Deepthroat this asian cum slut

Deepthroat this asian cum slut
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Well I'm not quite sure how this all started, and I don't really know what made me do it but I guess it all started when I was about 12 or 13 years old. Both my parents worked late hours so when school was over I would go home to an empty house, sometimes my friends would come over after school and hang out at my house and we would do what boys that age did, play video games, go outside and play sports or sometimes fantasize about porn movies that we had heard about.

One day after school my friend Mark asked if he could come over, I of course said yes, thinking we would play some video games or something. As we walked to my house he said he had to stop by his place to get something. I waited outside while he went in his house, when he came back he had a movie in his hands and said that he had stolen a porn from his dads bedroom and we could watch it if I wanted to.


Being a horny kid I said yes and off we walked, within 5 minutes we were at my house. When we got inside we went to my basement and popped in the video, it was a lesbian video and this tall hot blonde was lying in bed fingering herself when suddenly my doorbell rang.

OH SHIT!!!!!!! I said, get the tape out of the VCR and I'll go see who's at the door, we were both scared thinking it was one of my parents home from work early or something.

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When I got to the door I could see my neighbor Cindy at the door. Hi Joe can I use your phone please? she said, sure come on in. We walked downstairs and she saw Mark there, oh hi Mark, what are you guys doing playing video games again? She thought we were geeks because we were always playing video games, but hey what else were supposed to do we were kids, she was older than us 16 actually but she looked older than that 18 at least.

She said she had forgotten her key so she wanted to call her mom to see if she would be home soon. Her mom said that she'd be home in a couple of hours and that her dad would be working late tonight, so she said that she'd just hang out at my place until her mom got home.

At first I thought okay cool my hot older neighbor is gonna hang out with Mark and I, but on second thought we were gonna watch that porno. Since we weren't sure who was at the door Mark didn't take the movie out of the VCR but simply stopped it, how the hell were we gonna get that movie out before my parents got home and at the same without her seeing it. WE WERE SCREWED!! We started playing some video games and she watched us, but soon she got bored and asked if I had any good movies we could watch, Mark started laughing and Cindy was like what 's so funny, do you guys have a porno or something?

NO I said of course not, that's too bad she said. She got up and started looking at our movies when she found one. Beverly Hills Cop, I love this movie she said and started to put it in the VCR, oops she said there's a video already in there. Mark and I were white as ghosts when she pulled it out and read the title "Lesbo Lickers 4 well well well boys what do we have here?" we were so embarrassed.

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Please don't tell our parents Cindy we'll do anything, mow your lawn, shovel your driveway, anything just don't tell our parents. Just then she had an evil smirk on her face, okay guys I won't tell anybody, but first you two have to watch the movie with me, really I said with huge relief.

Yes just watch the movie and I won't say a word, Mark started laughing " I knew she wouldn't do anything Mike" NAKED she said. What? Mark said, you heard me NAKED, both of you. I want you two to get naked and watch the movie with me. I didn't know what to say or do until she walked over to us and grabbed us by the balls and said that if we didn't do as she said she would tell our parents. So without choice we did what she said and got naked, she put the video back in the VCR and hit "play".

The scene with the tall blonde fingering herself was on and I was getting kinda hard watching this hot blonde rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits. Now I wasn't gay or anything but I couldn't help but look over at Mark, now he wasn't that big of a guy but man he had a nice sized package between his legs, it had to have been at least 6 inches long but not that thick.

I on the other hand had a smaller one at the most 5 inches but mine was thicker than his. What seemed like a split second must have been a lot longer because Cindy noticed my cock getting harder as I stared at Mark's cock. "Touch it" she said, which broke my trance, what? I said, "go on touch it" you've been staring at it long enough just touch it you know you want to.

Mark and I were both startled, Mark because I was staring at his cock, and I because Cindy wanted to see me touch it. She came in front of me and knelt down, and said, "if you touch his cock I'll touch yours".

I didn't know what to do I've always thought Cindy was a hottie and sometimes jerked off thinking of her lying outside in her bikini or washing her dad's car in short shorts and a skimpy T-shirt, but I couldn't touch my best friends cock, that would be soooooo wrong. How about I give you a little incentive she said, and started to take off her top and bra. There between my legs knelt a 16-year-old goddess with beautiful B cup tits and perky nipples; Mark was totally into this because he just sat there with a hard on staring at her tits.

