Xalapa ha solas con mi marido

Xalapa ha solas con mi marido
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Gwen So I've had a brother again for a few days now and we've really bonded a lot in that time. He says it's a blood thing, not sure what that means but I love him.

Now I'm standing in the living room of my father, who is a very hard man by the look of things. I mean he's nice and gentle but there is something in him that screams a warning but I can't place what it would be. As I said I'm standing in his living room surrounded by new family after my brother just exploded all over the place. "Can someone tell me why baby bro just lost it, I mean I get that his friend is hurt but it's not like he knows exactly who did it," I ask and I am getting looks from everyone now.

"That's the problem; Guy doesn't know who is doing this. You're brother has some problems and you might want to sit down because this is going to take a while," Daddy, I get to call him that, tells me as I get sat on the couch with him and Momma.

Ever read a horror story that they live in the end but something is wrong with them, that is what my baby brother life sounds likes to me. His ladies are sweet and loving but seriously why does a friend have to try to kill you? And why the fuck does everyone think letting him do all this shit by himself is alright, he's just one kid. "I'm sorry but you all gotta explain this.

Shit goes wrong and everyone looks at my baby brother? No wonder he's pissed off half the time. If I had to fix all the shit that happened with everyone around me at all times I'd fucking lose my temper and burn houses down," I tell them and get some odd looks when Daddy speaks up. "You don't understand it fully; I don't want him to go do it. None of us do," He tells me a little sad," It's going to get him killed and that scares me more than I can describe." "Guy doesn't like his friends and family to have problems, he throws himself at everything we have trouble with and the success rate is staggering.

If we could pull him back we would, we've tried but that drives him away," Momma says sadly and I'm done waiting. "Okay girls get a fucking car and take me where my brother is going," I order his ladies standing up and grabbing a coat.

"That might not be the best idea Gwen," Momma says trying to stop me but his girls are grabbing coats and keys. "Backing up my family IS the best idea Momma," I tell her quietly as we head out the door. Jesus I remembered what it would be like if my family was still alive, I mean Daddy is pretty nice but Momma is kind of soft.

We're heading down the road towards a hospital or something as I'm in a van with Kori, Mathilda and a little red head named Rachael. As we were getting in the van I saw some tigers tattooed on Rachael's side.

"So you got a tiger tattoo like Guy," I ask and all the girls laugh. "We all have them, he got them first," Kori tells me with a smile in her rear view. Damn that baby brother of mine has some funny girls, they all laugh and start telling me about some happier things that he's done to lighten the mood.

When they get to him proposing it's a laugh riot as all of us are cackling about it, it wasn't funny then but they are laughing now. I'm just hoping I can help with all these people that seem to be screwing with my brother's life? Destroyer Weak, one hundred twenty one. Soft, one hundred twenty two. Pathetic, one hundred twenty three.

A waste of my abilities, one hundred twenty four. A waste of my time, one hundred twenty five. I can hear movement in the building, footsteps sound like hers something is off.

I pause my pushups and wait till I hear something more definitive. "Oh big brother, I know you're working out," I hear my sister call extending the words like a child. "Yes I am, what is it they want now," I reply, one hundred twenty six. "Well he wants me to send a final message and he has a location for us. It's finally time," I hear her say as she enters the room. I stand and note her appearance, black hair a little messy and clothing a little off.

I shake my head and she notices my expression of distrust. "Brother what are you upset about now," she asks leaning against the wall. I cover distance faster than she can react and put my fist through the drywall next to her head. My fist passed through easily and I felt the breaking of the drywall from my hand but it's her face that I'm most concerned with, she's afraid of me again. "You slept with the client," I state coldly," And you didn't ask him about payment for the other one, I'm not doing this for free." "I only slept with him because you won't sleep with me," She says pulling away from my arm as I remove it.

"Because you are my sister I care about you, I brought you in on this and got you out of that hospital. However I will not allow you to make a fool of my reputation and ply my skills for free," I tell her brushing off the drywall.

"After I send the message and we get the job done we'll get paid and then we're gone," she says trying to show me her softer side. "Did he tell you that or do you assume he will pay us," I ask looking down on her.

"He'll pay or I'll go over all sweetly and cut his balls off so he can choke on them big brother," she tells me sweetly hugging me around the waist. Guy Helmet in hand I'm marching through the doors of the hospital and find out where Ben is at the admission desk. A quick run up the stairs, fuck elevators and waiting, I am on the right floor and heading down the hall when I see Ben's Mom and Dad. His Dad is a taller white guy but his Mom is a short Native woman who has always had a smile on her face till now.

I slow my pace and while his Dad remains seated his Mom is up out of her seat and rushes to me. A slap, a beating, a mauling, I'm ready for it all. What I'm not ready for is a woman hugging me. "Oh Guy this isn't your fault, don't do this to yourself. Ben was trying to help but that doesn't make it your fault," Mrs. Scranton tells me and I'm a bit stunned. "Ma'am I need to see him," I tell her and get walked to his room.

What I see next causes me some pain and a whole lot of rage. There's Ben sleeping soundly save for the brace on his fingers, the bandaging on his nose and face, I can tell they taped him up and put something on him to keep him from moving with his messed up ribs.

The clincher is the shoulder stab wound, all the bandaging they did to put him back together but he looks like he's still fresh. The final bit to this scene of my friend in a hospital bed is Heather; sitting in a chair with her head slumped on Ben's hand as much as possible quietly sleeping. I move next to her and simply watch the two of them quietly sleep, him much deeper than her as she rouses a little and bolts upright from her chair.

"Guy I'm so sorry I dozed off," Heather tells me standing on shaky legs. "Hey I think you need more than a couple minutes rest. You call Kori frantically then pass out. You've been pushing too hard," I reply trying to console my ex.

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"You push harder; he wanted to prove himself to you again. He said you lost your faith in him or something," Heather says and immediately notices my face," I know better Guy, you drive yourself to the breaking point but never others." "Yeah well that's about to change," I tell her getting a sad look. "End it please, justice or vengeance or whatever you want to do to make this 'right' but please Guy," Heather says with a sad look in her eyes," End this." I lead Heather out of the room and find more people in the hall waiting for us as Gwen along with my girls have shown up at the hospital.

