Slut skinny nanny teen got a rich guys slender dick

Slut skinny nanny teen got a rich guys slender dick
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My name is Tony. I'm a sixteen-year-old high school student. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to me. I suppose I was a modestly good student, at least, but outside of school there was absolutely naught going on in my life. I spent my free time sitting in front of my computer, and the only friends I had were virtual ones.

I was so shy, that I had a habit of spending recesses in the toilet even when I didn't need to use it, and when I walked down the corridors I kept my eyes locked to the ground. I'm not particularly ugly, I think, nor otherwise physically repulsive. I'm about 5 foot 7 and close to 140 pounds, and I've been called handsome of face a few times.

Less than a year ago I had still played floorball in a semi-competitive team, and I still go for a run once or twice a week when I feel like it, so I have some athleticism to me as well. While running I sometimes had momentary bursts of confidence, but elsewise confidence was a big problem for me. I got along well enough with people I knew, but I was nervous around unfamiliar people, let alone girls.

Oh, don't even get me started on girls. Now, I did have the normal hormonal activity of a 16-year-old guy, and I did want to speak to girls and do all sorts of things with them, but there was no way in the world I would have dared approach one of those beautiful and mystical creatures. ********** Then, one sad Monday morning, a couple of months after the beginning of my first year in high school, something absolutely and utterly unbelievable happened.

I woke up, and I simply knew I had the ability to stop time. I also understood I could do whatever I wished with my ability, but also that the choices I made would be observed. All these things felt like they were written in my mind and I had no trouble comprehending them, but I was certainly bewildered as to why and how.

I tried it immediately. Even before I did, I somehow knew it was going to work, I just did. My room was the typical room of a teenage boy: there were clean and dirty clothes all over the place, a nude calendar my dad had given me, a small TV and my computer.

I got up from bed and stopped time. As it seemed, nothing happened. I grabbed my pillow, tossed it across the room, and. instead of flying through the air and thumping against the wall, it stopped mid-flight, suspended in the air the second it left my hand.

My mouth fell open. Even though I had known it would work, I was shocked. I guess it was too much for my poor brain to handle. This can't be real, I thought. I tried again. I caught the pillow again, flung it through the air a couple of times, then let go.

It halted right below my hand. I collapsed on my bed. I spent the whole morning playing with my newfound skill in my room, and a number of times I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming. After extensive testing I had to accept it: I could stop time as I pleased, and nothing would move unless I was in immediate contact with it, or if I let the flow of time resume.

As time was running there was a knock on my door. I was startled, like a child caught doing something bad. ''Tony!'' my mum complained. ''Aren't you running late from school?'' I realized how much the time was, and I hurried through my morning chores, packed my bag and left for school. ********** The school I went to was one of the largest in the country: there were nearly a thousand students.

The school itself was modern and cozy, but the masses of pupils made me anxious. I was a bit late, so the agora inside the school was almost abandoned. A pair of friends hurried in one direction, a slim third-year girl in the other. As I glanced after the girl I suddenly remembered my ability again, and all of a sudden I was aware of all the possibilities it offered.

Out of a whim I stopped time. The pretty girl had just been about to step in the main stairway leading down and out of the school, the same one I had climbed seconds ago. I walked to her warily, almost sneaking, until I realized how stupid I was and took the last few steps normally.

She was one of the numerous mind-blowingly sexy high school girls, beautiful and slender, curves in all the sweet places, brown-haired and brown-eyed. She wore a pair of high-waisted, cream-colored jeans and a white tank top. I didn't know her name, but I knew she was a member of the student body and one of the most popular girls in school. I stood so close to this young female, that I could smell her perfume.

I wanted to get closer to her, but I didn't have the courage. I was afraid I would, somehow, get caught, and my heart was beating nervously. Finally I managed to collect myself. I moved behind her, and touched her plump butt. It felt firm and supple to my touch. My heart was thumping faster and faster, and I was sweating, half expecting her to turn around at any moment and slap my face.

Despite my fears, nothing happened. With a trembling hand I squeezed her buttock, and the feel of it sent shivers down my spine. I realized I was touching a girl for the first time, at least if you didn't count kindergarten and playing doctor. She felt warm even through her jeans. I glanced around, afraid that someone would see. As new and exciting as feeling her up was, my fear overcame my enthusiasm and I left her alone, taking a few steps back and sitting on one of the sofas before the stairway.


