Jay lynn cant believe she took in the whole monster cock of shane diesel

Jay lynn cant believe she took in the whole monster cock of shane diesel
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Fbailey story number 421 The All Seeing Eye One Friday evening I was searching and searching the Internet when all of a sudden my computer went berserk. I had so many pop-up boxes opening up that I got scared. I started closing them just as fast as I could. I was fighting a loosing battle. Then all of a sudden things stopped and the boxes started closing themselves. I could not believe it. It was as if someone had taken over control of my machine.

Again I got scared. Finally only one box was still remaining on my screen.


It was a web cam picture of an empty bedroom. It was a girl's bedroom with pink wallpaper, a canopy bed, and lots of stuffed animals.

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It was boring looking at an empty room but I couldn't seem to help myself. I knew that if I closed it I would regret it.

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I decided to record the input and turned the video capture on. As I watched the empty room I saw a young girl walk in. She was facing her dresser as she pulled out a nightie to change into. She undressed all the way to her panties and then even they came off.


She stood there naked with her back to me. I admired her sweet little ass crack for a while before she put on her nightie and then got in bed.

Soon a woman came into the room and kissed the girl goodnight and then she left. The woman seemed very familiar. A while after that a man came into the room, kissed the girl goodnight, and then he too walked out of the room. I was just about to turn it off when the girl got out of bed and removed her nightie.

She got back on her bed and started playing with herself. Her hands were a blur as she finger fucked herself. She got a big dildo out of a drawer and was pounding it into her pussy violently. All of a sudden the man came into the room and grabbed the dildo. He fucked her with it and then threw it across the room and shoved his own cock into her.

The girl cried out, "Oh Daddy I love it when you fuck me like this." The man said, "Colleen I love your fourteen-year-old cunt.

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I really do." Colleen asked, "Is it better than Mommy's cunt?" He replied, "You better believe it. You have the best cunt in Plymouth Meeting." Did I hear that right? Plymouth Meeting!

I live in Plymouth Meeting. It's a tiny little community in Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia along Interstate four seventy-six. Just then that fourteen-year-old girl named Colleen reminded me of the girl that lived next door to me. I listened intently. I watched him grab onto that little girl and fuck the hell out of her as he told her that he was cumming.

Colleen said that she was cumming too. Right after that the man yelled, "Gale get you ass in here." The woman came back in and she was naked. The man said, "Suck my cum out of your daughter before she gets pregnant." I recognized that voice and I knew Gale was Colleen's mother.

Rick was her stepfather. I had my cock out and was stroking it while watching Gale eat her daughter's pussy. Rick kept moving Gale out of the way, checking her work, and slapping her ass to make her do a better job. He was quite violent about it too. However, each time she was pushed aside she got closer to the web cam and I got a better view of her.

Gale had her left nipple pierced with a silver ring and she had a small green parakeet or parrot tattooed just above her left areola. Her pussy was shaved clean too. I watched her suck cum out of her daughter's pussy and get spanked for not doing a good enough job for close to an hour. Finally he slapped her hard across her face knocking her to the floor and then he kicked her several times, but I couldn't see it because of the camera angle.

Gale left, Colleen got in bed, and Rick turned out the light as he left the room. After that nothing happened so I stopped the video capture and went to bed. However, I set my alarm to get up early and left my computer tuned in to that site.

+++++ When I woke up Saturday morning I went right to my computer to see what was happening and turned on the video capture again. Colleen was still asleep so I took a quick shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and got back just in time for Gale to enter the room and wake Colleen up. Colleen looked up at her mother and said, "Mommy, did Daddy hurt you real bad last night?" Gale said, "No honey, he just got mad at me and wanted to punish me." Colleen said, "How come he never fucks you anymore?" Gale replied, "Because he likes little girls like you better than he likes me." Colleen asked, "Did you know that when you married him?" Gale replied, "No honey, I thought he loved me.

Now I know that he just used me to get to you. This isn't the first time that he has done this either." Colleen asked, "Can you stop him from fucking me?" Gale cried and said, "I don't think so honey." Both girls cried while hugging one another. I knew from living next door to them for so long that Rick was off playing golf. Every Saturday come rain or snow he was at that golf course. One time he showed me the special florescent orange balls that he used in the snow. Then he showed me golf balls that he used at night too.

