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Lily Landrey's ship, trailing fire and smoke, smashed through the tree canopy and impacted the surface of VGG-904, a ring of dirty snow erupting all around the crash site.

With blood trailing from her eyebrow, Lily shook off the shock of the crash, and unsnapped her emergency restraints. With a quick glance out the viewport in front of her, seeing nothing but tree trunks and snow, the young woman scrambled back through the bulkhead that separated the pilot's node from the body of the craft. She jogged the length of the cargo bay, which took up most of the body of the craft, only stopping to key in a few commands at a console.

At the rear of the bay was a locker, which was opened by a small string of code entered by her slender fingers. The door slid open, revealing two carbines, one laser and one ballistic, and below that one sidearm. Lily jerked around at a noise from back where she came; a shower of sparks blew from the console she had stopped at on her way back. "Fucking comms!" she shouted in exasperation. She charged the laser carbine and set it against the wall and keyed open another locker as she began to strip out of her pilot's gear.

She was revealed to the cargo bay to be very slender of body and pale of color, for she only wore shorts and a sort of sports bra over her chest, which bulged with the effort of containing her breasts. Her bare midriff was flat, and the hair that cascaded from under her helmet was black with a hint of blue, like a raven's feather. Throwing her flight suit aside, she grabbed a single-suit that was drab grey with many pockets and got into it with haste. Over that she threw a jacket of the same color as the suit, and then stepped into a pair of utility boots.

By this time she could hear some sort of engine growing closer outside, along with a steady decrease in ambient temperature; indicative of a hull breach. There was little chance she could get this hulk flying by herself. All of a sudden, a pair of impacts vibrated the ship. Lily grabbed up her rifle and stuck the sidearm in one of her pockets, and began to make her way back to the sparking console.

After three steps, there was a sound of electrical arcing, and every light inside the bay went completely dead, including the sparks from the damaged communications console. Lily froze for a moment, and when she began hearing scrapes and taps against the outside of the hull of her ship, she felt around in her suit for a directed beam, and switched it on. Her eyes were on the hatch at the peak of the bay, but it seemed undisturbed.

All of a sudden, a humming noise came from her right, and she spied a dim square outline against the darkened bulkhead. The outline grew rapidly brighter until it flashed, and the piece of hull hinged inward, hitting the deck with a deafening clang!

A vaguely hulking shape leaned around the still-glowing edge of the brand-new access hatch, and gave two great whuffs as it sampled the air inside. Lily, for her part, had managed to not make a sound, but as soon as one of the alien shapes barked, she touched the stud on her carbine, and a pair of brilliant yellow beams lashed through the shape at the hole.

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She heard a number of guttural voices outside, so she unleashed another pair of beams at the door before moving to a different location. The bay of her ship was half filled with mechanical equipment and crates waiting to be delivered.

Most of the equipment could stop a laser blast, but she had no idea what these creatures had for weapons. She didn't have long to wonder, for another one of the beasts stomped into the bay, and threw a small orb toward her last location.

It bounced once against the wall, and lit up with a heavy red light and emitted a piercing scream of sound. Lily squeezed her bare hands against the sides of her head, dropping her weapon in the act. The noise was inundating, and had an unforeseen effect upon her; she seemed to be growing tired rather quickly. By the time the noise quit, Lily could barely keep her eyes open.

She noticed that she had somehow sunk to the grating with her back against a crate. As thumping footfalls came toward her location, Lily fumbled in her pocket for the sidearm, and brought it sleepily to bear. She squeezed the trigger at the nearest black moving shadow until it was knocked out of her hand by an unseen force, which was immediately brought to bear on her head until she fell forever into unconsciousness. The first thing that Lily noticed was that she was very cold.

For a moment, that was all she could determine, as she was still swimming out of unconsciousness. The nest observation was that she was lying on something hard and smooth. She felt along her body to find that her garments had been removed, all except for her undergarments which were still in place, and none of her tools or other gear were on her person.