I let time continue. The girl started walking again. I expected something terrible to happen, but she just strolled down the stairs with her butt jiggling. Encouraged, I stopped time again and went back to her. As I stood in front of her admiring her nubile beauty, the thoughts and ideas went running through my mind, making my head spin.

I touched the other one of her breasts blossoming under her top, then cupped it through the fabric. My temporarily subsided pulse began to rise again. I released my hold and lifted her top up, revealing the smoothness of her tanned stomach, and finally, a light pink bra. Despite my nervousness I felt warm waves in my groin as my cock began to stiffen. Impatiently, I tried to slide my hand under her bra, but they were on too tight and my fingers didn't fit.

I lifted her top up to her neck, and kind of turned her bra around under her boobs. I stared at her exposed, round teenage tits with sheer admiration and awe. Despite the lacking support of her bra, they stood up and perky. They seemed a little bigger than what most girls had, and they were sweetly plump and slightly tilted upwards.

I cupped them in my palms and felt them gingerly. They felt hot, way hotter than my hands, and soft and firm at the same time. I was holding the boobs of a sexy high school girl in my hands. Half of me couldn't believe it was actually happening, her boobs felt so amazing; the whole situation was so amazing.

The feel of her lovely boobies made my cock throb, and my heart was racing a mile a minute. My mind was racing, too.

The last few years during junior high and now during the beginning of high school I had been forced to watch all the stunningly beautiful and sexy girls at school, knowing I could never have any one of them.

Call it what you will, but that's how I felt. Countless times I had thought of them while laying in bed at night, fantasized about them, imagined one of them being my girlfriend and having sex with me. Now, as incredible as it was, there was a way for me to realise my dreams.

I was so thrilled with everything, that I even lost my erection. Out of impulse, I hugged her, her breasts pressing against my chest, and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth was hot and her face smelled sweet. Finally I let her go, and adjusted her clothing to be proper. As beautiful as she was and as much as I would have liked to strip her naked then and there, I happened to have other plans. I returned to sit on the sofa, watching her as I started time.

Regardless of my remaining fears nothing special happened. She walked down the stairs and left. I relaxed, and couldn't help but grin. I jumped up and almost ran towards the first class of the day, from which I was already late. ********** The first class was French, the second biology. They seemed to drag on and on, even though I didn't stop time once.

I waited impatiently for the third and last class of the day: a double-length class of physical education, when we would be going to the local swimming hall by bus.

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The opportunity to get in the girls' side in a swimming hall was like out of one of my daydreams, and for me this opportunity could become reality. All the possibilities offered by the scenario spun through my head, and focusing during French class was impossible.

Now and again I got erections imagining the things I could do, but luckily for me my loose hoody covered my bulging crotch. After what had felt like an eternity of lecturing, reading and writing I finally boarded the bus along with my classmates, and before long we arrived at the swimming hall. There were about 30 of us; a few more girls than boys. We all were first-year students. I found it hard to hide my enthusiasm as I watched all the absurdly sexy girls of my grade, knowing I had a chance to see them in the nude soon.

The thought was so wonderful I couldn't quite fully grasp it, and in a way I was expecting something to go wrong. Despite my fears I made it happily inside the swimming hall with the others, and as if as a sign of good luck, one of the girls flashed a smile at me when I happened to glance at her.

The girls made for their dressing rooms and we guys made for ours. It was around 2 pm, the old people had already left and the adults were still at work, so we had the swimming hall almost to ourselves. After making it to the men's dressing room I went to the farthest, third compartment, while the others took lockers from the first.

No one asked why, and it didn't surprise me. I guess everyone know I was a bit of a loner. I stripped off my clothes and put on my short swim shorts, then stuffed my bag and my clothes in the locker.

I put the key in the back pocket of my shorts. Unlike at school previously, this time I had the sense to make sure no one saw me as I stopped time. It might have seemed weird to the onlooker if I just suddenly disappeared, if I was in a different place when time resumed its flow. I started towards the girls dressing room, excited, enthusiastic and nervous at the same time. ********** Immediately in the first compartment of the girls dressing rooms I was met with a sight every teenage boy must dream about: a dozen lusciously sexy high school girls, all in various states of undress.

