Fast time saxx full bolad

Fast time saxx full bolad
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***TRIXIE*** "Finally! So close to being with her! All alone for as long as we please. I can imagine how this will turn out and I REALLY like it." I thought to myself and giggled somewhat naughtily. Laying back my head I said to myself and scratching behind my ears I thought, "Ooooh, it's driving me crazy just thinking about it!" as I closed my shockingly ice-like blue eyes and my petite paw-hands wandered to my high, perky, firm, round tits around a C1/2-cup, fondling them, playing with the fur, and pinching my nipples gently.

My hands then betrayed me and started slowly roaming down my smooth stomach fur, then ever so gently along each hip bone making me shiver in pleasure.

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Slowly, my hands pushed my blanket down exposing my petite, thin, but healthy, hourglass figure. My fur glistened in the light.

My right hand continued its path while my left returned higher to my right breast, massaging it while tweaking the nipple and gently tugging the fur.

Meanwhile, my other hand slid further down to start making gyrations on my clit. As a small moan sneaked out from between my lips I thought, "Oh Gods! I can't wait till she gets here!" Then my hands betrayed me further as my middle finger slid in and out of my tight, wet little pussy. Then my finger slowly glided in and out, gradually increasing in intensity, as my other hand grew rougher with my breast and I dug my claws in some. Now my body was starting to tingle and tense with pure pleasure and anticipation for what could only mean one thing.

"NO!!!" I blurted aloud, accidentally, as I sat straight up and jerked my hands away from myself, planting them on the bed to either side of me. "Can't cum until she gets here. She would not be pleased." I mumbled as my eyes wandered to my closet. "But teasing wouldn't be all bad.

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Be good and wet for her. That would please her very well." I thought as I headed over to the closet, tail high up just as she liked it, careful not to trip on my chain, and glanced at the clock and sighed, "Just one hour." then opened the door.

There sat a large wooden chest. I had designed it with leather and wood working just for this. It was covered with intricate designs carved into the wood of the chest with leather straps wrapping over the top and linking to intricately designed buckles on the front that held it closed. "The greatest idea ever, that's what will be used. Just can't get on it yet, but it can be prepared." A grin spread across my face as I chose the pieces I wanted.

Walking over to it, I adjusted the mount for the harness down to a comfortable place to where I could set it up and get in place when she got here. I put the best chastity type belt in place and locked it in then slid the dildos in, screwing them into place. Then I tugged on the bars for her to hold, if she wished, to make sure they were firmly installed and wouldn't pull out when she got rough.

Didn't budge a bit. So, I applied the lube to the back one and put a little on the tip of the front one. I slid the bullet in place, switch exposed through the opening in the leather. Then put all the remotes in their places by her chair where she would like them.

The remotes were labeled: Bullet, Pussy, Ass, and then just a cute but kind of naughty smiley on the other. This was the second remote for the height adjustments and also had an unknown button on it.

Mounting all the shackles in place, I opened them then placed the keys over by her chair as well. Then, I got the cock gag out and put it in place on the wall so that it just needed lifted and fastened into place.

Next, the chair was turned to be facing the contraption I installed while she was gone. "OH! In case she wants these!" I put the nipple/clit clamps, their remote, the playtime-whip, and the blind fold by her chair as well. Then I stepped back and looked at my masterpiece. As I stared, I got so wet that it started soaking my thighs just from looking at it. "Well. I suppose I could go ahead and put the clips on it's only." I looked at the clock, ".like ten minutes till she gets here.

I must hurry when she gets here.Or, I could get started now." "Hmm, how to do this without help?" After some contemplation I decided I should start with the simple things.

I picked up the clamps by the meeting of the three chains and held it there while attaching it with my other hand to the right places, moaning a little as each attached. Next came the hard part. I walked over and turned to face the room and attached the shackles to my feet then slowly slid onto the dildos, careful not to go to fast no matter how difficult it was. My eyes rolled back as I felt the two cocks fill both of my holes and moaned a little.

By this point I was already soaking the leather of the belt with my juices. I fastened it around me, feeling the bullet that was turned off press against my clit and labia. Then I grabbed the switch that dangled from the wall and held the cord in my teeth as I wrapped the gag around my neck so it just needed moved into place.

This gag was special made as well. It too had a dildo in it but just snapped in, easy to take out of the gag, but, this gag would hold my mouth open after it was removed so she could do whatever she pleased.

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Thinking about this only made me even wetter. I shackled my tail to the wall then reached up and put my right hand in place, locking the shackle.

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The sound of the back door closing echoed in my head as I nearly came from knowing she was close. I quickly raised the contraption to be lifting me off the ground, pulling the chains of my leg shackles taught as my usual ankle chain dangled intertwining with it.

