Naughty dick rider Jake Reid knows how to get off solo

Naughty dick rider Jake Reid knows how to get off solo
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Six-Mile High Club chapter 2 Picking up his two bags after going through customs, he made his way to the front door of the terminal. It was good to have his feet on the ground. As Michael walked out into the sunshine, he saw Miyoko's beautiful face smiling at him. She told him that she had a cab waiting and to follow her. They got in and sat back. He took her face in both of his hands and began to kiss her lightly on the lips.

She just moaned, "Ooohh Michael, I need you." It only took fifteen minutes to the Hilton. Michael paid the driver, and got out. The driver handed Michael his bags, and he went into the Hotel. Miyoko was at the front desk as he walked up. She gave him a keycard and a note, but didn't look at him. The note said, 'Room 1135. Wait fifteen minutes; then come up. The keycard is for the elevator, and the room.' He saw a lounge chair in the lobby, went over and sat down.

Michael checked his watch about twenty-five times in the next fifteen minutes, and then walked to the elevator. Inserting the key card in the slot, he pushed eleven on the keypad.

His heart was beating very fast as the elevator began to move upward. When the elevator stopped with a "ding" Michael's heart stopped for a second also. The room numbers were displayed on the wall. 1100-1125 to the right, displayed with an arrow. Rooms 1126-1150, to the left. He quietly knocked on the door and herd Miyoko's voice say, "Come in Michael." He pulled his bags into the room, and left them in the closet alcove.

It was a small room, but it had a large queen sized bed. Miyoko was on the bed, wearing only a pair of white satin panties. Her titties were not large, but full. She patted the bed next to her and said, "Get undressed and come to bed.

We can take a shower later." Pulling off his shirt, Michael sat on the bed and began to untie his shoelaces. Miyoko was behind him with her hands around him, massaging his chest.

"Hurry Michael." "We have three days Miyoko." "Not enough." She moaned. In just his underwear, he got on the bed and she pulled him into her arms. As he kissed her, she mumbled, "Kiss my pussy, lick it Michael; suck it." Moving his head down between her legs he licked and kissed her satin panties, his tongue slid up and down.

Pulling her panty crotch over, her mound was displayed beautifully. There wasn't a hair in sight. Michael loved a girl with a bare pussy, as the hair doesn't get in the way when you make love to it. The first pussy he had ever seen belonged to Maria Lopez, in the second grade. It didn't have any hair either. He spent many recesses with his finger in her panties.

That was twenty three years ago. Some things never change. He began by licking Miyoko's smooth mound, then sucking on her clitoris, an activity at which he excelled. His tongue slid up and down her wet slit and she groaned. In fact she groaned whenever he did anything to her. Quickly he pulled her panties down; then lifted her legs over his shoulders.

He tried to stuff his tongue deep in to her vagina. It was sweet and dripping. Lisa, Michael's ex-girlfriend sometimes would have oral sex after a lot of preparation and several hours of his begging. Sometimes it just didn't seem to be worth all of the trouble. She didn't like him going down on her, as she said it was dirty, but when she finally came she didn't complain.

Sucking his cock was something Lisa hated, letting him know it each and every time she did it.

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He could count the times she sucked him off, on one hand and have a finger left over. Lisa could really fuck, however.

She loved to fuck. The last time she gave him a blowjob, he wasn't thinking and came in her mouth. She became so angry she was red in the face and yelling.

"Michael." She said spitting out his cum, "I told you never to do that. I hate that. It's just filthy.


I'll never do that again, if you can't control yourself." Michael felt as though he was being scolded; by his third grade teacher. Millions of girls around the world would disagree with her, he thought. Oh well that's the way things go. That was only one of the reasons they were no longer together. His neck felt tight as Miyoko, squeezed it with her legs, and pulled his hair. She let out a squeal as her pussy made a loud "pop" almost like a starter pistol. Her sticky juice coated his face, as she ground her pussy hard against his tongue and lips.