My cock stirred as I looked at a couple of girls bending over in their panties, at another fiddling with her bra and some sitting with their pert breasts bared. To my disappointment only a few had their boobs out, and everyone still had their panties on. I decided to go in the bathroom and wait for the girls to undress completely, but first I thought I'd take a closer look. I knew a few of the girls by name. Emmy was a curly-haired blonde, the princess of our school, a future beauty queen for sure and the dream of every guy.

Dark-haired Aada was nearly as tall as me, a slim but busty girl who was going out with a second-year guy. Then there was the tanned and sexy Isabelle, whose lush hair was dark brown, and Mila, a short and cute, athletic blonde. The fifth girl I knew was Annabelle, but everyone called her Annie. I had secretly had a crush on her ever since the beginning of high school.

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She was the shortest of them but all the more lovely, blue-eyed and dimples on her cheeks, slim as a willow but sweetly plump in the girly places. She had one of those heart-shaped, voluptuous butts that caught the eye of every boy and girl alike, and long blonde hair that almost reached it. All the five girls I knew by name were hot as hell, but in my eye no one could compare to Annie. Seeing the girls in all their half-naked beauty made me lose my self-control, and after a moment of hesitation I pulled out my swollen rod.

I stroked myself dreamily, watching the exposed female teen beauty. Isabelle had just been in the process of taking off her jeans, and she was sitting on the bench with her jeans around her ankles and her tanned thighs bare. Covering the hidden beauty between her legs were a pair of pure white panties. The white-and-blue bra holding her ample breasts seemed to be one size too small. The slender Aada was sitting opposite to Isabelle, her lips cutely pursed as she was looking at her phone.

She wore a pair of tight white leggings, but her plump and beautiful breasts were bare. Not once or twice I had pictured them in my head, and now they were exposed in all their naked deliciousness.

They seemed even bigger on her slim frame, and despite their size they stood up and firm. Her tiny dark red nipples were erect in the pleasantly cool air of the dressing rooms. My penis pulsed excitedly as I admired her boobs, and I pulled the foreskin back and forth a couple of times, trying to remain calm.

This was the dream of every guy. For the first time in a long time I considered myself lucky. I turned to observe Emmy, who was bent over next to Aada. She, like most, still wore a shirt a pretty shirt though it was but her jeans were laying on the bench, and covering her lower body was only a pair of orange panties with some lace and white dots.

She had been digging through her jeans pockets, and was bent down with her lusciously round butt up in the air. I admired her ladylike shapes with my heart racing and my hand fiddling with my cock. It would have been so easy to move the fabric of her panties covering the crack of her butt aside, and peek a look at her sacred parts. I felt a little guilty. If they don't know about it, how can it possibly harm them, I thought, and then it's not wrong.

I gathered my courage and slid my fingers between the fabric and the warm skin of her buttocks, and pulled her panties aside. I saw a real pussy for the first time in my life, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Her flawlessly smooth vaginal lips seemed so soft and inviting, so delicious and enthralling, that I forgot how to breathe for a moment. She actually seemed to have two sets of lips between her legs: the others skin-colored and puffy, the others between them smaller and bright pink. I could even see her tiny butthole peeking from between her buttocks. I had to let go of my rock solid dick before I came then and there.

I ducked down to see up close, just an inch away from her, and I felt the heat emanate against my face, and I could smell her sweet girly aroma. My heart was beating like a drum, and I felt the pulse as strongly between my legs. Even though I was terrified my craving got the best of me, and I stood up to stand behind her. With my other hand I held her panties aside, and trembling with excitement, I pulled my foreskin back and pressed the tip of my dick against her cleft.

Feeling her soft and hot lips against my glans sent shivers down my spine. Feeling almost drunk, I stared at the unbelievable sight before me: the most sought-after girl of my high school was bent over in front of me, with my rigid cock against her gorgeous teen cunt.

