Bigtitted eurobabe drilling her tight pussy

Bigtitted eurobabe drilling her tight pussy
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Jennys' Wild Ride By Jax_Teller It was a long hot day and I tried to sleep some knowing I had to work later that night. I couldn't sleep or nap for all the noise in the neighborhood. I decided to get some tanning time in and I set up my lounge chair in the yard.

There was a privacy fence around the yard and I regularly tanned naked. Tanning naturally was dangerous for me because if I burned it would make working difficult at best. As an exotic erotic entertainer dancer, I had to keep my skin and body in shape or it would cost me in tips or possibly the position as a headliner at the club. Most of the other dancers used a tanning bed and wore sunscreen most of the daylight hours.

I hated feeling like a vampire; I love the feeling of the sun on my skin. As I lay I could sense a set of eyes on me. Usually I didn't mind people looking at me, but this felt different. I changed positions several times to try and see who was watching me, but couldn't see anyone. I decided to get dressed and go inside and get ready for work.

I picked out the costume I was going to wear for my first set on stage a catholic school girl getup. I was looking through my other costumes when I heard the doorbell ring. I didn't know anyone who would just come to my door without calling first and after my feeling of being watched earlier I went to the door with my 38 snub nose in my hand and opened the door to the chains' limit.

I could see it was a female neighbor of mine. We'd never talked but said hello and goodbye in passing. She was about my age and build, but obvious was more of a main stream dresser than I am. I said hello and she asked if she could come in that she had something she wanted to talk about. I said sure and closed the door undid the chain lock put the 38 in the drawer of the stand next to the door and opened the chain and then the door.

Alice was wearing a cute pair of shorts and a tee shirt, she came in and I motioned for her to sit, and asked if she'd like something to drink. She said no and I sat down in a chair near the sofa where she was sitting.

I said so what's up? Alice got this sheepish look and then blurted out that when I was tanning earlier she had been watching me. I said oh, that's ok, I didn't realize her apartment had a view of my yard. She said yeah her bedroom window overlooks my whole yard.

I asked her if my nude sun bathing was a problem for her. She stuttered and spat out, yes with this mischievous grin. The light bulb went off and I realized why she was here in front of me.

I figured she was confessing to let me know that it was her, and that was why she was telling me. Then she went on to say that she was masturbating while watching me and had not had a chance to finish.

She looked at me intently to judge my reaction. I said really, and she said yes that I was beautiful and that she was daydreaming about having sex with me. I decided to be very direct and said so you like women?

Alice said no very quickly and then corrected herself, never physically, just in her mind, at least so far. I asked her if she was seeing anyone.

She said that she had broken up with her boyfriend 3 months ago, and wasn't really looking for another boyfriend just yet, that she wanted to live a little. We talked for over an hour while I went about picking my other costumes for the other two sets I had to work later, and Alice asked me about them and I told her what I do for a living and about my perspective.

We thought a lot alike and were quickly becoming friends and there was an obvious open flirtation with physical attraction as well. I asked her what went wrong with her boyfriend and she said that he wanted a mommy, someone to lead him around and tell him what to do.

She said that the best thing she got from him was the definition of submission and that she was a submissive personality and could not be dominant at all.


I told her that I am a switch in that for me, I can be submissive or dominant to males but only dominant to females. I told her that we all have our own perspectives and that for me it was just as satisfying one way or the other but just worked out to be sexual preference thing.

Alice asked me if I was bisexual then, and I said yes. She seemed to light up at my answer. I began to consider her as a sexually viable plaything somewhere during the conversation. I asked her if she'd ever been to a gentleman's club. She said you mean strip club right? I giggled and said yeah. She said nope never been to a strip club.

I told her I had to leave for work at the club in 45 minutes and asked her if she'd like to come along as my guest for the evening. She said yeah, but what should she wear?