Then I pulled the chains for my wrist shackles so that they would be taught as well and locked them in place. Next, I slid the gag in my mouth and down my throat and hooked it on the proper wall adjustment to hold my head in place. I quickly got my left hand up and semi-closed the shackle as the door swung open and Mistress walked into the room. She looked at her favorite chair immediately confused, then the labeled remotes, then she saw me.

little me all strung up, naked, full, and waiting. ***PAINE** I walk into my bedroom expecting my slave to be asleep and to get to wake her up and see something very unexpected. "Well well well Trixie, aren't you the little inventor?" I say as I tap her nose gently, grinning naughtily.

"Oh, shame shame, you didn't get me an outfit out." I pick up the whip and snap it hard across her thighs, leaving a nearly bleeding welt.

"BAD BITCH!. But I do like this contraption." I decide to investigate it and discover that there are two dildos so, I twist them around a little and get wet as I watch her squirm. I notice the new gag and see it has balls hanging from it so I pull it out quickly, making her gag a little and look at the cock and realize her mouth is still open. So I look inside and see the ring. "Well, I like this." I slide the cock in and out of her mouth some then shove it back in, making her gag again as I lock it in place.

I tug on the loop over her belly button that leads to the clamps "Oh, how I love this little feature," I say as I twist it causing it to tighten and she lets out a muffled moan and somewhat nods her head. "Well, I suppose I'll have to pick something out myself then." Then I notice the loose shackle and slam it shut and grab her by her throat. "BAD! You aren't in all the way!" And spray her with some water.

I unbutton my work shirt and pull it off to show large over DD cup breasts that are still fairly firm on my tall, shapely body and lean, somewhat toned torso with a fairly small waist.

Then the bra comes off and I peek over to see my slave staring at me with eyes full of lust at my tits and I bounce some which makes her squirm as I see her juices soak through and run down her legs. "Are you wanting some of this bitch?" I pinch my erect nipples and shake my breasts at her, making her let out a cute little moan.

A devious smile spreads across my face as I tell her how it is "Well tough you nasty whore, you have to wait!" And I hit her lightly with the whip from across the room. Next I pull down my pants and bend over all the way facing away from her so that my cunt shows some through my lacy black panties. I decide to wiggle my heart shaped ass at her then pull down my pants the rest of the way to show my long, shapely legs, and pull them over my dress shoes. Next I slip off my shoes and pull down the panties and put them on her face so she can smell my wetness.

"I bet you love that don't ya?

Love smelling my pussy, hmm?" She nods her head again as she rolls her blue eyes back, breathing in deeply and I yank them off her face and smack her. "You're so fucking nasty." I cause the gag to release from the wall so her head hangs limp to the side some so you can see her red cheek.

I caress her cute little face and lift it and kiss her forehead. "What should I wear?" I say as she looks into my crimson eyes then I throw her head to the side. So I walk back over to the closet and begin digging through it and find one of my personal favorites and pull out the pile of leather. I pull on the black corset and tighten it, causing my breasts to get pushed up and even more together.


Then, I put on the black thigh-highs and attach them to the garter. Then I pull on the leather panties that zip open to be crotchless and fasten the back around my tail to keep it in place. I then put on some black, open toed stiletto shoes that have leather straps that wrap around my calf. Then just stand there for her to gaze upon in my full glory, switching my tail back and forth, and have my silver fox ears directly up. I walk over to my shirt and pull off the name tag labeled "Paine" and walk over to Trixie.

Holding it so the pin is pointed out the run the point over her tits leaving a streak that slowly begins to bleed under her calico fur. I run my fingers through my black, spiked hair and stare with enjoyment. "Mmm, have you been eating right?" My tongue runs over the wound causing it to sting and taste that it's somewhat sweet. "Perfect." I place my hands on my hips, still holding the whip in my right hand.

Knowing I'm an image of pure lust to my slave I smile at her seductively, making her squirm. I then walk over and rub her calico tail, knowing it's sexually sensitive.

"Time for fun fuck toy" I unscrew the dildo from her pussy, watching her squirm as I do and pull it out, causing her juices to release and run down her leg.

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"You're about to cum, aren't you?" She nods her head some and I slam the dildo back in "Don't you dare you pathetic little skank!" She throws her head back moaning when I do this so I start ramming it in and out of her tight little pussy. As I pound her pussy with the dildo, I reach up and grab a hand full of her long, beautiful burgundy hair and pull her head forward some with a very firm grip and whisper "Cum for me bitch." And she lets out a loud muffled moan, pretty well screaming as her body contracts.

I yank out the dildo so that her cum starts squirting all over. "Mmmm, I love it when you squirt." I say as I get down on my knees and stick out my tongue so that her cum runs all over it. "Sweet as you should be." I say as I lick my lips and taste it well.

She continues cumming and moaning and cums harder as I start whipping her violently, leaving wounds with each hit. I then move body to body close to her quickly and grab her collar from behind and tighten it around her neck so she can't breathe and it's just little sounds instead of moaning then release suddenly.