Finally managing to crack open her eyes, Lily blearily glanced around at the dimly lit room she currently occupied. The room was low and rather expansive, and seemed to have been cut out of rock. There was a single pressure door at the other end which stood firmly shut. Lily determined that she was lying on a rock slab, of which there were identical slabs around the room.


Between the walls were scattered boxes and crates all of varying sizes and shapes. As she sat up, pain bloomed in her head, causing her to moan and clutch at her brow. She wrapped her other arm around her midriff and waited for the pain in her head to subside. Through the pounding in her head, Lily heard a rustling noise off to her right, away from the only visible door. Squinting in that direction, the young pilot saw nothing but grey crating and black rock, but the rustling continued, like dry leaves on concrete.

The pain waned a bit, allowing Lily to get to her feet and walk, shivering, around the stack of crates which blocked her view from the source of the sound. The scraping noise ceased before she got around the corner, though, and to her frustration, there was nothing occupying that corner of the room.

Exasperated, Lily decided to take stock. She paced back to her slab and sat cross-legged upon it, trying to recall everything about the crash. She had been in FTL travel when something disrupted her engines, causing her to violently drop back into real-space extremely close to this planet.

Her navigational computer had identified the planet as VGG-904, classified as habitable by long range explorers when they first wave of exploration went through this sector, some three hundred standard years before.

Since then, no one had visited, and nothing discovered about it. Lily had had to manipulate her power and engines in haphazard ways to get the ship to crash land, instead of vaporize in the atmosphere or disintegrate upon impact with the ground. She had survived all the random factors thrown at her, but now she was captured by an unknown species of aliens, seemingly sentient. Who knows what they planned to do to her?

A dull ache still hammered away behind her eyes, so Lily decided to lean back on her slab against the rock wall and close her eyes. She must have passed back out because she swam back to consciousness as the door screeched open. The rhythmic thud of heavy feet made her heart pound, but she wasn't able to move an inch before one of the hulking dark creatures squeezed through the doorway and peered in her direction with large black eyes.

It whuffed and angled its massive head to look in the other corner, the one from which the rustling noises had emanated earlier.

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Making the same noise for many times in succession, the beast began to back out of the doorway. "Hey!" Lily yelled at the thing, "What do you have me locked up for? Who are you??" No heed was paid to her yells, and the door slammed shut with a noise that echoed. She scoffed, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and decided to do something.

She got up gingerly from where she had slept, for the hard rock was unforgiving, and went to have a look at the door. It was more like a pressurized hatch, but with no mechanisms or handles to actuate it. The young woman sighed and moved toward the closest large crate. She searched around for a latch or a keyhole or keypad, anything that would open the crate. A recessed slot near the top of one side held a button, which she depressed.

The lid of the crate, about even with her breasts, broke into two pieces and slid off the sides of the box on systems of railing. Inside were packages of some sort of soft material, neatly packed atop each other. Lily took the initiative and broke one packet open, and to her surprise, what seemed to be an expansive cloak fell partially open at her feet. She stretched it out, and found it to be more like a poncho, with a hole in the middle for a head.

Smiling at this tiny bit of luck, for Lily was practically vibrating across the floor from her shivers, she draped it around her like she imagined royalty would, and strode back to her slab. The hulks would probably be angry with her for getting into their stuff, but she didn't really care, since they had knocked her out, stripped her, and left her to freeze in a storeroom.

She was just about to curl up against the wall when the rustling began again. Lily got back up and, trailing the tail of the oversized garment behind her like a train, she searched every part of the room she was in, pushing crates out of the way and even checking underneath a few. Nothing was found but a bit of dust in every corner, although the rustling noise hadn't diminished.

Confused and still nursing a pain in her head, Lily decided to sit down and think some more on her predicament.


