Sexting with my cute MILF stepmom ends in taboo fuck

Sexting with my cute MILF stepmom ends in taboo fuck
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When I was ten, my mom had left my dad, my two older brothers and I. I knew my daddy was sad. He'd stay up for hours just sitting in his chair staring out the window. My brothers and i tried to make him happy, but nothing worked.

He spent alot of time with my brothers, but never me. He took them fishing and to the movies, but never me. In fact, daddy never talked to me or looked at me until i turned thirteen. When I turned thirteen, my dad seemed happier for some reason.

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He actually started to ask me how my day was, check up on my homework progress, and give me money for shopping. I didn't know why he suddenly changed towards me.


One day, I was out by the pool sun-bathing and daddy was cutting the grass. My brothers were at a friends house for the weekend, so Daddy and I were alone. I was in a brand new bakini I had gotten for my birthday. Daddy told me he picked it out. It was perfect. Lime-green with black flowers. I loved it. I guess i was absently stroking my leg when Daddy walked up, because he blushed a little bit. He asked if i could go inside and old the clothes, so I went inside.

As I got to the laundry room, I noticed that there wasn't any clothes to be folded, so I started to turn around and go tell Daddy, but he was already inside.

"Daddy, there aren't any clothes," i said. "Oh, I know. I just didn't want anyone to see us." His eyes lingered on my breasts then moved down towards my pussy. "See us do what?" I asked.

I was confused, but I noticed him looking at my body and began to walk towards him. "Oh, baby girl, you are growing up." he reached a hand out and brushed the top of my boob. "You know Daddy's lonely, baby, so you should keep me company." Daddy grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.

"What are we doing here, Daddy? Can't we watch TV in the livingroom?" I wasn't stupid or anything. I knew what Daddy wanted. I wanted his attention for so long, and now he was going to give it to me. And I was long over due for him. "We can, baby, but we can have way more fun in here." Daddy sat down and pulled me with him. He laid me down beside him and began to touch my body. Daddy took off my top and started to suck on my delicate pink nipples, flicking them ever-so-slightly with his wet tounge.

He rubbed them and squeeezed them. He started to touch himself too, which i thought was unfair to him, so I started to touch his private part for him. It was warm and big in my little hands. I rubbed and tugged at it, feeling it grow inch after inch in my hand.

Soon, it got too big for his shorts, so he stopped touching my titties and took them off. By then, my nipples were rock hard and my little girl pussy was on fire. I must have soaked through my bakini bottoms because Daddy said, "Oh, good. My baby is allllll wet for her big daddy." I nodded and touched my Daddys hard cock.

It was about ten inches long and very thick. I started to touch his big throbbing dick, and Daddy told me no. "But Daddy!!!" I protested.

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"I want to touch it. I want to feeeeel it." "I know, baby, but daddy wants to touch you first.

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You're already so juicey. Daddy wants to feel your tight wet pussy. Now take off your bottoms so Daddy can feel it." So, like a good little girl, I slid my bottoms down over my feet, exposing my ripe young pussy.

Little blonde hairs whipsed over my pussy lips, drenched with my juices. Daddy liked the way it looked alot, his cock grew at least another half-inch.

Daddy started to rub my little girl pussy with his thumb my juices over flowing onto his bed sheets. He started to tease my hole with the tip of his fingers.


going in just slightly, then pulling back out and circling my baby-clit with his finger. Then he moved his face to my pussy and started to lick my wet virgin pussy. He slid it tounge over my clit, flicking his tounge over it. Oh it felt so good, i let out a lound moan. He laughed a little, and I blushed. "I love hearing my little baby moan. Oh, yeah baby. You like it when Daddy licks your clit?" I nodded. "Good girl. Want daddy to stuck is tounge in your little wet pussy?" I nodded again.

Daddy's tounge circled my clit and slowly moved to my pussy-hole. His tounge was hovering about it, then he plunged it into my baby-pussy. Wiggling it so fast, I came in my Daddy's mouth. He devoured my cum and dug deeper into my little cunny. "OH DADDY!!!" I screamed. "Oh yes!!! I want more, Daddy!!!" I said to him. And like a good Daddy, he kept going. This time, he sucked on my clit while he fingered me. Sliding his finger in and out of my little cunt sent me flying into Orgasmville.

I think I came twice while he fingered me and sucked my little clit. He finally stopped eating my pussy and fingering his little girl. He slid up on top of me and, remembering how i got so wet when we started, he began to suck on my nipples again, flicking them with his long tounge. Daddy's cock was so huge by then, and it was rubbing on my leg.

It aroused me even more having it touch me so close to my pussy. I could feel it throbbing against my skin, so i reached down and grabbed it. Daddy liked this, so he told me to kiss it. And like a good baby, I kissed it. Daddy pushed my head down further and said, "Put it in your mouth.

Try to swallow it for Daddy. Show Daddy that you love him. Suck my cock, baby." I took it in my mouth and started to suck it, taking it deep into my throat and gagging a little.

I took it in so far, i didnt know if it would be able to come out.

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Then Daddy told me to lay back down, so I did. He moved back on top of me and spear my legs and ran his fingers over my slit, dipping into my pussy occasionally, and circling my clit. "Want daddy to put his huge cock into your sweet little pussy?" I nodded. He teased my clit with the head of his cock for a minute before shoving it hard into my pussy. Once he got in, he laid still, licking my neck and biting my ears.

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Then, when he thought it was ok, he began to pump his cock further into my little pussy. He fucked me hard, then soft. He pumped his dick into me fast, then slow. At last, he told me that he was going to cum. "Can Daddy cum inside you, Baby?

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Want Daddy's love stuff in your pussy? Like you came in Daddy's mouth?" I said, "Oh yes, Daddy!!! Do it!!! I want you to put your love juice in me!!" Daddy gave a few last vigorous pumps before he blew his cum all into my pussy. After he was done, he moved his head back down between my legs and began to eat my pussy again.

He ate me out and fingered me until I came two more times. Once we were done, it was dark. We curled up together and fell fast asleep.