He was pleased that she enjoyed it so much. She then lay back quietly. For a second he thought it was too much and he might have hurt her, but when he moved up and rested his head on her titty, he could her heart beating like a jackhammer.

Thinking, well as long as I'm here, he moved his mouth to her pink little nipple and began to suck lightly. She moaned again, "Uuummm Michael." After just a few minutes, she changed positions, pulled his cock out of his underpants, slid it into her mouth and began to suck.

Michael fell back on the pillow, as it was now his turn. She sucked him for a few minutes, so he turned on his left side and maneuvered into a sixty-nine position.

He lifted her leg and began to feel her up.


She groaned as his finger moved all the way up into her vagina, to her cervix. As she sucked him, he finger fucked her. The harder she sucked the faster his finger went. After just a few minutes, he felt the tingling in his thighs, a chill up his back and a strong pressure in his balls. "I'm cuming," he told her, as the first of his juice shot out of his penis.

She didn't hesitate, or even slow down. One gulp and it was gone. "Mmmm." She said with a smile. "Tastes good." "Thank you," he whispered, out of breath. "That was the best blowjob I have ever had." Of course he told all of the girls the same thing. Every blowjob is the best, until the next one.

"I liked it too, Michael. It was sweet, and a little salty." They lay there holding each other, touching and fondling. He loved her titties and bare little pussy. She was short, about five foot four, maybe five-five.

With her hairless pussy and small titties, she looked to be only fifteen or sixteen. Of course he knew better, as she had to be at least twenty-one to work for JAL. Michael had noticed that many Japanese women looked younger than they actually were. When you check the Internet porn photos of Japanese girls in school uniforms, you know that they must be at least eighteen, but some of them appear to be somewhere between thirteen and sixteen.

Michael often wondered why some men even want little girls.

They are just children and have no idea about sex or anything connected with it. Maybe it's because the girls are innocent virgins; or maybe it is because the girls have had no sexual experiences with which to compare the men.

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It was about this time that Miyoko had played with his cock enough to make it hard again. She then got up on her knees, and threw one leg over him. As she eased down, she guided his cock up into her dripping pussy. "Michael, I want you to relax. I am going to do it to you for a long time and then I will do it very fast and hard." When she moved down completely, his cock was fully into her.

She took his hands and placed them on her titties, then began to move forward and back slowly, like she was riding a mechanical bull. After a long while she was moving very fast. Her head was thrown back. She mumbled, "Oooo .

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Yes . yes . yessss!" As he had cum, a while before this all started, he wouldn't be able to cum again for quite some time.

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Miyoko moved faster and faster; then with no thought for anything, or anyone she came hard. The "popping" sound was unmistakable. He had never known a girl who had a pussy that would explode almost every time she came. It was fascinating. Miyoko then lay down on top of him, squeezing his cock periodically with her vagina.

This was the trip of his life.


He had not been on vacation for years, and he was really enjoying this one. A little while later, he asked her if she would like to have some dinner. She said, kissing him on his chest, "Everything I want is right here, Michael." They drifted off to sleep, Miyoko still on top of him.

She couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds, so he wasn't uncomfortable. When he woke it was dark outside. A small Japanese lantern was lit in the corner of the room. Miyoko had pulled the sheet and covers over them. When he moved she looked at him and said, "Do me from behind Michael." "What?" "Michael, do it to me 'doggie style'. I really like it that way." 'What a girl', he thought.

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She was up for anything.' She crawled off of him; then got on her hands and knees looking at him over her shoulder. Michael moved up behind her placed both hands on her butt cheeks; then eased his penis into her vagina. Sex with a girl like Miyoko, was the best there was.

He was in heaven. As he was fucking her, she buried her head in one of the soft pillows and screamed. Obviously she did like it this way more than any other. He fucked her for a full forty minutes. During that time she came at least six times. When he finally came, he was dripping with perspiration, and very dehydrated. His limp cock slid from her pussy and he crawled off the bed.

