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It was Jenna's birthday and she was so unhappy everyone said she had everything. An actress starring in a Disney show stuck in the middle sure it had been canceled but she still had money coming in from it and the fame.

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Now she was continuing her education and waiting for that one part to make her career. The thing she didn't have is a romantic relationship it seemed nobody wanted her. Her birthday cake came and went her wish unfulfilled then she opened a present that had no taginside was a red ruby like crystal and a note that saidcareful what you wish for you might get more than you want.

She held the stone in her left hand closed her eyes and made a wish with all of her heart and will. Please make me desirable to others. She opened her eyes but nothing had changed so she threw the stone as far away as she could and went home after thanking her best friend for the party.

Arriving at her apartment she disrobed and took a shower when she finished she started to dry off when she felt a weird sensation in her groin she quickly laid down on her king size bed. Looking at herself in the mirror hanging over her bed she watched as her body started to morph. First her skin smoothed out becoming softsmoothunblemishedand it darkened slightly becoming more of a creamy copper color. Then her legs lengthenedshe went from five foot two inches to five foot eight inches tall and one hundred thirty five pounds.

Her body became lush and curvy with c-cup firm rounded breasts with dark half dollar sized aureoles and eraser sized nipples. A nicely shaped and padded ass with wide hips and flat abs with a well defined six pack. The wish didn't stop there as it took her short brown ratty hair do and made it an ankle length cascade of silky reddish brown wavy hair.

Then she watched her vagina become smooth shaven puffy lipped soft inviting perpetually moist hole with a sensitive clit. When she moved her hand close to her pussy it started making sucking sounds and motions as her clit moved in a small snake like manner.

Then she saw her face change her eyebrows became long and thinher nose petite and cuteher lips became full and lush red as ripe cherries and her cheekbones moved higher on her face. Looking in the mirror she had become a teenage boys wet dream. She rose from the bed deciding it was time to eat and went to dress but opening her closet her clothes had changed now she only had short sheer silky skirtsand sheer silky sleevelesscollarless blouses only really varying in color.

Checking her dresser drawers now they contained a variety of silky black stockingssilky thong pantiesand all of her bras had disappeared. Finally she checked her shoes and found a variety of sexy black leather shoes and boots. Jenna started to dress putting on a pair of silky burgundy red thong pantiesthigh high silky black stockingsand finally knew high black short heeled leather boots.

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Next she donned a silver anklet and silver belt and buckle with a matching silver chain bracelet. Finally she put on a sheer silky white two button sleeveless and collarless blouse that left her stomach exposed. Looking at herself in the full length closet mirror she admired her new body that didn't look like she was sixteen but an older sophisticated woman. Picking up her hand bag she opened it to find her walleta tube of cherry lubesa make-up casea pair of pink vibrator eggs with a remoteand an eight inch long three inch round purple vibrating dildo.

It also contained two silver padded cuffs and two long chained padded silver ankle cuffs.

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Smiling Jenna saidwell let's get this party started and called an uber to take her to the nearby mall. Getting to the mall she paid the driver who ogled her lush body as she walked to the mall entrance and entered.

Going to the mall food court she went to her favorite kiosk and ordered a meal then sat at a table in the court and ate her food.

Looking around her as she ate she noted that many males and females of all ages watched her with looks full of lust. Finishing her meal she rose to throw away her waste and stack her tray with the others giving the on lookers an unimpeded view of her crotch. Jenna decided that maybe some shopping was in order so she started wandering up and down the malls concourse disappointed that for a Friday night the mall was sparsely populated.

Spotting a toy store she was reminded that she needed to get her younger brother a gift so she headed into the store. Walking slowly down the aisles looking for the right gift she came around the end almost running into a group of kidstwo boys and two girls. The two boys looked at her with desirethe two girls seeing their boyfriends look at her with lust gave her spiteful glares.

Jenna saidsorry excuse me and walked up the next aisle. Walking down the next aisle she saw the group at the end of that aisle apparently waiting for her. As she reached the end and turned the two girls grabbed her wrists and shoved her against the empty end cap holding her in place they put one of their legs in between hers and pulled her legs apart.

Then one of the boys stepped up behind her tying a gag around her head. Then he reached around and unbuttoned her blouse pulling the two sides apart and buttoning a button behind her back.

Expecting it but still surprised she felt him pull both her skirt and thong down so his friend could cut them off of her. Sobbing she realized that she was now totally exposed to anyone in the store. One of the young women leaned in and whispered in her earyou are a good looking Latina slut you could be that Harley Diaz's older sister well get prepared we are about to do things to you that you wont soon forget. One of the young men reached up between her legs and felt her cuntshe is already wet she is really into this play time.

