Fazendo a Rola do corno De Pula Pula

Fazendo a Rola do corno De Pula Pula
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Hi, Pete Gersen here. This story is part of an ongoing series that describes the sex encounters that I had working at a Miami law office back in the seventies. It might be helpful to start by reading my first one; "KCA&B Pt 1 : Eva" but that's not entirely necessary in order to enjoy this one. Should you elect not to do so, here are the basics of the situation. When I was 18 and 19, I worked at Kennedy, Carle, Ames and Buchanan, where I put my time in as an courier/office boy.

The job put me in the propinquity of a throng of sexy office workers and clients. I took advantage of this good fortune as often as I could. * * * * * * * * * I fondly recall one of my stranger trysts that came by the auspices of one Margaret Cooper. Margaret was a short thing… no more than 5' 2" and she had a slender build. She was in her late 30's and her hair was jet black, which she wore very short, giving her a kind of a pixie look.

She took advantage of sunny climate and her face had a dark tan. She wasn't exactly beautiful but more like pretty and her features were soft.

From my first glance the thing I noticed most on her were her coal black eyes. She had a penchant for wearing the color green and had a real sense of style. Margaret was a bit odd in her ways or at least that was most folks perception of her. The clerical staff did tend to be cliquish but she appeared not to belong in any of the groups. Not that she was unfriendly mind you, just more of a loner.

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She had a thing for frogs. Her desk and station were adorned with a variety of bric-a-brac featuring cartoonish versions of the amphibians. In my somewhat menial position I made it a point to try and keep on the good side of all the secretaries. For the most part that was easy, but at times it was a chore. If I might digress from the Margaret story for a bit, let me tell you about Alexandria. She was the personal secretary for Mr.

Carle and she liked to put on airs.


She was 50-ish, slim and with long blonde hair. She dressed fastidiously and I believe she thought her shit didn't stink. She took the posture that I was more a laborer than a co-worker and I found her arrogant. Her attitude rubbed me the wrong way, but I found a novel way to make things balance… well at least in my own head. Our building had a lunch counter on the ground floor and I was often tasked to bring back meals for the staff.

Alexandria was fond of their grilled Swiss cheese sandwiches and many times I'd have to fetch her one. When the mood struck me I'd stop off at the 6th floor storage room before arriving back to the office. On 6, I'd jack off a nice load of spunk into the molten cheese. I'm not certain how many times she partook my "secret sauce" but she never realized my sabotage.

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I thought "you might think you're better than me but my sperm is in your belly". Back to Margaret, things were cordial but nothing more. That is until one day when I spied her looking in the paper at movie times. I casually asked her what she was planning on seeing and she named an Italian film playing at the Coconut Grove art cinema.

She was surprised when I told her that I'd seen the obscure flick earlier that week and how much I enjoyed it. Ah hah… common ground, we were both film geeks! This transformed me into a kindred spirit to her and I became her best pal among the office personnel. Our shared interest developed into an occasional movie date, albeit purely platonic ones. Now Margaret was the secretary for Mr. Dout, While Mr. Dout wasn't high enough on the food chain to be a full partner, he was nearing that point.

In his specialty he handled a lot of anti-trust and class action cases. Thanks to the latter type, I had a glorious one time sexual encounter with Ms.

Cooper. I won't bore you with case details but simply apprise you of the situation. We had a huge mass mailing of letters to class members that had to be postmarked by a specific day. The negotiations and writing of the final draft went into the eleventh hour at a 4 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon, several thousand letters needed to be copied and stuffed into envelopes. They had to be postmarked the next day and to insure that this was completed, Margaret needed to stay late into the night to finish.

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I was asked to assist her. We both busted our asses to try and get this done quickly but the hours were melting away. Our undertaking was not a difficult one but certainly tedious. We broke up the dullness of our task by a marathon discussion of film.

The variety of actors, directors and movies that were thrashed out was extensive. Margaret surprised me though when she brought up the French film "The Story Of O". There was a sexual element to many of the pictures we'd chatted about but none were as overt in the subject than that one. My astonishment grew when she also brought up "Emmanuelle" and how sexy she's found them. I must admit the discussion had me titillated but there was too much to do without getting sidetracked.

We finished things up at 11:15PM. The last duties had us carting over the numerous boxes of mail into one of the meeting rooms. I sat down in one of the chairs catching my breath. Margaret startled me when she spun the chair around and engulfed me with a deep, open mouth kiss.

Though unexpected it was most welcome and I returned her passion. Our tongues sensually explored each others mouth and lips. I thought that we were about to engage in a nice fuck but Ms. Cooper continued to astonish me. I felt a tug at my wrist then heard a click… she had put a handcuff on my right wrist and had secured it to the arm of the chair. "What the Hell!?!" was my response. She whispered back a soothing "ssssshhhh". I elected to submit. She produced a second pair of cuffs and anchored my left hand in a similar fashion.

She removed my shoes, socks, pants and briefs, then unbuttoned my shirt. She pushed the chair slightly away from the table before she climbed upon it. As I said before, Margaret dressed very smartly and today was no exception. It was lovely, emerald dress that was kind of satiny.


