Ava addams mckenzie lee preston parker in my friends hot mom hot story

Ava addams mckenzie lee preston parker in my friends hot mom hot story
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I was just walking in the woods, rocking out to the Black Veil Brides. I was in my classic Goth look. Black tank top, cargo pants, fedora, Converse, socks, and even my nails were painted black. From under my tank top you could clearly see the straps of a black sports bra and from the top of my cargo pants; you could just see the top of a pair of black panties.

On my head sat a black fedora and around my neck was a black cross. The only thing that wasn't black was my blue lensed John Lennon-style glasses. I paused for a moment to take a breath, my pulse, and grab a sip from my water bottle. I had used one of those little packet things to turn a bottle of water in fruit punch.

I pretty much looked like the ultimate vampire. Well, except for my waist.

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I had always been on the heavier side. But I didn't care, I might be a little heavy, but I was still healthy. After placing the bottle back in my pocket I kept walking. I loved the woods; it was always so calm and peaceful. I could be alone. And right now, that was what I needed. My best friend was ignoring me because she didn't approve of my relationship (even though I supported her with every relationship she'd EVER had) my mother had jus lashed out at me in a drunken rage, telling me I was worthless, and my boyfriend had decided to break up with me, calling me childish and telling me to grow up.

I was in a state of misery. Luckily the shade of the woods provided me some comfort. I soon came upon the darkest part of woods. So dark that sometimes I had to check the time to remember if it was afternoon of evening. I was just walking along when all of a sudden I felt a hand grabbed my wrists and my hands were jerked behind me. I opened to scream but I heard a voice in my ear.

"Scream and you die. Besides, who would hear you?" So I closed my mouth. "Good girl." He moved one hand down my waist to my thigh before moving it to grope my ass. "Well well. You are a big girl aren't you? But that's ok I like 'em big." He moved his lips to my earlobe which he gently nibbled on. I kept trying to resist him but I had to bit my lip to keep from moaning.

"It's ok baby. Moan all you want. There's nobody around." He gently bit down again and a soft but audible moan escaped my lips. "That's my girl. Now come on." He gripped my wrists tightly and began dragging me along, off the main path and onto a hidden one I had never seen before. All the while I was crying and begging him, "Please, let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone." His only reply was "Shhhh. Shush. Stay quiet and this will go a lot smoother." I shut my mouth but the tears were still streaming down my cheeks.

We finally reached a cabin. It wasn't large but it certainly wasn't small. He opened the door and half shoved half led me inside. Despite the fact I had been kidnapped to have god only knows what done to me here, I admit it was nice. There was a hallway which led to other rooms. We were standing in what looked like some sort of den.

He turned away from me and locked the door from the inside. I stood there, terrified of what was to come next. He finally turned to face me with a smirk on his face.

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"There now, isn't that better." I was shaking I was so terrified. "Hey now, relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise. Well, unless you anger or disobey me." "What…what do you want with me?" He smiled and began moving towards me. "It's not what I want from you. I don't want anything from you. I just want you." He wrapped his arms around my waist. In the light of the cabin I could finally see him. He was darkly handsome. So handsome it almost made me forget he had just kidnapped me.

Almost. His hair was chocolate colored and curled slightly. A few hung in front of his eyes. His eyes.

They were a deep, almost maroon, red. They were ablaze with lust but behind that lust was love. His cheeks were perfectly chiseled like his chin. He had a slight chin dimple I had always found sexy in a guy. I realized JUST how tall he was. He stood nearly two heads taller than me. I realized now, he wasn't wearing a shirt. His body was well toned and sculpted, like a god. His arms around me were incredibly firm and well toned. He only wore a pair of black jeans and Converse, just like mine.

Before I could speak again, he pressed his lips to mine. I was shocked. He tasted of peppermint and something else. He moved his tongue into my mouth and that was when I realized it, blood. Years of being beaten up at school I could taste blood in my mouth. My brain was screaming to push him away but I found my hands gripping the back of his head to draw him even closer.

He finally pulled away. "What…What are you?" He smiled, showing all of his teeth including two gleaming white fangs. I gasped. "Isn't it obvious?" "You're a…a…" "Vampire?

Why yes, I am. And have been for quite some time. Physically, I'm 26 as that was how old I was when I was turned but in reality, I'm centuries older. My name is Alex." "What did you mean when you said that you want me?" His eyes lit up with amusement. "Exactly what I said. I want you. I've been watching you for a few months now. The woods provided an excellent cover. I've seen you and I've listened to your issues. I've seen how dark you are and I want to make you mine.

Forever." I squirmed out of his grip and turned away from him. "But…no…I can't. I have a life." He chuckled slightly. "Do you, now? From what I sensed your life is kind of going nowhere." I felt him wrap his arms around me. "Friends ignoring you, a mother who thinks you're worthless, an ex who thinks you're childish.

And not only that, I've heard your other issues, school, bullying, life, everything. I can help. Give into me and I can give you everything you've ever wanted. Love, companionship, adventure, and the master you've always wanted." "How did you know…?" "I told you I've seen into your soul. I know that deep down, all you want is a dominating male who can treat you like the little whore you are while also showing you romance.