He chuckled as Miyoko, just laid there with her butt still in the air and her face in the pillow. "Do you want anything?" "No thank you." She said, "I think he have had enough; for a while anyway." Michael was becoming concerned that he wouldn't be able to keep her satisfied.

They had more sex in the past few hours, than he and Lisa had in any full week. It was sad, but true. He went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of "Hilton bottled spring water". Was everyone in the water business? Grabbing a towel from the bathroom, he placed it on the chair. Although Michael was naked and still dripping, he sat in the chair and turned on the television.

They were showing an episode of "I love Lucy", in Japanese. It was the one where Lucy and Ethyl, took jobs in the chocolate factory, and the supply belt got going faster and faster. He laughed, as Lucy was eating the chocolates and putting them down her uniform blouse. When he was laughing loud Miyoko said, "Huh?" "Nothing baby, go back to sleep." Her beautiful butt was still sticking up in the air, and she had cum running down her leg.

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Michael got out of the chair and went over to the bed, pulled the covers over her and tucked her in. After "Lucy", during an episode of "The Love Boat", also in Japanese, Michael fell asleep. It was getting a little cool so he turned off the TV and crawled back into bed, next to his little flight attendant.

She had a snore that sounded like a tiny kitten purring. Suddenly, It was morning. He wasn't sure of the time, but the sun was up and he smelled coffee. Miyoko had gone down to the lobby and picked up some coffee and sweet rolls. Michael leaned on one elbow and looked at her through blurry eyes. She said, "Would you like some coffee Michael?" He didn't say anything, but nodded his head. She came over to the bed and handed him a cup of the hot, dark liquid. "You sure know how to make a girl feel wonderful.

I slept like I had never slept before. No man has ever done it for me that well. Would you like to take a shower?" "That would be nice.

I could use a shower right now." Michael was still naked and sipping his coffee, as Miyoko took his hand and led him into the bathroom. She quickly stripped down to the buff and turned on the shower then took his hand again. "Come on Michael, get under the spray." She picked up a bar of soap and removed the paper wrapper.

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After soaking him with the warm water, she began to move the soap all over his body like an artist covering a canvas with paint.

Her hand then went down to his balls and began to ceremoniously lather them. Moving her hands up a little to his penis, she washed it with affection. As she was fully into her chore of getting him clean, he took the soap and slid his hands over her titties. Her nipples became hard in just a few seconds.

Michael rinsed them then lowered his head and placed his mouth on her nipple. When she moaned, he sucked it into his mouth. With a child like voice she asked, "Do you want to put your big pee-pee in my pussy mister?" "Yes, bend over little girl." As she bent at the waist, Michael got behind her and slipped his cock into her tight pussy.

Holding her hips as tight as he could, he fucked her hard. She came twice in ten minutes. Then he pulled his cock out of her and squirted cum on to her butt, and her back.

She sat down on the shower seat, and pulled him over to her. Holding his butt cheeks and digging her nails into them, Miyoko took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him again as the water pelted his back. She knew how to do everything perfect. She was professor emeritus of sex, and could teach in any girl's college. It took almost a half hour, for him to cum, and when he did, there was only a little bit squirting into her mouth.

They got out of the shower, and dried each other off. It was exciting, as Miyoko seemed to be in love with his cock. In fact, it was beginning to get a little sore. His cock hadn't had this much attention, since he was fourteen and found his Dad's copy of the Kama-Sutra. In one month, he must have masturbated at least seventy times.

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He did it twice a day, sometimes three. Michael would sit on the commode, and lay the book open on the top of the hamper, being careful not to get it messy. His Dad never said anything, however Michael thought that he knew what was going on; probably because of the bent pages.

His mother even commented about the dark rings under Michael's eyes. Michael explained that it was due to the late hours and all of the homework he had. She even threatened to go to his school, and talk to the teachers about cutting back on the homework. From fourteen to twenty, he jacked off at least once a day, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It just didn't seem right to do it on those days for some reason. To Be Continued.