They had a hole in them that he could slip a tiny glow stick into. They literally glowed in the dark. Rick was the most devoted golfer that I had ever run into. I played with him just once and that was once too many. He cheated counting strokes, he cheated finding his ball in the rough, and he even cheated in the bar at the nineteenth hole. Now I knew that he beat his wife and fucked his stepdaughter too. I turned off the video capture when the girls left the room.

I sat on my back porch and waited for them to come out and sunbathe like they usually did on a sunny summer day. I waited until they got settled on their mats before going over. They smiled as I approached.

I looked down at them lying on their backs. Their breasts looked slightly flattened out, their tummies sunk in, and their love mounds projected perfectly.

Gale had several dark bruises on her ribs. I asked, "Do you want me to kill him?" Gail's eyes opened so wide that I thought that they would pop out of her head.

She said, "Excuse me." I looked at Colleen and asked, "How long has Rick been fucking you?" Colleen said, "He started on my thirteenth birthday." Crying, Gale said, "I can't stop him." I said, "I can." Then I went back in my house.

+++++ The following Saturday a sniper bullet took him out on the fourteenth hole. It was a clean shot to the head. None of the three guys playing golf with him had heard a thing, all that they saw was his head exploding and his body falling to the ground.

I was questioned by the police, but released. I had the perfect alibi. I was in Baltimore at my parent's house all weekend. Several relatives were there with me at the time of the shooting. The police seemed very interested in the fact that I had been a sniper during my military career.

The following Saturday I was out on my back porch waiting for them to come out and sunbathe. Colleen came out alone, she smiled at me, and then she came over to me.

She said, "Thank you." Then she walked back over to her house. +++++ Two weeks later the two girls came out in their bikinis and lay down in their backyard.

Gale smiled and nodded while Colleen waved at me. I walked over and asked them if I could be of any help. Gale said, "You've been enough help already." Colleen said, "Mommy needs you.

She needs a real man in her life. She needs to be fucked on a regular basis. She can't even masturbate any more." Gale said, "Shut to fuck up you little tattle tail." +++++ That night as I was looking at my monitor it went berserk again, leaving me with an image of Colleen's bedroom. Gale was lying on the bed next to Colleen crying. They were talking about how much they missed Colleen's real father, Gale's first husband. They had been high school sweethearts.

Colleen had been born just a couple of months after they graduated. No wonder Gale looked so young, she was.

They talked about how terrible the accident was that took his life about two years ago. They talked about the loneliness and how Rick had come into their lives. Everything was fine. They had a whirlwind courtship and were married less than three months after meeting one another.

The last time that Rick fucked her was on her wedding night. After that all he wanted was Colleen. A week later he gave her, her birthday present, his cock in her virgin cunt.

Then every night for thirteen months and thirteen days he fucked her until the day he died. Afterwards he would make her mother suck his sperm out. It must have worked because she never got pregnant.

Colleen said, "Every time he fucked me I wished that someone would blow his head off. I just never expected it to happen." Their conversation turned to how Gale was not allowed to pleasure herself at all and that now it was still impossible for her to insert anything into her pussy or finger her clit to orgasm.

Colleen offered to give her an orgasm but Gale refused. Then Colleen suggested that I take care of her mother's sexual needs. Gale admitted that she really liked me a lot, and that I made her pussy tingle whenever she was out in her yard in her bikini.

She said that if Rick hadn't swept her off her feet that she would have tried to seduce me. Colleen told her that it wasn't too late. I listened to them plot my seduction the following day and I smiled.

+++++ I was sitting on my back porch as usual when the two girls came out. Gale had on a new bikini, a thong bikini, a string bikini.

It was also meant for a much younger girl, like maybe four years old. Gale boldly walked over to me and asked me what I thought of her new bikini. I looked at the tiny triangles covering her nipples. I could see her dark areolas sticking out all around those triangles of material. She turned ever so slowly to show me a string not much bigger than a kite string holding everything together. The sides and back were tied in perfect little bows like my shoelaces. Her ass was amazing, as was the rest of her body.

Her pussy had been shaved bald and recently too. The tiny triangle of material down there was not doing anything but covering her clit. I said, "I love it. I absolutely love it. If I had a poster of you in that bikini I would stick it to the ceiling over my bed to jerk off too." Gale said, "I'd be pleased to wait while you get your camera." I smiled and went into the house.

