Hairy muscle gay bear loves boy Welsey Gets Drenched Sucking Nolan

Hairy muscle gay bear loves boy Welsey Gets Drenched Sucking Nolan
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Saturday morning, my last day in England, as I woke, I turned to cuddle Pauline, but found the bed empty, I listerned, the sounds of her having a oragsm filled the room. I walked into the spare bedroom, Carol was under Pauline, Lee fucking Pauline's butt with force, was making her orgasm, I was jealouse, I wanted my little sister today, but here she was already getting fucked, but any way, my cock soon told me to join in, I pulled Carol's bum up, and began to fuck her instead.

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Pauline looked up, and said, "I was going to bring you a fresh pussy full of cum to wake you", my face lit up, I said you can still give me a mouth full please, and then we take a shower. Lee made her work for his cock, pulling her hard back onto his meat, her orgasm's now louder, as Carol wriggled around on my stiff cock.

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Although I was enjoying Carol's butt, I wanted Pauline to have all the cum I had left until I had to leave later today, so when Lee burst his balls inside her butt, I went around, licking her out, then shoved my cock in her cum filled hole, and gave her all I had, my morning woody not far from exploding in her now. I held of for as long as I could, but my balls had other ideas, Pauline now had her second butt load of cum today, and it wasnt even 8 am.

I took her and Carol, into the bathroom, this time I made Pauline sit on my softish cock, then I let loose, my piss filling her womb, as she had another oragsm, Lee now had Carol standing over me, his cock in her butt, let fly too, as he filled her with piss, it ran down over us both, the day was going extremly good so far.

we showered then had a light breakfast. I was the first to use the douche, then Pauline, Carol asked if she could too, of course, as each was away the others were sucking wanking or licking clit, any way being a nice slow way to warm up again.

I got the girls to use the strap on, I wanted some anal fun too, Pauline fucked me first, then Carol used the strap on, saying they will be buying one now to use on each other, with Lee's new found enjoyment of anal fun, they would be having more fun, Pauline said, "Please don't forget to include me in it too", Carol gave her a bigg kiss and said "we were hoping you would want to join us too", I must admit I felt jelous, my little sister being fucked by his big black cock any time she wanted, I wanted to be with her.

yet two weeks ago, I didn't ever really want to come to the Uk for the wedding, Now I didnt want to leave her.

So with my butt open, I told Lee to lay down, I slipped his cock in my butt, and began to work him up, then I told the girls to bring Jerry in, for one last fuck with me, it didn't take him long, licking my arse, and jumping straight up, his cock trying to go in, it took awhile being so tight but it went in, I was enjoying his cock, the poppers giving me a nice high, as his knot slapped my butt, my oragsms got stronger, I wanted him all the way in me.

Lee was moving his cock in my butt, Jerry had us pinned and fucking me fast, I wanted his knot in me, any way I could get it in, so with some good hard sniff's on the poppers, my anus opened up, and let his knot in, I was happy now, and my orgasm's showed it too. It's strange, I wanted his cum, but I didn't want him to stop fucking me, my mind playing tricks knowing what fun I have been having here, but when he growled, and his cock jerked I let my thought go, and ejoyed his cum filling my butt, another good orgasm hit home.

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This time after Jerry stoped cumming inside me, I kept moving on his cock, keeping him on a high too, Jerry was trying to cum again, his cock swelling and jerking with a different motion, I wanted more still.

but I knew it would be a matter of time, his knot plopped out, Pauline right there, her mouth fully over my bum hole eating it all, I told her to bring me a good mouth full.

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She came up, held my face, then dropped a huge load of doggy cum in my mouth, then kissed me saying thank you for showing me your kinky side.

I kissed her back passionatly, out tongues entwinded. I wanted more, so with Carol under Pauline, and Lee in Pauline's mouth, I set to with the toys, working each one in her pussy then her butt, I had my fist fully up her arse now, pushing the smaller vibe in her pussy, she was going wild, snifing down lots of poppers got her orgasm flowing, as my other fist started into her pussy, could she take both, I knew I was pushing her further than she had gone, but she didn't move when I started in, instead she looked as me and said "Do it".

There are many ways to do this, my fist time the guy got both of his fists in with one hard push, it hurt but soon felt good, so I told her to take more poppers, gave her a few seconds then bang, I rammed my fist fully in her pussy. Pauline nearly jumped of the bed, if Carol and Lee hadn't have stopped her, but quickly her body settled down, my fist being excepted inside her now, as her orgasm let me know, both holes gripped my hands, and her body shook uncontrollably.

I let her settle a bit, then began to work her, more poppers and orgasms flowed, by now she was pushing back, more of my fist going in both, by moving one fist in, while moving the other back out, I have found, that gives more feeling, and it was working, Pauline now putty in my hands, as she relaxed more, I asked her, could I try some thing differnt.

Her eyes glazzed, so I got her up, my fist still in her butt, and told her to work it in, her legs were like jelly, but Carol and Lee held her, my fist was still in a fair way as she moved up and down, then Carol gave her a real good sniff, I pushed up, and she pushed down, a slight noise and a huge orgasm, and my arm went in a further 3 inchs or so, she was going for broke, I let her get used to the feeling, then pushed up again, she held off, and took more poppers, that did it, she now pulled up hard, taking my arm with her, then sat straight back down, I was worried, she screamed out, and slumped forward, my fist went in just short of the elbow.