I told her just to put on clubbing clothes like she was going dancing. She said ok, and when she got up we hugged briefly, and I kissed her gently on the mouth. She kissed back tentatively exploring as I broke it off. I finished getting my things together and Alice was at the door as I started to go out to my truck. I put my bag in the bed of the truck and opened the door for Alice and closed it after her. I noticed just how fresh and real she smelled as she stepped onto the stair and into the truck.

We arrived at the club just after ten pm; I set her up at a table in the back so she wouldn't be getting hit on. I told Debbie the waitress that anything she wanted I'd pay for, and to keep an eye on her for me.

She said she'd let Tiny know as he was on the door tonight and he'd keep her safe. Tiny was a very large man not fat but not muscular just so fucking big that most people found him to be very intimidating. He really had a great sense of humor and was generally a jovial sort once you got to know him.

I went and got into my first costume, the catholic school girl getup and as I went out onto the floor I nodded to Alice and she waved and clapped as the last dancer finished up her last set and picked up her tips and dropped clothes as she left the stage. My first song came on AC-DC Hells Bells and I got up on stage and pranced around spinning on the pole a few times and near to the middle of the song I removed my white button down shirt and waved it around before throwing it toward the beaded entrance to the stage.

I danced some more getting close to a couple of customers in the perverts row, and then removed the tiny black push-up bra and sling shot it back to the beads. The next song was "Smoking in the Boy's Room" by Motley Crew, which I tumbled out to the pole and worked my way around it up and down and slid the plaid skirt off and pranced around some more.

I worked a couple of the costumers putting my legs on either side of their heads and pretending to pull them into my crotch.


More often than not I was fighting to keep their heads out of there. There was one guy who was well-dressed, drinking mixed drinks and looked like money was dripping from him.

I didn't get as close to him but I pulled my thong that barely covered my pubic mound to the side giving him a peak as I twisted and turned back to my feet as the song ended. My last song of the set was Money Money, and I took off the thong a few verses into the song, strutting round, showing my ass off, bending over sliding my fingers down the crack of my ass and through my pussy lips and I happened to look over at Alice who was glued to me.

I had her full attention; if she had a cock it would be hard by this point.

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I rolled around some and worked the pole for a few seconds before the song ended me hanging upside down from the pole.

I gathered my tips mentally adding them and got my clothing and walked off the stage. I put the thong back on and the shirt, and walked around to the floor passing a few horn dogs along the way to Mr.

Money. I asked if he'd like a lap dance and he said sure, and I made my way to a semi private booth designed for lap dancing, and explained the price of a lap dance and began dancing for him. He had chosen the two songs for $50 so I worked all over him and he kept to himself for most of the first song. I took his hands in mine and ran them over my breasts as the first song ended. The next song I got completely naked and let him see every inch of me from every angle I could make.

I rubbed myself up and down the length of his hard cock inside his very expensive suit pants. I thrust a few good times as the song ended and began picking up my things. Mr. Money handed me a hundred dollar bill and said keep the change. I had about 45 minutes before my next set and I went back to Alice and asked if she was hungry.

She said sure, I asked her if she minded me ordering for her, and she said not at all, and I called Debby over and placed an order of thick burgers with cheesy curly fries.

Alice asked how I could eat like that and still keep my figure so thin, and I told her the dancing burns a lot of calories, and that I exercise every day. We ate and I ordered her another drink. She giggled some and said so that's it? Making a motion with her hand to indicate the area around us.

I said yeah I do three sets of three songs, and if I choose I work the floor between. The money is good and if I need more money I work more, but two nights a week pays my bills and puts some in the bank.

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She said really that good? I said yeah, look at the guy I danced for, two songs $50 bucks and a $50 tip $100 in ten minutes. She said wow. I noticed her hand on my bare leg and slid my hand on hers and moved her hand to the table Alice looked at me strangely and I said that one of the rules in a club like this is no bringing dates or boyfriends, and I didn't want to push it.

She said ok, sheepishly, and I said but there will be plenty of time for that later. I finished the next two sets and worked the crowd some between times.

