Masked guy sends his big stiff cock into

Masked guy sends his big stiff cock into
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I knew there were problems in her marriage and I patiently waited for it to collapse. My neighbor Angie was a beautiful young mother that I had admired (lusted over) for 3 years. I always timed my yardwork when I knew she would be in her yard mowing and triming. We took the occasional break to talk about what chemicals to use to keep out the weeds and make our yards beautiful. She would share some personal information about her family and her classes she was taking to become a nurse.

Within six months she would complete her studies and be taking her test to become an RN. This was her dream for the last 2 years and was about to become reality. I believe she knew for the last year that she was going to need an income in the near future. She had been married for 8 years and had a daughter, Melody, who was 8.

She was truthful in telling me that she had to get married and her husband was none to excited about the circumstances. He was 10 years her senior and thought he was just having an affair with a younger woman. After his divorce he reluctantly married Angie and started looking for his next affair. Angie had known for the last year that things had changed in their relationship and an affair was the obvious reason.

The inevitable happened and I saw Brad (the turd) loading his SUV one morning with all his belongings. I hated him from what little I knew of his exploits shared by Angie. In my wicked mind I was delighted. I really didn't think I stood a chance with her because I am twelve years her senior and felt she had probably had her fill of older men. I didn't rush over and try to console her or inject myself into her life in any way, yet.

Angies yard was desperately in need of cutting and trimming. She certainly had other things on her mind, and when I saw her and Melody leave the house I went into action.

I had the yard work done by the time they returned and watched out the window as they drove into the drive. She stood there looking at the yard and then turned and looked toward my house.

She knew it had to be me that had taken care of the yard. I became her yard man. She was busy taking care of Melody, her house and studing for her upcoming exams. We grew closer by the week. The hugs were now longer and an occasional kiss on the cheek made all the work worth it.

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She called me one evening because her garbage disposal had quit working. I fixed the problem in short order and was thanked with the ususal hug. But this time she didn't let go right away. She lingered and held me tight. I started to pull away but I felt just the slightest hold around my shoulders.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed me gently on the lips. Nothing erotic but definetly more than I had hoped for so soon. She told me she didn't know what she would do without me and called me her next door "Daddy". I blushed heavily and excused myself and went home.

I took this pet name the wrong way. I was certain that she felt like I was her handyman next door neighbor and would be nothing else. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was invited to dinner a couple of nights later. It was perfect. The three of us around the table enjoying a good meal, laughing and enjoying each others company.

Melody was told to get ready for bed while Angie and I cleared the table and did the dishes.


We continued the small talk but Angie took every opportunity to stand close to me and rub up against me. I am five ten and a little overweight. She is five seven and perfectly fit. How could this be happening to me? Where was this going to lead? Melody came down the stairs as we were finishing the clean up. She had on a little nighty and looked like a little angel. You can just tell that when she grows up she is going to be one of those rare beauties that you can't keep your eyes off of.

She is an extremely beautiful little girl and has long dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes like her mother. She has dark olive skin and the sexiest smile you have ever seen.

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She hugged me goodnight and kissed her mother before heading back up the stairs to bed. I began hinting that I had probably better be getting home. Angie asked me if I would mind staying a little longer and help her study for her exam by quizzing her on definitions.

I was delighted to spend any extra time with her possible. We spent the next hour going over everything that she had any doubts about. She was a natural, it all made sense to her and I knew she would have no trouble in passing her exam.

I got up and stretched and told her how much I enjoyed the evening and would be more than happy to help her with anything she might need. I headed for the door with Angie right on my heels. I held out my arms for the usual hug and she stepped in and put her arms around my neck. She layed her head on my shoulder and just stood there. She pressed up against me and I swear I could feel every curve of her body.With every breath she seemed to get closer and I could feel my already erect penis getting harder.

She felt it and pressed against me even harder. She looked up at me and closed her eyes. Even though I have not been in a relationship for several years I knew she was asking to be kissed. Could I pull this off? Now was the moment I had been hoping for. I leaned in an kissed her softly at first but my lust took over and I kissed her with all the pent up energy that had been building over the last several years.