I relay all the information I have save for one thing, Heather thinking it's Taylor because it was her plan. They don't need to come after her for shit in her past and if I need to I'll bring that up when I can and in my own way. I am feeling travel tired and after letting Mr. and Mrs.

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Scranton know that I'll handle this when the cops won't we head back towards home. My girls head back to their homes while Gwen is being settled into Katy's room. I have my sister; despite it all I still get to say that and smile. I start to head to bed when my door opens and I see a female figure work her way into my room, blankets get pulled down and I feel a lot of soft and warm pressed against me.

"I get to sleep here now," Katy tells me quietly. "Yes, yes you do," I reply and kiss her forehead. "I want the bitch, I don't care about anyone else but that bitch answers to me," Katy says quietly and I contemplate what she's asking as we fall asleep.

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Monday morning and word of what happened to Ben spread like wildfire. Sadly for Taylor, if he is pulling this shit, it didn't work like he thought. People are banding together, everyone is watching everyone else's back. There is an assembly set up and the A/V club has already made arrangements for me to pull off something ridiculous. Fifth period rolls around and everyone is in the assembly, everyone except me and a small group from the A/V club lead by Hideo.

He's running me down a route and swears that this has been cleared by Mrs. Jackson and Coach Campbell. I shake my head, I like a grand display but this is a bit much with me on Pale Horse waiting. I've got everything set and I get the signal and start my route. I'm focusing on the route but there are camera men shooting video of me and I'm heading towards the gym when the doors pop open fast and I'm inside and in front of the whole school.

I thought the students could deafen but take a Harley bike and put it in an acoustic oven like a Gym and you can see people screaming but you don't hear shit. I cut the engine and I hear music, its familiar when I make out Kid Rock's American Badass. I set my bike upright and smile at my people and pull my hood up onto my head which get's more cheering, not sure why when they can't see my face they cheer harder but who fucking cares.

I walk over to Principal Jackson and with a smile take a microphone and get a hug. I step back to center stage and address my people. "Over a week ago one of us was attacked here, on OUR turf. Now another one of us is attacked, one of my close friends. Well guess what," I state building my momentum," They should have come for me.

You want to scare people I'm right here leading the charge." My words garner some applause and I see Mrs. Jackson debating the wisdom of making myself a target. "Mr. President a word if I may," I see they set up microphones for the students on stands and I nod to the blonde girl," How do you condone violence begetting violence?" "I condone defending yourself and the people around you.

If we don't stand together when one of us is hurt then people will come when we are alone and we will suffer for it. Anyone else," I ask and see a black kid take another microphone.

"Yes, you were elected in a landslide last year and now some think your popularity is getting to your head," He says and I chuckle. "God I hope it's getting to my head. I cared about a dozen people last year that was it. Everyone could just leave me in peace and I'd have been happy. Now I'm here with all of you behind me and I will look out for what is best for all of us," I state again and people like my responses.

I let Mrs. Jackson take the microphone back and she dismisses us and I walk my bike back outside and when I'm back at the parking lot I shake Hideo's hand. We're laughing a little when the rest of the crew catches up to me and it's a good feeling.

Tuesday and Wednesday come and we're feeling a bit better about the world around us save for one thing. Nothing is happening against us or more particularly me. I thought something more would happen and we're about to leave school when I get a text from Lajita to come to Rachael's school right now. It's middle of school on Wednesday and I'm not only out of class thanks to no real classes after lunch and down the road with a courtesy text to Kori letting her know that I'm busy.

I get to the school and while nobody decided to involve the staff or faculty I head to the library at Lajita's invitation to find Kamran and a few of his goon squad standing around, I crack my neck and as I approach one of the goons cuts me off trying to place his hand on my chest. I grab the thumb and twist outward bending his arm in a backwards direction before beginning what would be a series of hard strikes to vital areas when Kamran himself stops me with a word. "We are here in protection Guy, I am not your enemy here," He tells me quietly.

"You need to tell your people then to not fuck with me," I state and let his friend go. "Guy," Lajita says breaking through the macho," Rachael was attacked, I don't know who she was but she did… something and now Rachael won't talk to me.

I asked her if I should call you and she nodded." I let Lajita bring me to a computer cubicle where Rachael is sitting in the chair with a distant look on her face. I let her sit while I address Lajita and her people. "You and Kamran," I ask skeptical. "He has people and he has earned my trust. When I found her I asked for him and he brought them," Lajita says motioning to his three goons before taking my face in her hands," I am your friend; you need to see your friends still.

Find who did this yes but remember we will fight with you." I nod and turn back to Rachael, she hasn't moved and I ask her simply if I can take her home. I get a light nod and slowly lead Rachael out of the school and to Pale Horse. The most anything she shows me on the entire ride home is that she is behind me and her arms are wrapped around me tightly. I don't know what happened but I will personally fuck someone's world for this. Rachael's parents aren't home and I get her inside and close the door after us before seeing something oddly confusing, Rachael has dropped her bag at the bottom of the stairs, her coat is a few steps up from that.

The trail of clothing she leaves is all the way to her bedroom and I see her standing naked in front of me and while I like the sight normally it's her slightly far off expression that has me not stripping naked and taking her right there. "Rachael I need you to tell me what happened," I ask closing her bedroom door. "We need to have sex now," Rachael states.

"Not just yet honey, you need to tell me what the bitch did," I state and that's where Rachael begins to look pained. "She pinned me to a wall and she fingered me," Rachael says quietly but I hear her. "Wait, she fingered you," I ask getting a nod," Did you want her to?" "No, I don't want anyone else to touch me but you and the girls," Rachael snaps now bursting on the defense.

"And I love you for that but why are you afraid of me," I ask taking my coat off. "Because she… she made me&hellip.," Rachael wants to say something but she's scared. "Did she make you orgasm," I ask pulling my shirt off and I get a sad nod in response," Was it better than me?" "What NO," Rachael bursts again. "Did you want it to happen again," I ask another hard question.

"NO I don't want anyone else, why are you asking me this," Rachael snaps at me with a little venom. "Because I'm trying to figure out what you did wrong and why you're so distant," I reply pulling my pants down and kicking them away leaving us both naked," You didn't want it, you don't want it again but you're acting like you have guilt over it." "I came because of someone else," Rachael tells me saddened.