Alice sat watching and seemed quite pleased to be there. I went over to her when I was done for the night and told her that I was bushed. I told her to follow me to the changing room and I changed back into street clothes. It was still warm out as we walked out the door and Tiny walked us to my truck and said night ladies as he turned and went back to the door.

I asked her what she thought now, having been to the club, and she said that she could never do that herself, but that she enjoyed every minute of it.

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I mentioned as we pulled out the Male strip club on the other side of the building and told her we'd have to go check it out some time and we both laughed. I asked her if she still wanted to finish up from before making a gesture in the air like I was rubbing my pussy, and she got this look of embarrassment on her face and said that she'd been so close so many times at the club that she would have no problem when she got home.

I said well how about you just skip the thinking about it and come home with me tonight, be with me for real tonight. She looked at me and said yes, I'd love to. The ride home was quiet and even though it didn't take any longer than usual it seemed to take forever to get home. Once inside my apartment I took her directly to my bedroom and started the shower.

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I asked her to make herself comfortable and I showered. When I came out Alice was sitting naked on the edge of the bed with a mug of hot chocolate. There was also a cup for me on the night stand too. I walked over to her and took a sip of the hot chocolate and then knelt directly in front of her. I leaned into her and she spread her legs so I could fit and I nestled into her, hugging her at first and then began stroking her body.

I ran my hand behind her head and laced my fingers in her silky smooth hair and pulled her face to mine and I kissed her. I hadn't noticed the radio on until that point and mostly because the song on the radio had a nice steady beat not overpowering or rude, but deep.

I slid up and over her keeping our bodies almost in constant contact as I made my way onto the bed next to her. I kissed her again and began massaging her breasts. Alices' breasts were slightly smaller than mine but her nipples were puffy and very sensitive. I rolled one nipple in between my fingers and lowered my mouth to her other nipple. Alice was moaning lightly and stroking and caressing my body as I enjoyed her.

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I scooted up on my pillows and guided her head down to my sex. Alice took her time and locked into a rhythm fucking my pussy with two fingers while keeping constant contact with my clit in her mouth.

Her fingering and sucking in time with each other quickly brought me to the edge of a powerful orgasm. I wasn't ready to come just yet and I raised her face to mine and kissed her tasting my sex on her lips. We exchanged positions and I ate her pussy while fingering her, and as she got wetter and I could see she was about to come I stopped.

Alice almost screamed at me but I told her to wait for it, the wait will be worth it. I took a double headed dildo out of my night stand next to the bed and got back on the bed facing her. I put the one head in my pussy and got into position scissoring our legs so the other head of the dildo slipped right into Alice's' wet cunt. I pushed our bodies together and fucked facing each other our clits and pussies touching and rubbing on each other.

It wasn't long before I saw the look in Alices' eyes that her orgasm was eminent and stuck my hand between us taking the middle of the dildo and pulled and pushed it slightly and looked in her eyes and said come now you little fucking slut, and I felt her juices splash on my hand as I felt my own allowing myself to come at the same time.

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We curled up spooning to sleep and I coved us up in the delicious bedding that made my nest. The morning light woke Alice first and she went to pee and returned as I turned to put my feet on the floor. Alice knelt in front of me and asked how may I serve you mam? I said get dressed go to work and call me later. She said but mam I don't work.

I looked at her and said ok, and realized just how much I didn't know about her. I said well then go start a bath and put some salts in the water. She padded off and I heard the water running.

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When she came out I told her to go make me 2 eggs over medium, toast, and coffee.I told her to bring it back on a tray from next to the pizza pans. I took my time as she left and got in the tub, I soaked for awhile and she came in with the tray. I motioned for her to put it on the edge of the tub and to get in. I watched her get in the water and I ate.

She'd made some for herself and I told her that from now on to only do as told. She said yes mam, I said eat.

We soaked her feet on top of my legs and the water was up to her chest. I told her to get out and dry off, and when she had, I told her to dry me off. She dried me off and I raised my leg so she could dry my foot, and when she was done I told her to get on the bed. I sat on the bed and we talked most of the morning. I found out she was my age and that she had money. The End