She couldn't have known it but I'd had always found it the most alluring of her apparel, even before this night. Just a couple feet in front of me Margaret presented me with an intensely enticing tableaux.

She had pulled her knees to her chest, revealing that she wore black stockings, not pantyhose. Her panties matched the dress. I could make out the outline of her vulva and a distinct wet spot.

Not a word was spoken between us. She gracefully removed each of her shoes, setting them beside her on the table. Then she extended her legs and began caress my face with her feet. She had extraordinary control and precision with them. I enjoyed the silky feel of the nylon brushing me and even the slightly sour aroma.

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Close up, I noticed her toes. They were unusually long and perfectly manicured. Beneath the filter of her dark hose I could still make out that her toenails were lacquered in a shade complimentary to her dress.

She retreated her legs, then turned to the right and did a slow, sexy removal of her hosiery. She briefly got off the table and guided my feet into a location just behind the center post of my chair.

Once positioned she used one of her stockings to tie me at the ankles. With the other she blindfolded me. Damn, this was kinky.

It was a little disconcerting not having any control, yet oddly sexy. I guess I had enough trust in her so that my bonds did not become overwhelming. Removing sight from the equation added mystery and enhanced my remaining senses. Margaret began to fondle my hard cock and balls as she licked, sucked and playfully nibbled upon my nipples. I heard her return to the tabletop and a sound that I presumed was her removing her panties.

This was confirmed when she began to rub them over my face. I inhaled the heady scents the garment provided… her perfume, her ass and the strong aroma of her dripping cunt. She forced the crotch of the garment into my mouth as if to offer me a preview of tastes to come. Then it was withdrawn I felt her legs about my shoulders and them pulling my seat close to the table.

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She had eased her vagina at the table's edge and with her hands pushed my face full into her sex. Apparently she retained wearing her frock as I felt the hem of the garment graze the top of my head and settle upon the back of my neck. My cheeks and ears were caressed by the soft smoothness of her thighs.

I blindly began to navigate the geography of her private parts with my tongue. That organ traced a loving path down from her clit, over her perineum to her puckered anus. It was this latter locale that she responded most strongly to.

As I rimmed her ass, the copious vaginal fluids oozed down and ended in my mouth. I retreated from her sphincter and honed in on her pussy. I approached eating her out with a number of techniques. I discovered that she liked her cuntlapping to be a little rough so I sucked at her clitoris hard and even gave it some gentle bites.

This strategy was the correct option and before very long I heard her moans and felt her body convulse in the throws of an intense climax. Sensing that my submissive behavior was keeping her aroused, I maintained my silence. I hoped that she would provide my aching cock with some loving relief… perhaps a nice blowjob.

Instead she rewarded me with a most unusual approach. I felt my penis being grabbed but seconds later realized that it wasn't a handjob I was getting.

No, the dexterity she had demonstrated with feet earlier was back into play. I have never encountered such facility ever again, but Margaret's control of her long supple toes turned them into little hands. Jeez, I wouldn't be surprised if she were able to write with them. The sensations her little digits were eliciting to my genitals were exquisite.

My only regret was that I couldn't see them in action. I have no doubt that Margaret could have brought me to orgasm with her 'lil piggies' but that was not her ultimate goal.

She stopped the footjob and hopped off the table. With her back to me she lowered her body on to mine, her hand guiding my cock into her sopping wet vagina. Trussed as I was, I had little control of the actions but she maneuvered herself with wonderful motions. These provided me with superb feelings, my penis being caressed by the soft, wet walls of her cunt.

She proceeded to fuck me in a relaxed, languid manner. I loved it but it was just not the correct rhythm or speed to bring me off. This was really more of a tease than an act designed to make me cum. Again it was she who was in control of things and she had other ideas. I felt her rise and remove my organ from her soaking snatch… only to feel it inserted into her asshole. The buttfuck was in antipathy of our just finished fuck-style. It was a hard, fast almost violent affair.

Her rectum felt much tighter to my swollen penis and the motions were just right. I grunted and sighed as my cock spasmed and ejaculated a voluminous reward of semen. Hearing my orgasm, inspired her to climax as well. With both of us catching our breath, she liberated me from my bonds. She brought in a box of tissues, which we both used to clean up.

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Once we were both dressed, we left for the parking garage. There she gave me another soulful kiss and said.

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"thanks sweetie" In anticipation of the late night work, my boss had given me the next day off. Margaret presumably went in. So I next saw her the following Monday. I had expected that our sudden intimacy would change things between us, but I was mistaken. We never mentioned that night to one another nor did the topic of sex ever come up again in our conversations. A couple months later, she announced to the office that she had found a new position and was leaving to live in Dallas, Texas.

On her last day, I went to lunch and came back expecting to say my farewell to her. I was saddened to discover that she'd left early and I had missed her. Shirleyour receptionist, handed me a small, wrapped box saying "Margaret left this for you" I opened it up and found a lovely figurine of a frog holding a heart.

All these years later, I still have it.