

This story is all about how that got started. Laci is bi. I've known that for a long time. She loves cock don't get me wrong. She's always been the kind of girl who could be sitting on a park bench, and when a nice looking guy walks by, her legs will usually -- involuntarily -- open up a little. It's not really noticeable unless you're looking for it. But it really points out how much she loves fucking. I love that. I have known about Laci's proclivity for sex with other women ever since that night who-knows-how-many-years-ago when I slipped my middle finger inside her dripping pussy, then began to bring it to my mouth.

She was 16. I was nearly 18. She took my finger in her own mouth instead, and sucked her own juice off it. Her eyes rolled back in her head, just as mine always have. I had the inkling that she could potentially be bisexual, but never acted on it back then. In fact, we didn't get into sex with other people while we were dating as teens. Jealousy and possessiveness prevented it. But when we got back together a few years ago, it became a subject of conversation. We agreed, from the start, not to play games and to be as open as possible with each other.

Now, pretty much anything can at least be discussed, but before we act on it, it has to be "approved" by both of us. We both have full veto power, in other words.

So I admitted that I would love to see a nice big cock, belonging to a handsome guy, in her mouth or pussy. She admitted to wanting my cock dripping with another woman's cunt juice. She went so far to say she wanted to lick another woman's clit while I fucked her. That didn't surprise me. As much as I am all for equality, however, I have not been able to bring myself to Laci's level of "bi-ness." I know she'd like to see me going down on a guy, but I am just not ready for that.

However, I told her I'd spread her pussy lips for another guy's big cock, and would enjoy sucking her sloppy cunt after he has cum inside her. She likes that idea. I'm just not sure about putting my mouth on a cock. I know that sounds strange, given my other desires, but hey, that's just me. I've learned to never say never, so maybe someday … depending on how persuasive she is. Laci, however, came right out and said she wanted to explore everything, and I was only too willing.

Still am. This story, as I mentioned earlier, involved me on the phone while my wife had sex. Twice. The first time, I was at home. Laci had recently found a new friend after carefully choosing her first female lover. Shawna was in her early 30s. She and Laci met on a Facebook forum for bi-curious women, and they instantly hit it off. They'd corresponded enough to know they had a lot of similar interests, and they finally decided to meet in person.

The hotel they settled on was within driving distance for both of them, so Laci said she would get a room and wait for Shawna one afternoon. Shawna would be able to stay only three hours, as she had a toddler at home and needed to return in time for dinner.

Shawna is married, too. She and her husband, Jason, had been enjoying other lovers by mutual agreement. They were 15 years younger than Laci and me, with a toddler at home.

So for this first encounter, it was just the two ladies. No guys allowed. It just seemed safer to start that way. By agreement, the two husbands' involvement would be limited to shaving their respective wife's pussy the night before the metting.

Laci was nervous, since this was the first time she'd been with another woman. I was at home, probably just as nervous as she was, waiting on the phone as Laci cooled her heels in the hotel room she'd rented. It was a mid-range hotel just off the Interstate, with two levels. Not a flea bag, but not the Ritz-Carlton either.

Laci got a room with a king-size bed. Laci kept getting up off the bed and parting the curtains as she made small talk with me, and I tried to calm her down.

Then pacing. Then lying on the bed. Then sitting at the desk.

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Then pacing some more. Finally, Shawna showed up. I could hear a light knock on the door. It was 1 p.m. "Oh my God, she's cute," Laci said as she peeked out the window.

"I gotta go. But call me again in about fifteen minutes." "I will," I said. "Have fun sweetie." And I meant it.

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If there is a goal I have in life, it's to make Laci happy. I know sex makes her happy, so I am only too willing to bring other people into our sex life to make that desire even more intense. I could truly be just as happy if it was only the two of us, forever.

But Laci is the kind of girl who gets the most out of life, and since we agreed to be okay with it, inviting other people to increase our pleasure was, and is, fairly natural. Laci is five-foot-two, with gorgeous blue eyes. She has light brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. She colors and streaks her hair a bit lighter than its natural shade, but not quite blonde.

With a medium build, she has large breasts that just beg to be tit-fucked. She won a couple of wet T-shirt contests in her younger years, which is not surprising, given the combination of her beautiful tits and her willingness to share them.