I move her to her bed and lay her down softly so that she's relaxed before moving onto the bed with her. I start my trail of kisses at her neck and slowly work my way down taking the time to suck her nipples and lick her belly button as I part her legs with my hands. I lower myself further so that I'm in between her legs with them spread wide as I kiss her thighs gently, listening to her moan.

I slowly use my tongue to trace her lips, gently pushing them apart and tasting Rachael. She's a little sweet like always and as I dig my tongue in deeper her body tenses up. I can feel her breathing heavy as I go slowly with my oral ministrations and hooking my arms under her legs and gripping her hips gently trail my tongue up finding her little nub.

As soon as I touch it Rachael's whole body goes tense and I hold as much of her lower half in place as my gentle probing switches to an attempt to devour her.

"Fuck, Jesus god I'm cumming," Rachael moans loudly. I can feel her climax faster than usual but I don't stop, she wants to make a penance for being forced to orgasm then I'm going to remind her who does it best. I don't let her come down as she starts to shake uncontrollably; I simply grip her hips tightly and suck her clit hard and fast flicking it with my tongue.

I am reminded that I hate having hair on my head as Rachael grabs to fistfuls of it and is trying to pull my head off her womanhood and at the same time trying to bury me in it. I am suddenly awash in warm liquid for a half a second and only then do I slow my work on her so that she can come down from her high and relax. I let her catch her breath before talking again. "Did it feel that good," I ask and get a headshake no," You mean I held you down and made you cum so hard you squirted on me a little but she couldn't do it that good." "No, Guy I'm so sor," is as far as Rachael gets but I cut her off.

"You mean she did all that and couldn't even get half the orgasm I did. I am insulted," I state pulling myself from lying down and moving up between her legs," Bitch risks her life touching MY woman and she doesn't even have the temerity to try to even give you a passable orgasm." "Guy you don't understand," Rachael is trying but I pull her up and into my lap.

"I swear if you're going to try to take someone's woman you need to do it right," I state pulling her onto me and Rachael's face takes a shocked look as I enter her," You do it like this, remember?" Rachael's mouth is open in shock as I hold her on my cock letting her feel me invade her. She starts to move against me grinding her womanhood on me leaving half of my eight inches inside her.

She's so wet right now that as I counter her moves by going against her and pressing myself deeper into her warm folds.

Rachael is grunting and moaning as we aren't making love, we are having sex and she wants more. The light grinding is nice and good but I want more and I know now she wants more.

I put my arms under her legs holding all her body weight and straighten my legs so that I'm on my knees on the bed. Rachael is trying to move when I kiss her lightly and start fucking her hard and deep. Rachael's kiss turns to a small war before she wraps her arms around my neck and buries her head in my shoulder as I am taking no mercy on her with a relentless pounding.

I'm going hard and fast for one purpose, I am going to cum in her and its going to be hard. I feel her clamp up on me and listen to her groan over the slapping of our hips that has filled the room. It takes a couple seconds before my own orgasm hits and I slam into Rachael and damn near slam our bodies into the mattress of her bed as I fill her up with my seed. We're both gripping each other tightly as my orgasm subsides and the wonderful head rush dissipates.

It's a few minutes later and I've rolled off of Rachael as she lies on her side with her head on my shoulder and me on my back that she decides to talk again. "It was embarrassing I guess, talk about reclaiming territory," Rachael tells me with a wicked grin. "Are you saying she shouldn't be punished," I ask and Rachael's head snaps up towards me.

"Are you kidding, I want you to beat the shit out of her," Rachael damn near growls at me but I only smile back. "Let's just say that when it comes down she's going to wish I had," I reply giving her a sweet kiss on the nose. Cuddling is good, we dress after an hour and I let her be at home before shooting Imelda a text and telling her that I want her at Rachael's place to keep an eye on her.

I don't explain everything but thankfully Kori did relay after having a conversation with Lajita and I don't have to. It's Friday late afternoon and I'm heading towards home when I see something that gives me pause. There is a female, maybe a year older than I am walking down the road on the same side of the street as me, but she's doing it backwards. I almost don't stop till she looks right at me and smiles, I mean big and crazy.

"Pull over so you can face rape me with your cock," She yells at me. I pull up past her and stop Pale Horse and turn my head towards her. She's white, about 5'8" and built lean. She's got some curves to her mind you but almost no breasts; there is short black hair all spiked out on her head with the standard 'gel the hair then forget to do shit with it' style.

Finally I note she's clad in a black leather jacket and jeans with a white tank top underneath. Above all of this she is smiling as she walks up to me on the side of the road. "So are you going to fuck my face or kick my ass," the nutty girl asks.

"Probably neither," I reply gauging the situation. "Really, even though I have your little ginger girl's pussy juice all over my hand? I mean I got two fingers into her before she came and bit my other hand covering her mouth but them are the breaks Guy," she says looking from her hand to me smiling like she knows the situation.

"So that was you, I've been wondering when the chicken shit would send you out to me? Sadly though you're a waste of my time, come find me when you actually plan to do something significant," I state before turning away from her. "Hey Guy I'm not done with you and neither is my brother," She barks at me losing her smile as I turn," Yeah, you might have seen his handy work all over that little shit head you kept around." "I did see it, so what? He wants to fight me? Tough shit, I got nothing to prove with him and no real incentive if all he can do is prey on someone in an ambush with a little cunt like you as bait," I am keeping myself calm and it's pissing her off.

"What about when I come back for Rachael and I fist fuck here till she bleeds out? Or how about when we drop Imelda off her bike and chain her to the back of a car before we go off roading? Maybe we let that big Amazon Mathilda see if she's a real man and have him fist fight her instead," the little cunt has my attention now," See you won't touch me and you'll come, you don't have a choice." "Where and when," I ask coldly.

"Friday night, they're building a new parking garage downtown and it's all been sectioned off. You come alone and my brother will break you like he's planning on doing," She tells me taking my phone from my pocket and punching in the address before putting it back. "Just one thing, who," I ask quietly. She smiles and I watch her simply cross the road and start walking to a bus stop.

I can try to follow her but what happens next, she made her point that I can't be everywhere. I hop back on Pale Horse and head back home. Dinner passes and everybody is waiting for me to talk but when I try to head back to my room Dad stops me and I find that I'm involved in a family meeting with both Moms, Dad, Gwen and Liz along with Katy. "We know someone came after Rachael and now you've got that look on your face again," Mom says as Loretta waits to speak.