After eavesdropping on them I had run out last night to purchase a new camera with the most mega pixels that I could find, knowing what she was going to do to me. It was fully charged and ready to go. When I came out Gale was smiling and struck a nice pose for me, however I didn't want my garage in the background. She moved out into my yard for pictures, she stood near my bushes, near my big oak tree, and then against my classic car.

When I suggested that she lay down in the grass for some pictures she suggested my bed instead. Bingo!

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She had reached her goal, finally. She followed me into my house and up to my bedroom.


She sat on the side of my bed and I took pictures of her. She did lay back with her head propped up on my pillow and then she opened her legs telling me to get a good picture of her to look up at. When I told her that I had captured the perfect picture she told me that hadn't. As I looked at her Gale pulled all of the strings releasing both pieces of her bikini. Then she tossed it on my floor. She was right the perfect picture was still to be taken.

It wasn't too long before I was inside her willing pussy, lying on her hard nipples, and kissing her passionate lips. Mine was only the third cock to ever enter her love tunnel. Without a good fuck in over a year her pussy needed my cock. It had a mind of its own. We all know that men are ruled by their penises but Gale was being ruled by her pussy.

That thing had a mind of its own. It literally sucked on my cock, squeezing it as if it were her mouth. Her pussy was giving me a blowjob. We just held onto one another and let our sex organs do their thing.

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Without any movement on our part I had a climax and she had an orgasm. It was as close to a religious experience that either of us had ever had. We both felt drained and cuddled.

Two hours later I heard Colleen calling out for her mother. I nudged Gale and she partially opened her eyes, smiled at me, and then she kissed me passionately. Colleen called out again. Gale said, "In here honey." Colleen entered my bedroom. Her mother and I were lying on the bed naked. My cock was standing at attention.

Colleen sat down next to me and asked, "So Mom how was it?" Gale replied, "It was everything that I had imagined and more. You won't believe this but my cunt fucked his cock without either of us moving." Colleen said, "See I told you, you're soul mates.

Can I watch him fuck you again?" Gale just smiled as I climbed over and between her legs inserting my cock into her once again. That time I fucked her or rather I shoved my cock into her repeatedly.

She moaned in pleasure, she growled like a puppy dog, and then she sang praises to God as her orgasm took over her very existence. I filled her up like a gas pump until her tank was full. Colleen giggled and jumped on her mother's stomach and kissed her. It had been a very long time since the two of them had giggled and felt happy.

The two girls stayed with me for the rest of the day. I made love to Gale two more times that day with Colleen cheering us on. After dark Gale just walked home leaving her tiny bikini with me. She said that she would return to get it. Later that night I was at my computer when Colleen's bedroom magically appeared again.

I listened to the girls talk about me. Gale said that she was already in love with me and would marry me if I asked her. Then the screen fluttered off. +++++ The next morning I took the girls breakfast in bed. I woke Gale and together we went into Colleen's bedroom. Gale got in bed with her daughter and I served them breakfast. As they ate I looked around the room for the computer but I didn't find one.

Instead I saw an old-fashioned web cam that looked like it belonged in a museum. I took it off the shelf and asked, "What does this attach too?" Colleen said, "Nothing. My father put it there just before he died.

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He said that it was the All Seeing Eye and that he would watch over me forever." I asked Gale, "What did your husband do in the service?" Gale said, "He was some sort of rifle expert.

He was an instructor. He taught snipers how to do their job, you know sit and wait for hours, one bullet one kill, and all that sort of stuff." Yes, I knew very well what she was saying. I had trained at that same facility back in my day. After I took the dirty dishes home and let the girls get ready so that I could take them to the zoo I checked my compute files.

Those two recordings that I had made of Colleen's stepfather were nothing but static snow.

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There was nothing there, no picture, and no sound. While I waited for the girls to join me on my back porch I let my mind wonder. Thirteen months and thirteen days, a web cam that wasn't connected to anything, and files of things that I had seen being blank were just some of them. Colleen wishing that her stepfather's head would be blown off and it happening, her father being a sniper, and him promising to look out for her.

Had he sent me to them? Perhaps I should ask her to marry me. The End The All Seeing Eye 421