She began rubbing her nipples and pinching them, "come on Mike Touch his cock and I'll touch yours" I couldn't hold off anymore and decided what the hell we were all friends here and nobody would tell anybody else about what was about to happen. I slowly reached over and grabbed Marks cock in my hand; he didn't seem to mind too much. Okay now jerk him off she said, as I did she did the same to me, both of us were enjoying the handjobs we were receiving.

This went on for about five or six minutes, okay boys since you've been pretty good I'm gonna let you have some fun now. She got up and sat between us and let us play with her tits. Her nipples were rock hard and her tits were nice and firm. I asked if I could suck them and she was all for it. I brought my head down to her nipple and began to lick around it and flick it with my tongue just like they do in the movies.

She seemed to like it a lot because she was whimpering under her breath. I looked over at Mark and he was doing the same thing to her and stroking his cock at the same time.

Cindy told us to stop and we did, she got up and knelt in front of Mark and asked him if he had ever gotten a blowjob, Mark was a little shy and hesitantly said no. Well do you want to get your first blowjob sweetie? Of course he did who wouldn't want an older hottie to give him his first BJ. She pulled him to the edge of the couch and slowly started to rub his cock, I loved the show and soon started to stroke my cock as well.

She brought her head down to his awaiting cock and licked the head of it, Mark shivered as her warm tongue made contact with the most sensitive part of his cock.

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She then pulled her up and asked him if liked that, he said yes of course and wanted more, a lot more. She looked at him and said "if you want me to continue you have to suck Mikes cock".

This girl had total control over us but we were having the time of our lives so Mark looked at Cindy, looked at me and said what the hell, and took my cock in his mouth.

Cindy did the same thing with Marks cock. I was in heaven; here I was getting my first blowjob from my best friend and watching him get his dick sucked by Cindy. Mark was sucking my cock so hard and it felt so good, I was in my own little world when all of the sudden I felt another mouth sucking on my balls, I opened my eyes and I saw Cindy sucking my balls and Mark sucking my cock. They stopped and Cindy directed us to the floor, "Mark you lay on the floor, and Mike you go on top of him in the 69 position".

There we were lying totally naked 69ing in my basement. Ok guys start sucking. Mark wasted no time grabbing my cock and started sucking, it felt so good. I did the same and slowly lowered my mouth on his hot cock and sucked and jerked him off. Cindy soon took off her pants and panties and joined me sucking on Marks cock; we took turns sucking while mark was doing a great job on my cock. Cindy pushed marks legs back as far as she could and started licking under his balls until she got to his asshole.

She licked it once and he jerked upward and almost jammed his cock down my throat, he liked the sensation of having his ass licked and so did Cindy because she was licking it like a kid licks a Popsicle on a hot summer day.

His asshole was so wet and Cindy started sticking her tongue into his asshole he loved the sensation so much that he reached down and spread his own ass cheeks so she could get better access to his asshole. She was rimming his ass like nobody's business and I was sucking him so hard that my cheeks started to hurt so I pulled it out of my mouth and stroked his cock nice and slowly. Cindy them stuck her finger in her mouth and told me to kiss her, I leaned over and began making out with her and we licked her finger and made it nice and wet.

She told me to suck his cock again and I did, she spat on his asshole and slowly started working her finger into his tight little hole.

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His ass was ready for it and it slid in no problem. She worked it in and out and he loved the feeling of having his cock sucked and his ass fingered, I could tell he was enjoying it because he would thrust his cock deep into my mouth every time she pushed her finger into his ass, she was working his hole really good and I was getting so turned on watching what was going on while I sucked his cock.

She then inserted two fingers into his ass and this sent him over the edge. He was thrusting faster now and she was fingering his ass at a furious pace when all off the sudden he pushed his cock deep into my throat and shot a huge sticky load into my mouth.

I wasn't ready for it and I spat it out onto his cock while still jerking him, he seemed to come forever and his seed was all over his cock and my hand.


Then Cindy took hold of his cock in her mouth and licked it all up while continuing to finger his ass, I think she must have hit his G spot because he just kept on cumming and like a pro she sucked it all back without missing a drop. I got up from and laid down beside Mark; Cindy crawled up and kissed us both on the lips, I could taste marks seed on her tongue but didn't care because I had had my first sexual experience of any kind with the hottest girl I knew and my best friend.

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