Anal aperture permeated by sex toy

Anal aperture permeated by sex toy
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School Daze chapter 4 Linda awoke expecting to witness a bevy of her sorority sisters, all running around half naked laughing and giggling about their dates the previous evening.

However when she looked around she saw only one naked body. It was the body of her Psychology professor, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing his teeth. When she sat up in bed he looked over at her and said, "Good Morning Sleeping Beauty, did you sleep well?" "I believe," she said with a smile, "Some people who have been dead a week, didn't sleep as well as I did. You could have just drugged me, or." "I understand.

I woke up a couple of times to see if you were real, and wonderfully you were. You have a little snore, like a kittens purr. It is very entertaining. I watched you until the "Hulk" became hard again, then I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. It took a while but it finally happened." "Richard.

why didn't you wake me. I would have taken care of you." "Sweetie, you were sleeping so peacefully, I just didn't have the heart." "Richard!" she said in a stern voice similar to that his mother used when she was scolding him, "Next time I sleep over, and you wake up with an erection . you will wake me. Do you understand?" "Yes . I understand," he said smiling. "Now get in here and . make love with me . please," she said, biting her lower lip.

In all of his years of teaching, Richard had never heard a more beautiful sentence from a young girl's lips. He walked back to the bed, and watched as Linda lay on her stomach, and stuffed a fluffily goose down pillow under her midsection lifting her gorgeous butt up off the bed. He got on the bed and knelt behind her. Taking her hips in his strong hands, his cock as if by remote control, found the entrance to her tight little vagina.

He pulled her hips slowly, easing his penis into her. She was anticipating a very hard fast fuck, however she agonized over the fact that he was moving very slow, causing her to wait for an orgasm that seemed as though it would never come. "Oh . Richard," she whispered, " . please . fuck me a little faster, and harder. Do it very hard. Make me cum.

I need to cum honey . please." Richard, who was a man of great understanding gave in to the pleas of his student and began to shove his thick penis into her pussy much faster.

She moaned at his loving assault and felt the fantastic flooding into the section at the junction of her thighs. She knew that she was well on the way to a violent orgasm, and welcomed its pending arrival. Richard felt it also and knew she was in need of his special care. Except for his cock, he was totally relaxed after a good night's sleep. He could continue like that for quite a while. It was only seven in the morning and San Diego could wait a little longer.

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He was approaching the ancient mystic Asian plateau of the ideal condition of harmony and stability, called nirvana, but it wouldn't last long. He was doing just as she asked, fucking her as hard and as fast as he could.

Linda was totally spellbound; and was his sexual captive. She had become a slave to his assertive, and energetic sexuality, and was willing to do anything he wished.

All he had to do was whisper the command and she was his for anything his imagination could conceive. Somewhat depressed at the thought of their lovemaking coming to an end, she felt her system advancing toward a climax, and knew she couldn't hide it from him. If he wasn't aware she was going to cum, he would continue the pleasure longer allowing her to enjoy the satisfaction of his wonderfully violent physical attack. But he would know when she came.

He always knew. Not wanting the feeling to end, she squirted onto his penis and although she felt great, she was let down that her orgasm came so fast. She truly believed, that would be it for the day except, Oh . God, he was not stopping. He moved faster now, building her to another climax. He was going to give her an orgasm that many girls only dream about. His cock was moving hard against her "G" spot.

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It was like liquid fire and ice. The feeling drug addicts try to achieve, however seldom do without an overdose. As Richard fucked her, she felt as though they had become one person attempting to elevate the fanatical desire imbedded inside of them.

Knowing that their only relief lay within the two of them, and one could not achieve complete satisfaction without the other. She knew he was about to cum as his powerful hands; which were capable of exerting great physical force, were gripping her hips pulling back hard into his thrusts, as though letting go of her would do them both great bodily harm. His hands would leave; dark bruises on her hips that she would be proud of. He wouldn't be the only one with war wounds. The feelings were coming again; the minor pain in her back that lead to the stomach cramps, next came the tingling in her thighs, and the persistent, restless craving in her vagina that no scratching could ever elevate.