"I have a look," I ask confused. "Yes, you get that look when you have to do something you don't want to do. Like eating squash or wearing a suit," Loretta says adding to the mother knowledge in the room. "Baby bro what happened," Gwen asks using our new found sibling affection to make me confess. And confess I do, I tell them everything within reason. I explain that they will come after everyone and that while they know who is pulling this they won't say.

After all my explanation it's Liz who decides to pop the bubble. "Call the police," Liz says and everyone in the room is looking at her oddly. "Are you nuts," I ask and Liz turns up the emotion. "This is nuts, you want to go and fight someone so that you can hope to find out who has been fucking with our lives.

Normal people, sane people call the police," Liz bursts and everyone is looking at her sadly. "She has a point," Loretta states and while they're nods it's Dad who chimes in. "At best the police will do an investigation, they'll piss off whoever is doing this and then someone gets hurt again only this time they'll do it to make sure the trouble is worth it," Dad tells everyone laying down the hard facts," I assume my boy has a plan." "No training this time, I'm ready for a fight. I go alone and I'll come back afterwards with information," I get it out of my mouth and all hell breaks loose.

Apparently my whole plan is a bad one, Dad wants me to bring back up, Moms are trying to plead with me that I'll get hurt or worse, even Gwen is taking up with Liz on what to do about me. When the dust settles I haven't changed my mind and I simply head to bed with Katy on my heels. She closes the door and locks it after me before pulling off my coat and helping me strip down for bed. It's a lot of quiet cuddling with me spooned up behind her when she finally speaks. "I want you to come back to us," Katy whispers in the dark," But your plan is a bad one." "I know, think you can do better tell someone else," I reply quietly before kissing her back softly.

Sleep comes and Thursday everyone wants to talk me out of my suicide mission, that's what they're calling it, but nobody does. I know that whoever I'm facing will be big and well trained, I don't have the luxury of running anymore and at least I get a straight up fight for a change.

I'm pleasant and cheerful all the way through Friday and while Heather is back at school she's not happy when she hears what I have planned.

"They are going to kill you," she states in front of everyone as I'm next to Pale Horse. "Maybe but that's my problem, I don't have a choice here and you said to end it. Now I will end it," I tell her and for once I see the old emotions come pouring out of Heather's eyes. I hug her before sending her off and my crew, my whole crew at school simply gives me a sad send off before heading their separate ways. Kori and Matty don't even want a ride from me today they look so sad with what I'm about to do.

It's an hour till I have to leave as I send off a simple text to my girls stating that I love them and I'm coming back. I don't get a response and figure they're waiting for the good news as I armor up, mostly my camo pants with boots, no shirt today but my jacket and gloves. I'm quietly slipping out and only Dad is waiting for me. I let him stop me and get a kiss on the head before he allows me to leave.

I'm on Pale Horse and heading down the road at a decent pace thinking, I want questions first and answers, after that I don't care.

I even realize I left my phone at home but its better this way, less distraction. The parking garage is almost complete and I get the third of four floors and park right in the middle of the open area designated and wait for my quarry.

I hear someone coming and it sounds like a little bit of singing before I watch the female I saw Wednesday being lead by a fucking beast of a man. He's maybe early twenties but his short blond hair and the sleeveless t shirt and cargo pants scream military almost and his boots give mine a run for their money. The important part is the stats, I'm 6' without my boots, he's 6'6" and well into the 240 pound range and while I'm lean and toned muscle he's jacked up like anabolic steroids are wheaties.


I realize how much this is going to hurt and once we're about fifteen feet away I hold up my hand for them to stop and my game face comes on. "Before we do this just a few questions," I say and he smirks at me.

"A man should never meet his end without answers," the brute says allowing me to ask. "Why me," I ask plainly. "You were a name and a picture, we get paid and you end up whatever the client asks for you to end up," He tells me in a matter of fact tone. "Okay well who hired you," I ask and she, the little shit, laughs. "He doesn't know I know and we three know you're such a 'nice' Guy," the name pun I could do without," that you won't do anything to me to get that knowledge." "Let me make you both an offer, you are doing this for money well I can double.

If you are of the honor bound I can triple it, I will let what happened to Ben slide but this is a onetime offer as long as I get the name of who started all this," I state and while she laughs his face turns grim.

"I heard so much but bribery, you want to buy your way out? You are a coward," the big man growls but I only smile sadly. "No I made the offer for you; I don't want to hurt you both. I'd even let bygones be bygones but since you didn't want to take a very generous offer it's down to you and me," I pause at the last few words because I hear something odd, and so do my two new 'friends'.

Engines, a lot of vehicle engines, from both the top floor and the lower ones vehicles pour in. One giant red truck, one nice white two door sports car, one older green sedan, a black windowless passenger van and bikes, a lot of bikes. I see a great deal of Devil's Best in my peripheral but it's my new quarry I'm focused on because they are boxed in and surrounded.

I watch the girl grab her phone and stare at it confused. "We have no communications, I don't know what's going on," She tells the big man who is looking at odds even he can't win. "Heya bitch, need to dial 4-1-1 for directory assistance to an asskicking," I turn my head slightly and see Matty a tank top and jeans with her hands taped.

"No she wants to call her Mommy," Masha, Devin's girlfriend, lined up and dressed very similar to Matty save for a t shirt instead of a tank top. "You fucking touch my sister puta and you think we're not going to find you? You think you can stand against us," Imelda sneers as the three girls start to single out their quarry. The big guy is looking at me and a hand on my shoulder tells me Devin is here, that and the rumble of him growling. More footfalls behind me and another familiar voice.

"You sounded the trumpet, you called us forth and like a biblical plague you deal with not one but four," I hear Isaac, my little spy state swinging an aluminum bad casually.

"If there are four then why all of them, are you a coward to face me alone," the big guy barks at me savagely. "I had no clue this was happening," I say smiling with a big shit eating grin.

