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Ms. Primm (An absolutely true story) I was a teenager, 15. I went to Lane Technical High School in Chicago. At that time, it was not co-ed as it is today. I rode crowded buses each morning to get to its Western and Addison location. Those old enough will remember the buses, green below the windows and off white from the windows up to where the sides rounded into the roof.

Not airconditioned, cramped, with windows that went up and down, and belching diesel fuel exhaust.It was probably about 6 miles, but it took close to 40 minutes. Since I was at the end of the line I always got a seat, but within two blocks the bus was always full.

I was a tall, lanky kid, brown/blondish hair, small facial features, and thick, full feminine lips. My mother used to tell people they were Ni**er lips (sorry, I used the "N" word but that was her language not mine).

Maybe she had some secret desires, I don't know. I was already over 6' and 155 lbs. I don't know how typical I was, but since the age of 10 my hormones were always racing. It took absolutely nothing to give me a hard-on. See a pretty girl, bam, hard on. Catch a glimpse down a blouse or sweater, hard on. Just riding these old buses, lots of stop and go, lots of vibration, hard on.

Getting off, lots of butts to rub against or let me hand slide over, "ooops sorry, sure is crowded", hard on. It was spring, no more coats, lots more bodies to see and touch. I liked watching the young office chicks going to work, they were probably between 18 and 25.

Most got on after the bus was already full, so they'd have to stand. Crisp white blouses covering firm breasts. Skirts ended at the knee, but were tight since standing on the bus they needed to keep their legs parted and their high heeled feet firmly planted to keep from swaying too far from side to side as the bus lurched from stop to stop. Ah yes, you could see their panty lines and sometimes the outline of garters holding nylons up.



Getting off at school was such a treat if one of them was standing near where I sat. Had to get the timing just right. Bus is stopped, mine is the next stop. Get up from my seat and take a step back, holding the metal tubing which went along the top of the seatback. "Miss, do you want a seat?" It looks like I'm reserving a clear path right to the seat, blocking anyone else from getting it.


"Oh, thanks", she'd move toward my seat and turn her back to me to enter the seat area to sit down. Time to make my move. Bus lurches forward, she has to step back to keep steady, I step forward and she's caught between me and the next seat back. My hard-on is now firmly planted against her butt. She can either let me by, all the while pressing against her, or she can push back to get into the seat faster.

Eihter way, I'm getting my treat. "Sorry, it sure is crowded today.", I move forward, dragging it across her cheeks. While I always sat beyond the rear door of the bus, I always got off through the front door. More asses to rub against and feel that way.

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It was just such a day when Miss Primm (that's what I named her) got on. She was a little older than the typical office girl I liked, but she was damn pretty. Dark short hair, makeup perfect.

I'd say maybe 28, she stood up super straight, her breasts jutting out against a frilly, tight blouse under a short suit jacket that ended at the waist. The jacket and skirt were of the same material, a silky very light sea foam green with an embossed slightly darker paisley design, I think they call it brocade but I could be mistaken.

She shimmered as she walked. Nylons and an cream colored set of high heels finished the outfit. She carried a purse that matched the shoes. I saw her at the stop and watched as she got on the bus. It was very crowded and I watched as she deftly made her way to the back.

She stopped next to me, holding onto the bar behind me. I had my briefcase in my lap covering what was becoming a tent. I wanted to be a nice guy and give her my seat and maybe get a little feel but then again she was in the wrong place to really make it work, and I was afaid the tent and its growing pole would be too obvious. I stayed seated. We started to move. I shifted to my left just a little which brought me much closer to her. I could smell her perfume, very sophisticated.


She leaned in a little and her crotch touched my shoulder and didn't withdraw. I moved almost an imperceptible amount just putting a little more pressure on my outside shoulder. It was now compressing the her mound through the skirt. Wow! I thought I was going to cum right there. From stop to stop, I could feel her against me, sometimes still, sometimes rubbing back and forth, mirroring the bus's motion. Her leg sometimes bumped against my thigh. I was turned on, I was obsessed, I wanted more.

I moved my left hand to the outside of my left thigh and after several attempts got it right. The bus would sway, she'd press against my shoulder and her nyloned knee would rub against the back of my hand. Did she feel it?

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She must have, but she didn't pull away, in fact she seemed to push closer to me. After a minute of this, I thought I would explode. I thought I could even feel her hand against my back where she was holder the seat bar. "What do I do now?", I thought. I decided to go for it.

I slowly pulled my hand from between her knee and my thigh, bent it back at the wrist and placed my hand, behind her knee. Slowly,lightly, ready to jerk away at the least bit of resistance. Her knee was again pressed against my thigh.

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I felt the silkiness of her nylons and the warmth of her leg as my hand closed on her leg. No reaction! I glanced up, she was looking at me with half closed eyes. Her mouth moved, I thought she was going to scream or something, but nothing came out. She just sort of nodded and mouthed "YEESS". I couldn't believe it!

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Here I was, on a bus, a beautiful women pressing her vulva against my shoulder, my hand between her legs holding the back of her knee. Somebody from the back of the bus wanted to pass to get off. She pushed against me hard and I pushed back, but the closeness made it difficult to keep my hand where it was. I rotated my arm and let my hand ride up the back of her leg.

Smooooth, slippery nylon, then a garter, then even smoother, soft flesh at the top of her thigh. I squeezed and I felt her contract her thigh muscle. I turned toward her slightly and her body followed, still pressing against me. My hand was gently and lightly stroking the flesh on the inside of her left thigh. Higher, just a little higher, my fingertips touched her panty leg, I just couldn't believe it.

I used my thumb and first finger to grasp her pantied labia, and role them against one another. The hand behind me squeezed my back. I felt dampness on the crotch of her panties as I continued massaging and rubbing her from ass to her front.

I looked around and everyone seemed to be oblivious to what was going on. The guy next to my was sleeping his head bumping on the window, for pete's sake. I pulled the panty leg down and to the side and touched her wet nakedness.

I could feel the wet pubic hair, as my fingers slipped easily between her lips. I waited a few seconds just moving around between her outer labia, caressing her inner labia, making my fingers slimy and wet.

Thumb and first finger found her clitoris as my middle finger pushed slowly into her vagina. I could hear her catch her breath. I slowly buried that finger and then the next as far up into her as I could.

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I could feel her contract around my fingers, then rock and rotate just slightly as they moved in and out or her. I could hear the sound of my fingers plunging in and out of her, a squishing sound, could any one else hear? I could feel my cock straining against the bottom of my brief case. I rolled and pulled at her clit gently with my thumb and index finger. I looked up at her face, her eyes were almost closed, she was just biting the inside of her bottom lip.

Suddenly, her legs stiffend, her cunt, spasmed and tightened around my fucking fingers, and a small moan escaped from her throat. I kept up the caressing until the spasms stopped and she took a small step back and my hand dropped from beneath her skirt. I looked around, I was already 3 blocks past school.

I needed to get off. Fast! "Would you like to sit down?", I asked as I started to get up, holding my briefcase in front of my to cover up my obvious boner. She moved back to let me out. "Why thankyou", she smiled. As she moved toward the seat, she reached behind my briefcase, and squeezed my cock. I stopped dead, I thought I was going to cum right there. "Thanks, again", she said and squeezed again.

She released me, and sat down. I headed to the back door, no time for funny business now I was 5 blocks past my stop. I'd have to run to not be late. Even though I looked, I never saw Miss Primm again. DAMN!!!

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