Then he slid his fingers into her until an encountered a barrier. Looking up with surprise on his face he sputtered outshe's a virgin. One of the girls holding her said well stud don't keep her waiting take that cherry. Smiling he stood up and pulled out his cock slamming it through her hymen deep into her womb and continued to pump into her until she climaxed. She had never felt such pain or pleasure in her young life at sixteen she had of course masturbated but was always careful to keep herself intact.

Oh God she moaned into the gag as he finished and stepped back. The next guy stepped up and pulling out his dick already to fuck her said to hersorry slut I don't do sloppy seconds and rammed his cock balls deep into her bowels spreading her anus near to splitting at his girth. She screamed into the gag as he ravaged her assholeshe cried as she felt her body betray her and a massive orgasm overtook her.

She hung there helpless and vulnerable held in place by the two women. The boy fucking her anus then said something that made her eyes widen in horrorcan't let this load go to waste as he pulled out of her now gaping asshole and plunged into her pussy pumping a few times and unloading his sperm deep into her womb.

Pulling back from her wide open cunt he laughed and patting her pussy he saidgood little Mexican baby factory hope you have twins. Zipping up his pants the four of her rapists walked away leaving her barely standing in the back of the toy store. Gathering her strength she stood unsupported and straightened her blouse. She had no idea what to do nowshe stood nude from the bottom of her breasts down to her shoes.

As she stood there she heard a cough turning she saw an older man in a wheelchair watching her. Raising an eyebrow she gave him a questioning look.

He said Ms. Ortega you can call me Bear and if you want my help you will agree to be my slave from now on. You have until I leave the store to decide as he turned and started moving towards the front of the toy store.

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Jenna stood for a moment then ran after himyes I agree she said please help me. He stopped a little more than halfway down the aisle and said good take this and cover yourself.


Jenna took the offered item that turned out to be a silky piece of clothe that she wrapped around her waist and tied it off. You can be my attendant and push me around the mall while we shop.

She started pushing his chair and finally asked how do you know who I am and what happened to me. I'm a sorcerer of great powerI felt the disturbance in the aether when you were altered and decided that this was my chance to gain a young beautiful Latina as my sex slave. Now when we get back to my place do you prefer this form or your younger versionpersonally I prefer your other form but I'll leave it up to youyoung girl or wanton slut.

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As she pushed him along she thought about it and saidcan you do something in between those two extremes. Yesyes I can do that if you wish but once you agree to be my slave don't renege on our agreement you wont like what I do to retaliate. She staggered as he said this feeling a massive orgasm strike her juices sprayed down her rubbery legsher nipples grew even harder and produced milk making wet spots on her blouse that made her shirt see through. I won't I promise I will be yours completelyenthusiasticallyand without reservations.

Good he said and she felt herself change as they walked soon she saw as they walked by a mirror she was about halfway between a virginal young woman and an experienced looking beautiful slut. She liked this look she still looked like herself but more. Do you approve Ms. Ortegayes Bear I do and please call me Riafor my middle name Maria.

Okay Ria let's get me home I'm tiring. She pushed him out to a waiting van he handed her the keys as he was lifted up into the van. She got into the driver's seat and askedwhere are we going? Don't worry just sit back and enjoy the ride as the van started and drove out onto the road on it's own. It headed down the road and into a black cloud that suddenly appeared.

Coming out of the cloud Jenna saw a sign that said welcome to upstate New York.

The van pulled into a housing complex and stopped outside one of the buildings. They unloaded from the van and entered one of the apartment in the building as the van disappeared. This is your new home RIA welcome Bear stated as he moved towards a bed in the middle of what would have been the living room.

Bear stood from the chair and stripped down to a pair of shorts and lay down on the king-size bed. The wheelchair rolled to a corner and folded itself up as Bear told her to strip down and join him on the bed. Jenna did as instructed and lay down beside himlooking at him she thought I could have done worse so far he has not treated me badly. Bear looked over at her and saidmount up Ria time to take my cherry as his shorts disappeared. She straddled his waist and saidwhat you're a virgin.


Yes but not for long as he grew long and hard ready for her to ride him. Biting her lower lip she lowered herself down onto his cock sliding all of the way down until she felt his balls touch the lower lips of her cunt.

Then she started moving up and down his shaft slowly speeding up until she was pounding herself on his dick until he ejaculated filling her womb with his spermshe shuddered under the assault of multiple orgasms each on increasing in intensity until the last one caused her to black out.

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When she woke up she was lying next to Bear who was up on one elbow looking down on her with a strong unknown emotion glowing from his eyes. In a deep voice Bear saidyou are mine now Jenna heartmindbodyand soul. Looking into his eyes she saidyes I am yours. Smiling he shook his head yes and whispered and I am yours.

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They curled up together he spooned her and they drifted off to sleep.