She had no sooner seated herself and drew the folds of the impromptu blanket around her exposed legs when she saw something atop one of the crates. She gasped at the shock of seeing something that she hadn't found during her search. The thing was cylindrical and about as long as two of her boots placed end to end.


It was no thicker than her forearm, and a reddish-brown in color. It seemed to be a living creature, as one featureless end hovered in the air like a snake, pointed directly at her face. Lily froze in fear, her eyes growing wide at this latest of unknowns. It wasn't to last long, for it seemed as though the snake-like creature had noticed her gaze.

It slithered across the top of the crate, wrapped around the edge until it located the recessed button, and pressed it, sliding off the lid and onto the floor as the box opened.

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The creature came to a stop and angled its head-end towards Lily's fear-frozen figure. She got the feeling that the thing was trying to show her something, and so slowly slipped off of her slab and, keeping her eyes on the worm as it tracked her, edged towards the now-opened box.

Arriving at the side, Lily glanced in, and exclaimed in glee at finding all of the gear she had lost between her defeat within her own cargo hold and right now. She immediately dropped the alien cloak and hopped into her uni-suit with the pockets. Then she crammed those pockets full of every gadget that she had taken from the lockers, including her sidearm, and then fished around in the crate for her lined jacket.

All this time, the worm-snake on the ground watched her every movement, but made no move forward or back. Once fully decked out, Lily reached down again for her laser carbine and set it on her sleeping slab.

With the crate empty, she turned back to the creature on the ground, unsure of what to do. "Thanks, little thing." This phrase elicited a bobble from the front of the snake, which Lily took to be an acknowledgement.

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Her Sentient Life course in the university was finally paying off! She sat down on the edge of her slab and clasped her hands together, trying to figure this unknown alien creature out.

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It edged a little closer to her, and made that rustling noise again, which was its tail sweeping the ground behind it. Her mind suddenly that it looked like an oversized version of a very particular item tucked away with her spare clothing back at her ship.

This thing was the same coloration and general proportionate size to her dildo! Lily's face reddened and she smiled, still looking at the snake creature, which twisted a bit and rustled again. "You're a little big for me, big guy." At her words, the thing slithered forward to her feet and looked up at her.

With a slight exclamation, Lily drew back, still slightly unnerved at the thing. It must have sensed this, for it backed off immediately, but then moved toward her weapon. It tapped the stock twice, and then twitched it's 'head' at the door twice. Lily was astonished that this thing was not only in possession of at least a rudimentary intelligence, but it could also recognize buttons and weapons.

It also had a good idea, one that Lily was sure she would have arrived at, given enough time. She picked up her laser, checked the charge and working order, and shouldered it. The snake-worm skittered behind one of the crates for safety.

She fired the weapon twice, once at the top of the hatch and once at the bottom. The laser wasn't a very loud weapon, but Lily was sure that the hulking creatures would come running to check on their prize. Surprisingly, not a sound was heard other than that made by the uber-dildo coming out of cover. It slithered over to the door, and kept one end pointed at it.

Lily got up to inspect her handiwork, only to find that the laser had done absolutely nothing to the dull finish of the hatch. Growling in anger, Lily set her carbine against the wall and dropped her aching head in her hands. She massaged her eyes again, and when she opened them, the snake creature was right beside her on the slab, 'looking' at her.

Smiling at that resemblance between the thing in front of her and her toy back on the ship, Lily reached out to it and barely touched the side of it with a few fingers.

It pushed against the touch of her fingers slightly, like a cat would, and moved toward her slowly. She let it go as far as it wanted, until it had slithered up upon her right leg and pointed its featureless end at her face.

She giggled at its weight on her leg, and caressed what she figured to be its neck. It strained forward under her fingers, and moved its other end over to gesture and point at a specific spot between her legs.

Lily blinked, the smile sliding off her face. "What do you want down there?" It seemed to strain towards her face, and then it curved around and pointed directly to her crotch.