An instinct was trying to force my hips forward, but I stayed put, holding back my orgasm. I trembled with excitement and nervousness. More than anything I wanted to push my throbbing member inside of Emmy and give in to the pleasure, but I didn't dare. The whole situation was so new and frightening, and there were other girls all around me.

Even though the time was stopped and no one moved, being so close to beautiful girls made me anxious. My fears took control and I lost my hard-on. I adjusted her panties like they had been, reluctantly covering the secret beauty between her legs, and went in the bathroom stall in the next compartment, and waited.

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Waiting for the seconds to pass I considered how far I would dare go. Could I put my cock inside of one of the girls? What if she became pregnant?

Maybe one of them used birth control, but who? Maybe I could clean the girl afterwards, maybe that would help. A minute passed, then another, then five and finally ten. I heard happy chatter and lockers slamming shut, then further away showers began to run.

I stopped time again and got out of the bathroom. ********** There was no one in the dressing room anymore, so I headed straight for the showers. I found a number of girls there, but none of them were particularly attractive, and I longed to find Annabelle. Oh lovely Annabelle, she had still been fully clothed the last time I had stopped time. I wanted to see her naked so bad. I opened the glass door of the steam room and stepped inside.

In the dim light of the steam room, on stone benches shaped in a half circle sat seven girls of an age with me, with each naked body more beautiful than the last. On the uppermost level, in one corner sat Aada and Isabelle, in the middle between two girls I didn't know Mila, and in the other corner Emmy and to my delight Annie, who were close friends. I hardened in the blink of an eye as I saw their nubile nude bodies glistening with sweat, their perfect tits and a couple of pussies peeking from between smooth thighs, but more than anything I was hypnotized to see Annie.

I went to stand in front of her, and just stared at my naked crush, stupefied. Emmy was turned towards her, and Annie had a beautiful smile on her beautiful face. Her small, globular tits stuck out from her chest, and her legs were slightly apart and I could see between them.

I lowered my gaze slowly. Between lean thighs, under a flat stomach she had a trimmed small triangle of dark hair, then under I found.

Annie's captivatingly beautiful pussy, as small and exquisite as she was. Her blazing pink inner lips were peeking from her slit. I forgot the rest of the world even existed for a moment as I stared at her crotch, my penis pulsing in rhythm with my heart. She was indescribably beautiful to me, and her pussy seemed almost holy and untouchable.

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Yet, I felt it calling to me. I knew it was wrong, but at that point I had little willpower left. I pushed her legs apart with my knees so that I could position myself between them, and fumbled with my cock until I was against her cleft.

I knew I would cum in seconds, but I didn't care. I wanted to be inside of her more than I had wanted anything in my entire life. The tip of my penis touched her soft slit, and the warmth of her privates made me gasp. I couldn't believe what was happening. I pressed against her and sank inside of her. My entire shaft was surrounded by a soft, warm and loving tightness.

My vision blurred and my mind went blank, and all I could feel was her body close to mine and the hot moistness of her vagina. I was as close to her as possible, I was in Annie, inside the most beautiful and lovely girl in school. My hips moved involuntarily, causing my penis to slide back and forth in her silky warmth. I leaned against her and was gasping for air, overtaken by an immense pleasure, at the brink of orgasm.

It felt absolutely stunning. Only to be so close to her was stunning. Only the thought of being inside of her was stunning.

Penetrating her felt like heaven, better than I could have ever imagined. I had dreamed of her for months, and there I was, in her arms and inside of her. I thrust between her legs uncontrollably as waves of my beginning orgasm washed over me. Finally a massive, pent-up pressure erupted, and my hips jerked and I groaned against her neck in rapture as I began to release my semen in her insides.

My cock glided in the sweet slickness inside of her and I could feel my cum fill her vagina. Imagine pushing the most sensitive part of your body inside the lovingly tight pussy of your high school crush, fucking her and cumming inside of her.

That's how blissful it felt. I spurted jet after jet of hot cum to the bottom of her teenage vagina, and her body accepted every last drop.

It felt so heavenly to lay against her and ejaculate inside of her, that I thought I would die. Eventually my orgasm subsided, though I was still shaking in its aftermath.