"You hurt the herald and we brothers will ride together, always," Kyle says and I can see he's in the same white kung fu suit he fought me in last year. "Brother's you aren't related, I've studied you, you always fight alone," the now angry big man yells at me when finally someone decides to end the debate. "And I heard a noise in the midst of the four beasts and beheld a Pale Horse, and the name of the one that sat on him was," I see Hawk of Devil's Best with chain in hand," Death… and Hell followed him." I have no better opportunity and with back up in the form of Kyle, Devin and a barely can fight bat wielding Isaac rush the big man.

First off he's fast, I barely duck a large fist coming straight at my head and land a shot to his ribs. That's where the second problem comes in, he doesn't react to the strike and an elbow nails me in the forehead. I stagger back as Kyle comes in with some fast footwork throwing kicks to our giant's knees and sides before his leg is grabbed and he's spun away and staggered.

I'm about to move in when Devin, my big man, body checks him almost off his feet. Scarily he catches his footing and lunges back in and where Devin's strength is good his technique isn't as he takes several hard shots before Kyle and I rush in distracting so that Devin can back out. I take hold of the left arm and am vainly attempting to drag him down while Kyle is back in with lightening fast strikes to the face.

I can only watch as the big bruiser's hand grabs Kyle and he delivers a head butt directly to Kyle's chest and I see my friend start gasping for air. I shift of his wrist and now I'm being gripped by my throat as this fucker tries to pop my head off. I hammer his elbows to break the grip but as he starts to lift me off the ground I try to kick at him. He doesn't stare at me with joy, just grim determination that turns to shock and pain.

All this time Isaac was waiting and now he strikes, I see it from the corner of my eyes as he lunges in full swing with the bat and the sound of a knee being possibly broken and the big man screaming in pain. He let's go of me and I drop to the floor of the parking garage catching my breath. Turning my attention to the girls I can see they are doing a hell of a lot better than we are as Matty and Masha are holding the bitch by both her arms while Imelda is teeing off on body shots and slaps, good ones, to the face.

Devin and Kyle are back up and I pull myself from the ground and turn back to our play date. He's trying to stand but he can only get to his good knee and that's where Devin lunges in hard bringing his corn fed ham fisted assault down on our opponent with unrelenting mercy. "Kyle! Let's take his fucking head off, DEVIN out," I bark moving into position on one side of the bruiser with Kyle on the other. Both Kyle and I are off to a short dash and each brings a knee up to either side of the bruiser's head with a loud crack and we watch as the giant crumbles to the ground out of the fight.

"NOOOOOO," is what I hear as the bitch screams. I turn and see my girls and Masha have whipped the shit out of her but she's conscious and crawling over to the bruiser with fear and sadness.

She's bleeding a little from the mouth and I know that at some point Matty tried to strangle her. What happens next confuses me and Devil's Best grab both of them and with some effort drag them to the black van and deposit them inside when Matty and Imelda latch onto me and tell me I need to follow their lead before breaking our hug and while they step away I look to Devin, Isaac and Kyle. "Brothers," I ask smiling. "A good disease cripples even the strong, a famine can lay waste to the strongest people, you can fight a war but not war and there is nothing as final as death," Kyle says before we all laugh hard.

"Follow the girls, they have more in store," Devin tells me before picking up Masha and carrying her to his truck. I hop back on Pale Horse only to have Matty hop on behind me and with her arms and her quiet voice in my ear I'm heading down the road towards parts unknown for whatever my people, my lovers have in store next.

It's a bit of a trip, a little over an hour or so and while I'm tired and Matty is wearing my coat I feel alive and awake. After a dirt road we are sitting in an old boat house that has had the dock turned into a floor and an office up two flights of stairs. I get inside and let Hawk take care of the guests as Kori and Rachael are waiting with more than a first aid kit and Hawk's woman.

I gather my friends and girls together and when they see my face everyone begins to worry. "What did I say, I said I would go alone, I told you that was my plan," I try to growl before chuckling," Who set all this up?" "I did," I turn and see Jun sitting at a table with a couple laptops and more small electronics than I care to count. "You said to Katy if she came up with a better idea to tell someone else, well Jun is someone else," Rachael informs me and I laugh.

"Thank you for leaving your phone by the way, she let that fucker pop a program on it so they could track you down," Jun states as I see my phone hooked up to a laptop," And he tried to keep control of the cameras but I just couldn't let him have that, or the phones, or his own hardware." "It's a he," I ask and get a head shake no. "Not sure, I just call it a he since women are sweet and loving," Jun says with a goofy grin," Right now whatever 'he' was using is at best a designer art piece or paperweight." I have to laugh, I thought shit was happening and figured if they were smart they'd watch me and not everyone around me.

I took the situation out of my hands and did the one thing I've had the most difficult time doing over the past two years, trust someone else to get it done.

And get it done they did. I sit and rest with Kori and Rachael checking out Imelda, Matty and myself as Hawk's woman tends to the big bruiser, Jun steps in front of the two beaten foes and decides to start speaking to them. "Desmond Waller kicked out of two branches of the service for failure to obey a lawful order and identity fraud. After that you decide to get violent while in jail and they moved you to a civilian jail where you spent your time 'allegedly' taking part in underground fights for the prisons," Jun says as Desmond is fitted with a knee brace," You on the other hand are a bag full of fucked up." "Fuck you chicken shit," the female spits at Jun but my friend is unfazed.

"Wilma Baumgartner, wow did mommy hate you or what? Apparently she did hate you or at least one of the voices did.

Removed from school as a freshman when the abuse got so bad you cut a teacher in class with a razor blade. Mental hospitals and medication for a few years till you were checked out by your half brother," Jun says turning to Desmond for a second," Couldn't live without crazy huh?

Well now the two of you have information and I want it. But since you were offered a way out that is where plan B comes in." I watch Jun back up from them as Rachael steps forward crouching down to face Wilma.

They stare for a bit when Rachael breaks the ice. "I'm going to be sitting right over there," Rachael says to Wilma pointing to one of the chairs in the boat house," You are going up there to the office. I just hope I can hear everything." "No stop, stop now," Desmond says groggy but alert," Wilma tell them anything." "They won't hurt me big brother, he doesn't have the balls," Wilma replies as I help her up at Rachael's request and lead her to the office.

It's a short trip up the stairs and once in the office door I see plenty of things that would make a master or mistress come up with grand ideas. The most important thing in the room however is my Katy in black pants, black boots, a black long sleeved turtle neck and black gloves.