It then looked back towards her face. She couldn't hardly believe it, but the fact that a sentient alien dildo-creature was obsessing about her vagina was turning her on a little bit. It had certainly been a while since anything had happened between her and anyone besides her dildo, and the fact that she was trapped on an unknown planet inside some sort of facility with no way out meant that she had some time to kill.

She looked over at the door uncertainly, but there came not a sound from out there. Lily made up her mind. Gently moving the creature to the bench beside her, Lily got to her feet and threw her jacket to the side, fumbling at the unisuit's zipper. The snake on the bench watched her movements carefully. Lily felt as though she should tease the thing somehow, since it seemed intelligent, but she rolled her eyes at herself and shimmied her shoulders out of the sleeves and stepped out of the rest of it.

She flipped her hair out of the way and peeled off her bra, exposing her pair of c-cup breasts with light nipples. For a moment she kneaded her tits and squeezed her nipples, biting her lip at the thought of fucking her very first alien creature. The snake-creature was still on the bench, watching her every move, as though waiting, quite patiently, for her to finish.

So, Lily let go of herself and took off the last of her underwear, showing a completely bald pussy to the 'gaze' of the thing. Stark naked now, with her nipples standing erect and gooseflesh covering her from the chilly air, Lily went and sat down next to the impromptu dildo and opened her legs, running a couple of fingers through her slit to make sure of maximum lubrication.

The creature, which was wider than her dildo, slithered off onto the floor and peeked up over the edge of the slab, peering into Lily's crotch as she played with it. It looked up at her face when a moan escaped her, but returned its attention to the now wet pair of pussy lips.

Lily drew her wet fingers out of herself and moved against the wall, gesturing coyly for the strange alien creature to get busy, if it even knew what it was doing.

The alien snake slithered up onto the slab in between her legs, and moved to within an inch of Lily's quivering pussy. It looked around for a moment at the folds of flesh, seemingly getting its bearings, until finally gently touching her clitoris. She was surprised, and twitched a little with an involuntary squeak. Lily covered her mouth and laughed at herself, until the snake gently pushed its end inside her vagina.

Then, she gasped at the sudden entrance. Looking down, about an inch had gone in, she could then feel the 'head' of the creature gyrating, as if looking about.

After a slight moment, it pushed in some more, causing Lily to gasp and grunt. The tail of the creature rustled back and forth.

The young woman looked down as far as she could from this position, marveling at the odd sight between her legs. She wished the snake knew how to thrust, instead of just study her insides. Just as she made her wish, the worm-snake pushed in again, until she cringed as it came up against her cervix. "Too far in, my very wide friend." She reached down and grasped the body of the thing, now buried within her about six inches. She tried to carefully pull it out of her vagina, but it was as though it was stuck inside.

No matter how hard she pulled, although she had little leverage, the snake did not budge from within her vagina. The slightest bit of fear managed to cross her mind right before the alien worm plunged through Lily's cervix, entering her uterus. Pain swept over her, pulsing from her lower midsection, mixed with pleasure from the movement of the thing through her vagina.

She panted and sweated, letting go of the body of the alien worm and resigning herself to whatever may transpire within the next couple minutes. About a foot and a half of worm still lay between her shivering legs, the rest was within her. Lily jerked as the worm shifted inside her belly, creating the most odd of sensations. As it began to slide inside even more, the young woman slid her hands over her lower abdomen, trying to ascertain what the thing wanted inside her, if it wasn't to pleasure her.

She felt so stupid for thinking that she could get off with some alien creature without there being a catch. She gritted her teeth against the zapping sensation as more and more of the creature's body edged its way through her vaginal canal, through her cervical opening, and into her womb.

Beyond the pain, Lily could feel a sort of circular motion within her, as though the alien was turning or coiling around inside her. She could see movement underneath the taut white skin beneath her belly button, and felt her body stretch under her fingers. More than twelve inches of the creature, mind you most of the body of the alien worm was an inch and a half in diameter, had slithered its way inside of her body for an unknown purpose.