Finally I dropped to my knees in front of Annie, though a part of me would have preferred to stay inside of her forever. I watched, stunned, as plentiful amounts of thick cum trickled from her pink vaginal hole, pouring between her buttocks and on the stone bench.

I realized I was touching her foot; otherwise all that semen would have stayed inside of her. There was some red among the silvery white of my cum. Blood, I realized. Annie had been a virgin, I thought, bewildered. Despite my physical nirvana I felt the heavy burden of guilt. What if she became pregnant? I tried to wipe away the cum pouring out of her small pussy with my fingers, as if that would help.

I panicked, and stood up. ''Shit, shit, shit,'' I muttered. After a moment I managed to calm myself down, and tried to reason how I could prevent her pregnancy. I remembered what I had heard in health education about morning-after pills. Maybe I could get her to take one of those somehow, I thought.

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I understood I had to clean up all the visible cum, though. I pushed my forefinger gingerly in Annie's cum-filled, blooming pink cleft. Even around my finger it felt amazing. As gently and carefully as I was able, I dug out all the cum I could, but I knew there was still some deposited at the back of her vagina and there wasn't much I could do about it.

Maybe she won't notice it, I hoped, or if she does, she won't recognize it. Finally I adjusted her to her original position. I scooped up the cum from the bench, filled a bucket with water from one of the showers outside the steam room, and washed and tidied everything up. To my surprise, the shower I touched worked normally, even though the streams of water from the other showers were frozen in the air.

After I was done I sat next to Annie, laid my head in her lap, and drifted off to comfortable, post-coital sleep. ********** When I woke up I was greeted by the sight and scent of Annie's fresh pussy just inches from my face. The sight made my cock stir once again, and as I got up and looked around, I was soon fully hard once more.

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After having emptied my balls inside Annie my lust had settled for a time, but now it was waking up again. Being around naked, luscious high school girls would have that effect on most men, I guess. I moved in front of Aada, who was sitting opposite to Emmy and Annie on the solid stone bench. Black-haired girls often looked somehow cold, I thought, but not Aada. She had beautiful and kind features, and she kind of looked like a teenage Nicole Scherzinger.

She sat with her legs crossed, and I could only see a thin stripe of dark hair leading somewhere between her thighs. Her delicious tits were bare, however, just like before. They were glistening with sweat, making for an incredibly arousing sight. I cupped them in my palms. They barely fit in my hands, and felt heavy and firm to the touch. Wanting to see her pussy, I let go of her perfect teen boobs and adjusted her legs, lifting her soles on the bench on either side of her, so that she ended up sitting with her legs spread wide and crotch exposed.

I stared at her trimmed pussy in awe. It looked different than Annie's, though just as beautiful. The inner lips were pink, but not quite as bright as Annie's. She sat in such a vulnerable position, that I could even see a hint of her tiny, pale brown butthole. Despite everything I was once again nervous, but my cock was aching and I couldn't wait any longer. The different levels of the stone bench were just the right height, so that when I stood on the second-highest level, my penis was in level with Aada's slit.

I pressed my engorged member against her soft cleft, but it didn't slide in as easily as it had in Annie, despite Aada's labia being moist with sweat.


Still, just the feeling of her fiery hot pussy against the tip of my cock was amazing. I understood what I needed to do, and I used my saliva to slicken her slit. I pressed against her again, and groaned as my cock slid inside of her in a sweet, warm softness.

I realized hazily that she wasn't quite as tight as Annie, but it felt incredibly good nevertheless. I had just come some time ago, so I didn't have to hold back yet, and I could focus fully on the wonderful feeling.

I moved my hips back and forth. The movement felt strange and awkward, but in my penis it felt amazing as it glided inside of Aada. Her ample breasts swayed slightly as I was pushing into her. I watched them, hypnotized, continuing my movement at a steady pace. It didn't take me long to be close to cumming again, but this time I had the sense not to cum inside. I kept pushing in her pussy until I was on the brink, then pulled out reluctantly.

I set her legs like they had been and moved to Isabelle, who was sitting next to Aada. Isabelle, too, sat with her legs crossed, leaning back on her arms. She had a hint of exoticism to her beauty, and as she was she looked like a bathing princess of ancient Middle-East.

