Kandee Lixxx cunt is so wet that you can hear the juices sloshing around

Kandee Lixxx cunt is so wet that you can hear the juices sloshing around
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Just two days after our extraordinary meeting at the local summer metal festival I phoned Jane.

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I did not have much choice really as I simply was not able to stop masturbating constantly, remembering depraved deeds we did, the smell of her unwashed hairy crotch, the taste of her piss and most of all the taste and odour of her shit covered anus.

It was like a drug. I was hooked and I needed more. She agreed to meet me at a pub in the evening. I was extremely excited, waiting for the time to pass and trying not to masturbate again.

When I entered the pub she was already there, sitting at the table in corner, cute and small, pale skinned, black haired and dressed in sexy tight black clothes. We were both a bit awkward and shy at the begging, but we were downing beer after beer at an incerdible rate, which definitely helped.

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After less than two hours of meaningless conversation about music our table was full of empty beer bottles and we were both completely drunk.

Initial awkwardness soon gave way to drunk horny teasing and soon I reached between her thighs and started caressing her pussy through her tight spandex pants. But she took the initiative again, grabbed my hand and pulled me after her to the toilets. We were so horny we did not even lock ourselves in the stall. I just pulled her pants down, right there before the sinks and bent her over. Luckily no one else was there. I started to lick her ass and was a bit disappointed it was very clean this time.

But as I penetrated it with my finger I was pleasantly surprised that she was very full. When I pulled my finger out of her it was completely covered in shit. I unzipped my pants, spit on my cock and pushed it in all the way. She sobbed, but drunk horny anal slut that she was, she really enjoyed rough and fast ass pounding.

Her shit served as a lube. After a couple of minutes she couldn't take it anymore and started to shit while I was fucking her ass. Intoxicated by the smell I pushed my shit covered index finger in her mouth and while she was sucking it clean I came deep in her bowels. We swiftly dressed and left that pub. The last thing I remember was the floor of that toilet, covered with shit and occasional drops of cum.


Needlessly to say I did not dare to show in that pub for next few years. I took Jane to my place that night and she continued to visit me often. We usually did get drunk or took some designer drugs two or three times a week next few months and we always had a filthy kinky sex devoid of any boring vanilla cliches.

But then, after few months of this weird relationship, Jane once came to my place with a riding crop in her glowed hand. She explained to me, that she enjoyed our kinky sessions but she wanted to take it a step forward. "I want you to be my bitch" she said with a serious voice, devoid of any emotion.

"From now on you will do as I say. You will be regularly chained and whipped and will obey my every word." I was a bit afraid, but the thought to be a worthless slave of this depraved doll made me very hard.

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So I agreed. At first she usually just tied me up and whipped me with the crop until I was black and blue. After that we proceeded with our dirty sex as before. But bit after bit this started to change. She was becoming more and more dominant and even filthier than before. Every week she introduced a new rule to our relationship.

Thus after first week of me being her bitch, she declared she will stop showering when she is at my place and instead I will have to clean her from toes to her hairy armpits with my tongue. Soon she stopped showering already a day or two before she came to visit me. The first thing she did when she came to my place was get naked and sit on my face, knowing that her hairy crotch was smelling terribly.

But somehow I learned to love the taste of her unwashed pussy and ass and even today, many years later, every time I lick a clean pussy I long for that fishy, cheesy smell and sweet-sour taste of her filty vagina. But my training as Jane's bitch has only just begun. One week she declared she will stop using toilet paper and every time she will have to go to the toilet I will have to accompany her and clean her with my tongue.

Of course I will have to thank her afterwards. I must admit I loved this duty.

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There is nothing sexier than the taste of the urine drops you have to suck form your mistress beaver and no dark chocolate has the bitter taste as delicate as the brown smears on the asshole of the godess. But all this still was not enough for her. Once I came home from the university late in the evening. Tired and hungry I went in the kitchen but what I found there left me frozen with surprise.

Jane and my flatemate Mary, an extremely hot red head in her early twenties, were there, waiting for me, each with her own pink strapon pointing menacingly towards me. "You thought you can fuck my ass but I can't yours?" Jane said giggling "I talked with Mary while I waited for you and we found out we would both love to see how it is to have a penis.

So we bought these" she pointed towards their large pink dildos. "Now come here and start sucking her of." I tried to talk my way out of this but she would have non of it. She slapped my face with a riding crop, grabbed me by my long hair and pushed my head towards Mary's strapon. I had no choice but to suck it. While I was gagging on Mary's strapon Jane came from behind, pulled down my trousers and started to lick my asshole.

She slowly penetrated me with two fingers and massaged my prostate. Meanwhile she menacingly squeezed my balls every time I tried to pull Mary's dildo out of my throat.

After few minutes Mary pulled her pink strapon out of my mouth but immediately Jane forced her much larger monster into my throat. Meanwhile Mary mounted me from behind and started pounding my moist asshole without mercy. It was painful and humiliating but I soon entered some kind of altered state of mind.

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It was like some kind of out of the body experience, a blissful void of mind. In this state I was not even able to object when Mary and Jane swapped places and I suddenly found myself sucking on a strapon covered in layers of my own shit, while my arse was being destroyed by Jane's huge dildo tearing my sphincter apart with only my saliva and ass juices as lubricant. I lost the track of time. I lost even the sense of self, while Jane and Mary were switching places, pounding my throat and my anus simultaneously.


At some point I must have shit myself and I threw up at least three times. Needles to say, this did not stop those two amazonian torturers from continuing until they both came from strapons rubbing on their clits. I was left lying on the kitchen floor, half conscious, covered in shit and vomit.

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I had to clean everything and wash the floor before Jane told me that I was a good bitch and allowed me to masturbate while licking her feet. She than pulled a device of pure evil, a steel cock cage, out of her bag and locked me in.

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Thus I became her bitch completely. Every time she came to visit me she gave me more humiliating or painful task and I had no choice but to fulfill them, for this was the only way she would unlock my penis, throbbing with unbearably painful erections in that tiny steel cage, and allow me to come.

If you want to read how my sweet torture continued and became even more extreme let me know, I might find time to continue with this perverted autobiography.