All of which could only be pacified by the fantastic orgasm he was about to provide. The type of orgasm a girl relates to all of her girlfriends, as they sit around her in religious silence, with their mouths gaping open, wishing secretly they had been her for just those special moments.

As Richard locked his muscles, and savagely shoved his cock into Linda, she felt a building orgasmic crescendo, gradually increasing in severity. Although she was aware it was what she had wanted, it was so intense that she was now in fear it might do her irreparable harm. The thought passed through her mind that she could even die.

It was becoming so intense she was scared and wanted to scream. She wanted to tell him to stop as nothing had ever felt this way before. This was the most profound sexual experience she had ever had. She knew that anything beyond this might kill her. This was the best she would ever have and it was now upon her, sending her emotionally, beyond the stars.

Linda fully expected her body to explode, as the sex drugs released in to her system. She wanted to scream, but couldn't. As her emotions broke loose as she began to cry and giggle like a little girl on Christmas morning, large tears emanated from her gorgeous blue eyes, as the relief flowed through her body.

Her heart was beating way beyond the point where the doctors would have said, "Oh my God." Richard's last thrust was wasted on her, as she was already completely and totally satisfied for the first time in her young life. Wow she thought, was her mother ever telling a lie when she had explained the facts of life to her. "Linda," she said, "Sex is a very uncomfortable, but a necessary part of life.

Without it, a woman cannot have a baby, and her husband would eventually leave her if she did not perform her wifely duties, and allow him to climb on top of her at least twice a month. It is a disgusting event that no woman desires; however the fortunate part is, that it doesn't usually last very long. Any questions?" "Doesn't anybody like it mom?" "Just men, prostitutes and of course people without any intelligence.

People who have nothing better with which to spend their idle time. Usually it is the people who don't read, or understand the finer things in life. Remember don't ever let a boy touch you as you will get pregnant with his bastard child." She recalled her fear when Bobby Hutchinson, bumped into her in the school hallway the very next day. He was a horrible boy and she didn't want to have his baby. She ran to the office of the school nurse, not knowing where else to turn.

When she explained what her mother had said, and about Bobby bumping into her, it was all Miss. Conner the nurse, could do to keep from laughing. "Trust me Linda, it takes a little more than a minor collision in the hallway with a boy for you to get pregnant." The nurse hauled out some medical books, and showed Linda diagrams of cut away forms, then explained the exact process of intercourse.

She was very professional and technical in her explanation, however left out the all-important facts of how a girl would actually feel doing it. Linda was both relieved and appalled at the situation and would have probably become a nun, except for the fact that she witnessed her parents, involved in a love making session a few days later, when she had gone into the adjoining bathroom and the door was slightly ajar.

It was about eleven o'clock at night and Linda heard, muffled moans coming from her parent's room. She peeked through the space in the door, to see if something was wrong. Linda was surprised to see her Dad lying on his back and her Mother sitting on top of him moving fast, front to back moaning, "Come on Frank fuck me. Make me cum. Shove your hard cock into my pussy.

Fuck me Frank . Fuck me hard." Linda's Dad lay there, being ridden like a prize stud bull, his hands up squeezing her Mother's breasts, his eyes locked on her large titties.

"I'm cuming Frank. Do it harder. Fill me with your cum lover, Fuck me Frank." Linda then quietly returned to her bed, however after what she had witnessed, she was unable to sleep for some time. She lay there thinking she would never sleep again. He mother had not told her the truth, and she would never trust her as long as she lived.

While her parents were doing it, her Mom sounded as though she were actually enjoying it. Why, Linda wondered did her Mother lie to her? This brought all sorts of questions and she was determined to find the answers. She knew of course, not to ever ask her mother anything again. It was passed three in the morning when she finally fell asleep.

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Linda now in total fulfillment, didn't move and remained on her stomach on the pillow, in hopes that Richard would move next to her and hold her. After the experience she had just had, she really needed to be held. As though she had mental telepathy, Richard lay down next to her and pulled her into his arms. He was still breathing heavy and said nothing, however his massive arms holding her tight close to him, told her everything she wanted to know.

