Hot teen girl keeps groaning on being fucked doggystyle

Hot teen girl keeps groaning on being fucked doggystyle
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It was a little after three in the morning when I woke, I was surrounded by darkness and hit with the immediate thought to check on my son.

He had just turned eighteen and had planned to make his first trip out into night life. Tonight was the night and I had promised that I would stay awake for him, but after working twelve hours I just came home, showered and crashed. I slid into my slippers and put on my night robe before leaving the bedroom. I went straight to Jared's bedroom door and quietly opened it, he wasn't in there.

Panic came over me like a bucket of water, I turned on my heel and went straight to the stairs. But I was still surrounded by darkness, there didn't seem to be a light on in the house, which meant that Jared wasn't home. I went downstairs and picked up the phone, was just about to call the police when a hand came from out of nowhere and snatched the phone out of my hand. Before I could freak out my mouth was covered, and I felt myself being dragged into the kitchen.

I put up what little fight I could but it was useless, if they were after valuables it was best to let them take whatever they could find and leave.

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There was at least two of them, I couldn't make out any faces though and I figured that it was a good thing. They wouldn't want to be identified. I was terrified for Jared, I wanted him home but was glad that he wasn't here for this. He would try and do something and probably get himself hurt. I was forced down to my knees, the kitchen floor was cold and hard. The moonlight was streaming in through the window and I felt a chill, I then realised that I must have left a window open or something.

I silently prayed for them to grab what they wanted and leave, but that was when I felt it push against my mouth. I opened my eyes and was confronted by a long thick penis. My desire to break free from them suddenly returned, but one of them grabbed me by my hair and tipped my head back, I felt something wet hit me in the face and that's when I heard the voice; ''Yeah, spit on her again.'' he said.

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Instead of being spat on, I was slapped across the face. ''Listen to me right now, I want you to understand every word that comes out of my mouth. You're going to open that pretty mouth of yours, and your going to suck my friends dick.'' he told me. ''No, please, wait--'' I tried pleading, but the penis pushed it's way passed my lips and into my mouth, I knew that it wasn't his entire length, but my mouth was already full.

He pushed it deeper and I felt it brush my tonsils. My gag reflex instantly started kicking in, and I began choking. But the intruder didn't care, he kept forcing his long thick cock down my throat. He thrust his hips hard and fast, tears were streaming down my eyes and the saliva oozing from the smallest gaps of my mouth with thick and stringy. He finally pulled out and with it went a gob of my spit.

I was pulled to my feet by my hair and thrown against the kitchen table.

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''Bend over, right fucking now.'' he told me. I was forced over the table and my robe pulled down over my shoulders, exposing my breasts. Instantly I felt hands grab at them, squeezing and pinching them and following that up with slaps. I felt a warm and wet mouth suck my nipple, the guy almost swallowed my entire breast.

I was then pushed down and my robe was hitched up, my ass was exposed and without warning, the cock that had been rammed down my throat was now bulldozing it's way into my vagina.

I cried out as he went hard and fast, as deep as he could go before withdrawing. A second later he rammed his way back into me with suck force, my feet came off the floor. My hair was pulled back again and my face came off the table, he was fucking me with such force I had seemingly lost all sense of vocabulary, all that was coming out was noises. The second intruder now had his penis out too, and I silently thanked what ever god would hear me that wasn't as big as the one currently destroying me.

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He climbed onto the table and shoved himself into my mouth, I felt his balls hit me in the chin while the other guys was slapping against my vagina. I felt like a piece of meat that was being ripped apart by two savages, my face was caked in a mixture of tears and drool.

I was beginning to loose all the feeling in my body, the guy behind me pulled out and turned me over. He laid me on the table and grabbed both of my breasts, using them as handles while he rammed himself back inside of me.


My toes were scrunched up inside of my slippers as they barely stayed on my feet, my hair felt as though it was going to be pulled from the roots as he held it firm, he stopped thrusting his cock down my throat fro a moment and I felt his grip tighten, a moment later his semen was filling my throat and I was back to choking and gagging as cum spilled out of my mouth.

I was then dragged off the table and dropped to the floor, the big cock that had been turning me inside out was now directly in my face shooting waves of semen hit me in the face. I was left on the floor devastated, my face caked in semen, tears and saliva. They both left the kitchen and I heard the front door shut behind them, I tried finding the phone to call Jared, but I could barely see. My vagina was throbbing, it felt as though it had been ripped apart, as though I was a virgin that had been de-flowered.

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I noticed the puddle I was sitting in, it wasn't blood, saliva or semen. I recognised it almost immediately, and it made me feel sick inside. Making me feel even worse than I was already feeling, I was sitting amongst the remnants from my own multiple orgasms.


Orgasms I didn't even realise I had. It was then that the kitchen light flicked on, and my son Jared was standing in the doorway looking down at me. ''Mom,'' he stammered, ''I'm so sorry.''