Asian girl has cool moves

Asian girl has cool moves
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He sat on her back porch. One week after buying her those shoes, which coincidentally was the last physical incident, and he was back at her residence.

Her text had simply said, "Piggy, come over and sit on my back porch until I text you again," so here he was. Fuck. He had been sitting, twiddling his thumbs for about a half an hour by now, and yet he hadn't begun to feel a tinge of restlessness or anticipation for getting called inside.

He knew what awaited him: some form of torment from the young girl who had so much over him. The only thing he felt while sitting on that stoop was pure and absolute guilt for how hard he was, simply sitting there awaiting her next message. As the minutes ticked by, every passing thought in his mind ranged from pictures she'd sent him in her new heels to short videos of her removing them to their most recent sessions.

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She didn't tend to let him cum, stating that she enjoyed his swollen balls when he didn't cum. He'd marked that up to her reason for not seeing him for a week after letting him cum - she was letting his balls get swollen again. How such a young girl could have such a mind to torment him like this was beyond him.

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Suddenly, he heard his phone buzz and his stomach dropped to the floor. He slowly reached for his phone, not sure that he was quite ready to go inside and be forced to have his dignity crushed by a girl who had everything over him. He pulled it out and looked at it. Mom: Where are you at? Dinner is almost ready.

He sighed, not sure if he was disappointed or tempted to run home to eat dinner with his family, to escape this torment he was in. He replied: I'm staying over at Chris' house for dinner, thought I told you?

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He hadn't told her anything of the sort. Any lie would be better than the truth. He begrudgingly sat the phone down on the stair next to him, waiting for his mother's quick response. After a few minutes, his phone buzzed again and he looked at it, ready to further explain to his mother his lie.


His tormenter had texted him instead. Cum inside, Piggy, I have a job for you. He swallowed hard. Possible typos aside. The message had stirred something inside him and he leapt to his feet and nearly ran into her house. . He got on his knees before entering the room so she wouldn't have to chastise him for it. He crawled in like a, you know, a piggy, with his head down. He heard her giggle as he entered, and at the sound of her giggle, his stomach dropped again. He finally looked up at her and saw her sitting on her bed, split legged, wearing only a t-shirt and pink panties.

He stopped in his tracks, causing her to sit up straight and point to the ground before her. "Get over here, Piggy. I haven't got all day." He crawled to her with a quickened pace, horrified of what may have happened if he had moved any slower.

His hand slipped as he got closer, and he fell onto his face directly before her. He pushed himself up slowly, but was halted by a bare foot on the back of his head.

"No, Piggy, I like you bowing to me. Stay down there and kiss the floor that I walk on." He obliged, feeling his cock grow harder underneath his zipper as she giggled at his dehumanization. She let him grovel at her feet for what seemed like an eternity before hooking her toes under his chin and pulling him to sitting up on his knees.

"How badly do you want to please me?" His cheeks went flush and he looked at the ground. Of course he didn't want to please this young girl sitting before him. He didn't even want to be here at all. "Answer me, Piggy." "I. I want to please you more than anything." "Well, how do you expect to do that?" He furrowed his nose slightly.

"I want to rub your feet." She sat up straight, almost angrily, and gripped his hair. "You don't want to fuck my tight hole, Piggy? You really don't want to feel my wetness drip down your pathetic cock?" He was stunned. He looked at the ground.

He felt his cock pushing against the zipper in his pants and grimaced in pain. "I.

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I do." "Well, you can't yet. I'm your princess and if you want to put your pathetic cock inside me, you have to get me so wet and hot that I beg for it. Do you understand?" He nodded solemnly, surprised to hear her speak in such a vulgar manner. She beckoned him forward, smiling down at him like the temptress she was.

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As his head moved upwards past her feet, then her calves, he realized how insanely much he wanted her. When his head got between her knees, he remembered her age and felt sick to his stomach. One glance up at her face, though, and he remembered the insane power she had over him, both in blackmail and in her extremely sexual nature that hit him exactly where it hurt him most. He turned his head and wrapped his lips around the smooth skin of her thigh, kissing it slightly, then sucking.

He did the same thing up her thigh, until he got to her panty line. She pushed him back down as if to say that she wasn't ready for even that yet. He turned his head and leaned back, putting his face near her knee.

He put the tip of his tongue on her skin and ran it up the side of her thigh slowly. She giggled and leaned back onto her elbows. His stomach twisted when he heard her, and he was inspired even more than he had already been by the blackmail. He ran his tongue up her thigh, stopping well before her panty line this time.

