Longhaired babe likes wild pounding with hugecocked dude

Longhaired babe likes wild pounding with hugecocked dude
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Fair warning. My story is no longer TOTALLY true. These events DID happen, but I do not remember them act for act, which is why I filled in some blanks. ----------------------------- Let's fast forward. From January to Mid-June, Kay and I kept our sexual escapades going, along with Heather and a few drunk girls here and there.

Kay and I never struck up a relationship, giving me a justifiable reason to keep fucking Heather. It worked out great for me, as they never hit their menstural cycles at the same time. Whenever one entrance closed down, the other was primed to go. Heather wanted to me to be hers alone, and as far as she knew, I was. I convinced Kay that I was going camping one weekend and took Heather to prom instead.

The night was full of great sex before and after prom. Heather remained steadfast in her decision that I didn't need to wear a condom, and Kay kept me wrapped. I was having the best of both worlds. Heather explained to me one night that she wasn't a whore. She had only been with 3 or 4 including me.

She just loved sex, so when she was with someone, a lot of sex was included. I could attest to that.


My idea the night I fell asleep with Kay was to see how she felt about trying a little anal. She had enjoyed my thumb and I thought I could take it a step further. Kay was totally against it. Heather wasn't. Heather introduced me to anal in February and I loved it. It's not that her pussy was so loose, it was that her ass was so tight. In mid-June Heather and I got into a fight over my country-boy habit of chewing. I knew it was a bad habit, but I just liked doing it. Heather told me to talk to her when I quit.

A lot of nights, I'd go out with my friends until 1 or 2 a.m. and go straight to Kays. She'd be laying in her bed asleep and I crawl in bed and fuck her. Kay always told me it was her favorite way to wake up, even if it was so early.

A few nights later I had just finished fucking Kay when she turned to me to tell me that she'd be leaving for a week to visit her mother on the west coast. I was so irritated. I didn't have a stable relationship with anyone other than Heather, and she was pissed at me.

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How was I going to last a week without getting any? There was nothing to do in the summer. I tried to make the best of it and told Kay I'd call her and get some phone-sex relief.

Kay told me that she'd lost her cell phone and couldn't find it, making her unavailable. I was so annoyed. After a few months of Kay and I fucking hardcore, Brianna became suspicious seeing me there all the time. Kay denied our relationship at first and told Brianna we were just friends.

Eventually, Kay gave in and told her sister the details of our friendship.

Brianna said she knew because Kay was such a moaner. But I digress. A few days after the news of Kays departure, I went to Briannas 16th birthday party.

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I was now 18 and Kay had turned 17 the previous month. Kay was set to leave immediately following the party. A present from her alcoholic father, Brianna got her lip pierced. Man. At 16, she really resembled Kay. My parents were using the day to fish, so Kay and I took the opportunity to go up to my room to say our goodbyes.

Just my luck, Kay had started her period and I was only able to get a blowjob. She cleaned up, kissed me hard, and said goodbye. Damn. I was gonna miss her more than ever. Immediately after she left my stomach got into knots. It was Sunday. Kay was due back Saturday night. My week drug on and on. I turned to Cody to help me find an easy girl by Tuesday and he came through for me.

Her name was Mindy. Mindy was twice the slut Heather was. Thank God for blowjobs because I couldn't get off in her pussy. I decided I didn't want anymore easy girls so I thought I'd just tough it out. My own thoughts would carry me through the week. I'd come home, plop down on my bed, and think of prom night.

Heathers dress hiked up over her hips, me drilling her in the ass. That one was a keeper. My only problem was that my sexual frustration wasn't satisfied by my hand. My arm grew tired long before I could fully satisfy myself. I was desparate. Finally, Friday night rolled around. That meant it was my time to go out with the boys.

Only 24 hours until Kay came back, ready to go. I was sitting at Codys around midnight talking sweet to a sexy little sophomore named Carlee. Just when I thought I was about to get the chance, my phone took off. I opened it up and to my surprise there was a text from Kay. "Found my phone! Mom and I weren't getting along so well. Took an early flight. I'm home " it read. That's all it took. I let Carlee eat my dust and headed outside. I heard Cody yell to me. "Where you goin'?" he asked.

"Kays home." I said. "Gotta go take care of business." "Well, hold on." he said. Cody started telling me about something to do with his girlfriend, Ashley.

They were having some problems and needed to talk to someone about it. Once he was finished, I looked at my phone. 12:45.

