Testando os brinquedinhos que o marido deu

Testando os brinquedinhos que o marido deu
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Part 3 As i play with her hole her hand leaves my pussy and rubs all my pussy juice over her hole and then back to my pussy to work her magic. I continue to play with her hole which is now very wet from my juice that she put there so my finger could slide in eagerly she is now on all fores but with one hand still working my pussy this gives me an idea.

I unlock our tongues and remove her hand from my pussy and get behind her, as my tongue starts on her ass hole i can taste my own juices all over her hole i do like my taste. After 5 minutes of licking i push just the tip of tongue into her hole another scream fills the room just then Bruno jumps onto the bed wondering were his place is.

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23 This gives me a great idea my pussy is dripping so why waste it so i pull his collar to move his head around to my pussy while i suck Jeans ass hole. Jean is going mad with pleasure from my tongue i am now enjoying Bruno´s tongue so i use my right hand to play with his cock. The 3 of us are having the time of our lives fucking each other but my neck is now starting to ace and this gives me an even better idea i can now feel Bruno´s solid cock in my hand and it is red hot this is just what the doctor ordered.


With out stopping i grab a pillow with my other hand and lay it across Jeans shoulders and hold it there, and with the other hand holding Bruno cock i let go and grab his collar to pull him behind Jean. I move out of the way his tongue takes my place a loud moan come from Jean as Brunos tongue gos to work on her dripping pussy she opens her legs a little wider so his tongue can work better on her pussy. After about 3 minutes of his licking and her moaning i think she is ready for what i have planned for her.

I move to the side on my knees and pull his coller into the air and say up i had no time for the socks on his paws the pillow will have to do.

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As i pull him up into the air and pull him forward he seems to under stand what i want of him so he moves forward and puts His paws are the pillow. I push him form behind and grab his red hot cock and guide it into her ass and bruno seems to love the idea.

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But i must be carful to stop him from ramming it all in on the first thrust, it goes in half way as a another loud scream fills the room. Bruno just wants to fuck this hole in-front of him and Jean is loving it so i let bruno do his work.

I sat back to watch Bruno fucking Jean i was fascinated by the 24 speed that he go's and the power as he forces his lovely large cock deep into her ass with each thrust his cock seems to get a little bigger and redder as she screams out yes yes she is loving every minute of it.

I need a pee after all that drinking so i tell Jean i am just going for a pee will be right back. With that her left hand grabs the other pillow as she wobbles from Brunos thrusts and puts it in front of her then grabs my leg and starts to pull. Ok i say to my self i would enjoy another pussy licking first i fold the pillow in half to raise my pussy closer to Jeans face and lay back to enjoy what is about to happen. I open my legs so they are out side her arms and raise my ass to rest on the highest part of the pillow i can see her face she is having the time of her life her eyes are closed with a smile on her face.

My pussy is just inches from her mouth as she drops her head and clamps her mouth on to my dripping pussy and clamps her teeth onto my clit i scream in pain but it is a nice pain. Each time Bruno rams her her teeth bite at my clit but it is a nice feeling after a few minutes she lets go and i fell her tongue inside me it feels lovely.

The ramming from Bruno helps her tongue go in a little deeper after a few more minutes with her tongue inside me i really need to pee i try to pull away as i said i need to pee.

She opens her eyes and look s at me as she open´s her mouth wide i look at her face and she nods i push my pussy forward and raise it at the same time, my pussy lips are just touching her mouth i cant hold on any longer and let my pee go. It was like a fountain going into her mouth i could hear it filling her mouth as she gurgled while she swallowed then opened her mouth for more as it slowed she once more sucked my pussy into her mouth and i felt her suck the last remnants from me and just at 25 that point she screamed he's cuming haaaa it´s hot hes filling my ass with his hot spunk yes yes it feels so good haaaaaaaah yesssssssssssssssssfuck me fuck me she cry´s just as Bruno pumps her ass faster its so big i can feel it inside me yes yes she screams at that point bruno stops pumping her and dismounts.

We both collapsed on the bed it was now early morning with out saying a word we kissed and fell asleep in each others arms. As soon as i woke i headed for the shower i could not believe what we did last night we had a lot to drink so i put it down to that but i must admit it was fun and i did enjoy it.

I got dressed and went down stairs leaving jean still sleeping she needed it, but we would have to talk about what she is going to do. I had just started my second coffee i had been up about an hour when jean walked into the kitchen good morning i said, she looked a little rough it must have been all those Vodkas. I feel a bit woo-sey to much to drink i thinkyes you did have a few vodkas a coffee will get you back on your feet and some thing to eat, is toast ok toast will be fine came her reply.

I put 2 slices of bread into the toaster then turned my attention to her coffee wow she said so i turned to look at her, i had the strangest dream last night it was a nice dream but boy was it strange a smile came to my face and i left it at that.