She reciprocated and really put herself into it. I have never been much on french kissing but when I felt her tongue press against my lips I was more than ready. My hands fell to the bottom of her waist and pulled her even closer. When we finally parted I was out of breath and my eyes were wide open. She took one look at me and started laughing.

She said that was for all the help I had given her over the last several months.

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I told her that was payment in full and stood there blushing heavily. She said not quite and took my hand and led me into her bedroom. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. She was a little tiger and began to unbutton my shirt.

I was ready and helped her by pulling at my shirt and getting out of my pants. I kicked off my shoes and reached down and pulled off my socks. It took about thirty seconds and I was standing there naked with my dick point straight at her. I reached for her top and pulled it over her head, she grabbed my dick and began stroking it fast.

I kissed her again and unhooked her bra and pulled it away from her body. My hands immediately went to her grapefruit sized tits.

I began squezzing and pinching at her nipples. My mouth found her nipples and I began kissing and sucking as she continued stroking me. I began pushing her backward toward her bed. My precum was more than I could ever remember and I was well lubbed by the time I had her pushed back onto the bed. I pulled off her shoes and pushed her skirt up past her panties. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on her pussy and dove into her mound sucking right thru her panties.

I pulled them to the side and buried my tongue as far as it would go. I felt her clit on my nose and moved my tongue to its hiding place. Angie was moaning and wiggiling with my every movement. I placed one finger in her pussy and began rubbing the top of her vagina hard. She kept saying "Yes, yes thats it, do that".

I placed a second finger inside her and continued rubbing hard. My tongue was still on her clit and I was flooded with her juice pouring out of her pussy.

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She grabbed the back of my head and pressed me into her harder. She said, "Yes thats it, harder, eat my pussy, eat my pussy". This was a little girl that needed to cum bad. I was in heaven, the young girl that I had lusted over for months was now begging me to eat her pussy.

She pushed me off her and drug me up onto the bed. She quickly rolled me onto my back and turned around so that her pussy was right over my mouth as she grabbed my dick and began stroking me again. I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy down to my face and resumed sucking and tongueing her.

She sucked me into her mouth and stroked me hard and fast. She began grinding her pussy on my mouth and moaning. I had to last, I would not cum until she did. I wanted so bad to explode in her mouth and let her drink my juice but I held on.

She clamped onto my dick hard and began throwing her head from side to side. With one last push she pressed her pussy into my face and it happened. She let out a wail that I was certain would wake her daughter and maybe the neighbors. Her juice began to flood my face and cover me.

For a brief moment I thought she was peeing on me. She began stroking me hard and fast and and growling. I kept my tongue hard and in place. She continued to press. She gripped hard and stroked and shouted, "Cum for me Daddy, CUM ON MY FACE". "Cum for me Daddy, Cum for me! I exploded! I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth, on her face, into her hair!


She fell onto her side, she grabbed my leg and hugged it tight. I lay there completly out of breath and exhausted. She started to laugh out loud. She said, "Oh my God, Oh my God, I needed that so bad!" We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath and she finally crawled up next to me and plopped back onto the bed next to me. I'm in my early forties, she in her late twenties. How could she think of me as her Daddy? I lay there breathing hard wondering. She said, "Thank you Daddy" and rolled over onto me placing her head on my shoulder.

I felt the wetness of my cum on my shoulder from her face but made no attempt to do anything but lay there and enjoy the moment. After about five minutes I heard her breathing steadily and knew she had fallen asleep.

I lay there holding her and stroking her hair. I knew I couldn't be there when her daughter woke up in the morning so I slipped out of bed, dressed and started to leave.

When I reached the bedroom door I stopped and realized it was ajar. I distinctly remember her pushing the door hard when we entered the bedroom.

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Oh my God! Had Melody been watching? How much did she see? What must she think of me now?