Big Shemale Cumshot after Hours of Edging

Big Shemale Cumshot after Hours of Edging
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First let me start off by describing myself. I am 19 years old, 6 foot 2, 225lbs. I'm on the muscular side and have some definition in my body. I have shoulder length wavy blonde hair and brown eyes.

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My dick isn't huge but a good size, 6.5" long and thick. This story is about how one day I had a fun encounter with my little sister.

She is 16 almost 17 years old, about 5'5, i dont know how much she weighs ( she like other women always kept that a secret) but she has a hot body. Nice curves to her little frame.

She isn't fat but has a little thickness to her. She is pretty athletic and plays lots of sports so she has a nice tone to her body. Hers ass is fantastic, nice round and tight but it is a good size.

Her tits are a little small Bs but it doesn't bother me. I have always fantasized about fucking her and i'm pretty sure she has the same thoughts about me.

I remember once years ago we were wrestling in nothing but long-john underwear when i got a hard-on, she saw it and her eyes got wide, i sat on her chest putting my buldge right in front of her mouth, she just kept staring at it but nother ever came of that wrestling match.

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I came home from a long day of work. I work construction framing houses and today was another hot summer day. I came home to an empty house except for my sister who was laying on the couch. "Hey," I said "Wheres everyone at?" "Mom went food shopping with everyone else so she wont be back for acouple of hours, she just left a little while ago" She responded. I shrugged and started to undress, I put my jeans and my shirt in the washer and walked out to the living room with just my boxers on.

I sat down on the couch next to my sister to relax a little before i went up to shower. I turned the tv and started watching some espn. I looked over at my sister who was laying down and she was wearing a white wife-beater tanktop and some red booty shorts. She was on the laptop with earphones on.

Her legs were open and there was just a thin strip of her shorts covering her sweet pussy. I couldn't resist looking over again and again. Then I think she noticed me because she started moving her legs more wide open and closing them, teasing me. Then she put on leg on the floor and the other on top of the couch, legs spread wide open.

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Then out of the corner of my eye I saw her start to run her hand down her leg eventually getting to her crotch. Then what I saw I almost came right there she started rubbing her two figures up and down her pussy on top of her shorts. As I looked her to get a better look her eyes also look up and we made eye contact, then her eyes lowered to my boxers which by now my hard-on had formed a nice tent.

She smiled and licked her lips, then went back to looking at the computer and rubbing her pussy. At this point I had to get off my dick felt like it was going to explode.

I got up with my boner sticking straight up, looked at her and told her I was going up to take a shower and gave her a wink. I got upstairs turned the water on and threw my boxers in the hamper. I was in the shower just thinking about what had just happened and slowly stroking my cock, when the shower curtain open and then my nude sister hopped in the shower with me.

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"Well I hope this is what you meant by the wink" She told me in a flirty voice. I just nodded my head and let out a sigh as she grabbed my hard dick and started stroking it. "Oh my god I didnt know you were this big brother" She said in amazement. "Well its not that big" I replied Then she slowly leaned forward on her knees and took the head of my penis in her mouth.

I felt her tounge swirl around the head and run up and down the underside. I kept moaning and this was feeling so good. "Sister whered you learn to suck dick like this" I asked her.

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She just smiled and said" Alot of porno, thats what i was watching downstairs actually, thats why i had to headphones on." I told her next time to let me know and we could just watch it togetherbecause im always in the mood to jack off. She started bobbing up and down on my dick, faster and faster. My balls were tightening and I felt my sperm rising. "Im bout to cum sis!" I yelled and she just moaned with pleasure and anticipation. "Ahhhh.Ahhhhhh.Ahhh.Oh god ya sis swallow it" I yelled as I filled her mouth with my warm cum.

She actualy did pretty well and managed to swallow most of it with just a little rolling down the corners of her mouth, which she then took her finger wiped both sides and licked the cum off her finger.

"O god that was great sis" I told her. " Ya but now you own me a favor." With that I droped to my knees and picked her up to her feet. I stuck my mouth right in her crotch. I started licking all around her pussy, her thighs and above her pussy were showered with kisses and licks.

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She started moaning already in anticipation of where my mouth was going next. And then she got her with as my mouth moved to her clit. I wrapped my mouth around it and started humming and moving my tongue back and forth over it.


More moans of excitement and pleasure came from her. As I was working on her clit with my mouth I moved two fingers up and started to enter her pussy.


"Wow you sure are tight sis" I mentioned. " Ya i know I only had sex with that one boy I used to bring around and his dick was only 4" and not very thick at all, nothing compared to your piece." I moved my fingers in and out slowly at first then picking up speed as I was working her clit with my mouth, Her moans got louder and louder as I could tell she had to be close to having an orgasm.

And next thing you kow she was yelling "OHHHHHHHHHH.OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.OHHHHH.OH god broher that was fantastic" I then stood up and she grabbed my hand and stuck my two fingers that were just in her pussy and sucked on them, cleaning them off. We were both pleased at what had just happend and then the water ran cold.


I quickly shut it off and and my sister thanked me for it. I grabbed a towel and started to dry her off.

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Paying special attention to her nipples and pussy. Then she took the towel and dry me off even stroking my cock a few times. We both stepped out and embraced in a hug and then I leaned in and deeply kissed her. She went right alongactually sticking her tongue in my mouth and as our tongues played with looked into each others eyes with desire and passion. The shower was over but we still had a ton of time before our mom came home.