Anal penetration and pussy masturbation

Anal penetration and pussy masturbation
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Jan walked home with me, Joy saw the look on our faces and knew straight away we had been fucking, no sooner had we walked in than Jan stripped of and told Joy about our fun, saying she hoped it was ok, her seducing me. Joy laughed and said, he's been dying to play with your tits since you moved in, so I knew it would most likely happen one day, with that Joy gave Jan a big cuddle and a kiss to show her all was right, again Jan responded by kissing Joy back and touching her tits saying, he's lucky he's got a nice set of boobs to play with any time too.


I left the girls saying I was going to do my house work, our code for me to clean out my butt, Joy and Jan both stood kissing as I walked away, It takes me awhile to get internally clean, so when I returned to the lounge it was no surprise to not see the girls, so I walked quietly into the bed room, Jan was on top of Joy, her big tits swaying as she ate out Joys pussy, who was also returning the favour at the other end.

My cock grew with the sight before me, Jan saw me and smiled, I moved towards them, Joy's face was covered in juices from Jan's orgasm, my cock aimed at her pussy was helped by Joy, her mouth wetting my cock to start it 's journey in, as I fucked Jan, Joy licked my balls, within seconds Jan's pussy clamped my cock hard, as she rocketed though another orgasm, a stream of juices flooded Joys face and body, but she kept her tongue going, until Jan came down.

It was then Jan said to me, "On your knee's "my cock slipped from the pussy and we moved so I could kneel on the bed, and told not to look back, both girls talking quietly behind me, I knew they were planning to fuck my ass, but who?. As the tip of my vibe went in, I had a feeling it was Joy, then as the speed built up I knew she was showing Jan how I could take it all, my anal orgasm followed with a loud grown, as Joy got into top gear and fucked me hard.

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Jan then got under me sucking my cock as my ass took a good pounding, although it would be my forth for the day, my cock was close to exploding with the attention I was getting from these two woman. Between orgasm I asked Jan if she wanted to try fucking my ass, like I had hers, she slide out and just as quick they changed, the vibe started its way back in, this time Jan was in control, knowing that my orgasm hit quick, one after another they flowed, as Jan began to really get into the swing of fucking my ass.

She pounded me for some time, then I felt her slowing, so I asked Joy to fist me, this got a gasp from Jan, the vibe pulled out and Joys fingers explored my hungry hole, then I pushed back hard, her hand went in and soon 3 or 4 inches of her arm followed.

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Jan was making sounds of disbelief as joy worked my anus to the max, my orgasm now one continuous flow. I took my time, then said, want to try, as I looked at Jan, her eyes were on stalks as Joys arm kept up its onslaught, then a muffled yes, came from her open mouth.

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I saw Joy lube Jan's hand, and help her get her fingers into my anus, then like joy I gave one hard push and her hand popped in fully. Jan froze with the strange feeling of her fist in my ass, so I began to move back and forth slowly to let her know all was ok, soon her fingers began to move inside me and she took over pumping my ass, my first anal orgasm with her fist let her know she was doing it right too.

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After several more orgasm Joy put her fingers in my ass too, Jan stopped pumping, but Joy told her to carry on, then slowly Joys fingers worked in further and further, with one last hard push she had her fist inside me too, Jan then let out a very loud, 'OH WOW', I could feel the girls touching hands inside my anus, right before another orgasm ripped my body. They double fisted me for a short time, then both pulled their hands out, laying before me I kissed them both and thanked them for a great fuck, Jan was kind of in shock saying she never knew a ass could open up so much, I replied, some of my toys are just as big, or bigger.

We rest and talked about the day's fun, Jan was in awe of our relationship and the sexual fun we had, and especially us both being bi, I told her if she was game we would set up a group fuck with 6 or 7 bi guys and for them to fuck us all, maybe more if the timing was right, her eyes lit up and she didn't blink for ages, then said 'are you joking", we both told her we love bi groups, and the guys know how to fuck us in every hole and any way they want too.

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Jan asked about the toys, we pulled them out and she nearly fell over, the big 12 inch dildo took her eye, I told her that was my favourite, especially when Joy fucks me with it, of course she asked for a demo. This time Joy put the strap on.

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On Jan, and slipped the 12 inch dildo in, the weight took her by surprise at it is heavy, with more lube I back up to her, Joy helped start it in my ass then Jan pushed hard, all 12 inch's went in with loud gasp from me. She took pride fucking me hard for 5 minutes or more, before pulling it out, and shoving her fist back in, this time she made me cum very quick, my ass was sensitive from all the fun.

After giving me a great fisting she lay under me in a 69, I ate her out for another good orgasm, while I was doing that, I used one of my smaller toys and slide it up her ass, as Joy played with Jan's huge tits, this sent Jan into one long orgasm, then with little bit of cum might have been in my balls, I flipped Jan over, shoving my cock deep up her ass and within seconds sent the last of my cum up her ass.


As we rested Joy asked if she did want to join us in a group bi fuck, with a bit of hesitation she said yes, We told her we could set a session up for a week night, and hold it at a mates house, she would have to tell Dave her and Joy were going to a ladies night out, or something, but often we played till 2 or 3 am, a huge smile and a nice big kiss let us know we had got her juices going again.