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"Fuck." I thought. I rushed home and parked in my driveway. I practically ran to Kays door. I looked over to see her fathers vehicle was gone. Of course, he was at the bar. I walked inside and realized no one was on the bottom floor. I walked upstairs and looked down the hall. Briannas door was shut with the glow of the TV radiating underneath it. It didn't bother me if she was still up.

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She knew what was going on. I rushed to Kays room and opened the door. Nothing was on. No lights, no TV, nothing. All I could see was her body under her blankets. Barely visible by the slight shining of the moon.

How could this happen? Kay finally comes back and I can't get to her fast enough. Oh well. Looks like I'll have to wake her up by her favorite method.

I stripped of my clothes in a lightning speed. I yanked my cock a few times to make sure it was ready. Believe me, he was. Kay was laying on her side facing her window, away from her door. I pulled up the covers and got in bed with her. I snuggled close. My cock felt some kind of fabric. I ran my hand down to inspect. She was wearing a pair of short shorts. Also in my way, that pesky bra. I leaned my head over hers and planted sweet kisses on her neck.

I started just below her ear and made my way down to her shoulder. I paid extra attention to the portion just below her jaw. That always got her got. I ran my right arm down her stomach and shoved it into her shorts. Just like I loved it, no panties. I ran my finger over her slit a few times. She felt freshly shaven.

"Mmm." I heard her groan. I moved my head up and kissed her cheek. I used my right hand to move her shorts down. She assisted me by lifting up little by little. I used my foot to hook them and slide them off. I brought my hand back up and removed her bra. I began finger fucking Kay, getting her juices going.

My other hand cupped her breasts as I continued kissing down her body. Now, I mentioned that Kay always made me wear a condom, but hey, when I didn't, I was careful and always pulled out. I removed my fingers from the familiar territory and lifted her right leg just a tad. I moved my hips in and began to impale my love slave. A small wimper escaped her lips. Taking our time away must have changed us both.

Kays vagina must have been a little more sensitive, and after being with Mindy, it was nice to feel a tight pussy again. I locked Kays leg in my elbow and started driving it home.

I pumped and pumped and pumped. I'd missed her a lot. Her breasts swayed up and down with each thrust. The sound of my balls slapping her ass was like sweet music to my ears. God a' mighty Kay was nice and tight. Each slam was like losing my virginity all over again.

Kay must've really missed me as she soon hit her orgasm. The rush of hot juice around my cock made me happy to be alive. I exited Kay and rolled her onto her stomach. She opened her legs and I re-entered. My chest flat against her back, I gave her ass, which I had been prohibited to enter, several firm smacks. I turned Kay over and she grabbed a pillow.

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She put it over her face. I knew she was about to scream. She spread her legs wide. I grabbed them and tossed them over my shoulders. I got myself supported by my arms and started my long, slow pumping.


I reached down and sucked left nipple. Each pump brought me closer and closer until I knew it was about over. Kay was shaking and I was swelling with pride in bringing her into another orgasm. Kays shaking worsened and I heard her muffled cries into the pillow. With my cock being covered once again in hot juices, I was done. I brought my cock out and gave myself a few quick tugs, emptying myself onto Kays stomach.

I brought my hand up to wipe the sweat from my face and noticed there was blood on it, which had been on my cock. My God. How long do these cycles last? I didn't care. I laid down on Kay and kissed her cum-soaked stomach, her breasts, her neck, and finally, taking the pillow from her face, her lips. But what was that? I kissed her again. It was still there. I rolled over and flipped Kays bed light on. I looked at her lips.

A lip ring. I looked at Kays face.

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It wasn't Kay. Looking back at me was the scared face of Brianna. I had just taken her virginity. Brianna looked at me, lips trembling. "Bret.I'm so sorry." she said. I realized it now. There sisterly bond led to Kay telling Brianna of our wake up call.


I had a strong suspicion of how Kays phone came up missing. "Please don't hate me, Bret. I'm so, so sorry." she exclaimed. I looked down at Brianna and saw how scared she was. I couldn't believe what had just happened. How DID this happen?

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I'd been tricked. "Bret.just.please don't tell Kay. Please. I'm so sorry." she said. She looked as though she was about to cry. "Uh." I was at a loss for words. I thought about what had just happened.

"Well." I continued. Brianna began to sob. Brianna had obviously wanted this bad. I looked down and gave Brianna a smile. I rolled over and turned the bedside light off. "It's ok." I said. I leaned down and kissed Brianna nice and slow.

Our tongues met as if by magnetic attraction. I kissed her again. "Come on." I said. "We need to get cleaned up." I helped Brianna up and she took me by the hand, leading me to Kays bathroom.

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