The tinge of fear had not left her mind. Although she had never had such slow, deliberate movement through her vagina, especially past her g-spot. She wondered… Lily had located her own g-spot at a much younger age, and because of this was an expert at giving herself g-spot orgasms. If she was going to be eaten from the inside by an unknown alien snake, then she was going to get off first. As the snake slowly moved within her, Lily moved her hand above her pussy, and pressed down on her pelvic bone, pushing the tissue beneath it to compress the vaginal canal around the foreign item within it.

The rough patch of vaginal tissue underneath the bone pressed against the material sliding against it; sending increased pleasure signals to her brain. Her efforts paid off, as with each second that passed her breaths deepened and quickened, her breasts jiggled as her chest rose and fell, her brow frowned and her mouth opened wide until her body jerked, simultaneous with a guttural groan from Lily's throat as she came hard on the creature in her vagina.

Milky white fluid now helped to lubricate the passage of the thing entering her, which seemed to pick up a little speed. Still panting with the effort, Lily looked down once again, only to grunt in surprise to see the size of her belly, which had protruded to the point where she looked at least three months pregnant.

She still felt the gradual coiling movement within her belly, and even though the pain had lessened considerably, the fear had gone from her mind. She reasoned that if the alien had wanted to kill her or eat her or whatever else, it wouldn't have gone straight for her love-tunnel. Sitting up as far as possible, Lily brought her legs up and craned her neck to see over her belly, growing infinitesimally larger every moment. Her eyes just caught sight of the end of the alien worm disappearing past her pussy lips, allowing her entrance to close back down close to its original size, with a slight gape from the wider-than-usual passage.

It was the most odd of sensations, the tail end of the creature being pulled through her vaginal canal, the canal closing down after the passage. She shuddered at the feeling, waves of pleasure jolting through her as the end passed her g-spot. With finality, Lily felt the snap of her cervix closing over the end of the worm's tail, causing her to flinch and gasp, and she was left with a tingling vagina and four months' worth of pregnant belly. Suddenly without pain or pleasure, Lily lay panting on the slab or stone for a moment, running her hands over her new proportions.

It felt natural enough, even though she had never been pregnant before, even the coiling had ceased. She swept a hand through her pussy to get all of her cum off of herself, closing her eyes halfway at the feeling. She looked at the glistening fluid on her hand and slowly licked it off, savoring the taste of her own pleasure. Still not quite satisfied from the previous twenty minutes excitement, Lily stuck a finger up her pussy and pinched her nipple, manipulating her clitoris with her thumb.

She panted and groaned, moving her hand from her nipple to her pregnant belly, caressing it lightly. Her pussy immediately flooded, and pleasure built within the young woman by her own stimulation, until it broke over her mind like a tidal wave.

She had no idea having a pregnant belly would turn her on so much! Especially a belly with an alien creature inside it. Coming down from her second climax, Lily decided that enough was enough. She slipped into her undergarments, giving her titties one last pinch before capturing them. She then got up and struggled into her unisuit, which stretched enough to accommodate her passenger. As she was throwing on her jacket, she heard a sourceless female voice.

"Did you know that you're ovulating? Lily froze, her jacket dangling from one arm. She searched the room with her eyes, but no one was there. "Where are you??" She asked the air.

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A chuckle responded at first. "I'm the only other being inside this room. In fact, besides yourself, I'm the only living thing inside you." Lily slowly looked down at her swollen stomach, within which she felt a coiling movement for a brief moment. Her mind couldn't make sense of it.

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"You??" She managed to choke out. "Yes. Me." The worm replied with a little movement. For a moment, Lily couldn't think of anything to say, or anything to think for that matter, for she had just made herself orgasm on an alien creature that she now discovered could talk, somehow. So, she decided to start with the basics.

"…Do you have a name?" "Yes," the coiled snake in her uterus replied, "I am Lyrux."