Green Haired Tranny Masturbating To Orgasm

Green Haired Tranny Masturbating To Orgasm
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I never thought there would come a problem. Nobody would harass a young woman like me. I was just 23 years old, but I was not a beauty queen. My breasts were a little bigger but my weight was bigger, too. I was 35-30-35, so no Heidi Klum. Even though of this unperfect body, I liked myself and there were boys who like that, too. I had self-esteem and funny.

You could do almost everything with me. But like I said, I was no beauty, so most of the boys don't look at me.

Maybe if I would wear more skirts, dresses or tops that show more of my big tits. But I never liked that, too. Because of that, I was never afraid of rapists or something like that. I could walk through the dark parks at night and nobody cared. So, I did, it was shorter, when I wanted to get home. One night, I was really late to get home.


So, I hurried through the park. I didn't notice anything strange but I did not care or was careful enough. Suddenly, I heard something in the bushes and the next thing I remembered from that night was that something hit me on my head. I awoke later- I don't know how much- lying on something that felt like a bed.

My head still hurt.

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When I wanted to touch my head, I realized that I was bound-tied to the bed I was lying on. In shock, I opened my eyes immediately to see exactly where I am. I turned my head and saw just a room with dark walls, no windows and a door at the far end.

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Next to me, was a chair with a small cupboard-it looked a little bit like a big nightstand. Above me was a big lamb. When I looked in the corner I saw a camera. Someone was watching me. What should I do now? Scream? I thought. But it didn't look like someone would hear me.

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Only the one who observed me but I didn't think he would help me. I caught me-I did not know the reason yet. Before I could think more about my situation, someone came through the door.

"Hey beautiful." He spoke in a sweet voice. "I am glad you finally awoke." "Who are you and what do you want from me?" "Don't worry. You will learn why you are here." "Untie me, now." "Please, be quiet." "Go to Hell and untie me" "You are annoying. Maybe I should use that now." With this comment, I took a gag out of the cupboard. I closed my mouth but he hit my against me on my arm. When I screamed, he quickly put the gag in my mouth.

The straps were not put around my head but on the bed I was lying on. This was so tight that I could not move my head anymore. I cried a little. The next thing I noticed was that he took a pair of scissors out of the night stand-he showed me them. Then I realized that he wanted to do with them. He cut my clothes till I was naked in front of him.

"Oh, you are so beautiful" he said. I almost started to cry.


"Finally, we will get to the highlight of this day." With this comment, he let my bed get down and open my legs. He tied them on the edges of the bed, so I couldn't close them anymore. I was sure he would rape me now and really started to cry.

"Oh my beautiful. Don't worry, I will not do anything to you." I tried to look at him but he got up and vanished into the door.

When he came back a few minutes later, he heard more than one pair of feet. But it was not a man.

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"Here, my babe, that will be your friend today- my dog Buster." I tried to look and indeed I saw a big dog. I got scared. "Oh, i forgot, you are not wet yet and not really interesting for Buster." He took something from the night stand. He showed it to me. It was a bottle with yellowish water. Then I said proud: "I took this from a bitch in heat." When he opened the bottle, I heard to dog whining a little bit. "One more minute Buster." Then the man put a little bit of the water on my cunt.

I was a little surprised because it was a little warm and felt just like water. I was just afraid because there was a strange man on my cunt and there was still the dog.

Then the man put his hand aside. I could hear the dog walking around me. till.oh god.I jumped up to mount me. That's why he put down to bed-it was the perfect height for Buster. I wanted to move away, struggled, but nothing happened. I was tied to tightly to move away from the dog. Even though he mounted me quickly, he couldn't find the entrance quickly. I was kinda happy.


Buster stood on the top of me, his paws next to my hips and I could smell his breath because his face was above me.

His fur tickled me. "Oh.poor dog, poor Buster. I will help." With this, I could feel something at my cunt. It felt like something long and I realized it must have been the dog's penis. Yes. I struggled harder. But then Buster had found his bitch and started to hump.

I was raped by a dog. He humped and humped and humped. I wanted to scream-I couldn't. I wanted to get away- I couldn't. I felt that I got wetter and a sensation in me but I couldn't resist.

Faster and faster.harder and harder.And then I felt his knot banging against my cunt, too. He didn't wanted to move that in me, did he. Yes, he did. When it was in, Buster still humped and it hurt like hell. But still, in this moment I came.

I felt so good and bad at the same time. Then Buster stopped and shot his semen.

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I was very warm in my womb. He was laying on my for minutes-maybe 10- till he finally got out of my cunt. Somehow, I felt wonderful. But I wasn't finished.

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Buster licked my cunt-everything that came out of my cunt. This way, he found my cilt and gave me another orgasm. "You enjoyed it very much, didn't you?" I got back from heaven and realized that a dog bought me to heaven. But I was in shame about that. So, I tried to shook my head. The man should not know that I am a pervert. I had to realize that I was one and that was hard enough. "Maybe you will enjoy the next days" he said and left the room with Buster.