"You may stop now." Her body relaxes and she is dripping cum still and her head hangs limp. "Mmm, aren't you a sight." I pull out a camera and take a few pictures. "This is one to remember. The first use of your latest invention. Now for the back." I turn the bullet on and sit back down pressing the mystery button as I do so, "What's this d-" I start to speak then stare in awe.

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It turned the vibrations on for the dildos, bullet, and clamps but did another amazing thing that I couldn't quite see. Trixie was convulsing in pleasure, already cumming like crazy, screaming at the top of her lungs.

I walked over and picked up the dildo and looked at the underside to see where the dildos screwed in spinning fairly quickly. I pressed it again to turn it off and her body fell limp. Then, I screwed in the pussy dildo but she was already so exhausted she merely twitched some. "Come on, worn out already? We haven't even tried everything." I glared at her and she jerked strait and shook her head no. "Mmm, good girl." I walk over and sit in my chair and look at her once more real good and turn on the video camera that's always on my table.

"Are you ready bitch?" She shakes her head no, with a pleading look in her eyes. "Aww, you look so sad." I push the button "TOUGH SHIT YOU PATHETIC BITCH!" She begins convulsing in pleasure again, cumming so hard it's running out anyways, creating a puddle of cum below her on the floor. I lay back and unzip the panties and start rubbing my clit.

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"Yeah bitch, scream louder." I say as I whip her from my seat, cutting her thighs open. I watch the blood soak into her fur and start fingering myself as she screams louder than I ever thought she could. "Oh yeah, you like cumming for your Mistress, don't you bitch?

Don't you, you pathetic, no good, whore?!" I yell as I finger bang myself and whip her torso some more, leaving wounds all over her stomach. Then I stop and walk over to the closet, still watching her cumming and convulsing so her perky little tits are bouncing like crazy. The door swings open and I pull out my favorite vibrator.

It's a fairly thick, 9 inch, purple cock. I walk back over to my chair and sit down, propping my legs up on the armrests, spread wide open so she can see my pussy, dripping over her sight.

I whip her again and slide the dildo into myself and start pumping it in and out. Moaning and still whipping her but not as aggressively. "Oh gods yes Trixie, keep cumming for me. Keep it up bitch. I wanna cum so bad." Then I hop up real fast, leaving the dildo in and take off her gag, throwing it on the table, and the screaming gets louder.

I go sit back down and whip her again as I resume fucking myself with my toy "Talk to me bitch." She moans out, in her cute little voice, "OH MISTRESS! Oh yes Mistress! OH PAINE!!! OH GODS MISTRESS PAINE! I can't take much more! Please cum Mistress, please!" I whip her hard. "YOU NEVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO WHORE!" She yipes a little "I'm sorry" She pleads, "I'm so sorry! It will never OH GODS! happen again!" "Good." I say as I continue working myself and kneading my tits, switching back and forth between my tits with my free hand.

This goes on for a good 5-10 minutes before I finally start to get close. "Oh, here it comes Trixie. I'm almost there!" By now, she is barely able to move but still, hoarsely, moaning. She hangs there limply, cum barely dripping but still happening. "Here it is. OH GODS!" I moan out throwing my head back as my cum squirts out and joins her puddle.

"OH OH OH OH YEEEEEEEES!!!! Oh gods I'm cumming so fucking hard! Oh yes!" I moan out as I keep pounding my pussy, even faster, and my cum squirts out covering my hand-paw and the floor. I start to ease off some, slow down, and turn off the contraption. Trixie goes limp seemingly unconscious and I pull out my toy and set it on the table. I look at my slave hanging on the wall and grin with an idea.

I unscrew the dildos and she doesn't even flinch and set them on the table. Next I unstrap her tail and it falls limp then her feet and they fall too. Then I put a hand on her shoulder to hold her up as I unfasten her wrists then the harness and then I move my hand so she falls onto the floor into our cum puddle. She lets out a groan and tries to lift herself up. Quickly, I place my shoe on her back and push down so she goes face first into the cum "You can't leave a mess" I whip her.

"Clean it bitch". She starts licking up the cum so I remove my shoe and she gets onto all fours and continues. I watch her satisfyingly until there is nothing left then reach down and pet her, "Good girl, now you may go to bed." She crawls pathetically away into her cage, barely able to drag the chain around her left ankle and curls up in her bed, instantly falling asleep.

I look at her satisfied with mine and her work and turn off the camera. Then simply set her glasses in the cage and unfasten her chain.

Then I step out and lock the door and leave go to take a shower. When I get in there I stretch and undress slowly then stand there letting the air flow through my fur from the vent thinking.

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"Gods, I couldn't have found a better slave. She's so cute, obedient and a complete genius! What would I do without her?" I turn on the water, step in and stand there enjoying the heat it is putting off.

Then I start scrubbing my fur clean as I mumble to myself, "I love you Trixie."