At eight o'clock, they looked at each other and smiled. Linda said, "It is just too bad, that can't be taught in class. I think there would be a lot fewer people getting a divorce." "Maybe," He said, "Are you ready to get out of bed? I'm hungry." "Me too. I thought for a while we would just lay here until we passed on. People would always refer to us as those lovers in Belmont Shores, who couldn't stop making love long enough to eat." Richard chuckled and gave her a light smack on her tight behind.

He then got out of bed and went into the bathroom. When she heard the shower running, she thought, Oooo Goodie." Totally naked she skip-walked into the bathroom behind Richard, and slid her arms around him, then began to kiss him on his back.

When he didn't react, she dropped to her knees, sliding her hands around to his cock, and then bit him on his butt cheek. "Ouch . that hurt. If you are that hungry, let's get a quick shower so I can take you out and feed you." "I'm not really that hungry for .

food anyway," she said, still holding his cock in a death grip, now slowly stroking it. "I don't do that for a living you know." "Maybe you should. I know a bunch of rich sorority girls at Alpha Pi, who would pay well for your services. I don't have much money, but it is all yours, if you want it." "Sweetie, my services aren't for sale, but you can have me anytime you want, night or day, no charge.

Right now, however I want to take a shower so we can go to San Diego." Richard said as he turned around and looked down at her. Linda knelt on the floor, frowning up at him like a little girl who had just been told, that there was no Santa.

He reached under her arms and gently lifted her to her feet. She just stood there, while he adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature. He turned and looked at her frowning then said, "If we are going to take a shower, you have to let go of the hulk." "Mine!" She said defiantly. "Yes, even though it is attached to me, it belongs to you. Now can we take a shower?" Richard made a suave gesture with his arm, indicating ladies first.


She got into the shower, her glistening body still glowing from perspiration. He followed her and picked up a bottle of shampoo. Pouring a little in his hand he began scrubbing it into her wet hair. She hadn't had her hair washed since she was little, and it was very nice. The man was so wonderful, doing everything to make her happy. She believed that this is what real love was.

She would do anything in her power to make him happy, and believed he would do the same for her. As he was over six feet, and she was just barley, five and a half feet tall, it wasn't even necessary for her to bend down, so he could rinse the soap out of her hair.

After using a conditioner, he rinsed her hair again. He then took a bar of soap, and made a thick lather in his hands. Beginning with her shoulders he washed, and then soaped her neck. His massive hands felt like a pair of giant teddy bear claws, washing and massaging, relaxing her muscles, and providing sensual stimulation to her body. When he moved his hands down to her succulent titties, she just smiled as though she had a secret she was not going to tell him.

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The movement of his hands on her breasts was creating a desire in her pussy again that she couldn't ignore. She was going to get him, and she was sure that he knew it. He scrubbed her back methodically, like the guys at the local car wash.

She bet her car never felt this good however. Washing her butt cheeks, he told her to bend over a little. When she did as he asked he said, "Spread 'Em." He sounded about as romantic as an ARMY sergeant in a whorehouse on a twelve hour pass.

She moved her feet apart and felt a soapy hand slide between her legs, washing her crotch. This was the preverbal "straw" that busted the camel's butt. There was no way she was going anywhere until he fucked her at least one more time.

Without as much as a thank you maim for the soapy feel up, he moved his hands down her thighs, making her pussy tingle even more. Was he attempting to drive her into a nut house, as he was making her crazy? No questions would be asked, if he wanted her to kill for him.

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She was his sex junky, and he was her drug of choice. Richard then sat her down on the small seat, and knelt down on the spongy shower mat. He then began to wash her feet.

He probably didn't know it, but to Linda this was one of the highest tributes a man could show a woman. It was a real sign of love. This astonishingly sexy man was doing what few men would ever do, unless they honestly loved a woman. After directing the showerhead toward her feet and legs, he stood back admiring his work then said, "Squeaky clean. You can get out and dry off so I can wash myself." She smiled and thought, 'Not on your life Mister. It is my turn now.' She shook her head and took the soap from his hand.