I called my wife's cell phone fifteen minutes later.

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"She's in the shower," Laci said. "Like I said, she's really cute. I'm just so damn nervous." "I know Laci, but that's only natural. Just be yourself and let it happen." We chatted for a minute. Then I heard a door open. "She'd coming out now," Laci's voice cracked.

"Shit, all she's wearing is a towe … never mind, she's not even wearing that now. Holy fuck." "Good for you, baby. I'll let you go now and see you this evening." "Wait, she wants to talk to you," Laci said, just before I was about to hang up. She handed the phone to Shawna. Later, I discovered that Laci was sitting on the edge of the bed during the call, and Shawna walked over, standing over her. Her big tits were inches from my wife's face, and Shawna was using her free hand to run it through Laci's hair while she talked to me.

"Hi this is Shawna.


Is this Laci's hubby?" She was almost whispering, but I could tell she was talking to my wife as much as me. Now I was even more nervous. "Yes, um, hi Shawna. I'm Karl." "I know, Laci's told me all about you Karl. I just wanted to thank you for sharing her with me for an afternoon," Shawna said as she looked into my wife's eyes.

"Your wife is very pretty. I really want to kiss her. Would that be okay?" "It's my pleasure, Shawna, and please do." They kissed, and Shawna made sure to keep the phone near her face. "Mmmm, she's a good kisser, Karl. I'm going to put the phone down now so my hands will be free. I want to start by seeing how she does at sucking my tits, if that's also okay with you. Then we'll say goodbye for now." "It's all okay, Shawna.

You two have fun." God, my hands were sweating. "Thanks. We will." Shawna did not hang up right away. She kept the phone nearby, and I could hear the hungry slurping of my wife's mouth on another woman's breasts. "Bite that nipple, Laci," my wife's first female lover said, loud enough for me to hear. "That's it … suck it hard. Oh, oh … yes, that pussy's just for you. Right there … rub my clit.

God, you look so pretty with my tits in your mouth … now take those clothes off and let's have some fun." The line went dead. Three long hours later, the phone rang. I answered before it rang a second time. It was only a few minutes past four in the afternoon.

"Well, I'm not a virgin any more … again," Laci said, laughing. I heard Shawna laughing too. It sounded like she was across the room. "Aw honey, I'm so proud of you," I said. "I do feel a little like I robbed the cradle, though.

Shawna is so young and pretty. I can't wait for the two of you to meet. She thinks I'll like her hubby, too." This was the best possible news. I heard Shawna saying something in the background. "Hmm. Shawna says I'm a liar." That worried me - at first. "Huh? Why did she say that?" "Because she says I'm really good at eating pussy, and there's no way this is my first time." ----- When I saw Laci that evening, it was electric.

Instead of her coming home, I met her at the hotel since we had the room until the next morning anyway. When I walked into the room, I felt dizzy. The smell of sex was definitely noticeable, and the thought of my wife and another woman making love on the still-disheveled bed drove me crazy. Laci recounted her afternoon with Shawna in amazing detail.

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"She has awesome tits, Karl," Laci hissed when we first hit the bed. She cupped one of her ample breasts and guided the nipple to my mouth. I immediately began sucking, and she winced a little. "Ahhhh…they're a little tender from her biting them, but that just makes me want you to suck harder." I did.

"Her tits are only a little smaller than mine, but her nipples are bigger," Laci continued. "I wanted so much to see your cock between those big tits, honey." She talked about the first moments of their lovemaking, just after I had hung up.

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"They're like big pillows - I can see why you guys like them so much," she said. "I could have sucked them for hours. I knew the phone was still on, so I made sure you could hear me licking her nipples. "All I could think about was how nice your cum would taste on them or … her husband's cum." That sent a jolt down my spine. Fantasies ripped through my consciousness fantasies that would come true.

(Only a few weeks later, Laci would be swallowing Jason's sperm, which she'd licked up from his wife's breasts.) One particular moment, however, about an hour into our lovemaking, sent me over the edge.

I was on my knees, and Laci's legs were spread wide open as she lay on her back. Her head was near the left edge of the bed. I was driving my cock into her swollen cunt with long, slow strokes - loving the way my cockhead parted her full lips each time. Her pussy was very wet. I'd only just finished finger-fucking and clit-licking her to an orgasm.