I 'help' Wilma into the room and put her on her knees before hearing my Katy address me. "Guy for the duration I want you to sit in the chair and not talk," Katy says with her back to me," I want to express first off that I love you and you have shown me a lot of wonderful things but you have neglected to acknowledge that in this family you are not the only one who can handle family business.

What happens now is a demonstration to show you that we have just as much you in us as there is us in you." I nod and see her turn to look at me before nodding again, Katy wants to smile but she's got her game face on. First thing in Katy's hands as she turns around from the table of tools in front of her is a pair of scissors, Katy uses them to strip every piece of clothing off Wilma till they are nothing but scraps on the floor.

Katy retreats and comes back with item number two, rope. I don't fully understand the why at first but I figure since this is a demonstration it'll come to me as Katy takes time with a simple binding of the legs so that the hamstring and calf of one leg is pressed against each other so that all her new play thing can do is kneel.

After that the ropes go around the forearms and the zip tie binding her wrists together comes off. It's simple but Wilma is immobilized before Katy motions me to stand up.

I follow her lead and lift up Wilma who is struggling a little before putting her back down on a pillow with what I assume is a sybian with a dildo, and not a small one, stuck to the top of it. With some adjusting we get Wilma sat down and Katy motions me back to my seat before taking a seat of her own and holding up a ring gag confuses Wilma.

"I thought this was an interrogation but you just want to show a girl a good time," Wilma sneers at Katy whose face is blank with a lack of emotion.

"I don't want to hear you speak, I don't care to listen to someone who uses sex as a form of intimidation. Sex is a pure and amazing thing, something you tainted when you decided to force yourself on my sister. Guy would love to hear you speak and he'll get the chance," Katy says and Wilma opens her mouth to speak before Katy shoves the ring her and forces the gag around," but first we need to make you honest." There are some gagged words that I can make out to the tune of 'go ahead' or 'I can take it' or some such shit like that.

Katy still shows a complete lack of interest in noises as she retrieves a new tool from her table, a three foot long round and thin reed. I take note of the naked Wilma, decent ass but her tits are on the smallish side and not remotely impressive in the slightest. Her body isn't as toned as I thought either. I'm absorbing all these facts when Katy cracks the reed across Wilma's ass cheek. Wilma flinches but doesn't make any noise, watch as Katy brings the reed across again the ass.

I watch and while it doesn't turn me on towards Wilma in the slightest I'm more interested in Katy, I've seen her at the mistress type before but this is different. Every time the reed connects Katy's face shows nothing, and Wilma's is one of pain/pleasure mixed. I however am stuck in my spot as this continues till I move my chair a little and see Wilma's ass cheeks are red and damn near raw as Katy turns and puts the reed away.

"Isd dat ur besf," Wilma groans out of the gag. Katy says nothing as I see her open a box on the table and I barely see the ice in her hand as she rubs it on the raw red area of Wilma's ass and I watch Wilma whines in a high pitched tone as the sensation must be unbearable.

Katy takes her time alternating from cheek to cheek and at one point Wilma almost comes off the sybian. Katy stops with the ice and gathers more rope tying it off above Wilma and taking the ends and securing her arms like a pulley so that she can hoist Wilma up but Wilma stays anchored. I listen as I think I hear Katy humming as she is back to her table before returning with a remote and some kind of metal stick, the stick looks familiar but I can't place it.

I watch Katy press a button on the remote and Wilma's face goes from attempting to relax to slight shock as the sybian starts to vibrate with a low hum. I remember the dildo that is inside Wilma and for the life of me I still can't figure out what Katy's goal is. I watch as Katy adjusts the speed on the control and as it picks up Wilma moans more enthusiastically and I begin to see wetness at the base of the sybian.

"It looks like you're cumming Wilma, go right ahead and cum," Katy says with no passion at all. Wilma writhes against the ropes and moans loudly as her orgasm takes over, I watch as she starts to come down when Katy takes the remote and turns the speed of the sybian up.

Katy's new plaything starts shaking and while she'd like to pull herself off the makeshift pulley is holding her in place while she starts to cum again only harder this time. Katy takes the stick and places it next to Wilma's breast barely touching it and as Wilma groans out in orgasm it's a flick of a switch on the stick and an electrical arc about a half an inch long connects with Wilma's bound body.

She yelps in pain and groans in orgasm as Katy takes her time shocking her every single time she moans. I watch my bad girlfriend as the shock stick moves around to different spots on Wilma's body making her jump and jolt every time. I feel like it's been an hour or so at the most but with the caning, the ice and now the shocking orgasms we've been up here for well over an hour and finally it looks like Katy has what she wants as Wilma cums so hard while being shocked on her pussy that she sprays onto the sybian and the floor in front of her.

Katy stops the sybian and standing up places the remote and shock stick back on the table. I watch as Katy undoes the pulley and maneuvers Wilma to her back on the floor sans sybian.

Katy is taking her time doing some clean up with a dry rag on Wilma before she undoes the gag in her mouth. After what seems like forever Katy finally decides to explain. "I want you to remember me Wilma, I want you to remember that no matter what happens in this world I broke you," Katy says finally showing a little emotion and triumph.

"I can still go if you're tired," Wilma groans with a smirk. "You can but you won't want to after this. The safe word is the name or names of the people who have been fucking with my fiancé, my college, my sisters and my friends," Katy says before standing up. "Safe word, you think I need a safe word? I hope you have some needles or something. Maybe a little light cutting so I can really cum hard," Wilma taunts but Katy is in the back corner of the room working on something.

"You really like sex, I know because I really like sex. You and I both thought we had no boundaries so when I knew I was getting you here I had to think. I had to figure out what I would have to do that would turn sex for me into something not pleasurable," Katy informs Wilma as I watch," Safe words, for your own sake and Guy's you need to speak them while you can still speak." Wilma is chuckling at Katy's sincere words, hell I'm wondering what the hell is going on now.

Katy turns around and I see what she was working on, if I were ever to need a representation for a donkey penis I think what Katy is wearing over her clothes right now would be it. Ten solid inches of black dildo and at least two and a half inches thick by my guessing and upon seeing it Wilma laughs.