We chatted for about 30 min deciding what we were going to do, she was going into town to buy some bits and peaces to tied her over until she could into her house and get her things she had decided there marriage was over. Look i have a bigger car than yours we can pop round to your place and if ken is out we can load my car with your bits, great idea thanks. She looked at me i might be out all day because i better pop in at work and ask for some time off to sort myself out, thats a good idea i will give you a key so you can come and go as you please you are a good friend came her reply.

26 I was drinking my 3d coffee when it hit me what i had said about getting her stuff the weekend i was sir-posed to go and get Stanley, i am sir-posed to look after him while Patsy is away on holiday in New zealand for 6 weeks, Shit i better ring her and see if i can pick him up today. Hi Patsy sam here is it possible for me to come and get Stanley today i will tell you why after I tell her about jean she said yes but would i come round after lunch as she had things to do, yes of course i replied.

As i drove up the lane to patsy house i saw her car in the lane by the field gate so i pulled up behind hers very few cars used this lane so i new there would not be a problem with my trailer.

The gate was still locked so i climbed over and walked towards the stable i was just about to open the door when i noticed her sitting on a stall with Stanley´s cock in her hand i stopped and stood very quite and watched.

I could not see his cock clearly but it did look like a nice size as she pushed it in to her mouth i watched then thought i better go back to the car and make some noise. I hit the horn twice to let her know i was there then made my way to the stable are you there Patsy to let her know i was outside.

I opened the door and walked in and noticed his big cock hanging between his legs, wow he has a lovely size cock for a small pony i saidas i turned to Patsy you are early it is only 2 oclock.

I am sorry i did not know you ment in the afternoon shall i go and come back in an hour no 30 minutes will be ok i am just going to say bye to him and give him a brush, i tell you what go up to the house and make your self a coffee.

Ok see you in awhile as i turned and walked out the door i heard the door close behind me then a bolt go across this got me thinking there was a large crack in the side wall were i can look through but i better walk past it first in case she is watching.

27 I walk past making a noise so she knows i am walking away then creep back trying not to make a sound as i peer through the hole she is all ready on her knee's with his lovely cock in her mouth as she works it with her hand i can see it start to grow. As she lets it drop from her mouth i can see it is as long as Tobys but not as fat it dose look nice. She pulls over a small bale of hay it is on a trolley which makes it easy to move and at one end of the bale were Stanley´s cock is she puts a large wedge it looks like foam then to my amazement she makes him move back just a little were there are 2 straps attached to the wall.

She brings each strap around to the front of each back leg and dose it up i realize it is to stop him from pushing forward and giving patsy all his cock what a great idea. She then throws a thick woolen blanket over the hay so it covers the hay and wedge i am fascinated by what she is doing she then pull up her long skirt above her waist and i can see that she dose not have any panties on. She gets under him and lays on the hay i can now see why the wedge is there it raises her pussy right into the air just short of his cock.

She Slides the hay forward on the wheels and grabs a rope hanging from the post and raises her legs. A part of the post drops down with some thing fixed to the top.

I can see his lovely cock is starting to go limp so she moves her head to take it in to her mouth after a few minutes of sucking it is up and hard again.

There is one hard cock so she moves the the hay back holds is cock in her left hand then pull 's on the rope in her right hand which pulls her forward so his cock slides into her what a great idea. Her foot drops down on to the timber it is a bloody foot rest fuck me she must have set this up over months or even years and it works.

28 There was room for stanly to thrust his cock forward as she pulled on the ropes there was one on each side what a great idea. Each time he moved so did she, she now has half is cock inside her as she screamed fuck me stan fuck me and he was fucking her hard and she was loving it she was controlling how much cock she got at each thrust from Stanley. After what seemed an hour she started screaming yes yes and with out thinking i screamed yes her face turned to look my way as i quickly pulled away i am not sure if she saw me but i ran to the back door trying not to make a sound and into the kitchen.

I quickly put the kettle on and made some tea and sat at the table 5 minutes later Patsy came through the door i will make you a coffee i said as i jumped up from the table no you stay there came the reply. Patsy walked across the kitchen and i could see her put her hand on the kettle to see how hot it was she quickly removed her hand covering her hand with her body i could see a slight grin on her lips she new i was watching.

The topic at the table was Jean where is she going to live and about her work Patsy was left a load of money when her husband died 4 years ago I don´t work because i live off a large trust fund my mum and dad left me before they went to New Zealand that's were mum comes from so they went there to retire.

They have been gone 3 years now and i do miss them i am going out there next year for a month visit. We chatted for another 20 minutes then i said i better be getting back just in case jean has returned so we both walked back to the the barn as we did Patsy´s hand went up and touched the hole in the wall i had been looking through and walked on to the door which was now open.

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As we walked in i had a quick look around the hay with the blanket had been pushed to the back and the popes that she had used had 29 been tied back up and the bits of wood had been put back but in her hast she had forgotten to untie his legs. I got to my knees to untie his leg this side before patsy could say any thing Once done i moved under him perilously close to his cock as i stretched my arms to undo the other side just his cock head was showing so i turned just a little and kissed it.