Kneeling down, she began at his feet, and worked up. He just stood there as she washed everything in sight. His feet, his ankles, and then worked her way up his thick muscled thighs. She said, "Spread Em," attempting to echo his command when he was washing her. As she washed his butt, he flexed and laughed a little.

She was pleased to know his butt was ticklish. That information may come in handy at some later date. She then took a soapy finger, and with the skill of a proctologist she inserted a finger two knuckles deep into his anus.

Richard said only one word, "Hey!" To which Linda replied, "We want to be clean, don't we?" Moving around to the other side, her soapy hand lovingly caressed his testicles, soaping them gently. This was no quick move on her part. She soaped and washed his balls for several minutes until she saw a reaction. The hulk was getting hard. She then moved both of her soapy hands and began stroking Richard's cock.

When she finally had it clean, his penis was up, hard and pointing toward her. She wasn't sure about Richard, but the hulk was ready. Although at this point, she just wanted to say, 'stick it in me baby, and fuck your mama', she ran water over him cleaning the soap off the object of her desire. When she knew it was clean, she leaned forward and kissed the hulk's head, then slid her lips over it and slowly, agonizingly began to suck.

Richard grabbed the showerhead to keep from falling. Her mouth was now in control and her sucking was dictating what would happen next.

As Richard began to move his hips, literally, fucking her mouth, she stopped and stood up. He stared at her with fire in his eyes, not knowing what she was going to do.

Linda smiled, turned her back on him, and then bent over grabbing hold of the shower seat, however said nothing. Seconds later, she felt a very large object, being shoved into her vagina. He was fucking her again, just as she wanted. Still wet and slippery, Richard grabbed her hair and pulled shoving his penis, deep into her. She became concerned as in just over a few minutes, her feelings of the Earth shattering orgasm she had earlier, had returned.

It was going to happen again. No small climaxes; no quickies. Was every sexual encounter going to be a massive one like this morning? Linda wasn't sure if she could stand having sex like that all of the time. She loved the way he did it to her, but it had been so much and she had almost completely lost control. Linda thought, that it might be like having a large pizza at every meal. It would taste great, but it would just be way too much.

She was beginning to worry.


It had just been a minute or two and she was cuming. Were she and Richard becoming so close that he could make her cum that quick? She loved the idea of him causing her to climax, but if she did it every few minutes, and it took him thirty to forty; she would be useless when he was finally done.

Over the next ten minutes he got her off four or five times. She had lost count, and the Genie was out of the bottle. The old cliché was true. Be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it. Richard was moving fast and accelerating.

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Just as she was about to cum again, he stiffened and squirted into her. She couldn't believe when her pussy sprayed her juice onto his cock that she was actually glad it was over. Although he didn't pull out of her immediately, she knew that he was satisfied. The realization that the water was still running over their bodies, brought them back to reality.

His cock began to return to its normal size, which was still large, and he pulled it from her stretched vagina. Linda turned around, moved her body in close to him and held him tight. She kissed his chest as he reached for the control and turned the shower off. "Sweetie," he said, "If we keep this up all day, we won't even get to breakfast, let alone San Diego. Was this a way of telling me that you didn't want to go?" "No . I want to go Richard.

I just needed you . bad." "Are you okay now? If you get that feeling in the restaurant during breakfast, they will throw us out." "I'm . fine now . very fine, in fact. Let's get dressed so we can go." Richard picked up a large towel and began to rub her, almost too hard.

When she was dry he told her to go into the bedroom and get dressed, as he didn't want to watch her putting on her panties, or even getting dressed for that matter. As she was slipping into a pair of light blue short-shorts, she wondered if she should visit her Gynecologist to see if there was a new problem with her sex drive. It was almost getting to the point where she would cum every time he snapped his fingers, and just one of his special glances toward her made her panties damp.

She wouldn't trade him for the world. To Be Continued .