I was going to pull my fist out, then Pauline, looked me in the eye, smiled and once more worked her body on my arm, going into a huge anal orgasm, followed quickly by more, my sexy sister had out done me, it took me ages to get this much fist in my tight butt, I moved my fingers looking for the right spot, Pauline responded fast, her anus gripping my hand, as more orgasm took control.

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I had forgoten about Lee and Carol for the moment, lost in my love for Pauline, when I got here, I was hoping, maybe to just see her naked or maybe even a kiss, here I was with half my arm in her butt, playing in cum, and even better, she was kinkier than I could ever imagine, must run in the family. I kept her high on fisting, then told her it was her turn to take me and Jerry, both in her butt this time, she was on her knees and I was under her in seconds, as Jerry was called in, I slid my cock in her arse, her butt near the edge, Jerry began licking us both, then he jumped up, and Carol helped him find her tight arse.

My cock was in heaven,and so was I, Jerry now thrusting deeper and deeper, Pauline gave me that sexy smile, as a orgasm ripped though her, I held her lips to mine as Lee fucked both our mouth's, he was laying on his side, his cock between us, and Jerry now going flat out, the heat was terrific, Pauline had tears in her eyes.

as more orgasm took her. Once more I wanted to feel his cum flow inside her butt, but also didn't want this to end, my cock in my beautifull sister's butt with a dogs cock too, life can be so good, but when Jerry began to growl I knew the end was close.

Pauline let out a loud cry, as he shot his seed deep inside her bowels, my cock warmed by his cum, Lee's cock went back into her mouth, and gagged her cry's, chocking her some what, then I saw his cum dribble out of her mouth, so I kissed her, sharing his cum with her, and took turns sucking him dry. Jerry slowed his cock now stuck fast as the knot held the cum inside her, I began to fuck her from underneath, Jerry looked strange, he knew he had stopped moving, but now my cock was rubbing his, and my balls once more close to cumming.

Could I cum so soon, I sped up, now I knew I could, cum shot out of my balls on the way to Pauline's bowels, mixing with Jerrys to give her a lovely butt full of juices. Carol was waiting, Jerry trying to pull out, as we both stroked him to keep him in her butt, and linger on the feeling. All to soon his knot let go, Carol went straight to Pauline's butt, my cock still in her, and sucked the cum from her, she brought it to us both, sharing it with us, she did this a couple of times, as Lee also licked us both.

When Pauline was able to move, I got under her, and took the rest of the cum, licking her butt clean, and sticking my tongue up her arse too, could we get Jerry to fuck her again today, I wondered.


Seeing as Carol had missed out a bit, I got the strap on and took to her butt, working her as hard as I had Pauline, telling her to use the popper'sthen just as quickly I fisted her butt, then popped a vibe in her pussy and made her work hard, just like Pauline with, with more popper's she wanted more, so a third toy went in her, now she had two in her pussy and my fist in her butt, Carol was trashing around, held by Lee and Pauline, she loved it.

I had nothing to lose, and quickly shoved my fist in her pussy, she let out a yelp, but pushed back, a fist in each hole, and going well, now for the real test, I told her to take more popper, then eased a second fist into her butt making it strech to take both, her brown eye opened up and I was in, double fisting her arse, like there was no end. Lee was holding her telling her how sexy she was, and good in sex, Pauline was now under her, licking her clit, this woman was taking it all.


I kept her going, until she fell on top of Pauline, completly exchaused from her orgasms, then I pulled my fists out one by one, each time she shook and had another orgasm. After Carol had regained some energy, we all took a shower, this time I pissed in her pussy, while Lee pissed in Pauline's butt, both woman then had fun standing over us, and let us have their pee. After a short rest and chat they got dressed to leave, We said good bye to them, Pauline telling them she would ring as soon as she had a day free or evening to meet them both.

I told them I would love to Skype with them when they play to see my sister being fucked again too.

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I got my stuff ready, and then noticed Jerry had a stiff cock once more, so never one to miss out, I was on my knee's and taking his cock, this time Pauline was under me sucking my cock, as Jerry filled my arse with cum Pauline got a mouth full of mine, then I sat over her and let her have all his cum for one last time, kissing her once more to share his cum, then we showered, the last of my piss, going up her butt, as she bent down to pick up the soap I dropped.

We had to hide the toys, and drop Jerry of back at Janes, he wagged his tail as Jane stroked him, then lay down exchaused, Jane looked at us both, saying that was strange, we smiled at one another and said.


'He's had a lot of excerise this last few days, but couldn't stop giggling, Jane happened to notice Jerry cock and the cum stains around his balls asked what we had been up to, I think she might also have seen my trousers, the crotch area soaked in cum, from Jerry's last fuck, and Pauline also had a wet mark on her dress too. I said"Can't stop were late for the airport", and left, Pauline saying, how was she going to tell Jane about our fun with him, or why we were laughing so much, I said "I always thought it was strange that Jerry knew what to do, when he fucked us so quick, maybe she takes his cock too", Pauline looked puzzled, then added, "Possible, she always talks about sex, and kinky things', The drive to the airport was about an hour, we both had tears in our eyes, knowing the fun was coming to an end, I said I will pay for you to fly to Australia, and join us in a family group fuck when you get time off, a huge smile came back on her face, and a' yes please".

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I was so horny, as Pauline had been playing with my cock all the way here, so parking fay from anywhere, she went down on me, and took what was left in my ball sack. A big passionate kiss and a cuddle, I told her to go, rather than come into the airport, I walked away, knowing, my life was changed for the better, but with a huge feelig of loss inside me,