There was still a little of his spunk on the end of his cock so this told me he must have cum inside her wow the thought of that excited me. You must have tied his legs when you brushed and for got to undo them she smiled and said thank you we both led him out to the box. He went in easily i turned to patsy if you want to come and say good by again at my place you are more than welcome she looked at me and said thank you i would love to if you are sure yes of course you can any time thanks.

I gave her a big smile and she smiled back as i climbed in to my car and off down the lane 15 minutes later im back home, i drove around to the gate in the field and reversed into the field dropped the tailgate and Stanley was out, i opened the barn door and out came Toby.

I closed the gate while i parked the trailer in it usual parking place chained it up then drove to the gate and let my self out then re- bolted the gate and drove around to the house her car was not there as i pulled into the drive it was now about 5 O clock i parked the car and went inside.

First thing kettle and a cup of tea Bruno come over to great me hello but as i rub his ears and with that he rolls over for me to do his tummy you know what this leads to i said as he wiggles his body in excitement. We settle on the sofa as he sits next to me and rolls onto his back with his legs in the air and a hard on. He keeps looking at me and licking his lips in a minute i say in a 30 minute let me finish my tea, i gently wank him while i drink my tea i don´t know why but i do find it very therapeutic playing with his cock like the way some people stroke a cat but i think this is nicer.

Ok ok i say to him as i get on my knee,s his cock is nice and big now so i lower my mouth over his cock and rap my tongue around it as my head go,s up and down up and down god he tasted good i am a junky i am starting to need his cock my mouth every day. I can taste his lovely love juice filling my mouth every few seconds so i pull him on to his side so i can drink it all it is starting to fill my mouth faster and the taste is changing i am excited he is about to cum just the thought of him cumimg into my mouth gets me wet.


I start so slow down because i do not want him to cum just yet the longer it takes for him to cum the bigger his cock gets and the more spunk there is. I change my position so i dont waste a drop his cock is hitting the back of my throat as i feel it getting bigger and his juice starts to get sticky it changes just before he cums he is going faster and faster then just as his cock is deep into my mouth all the way in he cums his hot sticky juice hits the back of my throat i swallow as fast as i can even as i swallow it seeps out the side of my mouth there is loads of it it seems hotter than before.

I open my mouth to take a breath but leave his cock resting in my mouth because he is still pumping it out one spurt at a time and i love it that is when i hear got you shit it is jean i forgot she had a key.


As i turned to look at her with Bruno spunk all over my mouth there is not a lot i can say so i lick my lips, have you had a good day so it was not a dream i had last night i did see you fucking Bruno and sucking Toby,s Big cock yes i said you did.

Fuck me i saw Bruno fucking you and you sucking Toby's huge cock yes i said fuck me fuck me i was watching you suck Toby's huge cock his spunk was over you face and in your mouth fuck me,you better sit down and we can chat i said. 31 I mad us a cup of tea while she passed up and down the room sit down at the table i said and have some tea. We sat at the table i looked at her and said what do you want to know how long has this been going on just the last few days i was getting horny and frustrated then Bruno had this lovely hard on so i said to my self why waste it and we went from there.

And it was the same with Toby i was giving him his wash when i noticed his cock getting bigger so i said lets see how big it can get. So i sat on the floor and played with him then it went further. So now you know, bloody hell whats it like being fucked by Bruno i like it a lot he has i lovely cock yes i know i have seen it.

yesterday i was admiring it and said to myself i bet he gives a good fuck. So that was not a dream that was real bloody hell it made me so horny.

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Have you fucked Toby yet no his cock head is to big i can just get it into my mouth at a struggle. What do they taste like not bad a little salty to start with but you soon get used to it then it is ok you get to like the taste. Bruno like´s his cock being played with and i find it relaxing playing with it and i like his taste he is a bit like condensed milk if you can remember it, yes i had it as a school girl i liked it in my coffee.

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What is toby's like, he is more like single cream but a lot of it what dose that taste like well you like it she looks at me it was his spunk you wiped of my face and put into your mouth yesterday. Hahahahahah a smile came to her face yes it did taste alright i cant believe this, my sam you horny thing but i must admit i am a little envious of you having Bruno,s cock inside you i bet it feels great well you had it last night.

You mean that was not a dream either no he fucked your ass for about 10 minutes while you sucked my pussy and you loved every minute of it. 32 Yes i know i did it was fantastic but i thought it was all a dream no not a dream it was real then was everything real a smile came to my face yes, bloody hell know wonder i had such a good time. Yes you enjoyed it all i think i can remember most of it now i had the time of my life when he cum inside me it was the most fantastic feeling i have ever had with his hot cock then when he cum i felt it go through my ass it was fantastic the best feeling ever.