I turned her on her side, and lifted her feet on the uppermost level of the bench so, that her plump butt rested sideways on the edge in front of me, completely bare and inviting. I took a moment to appreciate her perfect buttocks, her beautiful butthole peeking from between them and her smooth cunt, until I gave in to the temptation.

My cock felt like it was on fire, maybe because I had already been so close to orgasm when fucking Aada. With my other hand I grasped Isabelle's supple butt-cheek, and with my other I guided my shaft towards her sacred valley.

My thick rod was slick with saliva and Aada's vaginal nectar, and it slid easily through Isabelle's opening and inside the warm cavity of her pussy. I grabbed her butt with both hands, and moaned in pleasure while thrusting my cock in and out of her teen cunt.

She looked incredibly sexy laying like that on her side, so young and beautiful and flawless. I looked down and saw how her labia was stretched around my shaft, squeezing it sweetly and softly.

The intercourse of my penis and her pussy looked so erotic, that I had to look away and stop briefly. I held still for a moment, breathing heavily and trying to hold back my orgasm, then continued. Her pussy felt oh-so sweet and lovely; it felt warm and slippery, soft but tight, infinitely better than anything else in the world. I moved back and forth inside of her like it was the only thing in the world that mattered.

Whenever I pressed against her perfect butt her warm tunnel embraced my cock softly, caressing and massaging me until I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out of her hastily before my cum had a chance to erupt in her unprotected genitalia, my breathing heavy and my pulse rapid. I was stupefied by my lust, and it took me a moment before I remembered how to move again.

Impatiently, I adjusted Isabelle's position, and moved to Mila, who was sitting between two unknown girls in the middle. The uppermost level of the bench was so wide, that I had room to lay her on her back on the edge of it.

I spread her sexy thighs as wide as I could, revealing a tiny, lovely and bald pussy. Her puckered inner lips looked like the lightest touch could break them.

I lay on top of her. She felt sweetly feminine and warm under me, but it felt even sweeter when my penis sank between her legs. She was wondrously tight, squeezing my dick like a slick, silken glove. I fucked the sexy athletic girl with abandon, almost crying from the sweet sensations in my cock as it glided through Mila's snug pussy.

It felt like there were soft nodules and folds sliding over my sensitive cock, or as though she had endless lips inside of her that surrounded my swollen member, caressing it as it slid back and forth. Again, I had to stop for a moment before I came. I held still for half a minute, then continued pumping into her. The entrance of her pussy was incredibly tight, gliding over my shaft and squeezing it like a rubbery ring. Deeper her vaginal walls felt soft and hot.


I fucked her in ecstasy with quick, short strokes, groaning in her hair and ear. I almost lost my self-control as I pumped my cock in her tight high school pussy, and my cum was just about to spurt.

For a moment I considered blowing my load inside Mila, but at the last moment I pulled out and got up. I found it hard to concentrate on anything but the burning need in my loins, but I still managed to raise her back in a sitting position. I moved to Emmy. It didn't surprise me one bit that every guy in our school seemed to be infatuated with her. She was a picturesque teen girl, the epitome of a high school beauty; her face incredibly beautiful to behold and framed by lush, curly blond hair.

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She had perfectly round and perky breasts, and even her pussy was smooth and flawless, enthralling and a vivid pink in color between her puffy outer lips. I opened her thighs, and set them like I had with Aada: completely open with her soles on the bench on either side of her, so that her alluring cunt was fully exposed. I set my glistening cock against Emmy's vulnerable slit.

I pulled the foreskin back and pressed into her slowly, watching mesmerized as her cleft opened to engulf my girth, and the purple tip of my cock sank into her vivid pink vaginal entrance. The sensation in my oversensitive member as it slid into the gentle squeeze of Emmy's pussy was too much, and I half fell, half lay against Emmy, the rest of my shaft penetrating through her soft hole. I lay against her warm body, her sweetly scented hair on my face, and my hips made an instinctive, jerking movement against her.

I groaned and moaned against her neck, overwhelmed by a wondrous pleasure, the sweet sensations in my penis filling my consciousness. Whenever I thrust into her I could feel my balls pressing against her sweaty buttocks.