I saw traces of Shawna's lipstick on Laci's hairless vulva. My wife said she lost count of how many times she had cum that day. That, combined with the fact that she gets wet just thinking about sex, meant she was drenched.

"I know, it's really wet you know me," Laci said. "A couple of times, Shawna spread my pussy wide open and spit up inside me. She was SO nasty. Her spit is still in my cunt, Karl." I could feel my balls tightening. She was driving me crazy. "God, I wish Shawna was sitting on my face right now," Laci said through clenched teeth, staring at me. "It looked so pretty … so pink … so wet … so smooth. "It was little, too. Did I mention that?

I could hardly get two fingers up inside her. A nice big cock like yours is going to be a problem I'm sure. Oh, and you would not believe how sweet her pussy tastes.


Would you like to taste her cunt, Karl?" "Yes I would, Laci. You know I would." From beneath the pillow, Laci produced a pair of pink panties.

They were fairly simple, and skimpy.

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Laci rubbed them on my chest, even as I continued to fuck her. For a moment, I could smell not only my wife's well-fucked cunt, but another similar scent, wafting up from the panties.

"Shawna wore these all day before coming to meet me," Laci said as she brought them to her face and breathed deeply. "At one point, while I was making love to her on this bed, I stuffed these panties into her tiny little pussy. I had some trouble getting them inside her at first, but they slipped right in after I spit all over her cunt. "She came for me while these panties were inside her, Karl.

See, they're still wet." Laci thrust the panties up to my face and I inhaled. It was too much. My back arched, my cock popped out of her pussy, and I began spraying jets of hot white sperm. "Oh fuck!" I yelled, and Laci stuffed the panties partway into my mouth. The first two squirts of cum arced over Laci's head and onto the carpet.

Another hit my wife's cheek as she laughed. She scooped up the cum and sucked it off her fingers, enjoying my lack of control. Still another squirt landed squarely on the hard nipple of her left breast. I got myself together enough to push the head of my spurting dick back inside my wife's vagina, pumping the rest of my cum into her as she moaned beneath me.

I could taste the sweetness of Shawna's vagina on the panties in my mouth, making the final throes of my orgasm much more intense. "I thought you might like that," Laci said, a wicked grin on her pretty face. "Just wait 'til you taste the real thing!" She pulled the panties from my mouth, and slowly, sensuously, shoved them inside her own pussy, where the juices of two cunts, and my cum, mingled inside my wife. ----- Two weeks later, we decided that the four of us Shawna and her husband Jason, along with Laci and I would meet on the following weekend.

We picked another hotel - this time it had a Jacuzzi in each of the suites. But as luck would have it, an unavoidable weekend business trip out of town came up a few days before we were going to meet. Normally, I would take Laci along on those trips, but this one didn't work out. We could cancel the reservation, but who knew when we might get together again? Or, we could keep the date, and Laci could meet up with Shawna and Jason for a whole night of fucking and sucking without me.

Laci wanted to cancel. I insisted otherwise. The sex with my wife over those next few days agonizing days was intense. She kept giving me chances to back out of the whole thing, but I persisted. Saturday finally came, and I was a thousand miles away. I had taken a break from a long meeting I was attending to check in.

I wanted most of all to make sure she was safe, but also to make sure she was enjoying herself. I knew they had met for lunch, giving everyone one last time to back out before going to the hotel room. A text message from Laci told me the lunch apparently went well. She typed: "Gud lunch.

Time 2 eat more." That made me smile. An hour later, I called the hotel room phone, assuming Laci would have turned her cell phone off. Shawna answered. "Hi Shawna," I said, nervously.

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I could hear the familiar sound of my wife moaning in the background. So far so good. I tried to imagine the scene in my mind's eye. "Hey Karl! When are we finally going to meet?" Shawna had a bit of a Southern accent. She sounded a little out of breath. "Soon I hope. I was just calling to make sure everything was okay.

How is Laci?" "Really good I am thinking. I was just sucking those pretty titties of hers before you called. Jason's eating her pussy right now, and they both seem to be enjoying it.

"Alot." End of Part 1