"You're going to give me more orgasms," Wilma says in between laughter. Katy moves over to me and places a small object in a plastic baggie and a folded note in my hand before turning to Wilma and moving into position. With her on her back and her arms bound underneath her Wilma can't move or do anything as I start to notice the little things, like the oddly colored lube on the strap on or the fact that my nose is burning a little with a spicy smell.


I look at the baggie and see a bottle with a white label that reads; Warning: Use only as directed, avoid eyes or sensitive areas, keep out of reach of children and pets. I'm not often visibly afraid for someone that I don't care about but even Katy sees it now in my face. "Say the safe words and make it easy on yourself," Katy asks what I will remember as the one last time. "Oh baby you gonna love me long time," Wilma coos at Katy chuckling.

I watch Katy's eyes close for a moment then open with determined resolve as she presses the strap on against Wilma's pussy then inside making sure every inch is buried in the first thrust. Wilma moans seductively at first while Katy stares at her, then Wilma becomes confused for a second. Finally the shock and pain hit her body and she begins to convulse and scream. I could go deaf from the screams but I make it a point to watch as much as I can as Katy starts to slowly fuck Wilma with the covered in insanity sauce, that's the brand name, covered strap on.

"Sing me the song of your crazy people Wilma," Katy moans as she works the strap on in long hard thrusts. I am dumbfounded by the scene and my good natured me says 'stop this now' the dark part reminds me that there is a paper in my hand to be read. As Katy continues her work I open the small sheet and read: in the cooler with the ice is a bottle with white in it, get it when I'm done.

I have no clue what Katy is talking about but I figure now would be a bad time to question her. "It burns&hellip. Stop please stop&hellip.," Wilma screams panicking in pain. "You wanted this, you wanted me to love you long time. You know the safe words, you can stop me at anytime," Katy states and begins to speed up.

With Wilma pinned down and mostly immobile and Katy probably destroying her pussy I stare at Katy and see it, hate. Pure hatred, I've had that before and she's got it now. Saliva is coming out of Wilma's mouth, tears have stained her face and her eyes are damn near rolled up in to her brain.

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She is still screaming but she's gone hoarse and Katy finally slows down and removes her strap on from Wilma and stands up. I stand as well and casually walk to the cooler attempting to hold in some of my emotions as I pull out a milk jug with a douche nozzle attached to it. I move back over to Wilma who is lying on the floor whimpering but still not talking. "I didn't hear a safe word," I state and now Katy is looking at me," I think you're going to need to do her ass as well.

Maybe her throat too." Katy takes my face in her hands and looks at me for a moment, first time soul gazing for Katy and she sees exactly what I'm doing and sadly nods. "Alright, well at least she'll be shitting easier after this, not sure she'll have an orgasm again though," Katy says moving away from us.

Wilma is moaning and whimpering while trying to hold her legs together and probably push out the burning sauce inside her. I snap my fingers and gain her attention holding up the jug in my hand. "This is a milk douche; this will by my estimation take all the burning out of you. You will still feel the pain but this will give you the chance to lessen it and after a while it will go away. Probably a couple hours, problem is I still don't have a safe word," I tell Wilma coldly.

"Please, please make her stop, please help me," Wilma says but I just shake my head. Katy has probably reapplied by now and I watch as Wilma attempts to move away but with the way she's bound she's not going anywhere.

Katy rolls her onto her side and I'm sitting back in my chair with a view as Katy is about to take Wilma's ass with the dildo of fire.

"Romeo Salazar, Phillip Miller, Taylor Anderson," Wilma haggardly allows all three names to burst from her mouth. I sit back and think about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense but it does make enough and that's where I'm pissed off. Taylor is a sick fuck, but why Romeo and old Captain Miller.

Revenge maybe but there are simpler ways to do it. I hand the bottle to Katy and watch as she administers relief to Wilma's burning vagina. I take a small blade from the table and cut Wilma loose, immediately she clings to me repeating the names over and over while sobbing.

It takes a while but Katy finally puts a robe around Wilma and we exit the room all three of us slowly. It's a long trip down the stairs but as soon as we're at the bottom and Wilma sees Rachael she immediately begins to cry again. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I'll never do anything to anyone like that ever again," Wilma has dropped to her knees in front of Rachael," Please forgive me." Rachael nods in light shock and now I can see my surroundings and the people there, all of them heard Wilma upstairs and all of them are staring at Katy and me in a dumbfounded state.

Desmond looks as though he's been crying and as soon as Wilma is within arm's reach he pulls her to him and allows her to cry. I watch as everything is broken down and Hawk has some of his boys move Desmond and Wilma to a van. Jun takes two envelopes and hands them off, one to Hawk and one to Desmond. I wait till the van is gone before turning to Jun. "What the fuck was that," I ask confused. "Pay off from Mr. Delauter, Hawk helping is good but being paid is better.

Desmond will now be on his way up to Canada with his sister where they will avoid you like the plague," Jun tells me and I shake my head at him, it was a really good plan. "Okay so now what," I ask as everything continues to be broken down.

"Well you take Katy home and tomorrow we wake up all of us are getting together for a picnic, I have a call to make down to my family and I know Jun isn't done now that we heard those names all screamed out," Imelda says laying down the law. "You really heard all that," Katy asks a little afraid. "Not a lot but the end of it yes," Rachael tells her before pulling at Katy's hands to gain her attention," No, just like Guy you did this for me.

For our family, now you go home and recover, tomorrow we relax and let Heather have some good news." "Alright I have work to do and a very," Jun says looking at his phone," Very horny girlfriend to return to before she tries to tie me to the bed again.

I'll get back to you with more information soon and we'll get the ball rolling from there. Guy as always my brother it has been interesting." I shake hands with Jun and help him take his gear off to his car and finally it's just me and my girls.

They are quiet as we return to our vehicles and while the ride back is a long one for three bikes and Matty's old car before we separate and only Katy and I head back to my family home. We arrive back home to find my family is still awake in the early morning is a new experience. We get in the door and everyone; Mom, Mom original, Dad, Gwen and Liz are sitting up straight as I come in the door.

The word bum rush is appropriate; Moms and Gwen are the first in the line to maul me with a major hug fest and to tell me to not make them worry like that again. I get to Liz who just glares at me before balling up her fist and punching me right in the pectoral.

"Ow, what the hell Liz," I ask shocked. "Someone has to hit you for keeping all these fucking secrets and it's gonna be me," Liz grumbles before bringing me in for a hug.