He switched legs and licked down her other thigh from the same point. This time, he licked past her knee and down her calf. He let his tongue run down her sole to her toes, reveling for a moment in the taste of her feet.

She pulled her other foot towards herself and then pushed it towards him, allowing him to lick that sole as well. Suddenly, he felt an impulse and pulled her heels behind his head and dove his head up into her thighs, licking one, then the other, biting one, sucking on the other. He was letting only the tip of his tongue and lips touch her, only biting slightly. He felt goosebumps rise on her thighs, and reached up with his fingers to trail them down her stomach.

He was almost animalistic in his attempt to please her, furthered by him biting her panties and pulling them down to her thighs. He stared up at her, but for the first time, she didn't look down at him. She was looking up at the ceiling, eyes fluttering. She wasn't looking down at him like a pet who had done something wrong to displease its master. She was feeling pleasure, and he was causing it. He ran his tongue to the up her thigh, past her panties, to the crease between her thigh and crotch.

He lifted her legs up and raised himself higher so he could have a straight down angle on her crotch. He ran his tongue up the line between her thigh and crotch, once he reached her hip, he licked downwards slowly, following the trail towards her ass, widening his tongue so it barely brushed her pussy lips. He felt her body tense up when he tasted her pussy, and pointed his tongue, dragging it across the bottom of her pussy to the other side of the V of her crotch, He felt her body move and shortly after, felt her fingers on his head shortly before she gripped his hair tightly and pulled his face upwards.

His tongue plunged into her tight pussy, and immediately he dug his tongue deeper to get further inside her to taste more of her.

He heard an audible gasp and a whisper of "Piggy", which only incited him to lick her pussy deeper. Click. He looked up at her. Her reddened face still ushering out a smirk at him. He immediately felt powerless again, knowing that that picture was the most incriminating yet.

Still, even with his overwhelming guilt, her taste was too good for him to cease. He licked up her soaking wet folds to her adorable little clit and then wrapped his lips around it. He heard the camera fall to the bed beside her and looked up to see her sprawled on her bed in ecstasy with him between her legs. He sucked and popped his lips against her clit, letting his tongue press into her under her clit. Her juices flowed onto his tongue, and he swallowed every drop he could get from her.

"P.piggy. please." He eyed her now. That was the begging she had required. He quickly unzipped his pants. He dug his tongue in hard around her clit and felt his cock push into his underwear between his zipper.

She pulled her knees outwards, a sign for him to stand up. In almost a single swift motion, he was on his feet.

She eyed him, standing before him, his cock bulging out against his underwear and his pants falling to his feet. Click. He pulled his underwear down. Click. He grabbed both of her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, causing the camera to fall from her grasp. It was in plain reach of him, and he could easily grab it. He slid his cock into her. As his cockhead entered her, she shivered. His shaft entered her pussy, pressing into her clit the entire length until he reached his hilt.

He pulled his cock out slowly, grimacing at how it felt to be pulling his cock out of her tight virgin pussy. He began thrusting slightly, rocking his hips. He pulled his underwear down his thighs and started pounding her more rapidly.

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"F-f-f-uck!" She whispered into the air, her voice seeming nearly lost. He was only incentivized to pound harder inside of her.


His cockhead pushed further into her pussy with each thrust, wetness dripping out each time he pulled back. It was all he could do to remain standing and to grip the sheets on either side of her and drive his dick faster and faster inside her.

He could hear her breath quickening in pace. "Stop," she said. "You don't get to cu-cu-cum. Pull y-y-your cock ou-owww-out." He slowly slid his cock out, his eyes wide in shock. "Eat my pretty pussy, Piggy. You can eat my cum." His cock rock solid, his balls swollen and blue, he dropped to his knees and jammed his lips against her pussy lips and dove his tongue inside of her.

He twisted his tongue in circles and when she gripped his hair again, he knew what was coming. Her thighs tightened around his head and he felt her pussy pulsating around his tongue. She let out sharp, loud moans, and tightened her thighs even tighter, her body seeming to tense as one muscle.

Her pussy juices flowed into his mouth as she came, making a mess of his face. When she was done, he leaned back and sat on the floor, looking up at her.

She sat up, grabbed her camera - Click. - and snapped a picture of him sitting there, officially cock-teased. She pressed her toe hard into his swollen testicles and giggled again. "Leave my room, Piggy. Go home, and don't think about touching yourself.

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I'll text you when you can come back." And with that, she laid back and shut her eyes, leaving him to slip his pants carefully and crawl out of her room like the disgrace he was.