Give yourself to me and I can be that and more." He began placing gentile kisses on my earlobe and on my neck. "Give me one night. Let me show you what it can be like and I promise by the end of it, you'll be begging for me." I sighed, what did I have to lose? "Fine, one night." I could feel him smile.

"That's my girl. For the rest of the night I want you to call me Master. Understand?" "Yes, Master." He turned me in his embrace and once again pressed his lips into mine. And this time, I greedily accepted his tongue and pushed mine into his mouth. We remained lip-locked for what seemed like eternity before I finally needed to breathe and pulled away.

"Wow." Was all I could say. "C'mon. I'll show you around. Oh wait. There's one thing I forgot to do." He reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone. He quickly popped out the SIM card and handed it back to me. "I want no distractions while you're here." He then took my hand and I realized his touch was like ice and fire at the same time. He led me down through the house showing me the kitchen, bathroom, library, and finally his bedroom. It was beautiful. The walls were a crimson red as was the carpet.

The king sized bed in the center was decorated with black sheets that, upon running my hand over them, were made of the finest silk. 4 posts held up a giant canopy with black netting. It looked like my dream room. Although, I was curious.

"What? No coffin?" I chuckled and he smirked. "Don't believe all your fairy tales. We don't all sleep in coffins. I've met a few that do but I don't find them comfortable. Especially sharing one with someone else." These words sent a shiver through my spine. We left the bedroom and returned to the den.

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I sat down and he brought me a glass of water. He sat down next to me. "So what other vampire myths are just those?" "Hmm.

Well the garlic thing for starters. We obviously drink blood but we can still eat human food, but only for enjoyment. The stake through the heart is DEFINITLEY not true.


Unless you decapitate us and remove our hearts there's no real way to kill us. The sunlight thing is only sort of true.

It won't kill us but it does hurt us. Me going out in the sun would be like you getting a bullet. I'd survive but It'd hurt like a mother fucker." "Interesting so what is true?" "Well, obviously the blood.


Ha-ha. But also super speed and super strength. But after that, not much." He then moved his hand to my thigh. Without even realizing it, I bit my lip.

Signaling I was turned on. "But you know the sex between a human and a vampire is pretty rough. But sex between two vampires is much better than two humans." "Master, please. I'm not sure." "Why not? I know you're turned on. And I know you're as dark as me.

And I promise I can be the perfect lover. All it takes is one bite." He began moving his mouth closer to my neck. "No, please no." I begged but made no movement to push him away.

He took in a deep breath. "Your blood, it smells so…delectable. And once I bite you, you will become mine forever. My mate, my lover, my slut, my sex slave.

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And you're not going to mind one bit, are you?" My voice was quivering. "No, master." At that moment, his fangs slipped painlessly into my jugular and I felt him drinking me. But at the same time as I felt my blood leaving me, I felt his essence entering me. My eyelids became heavier and I slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

I don't know how long I was gone. I awoke quite groggily. I tried to move my arms but found I could not. I was instantly awake. I looked around and saw that both my arms and legs had been tied to the posts.

I felt a cold breeze on my body. Oh crap, I'm naked!


I looked around to see I was in Alex's room. I cried out "Alex! Alex this isn't cool! Let me go you freak!" From the dark corner of the room I heard a deep dark voice. "That is not my name to you." Alex stepped out of the shadows, revealing that he was wearing only a red silk robe.

"What is going on here?" "I thought this is what you wanted; to be tied to a bed and treated like a little slut." "Yes, but…" "But what? Now it can come true. Look at you, lying tied to a bed, naked before a vampire. And feel inside your mouth." I moved my tongue over my teeth and felt two new long fangs.

I gasped. "Welcome to the land of the undead, love." He leaned over and forced his lips against mine. He gently bit down on my lip, but I could taste the blood. He ran his tongue over the bite. I felt a shiver go up my spine. "So sweet." He stood up and removed his robe, revealing the rest of him. His cock was at least 7 inches long and looked 2 or 3 inches around. It stood at half mast. "You like?" I nodded. "Good. Behave and I'll make sure you enjoy everything." He crawled onto the bed and sat back on his heels.

He stared at my pussy for a few seconds and I could feel my juices running down into my ass. I wanted him so bad. He knelt his face down to my cunt and flicked his tongue over my clit, making me moan in pleasure. "Oh yes. Master, yes" He probed his tongue into my virgin love tunnel. No man had ever touched me there. IT felt so wonderful.

He continued moving his tongue in and out of me and I could feel an orgasm building. "Oh master, I'm going to cum." "Yes. Cum for me slut. Cum for your master." And in that instant I released in probably the most shaking orgasm I had ever experienced. I coated his face with my juices which he licked from his lips.

My body was trembling from the intensity of the orgasm. It was pure bliss. He stared down at me for a moment, smiling. I had clearly pleased him. He moved to undo my binds. "Because you have been such a good slut, I've decided to be generous and rather than simply fuck you, I'll make love to you.

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Would you like that, slave?" I nodded my head. "Oh yes, master. Please." My arms were finally free and I was able to move them. He lay beside me and brought me into his arms. He stared into my eyes and I became lost in his. He smirked. "That's a good little whore." And he moved his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. His tongue moved into my mouth and I reveled in the taste of myself, still sitting on his lips.

I was in heaven. I never wanted it to end. To be continued.