Whenever I pulled out an instinctive need made me push back inside of her. My orgasm was building up rapidly. I was just about to cum when my lust-clouded mind suddenly came up with an idea. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, leaving her opening gaping slightly. I knelt between her legs to admire her holy beauty. Even her butthole peeking from between plump buttocks was perfectly beautiful; a tiny, puckered rosebud light pink-brown in color. Tentatively, I lapped at it with my tongue.

It didn't taste of anything really, but was hot as hell. I licked her intimate parts for a brief moment, salivating as much as I could over her secret back door, then stood up. I aimed my penis between her buttocks and pressed it against her petite, wrinkled hole.

I could feel its hotness against the head of my penis. I pressed harder, and I felt her butt give in. I pressed so hard that it almost hurt, and suddenly the immensely tight hole swallowed my cock.

The feeling was indescribably sweet, even though only my glans was inside her miraculously pleasurable, scalding hot tunnel. Slowly, I pushed deeper, watching in disbelief as my rock solid shaft disappeared between Emmy's perfect buttocks. Inch by inch I sank in the heavenly hot hole, until finally my scrotum touched her butt, and my dick was wholly surrounded by the immense warmth and tightness of her bum.

After getting used to the feeling of her ass squeezing me, and the thought of actually having anal intercourse with a gorgeous high school princess, I began to move back and forth in her sacrilegious cavity, using all my willpower to hold back the urge to cum. Each time I pulled out her butthole stretched out a bit, and I could actually see how tight it was.

Whenever I slid inside her bum squeezed me like a velvet vice, causing my balls to twitch against her soft buttocks and my orgasm to approach. As unbelievable as it was, I was fucking the most desirable girl in school in her butt, and I enjoyed it so enormously I thought I would lose my mind. After only several thrusts I was right on the brink of climax, my dick starting to twitch inside of her. I tried to pull out but I couldn't, pumping between her buns felt irresistibly good and I was unable to stop.

Finally the ecstasy of fucking Emmy's ass overwhelmed me. I slid into her tightness, pulled out and slid back inside, her hot bum milking my throbbing cock, and I groaned as my cum finally began to spurt out of me.

It felt breathtakingly sweet to release my pent-up load inside of her. My penis twitched and spasmed within Emmy's tight, warm anal tunnel, the contents of my balls spraying deep inside of her bowels.

I kept pumping into her beautiful, puckered hole as the first, second and third streams of cum sprayed out of me, then finally realizing to pull out, I aimed my cock at Emmy's picturesquely beautiful face. More powerful jets of cum blew from the tip of my dick as I panted in rapture, splashing against her lips and cheeks, and more and more until the enchanting features of the teen girl were entirely covered with my silvery semen.

It trickled down her face and onto her ripe young breasts, forming shimmering pools and rivers on Emmy's smooth skin, in some way making her seem even more beautiful. I wiped the last few drops from my cock on her soft lips, and watched dreamily as cum dripped down her face and chin and chest. Finally I sat next to her in the blissful aftermath of my orgasm. After recovering I looked around, incredulous, at all the smoking hot, naked high school girls, whom I had all fucked apart from the two girls I didn't know.

I grinned like a retard. I knew I should have felt guilt, but I just couldn't bring myself around to feel any negative feelings just then.

It can't hurt them if they don't know about it, I reasoned. ********** I fetched my towel from the men's dressing room and used it to wipe Emmy's face, neck and breasts clean of my cum. Then I proceeded to clean her between the legs, wiping away the semen trickling from her petite, pinkish butthole.

I glanced over at Annie, my beautiful high school crush. I couldn't resist, and I gave her a kiss on the lips before leaving the steam room. I had cum inside of Annie's pussy, and I was responsible enough to know I had to prevent her pregnancy in one way or another. I made plans to slip a morning-after pill in her drink tomorrow at school with the help of my ability.

I returned to the men's dressing room and finally allowed time to continue again. I joined the others in swim practice, and the class went by without any sign from the girls of having noticed something weird going on. It was silly seeing them chat and laugh with each other, knowing I had just fucked them. I had to pay a visit to the cold pool a number of times when the memories of recent events caused a stir in my swim shorts. I thought of all the possibilities my newfound ability offered. This was just the beginning, I thought.