I get to Dad whose hug squeezes me tighter than I have had in a long time. I never knew my Dad to be the overly emotional and scared type but here it is gushing forth. When we finally break the hug and everyone settles down and Katy slowly follows me back to my room and I close the door after us.

Katy is moving really slowly and methodically as she removes her clothing, the same clothing from an hour earlier that she was wearing when she made Wilma scream in more pain than she's probably ever had in her life. She is down to her underwear and I watch while undressing myself as she folds the clothes slowly and makes sure everything is neat before setting them down in a plastic bag. With the bag closed Katy sits on the bed in her underwear waiting for something, me to turn off the light or talk.

"How do you feel," I ask quietly. "I hate myself, I don't like this feeling. I know what I had to do, I knew that she would take everything I had planned and still I feel like I should have done less," Katy whispers in a scared tone. "But you wanted to do more," I state and she nods her head sadly," Every time I feel a bit like this. I ask myself did I do enough?

Will they stop now? Every time I worry that it won't stop until I do something so horrible I'll never be the same again." "How do you do it baby, please help me," Katy asks as I move to sit on the bed next to her. "I have you, all of my girls. You hold me and you love me and after all of it you tell me that I did what needed to be done then you do the best thing ever," I tell Katy who looks at me finally with a sad and almost broken expression.

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Katy is about to ask me what she does when I kiss her softly on the lips and her response while delayed is genuine and wonderful as she pulls me into bed on top of her. There is no separation between us and while we're still barely clothed it doesn't stop our hands from going over every inch of each other's bodies and as we're fumbling around intently somehow my underwear are pulled down and Katy's are off to the side with me parked hard at her entrance.

There is little hesitation as I resume kissing her and press myself inside eliciting a groan from both of us. Katy has always been hot but now it's like I'm forging my penis into a different shape as she's trying to melt me, best part is I don't care. Our bodies rolling and colliding together with our moaning and kissing being the only sounds in the room, it's not hard or even fast, only very intent and full of need.

Katy's legs cross around my ass keeping me from moving as much as I might normally but with my arms under her back pulling her towards me every movement is to push myself into her and hers are to pull her against me. It's soft and frantic but Katy is whimpering like it's the best thing in the world and it's her pure joy that set me off in a sad but wonderful record as I cum inside her quietly.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes I need this, oh I'm cumming so good baby," Katy moans into my ear as I feel her milking me for every drop.

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It didn't last long for us but Katy is cooing at me softly and happily before we disengage and adjust our undergarments. I watch her shut the light off and she cuddles up next to me. "So this is a bit of what it's like to be you," Katy asks and I smile kissing her shoulder. "No, I don't know what it's like to have a man make love to me after feeling horrible," I joke and Katy giggles in response. Our sleep comes a lot easier than we would have thought and next morning, Saturday morning, is a wonderful thing.

Breakfast where everyone is smiling and talking about future things and not what happened last night is a good thing. The rest of the girls come over about mid day and we all settle into the back yard to eat a picnic of sorts with my family joining us so that the good talk and merriment can spread throughout the day.

Katy and Rachael are damn near inseparable as Katy is feeling a lot better and Rachael is very thankful for Katy doing what she did. No words are spoken about it and we're all able to push past and move on. I know Jun will contact me soon with information and locations but for now we've crippled the army against us. Now to circle the leadership and gain some measure of comeuppance. Taylor Anderson "What do you mean you can't find them," I state with anger into the phone.

"I mean they're gone, either they're dead or someone has removed them from the field. Your plan failed," Mr. Miller informs me coldly from his phone.

"It doesn't matter we still have options and all we need is more money," I tell the others when bad news strikes.

"Except I'm done giving out money for failed plans, I've invested more than I care to into this and all I have to show for it is some mild annoyances and a couple roughed up girlfriends," Romeo informs me in an exhausted tone. "I brought this together, I can end this I just need the resources," I tell them scrambling," Most of my gear is shot but if I get some new gear I can make him hurt." "No Taylor, you have been playing games and you're out," Miller replies and silence overtakes the conversation.

"I built all this. I can't be out it's all my planning," I tell them sitting down quietly. "I have a plan now and I can do it without him Romeo, get yourself somewhere secure," Miller tells Romeo as he hops off the line," As for you Taylor I left you a present, it's not much but check your bottom desk drawer." He hangs up the phone and I'm alone, everything failed and I have no way out now. Guy will find me; Jun will make sure of that. Either he scrambled me up and found me or Destroyer and Wildcard talked but the result is the same, they'll find me.

I check the drawer and see a pistol, a revolver waiting for a purpose. Guy It's Sunday late afternoon and what am I doing, I'm running to the fucking store because Dad is running late and Mom needs a couple things. Honestly I find this hilariously normal and it makes me feel like a person, never underestimate the feeling of normal when life starts to go all pear shaped for a couple months.

I'm on Black Sunshine and my blue tooth goes off for a phone call. "Hey son did your Mom call you for help with some groceries," I hear my Dad ask as I wait at the light. "Yeah, she said you were running late," I reply plainly. "Well at least you're able to help son, I'll see you at home soon alright," Dad says and we part ways over the phone. A little bit later and I have the basics mom needed from the store and I'm heading back to my bike.

I get my helmet out when the van parked next to me opens and I turn just in time to see the stun gun that lights me up. I feel horrible and hands drag me into the van where I feel a pinch in my neck and things go from stunned to hazy. "We're on our way to the drop site now," a voice says to no one I can see," Clean grab in and out man." I can barely move and as the vehicle rumbles down the road I don't know where I'm going, I thought we had this over. ??? I watch as Guy is grabbed from the parking lot.

I shift my vehicle into gear and begin to follow the kidnappers. I do the math on the people calling the shots and figure out it's the adult in the mix, there is no flare just simply getting the job done.

I do the math on any inventory I have in the trunk and slow my breathing to keep control of my emotions right now. I've been out of action for almost ten years and now I'm looking at a five on one.

I'm slower and older but from the lack of concern with the man behind the wheel I figure these are untrained goons looking for a quick job. After forty five minutes and some tricky driving I catch them parked at an old empty office building and watch them unload Guy. I have minutes to prepare for what will happen next.