Gianna Gem got fucked after cooperating with shoplifting protocol with LP officer

Gianna Gem got fucked after cooperating with shoplifting protocol with LP officer
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The adjective tenril joined the English language through a genius with the same name. It means something that changes how humans live their lives. The printing press, the practical use of electricity, the radio, telephone, TV, and the Internet are examples of tenril level changes.

Finally, the practical use of nanites was perhaps the most tenril event in history. Specifically, nanites were the most significant tenril event because it was so personal, something that affected our bodies directly. Antonio Michael Tenril was perhaps one of the smartest men that ever lived.

First, he managed to use quantum physics to generate power for the nanites somehow using temperature differentials. A handful of people claim to understand the theory behind the technology.

Even those making the claim, struggle to explain it to others, leading most to believe that they do not really understand it at all. Powered nano-sized machines were a technological breakthrough but not a tenril breakthrough in the modern sense of the word.

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The tenril breakthrough came as a result of three additional advances made by the outlier genius. First, he gave his nanites the ability to replicate themselves. Despite fears from the general public, nanites were limited in their growth to the availability of the specific combination of minerals. He created a type of operating system for the replicated nano machines which led to the next breakthrough. He created a method that allowed his nano machines to communicate with each other.

Specifically extremely simple directions could be sent to the most basic of units. Antonio then designed a configuration of multiple nanites. The group of nanites could communicate over a standard wifi connection and also to the individual nanite units. This meant that a computer or smart phone could communicate with the nanites.

From there it was a simple matter of causing the nanites to move themselves to where they were needed, so locomotion was the final breakthrough which caused the tenril event. Antonio knew what he was doing from the start with his nanites and he immediately injected himself with his own inventions. Then he injected himself with the building block materials. He expectation that the nanites would replicate. They worked exactly as he hoped.

He patented his inventions and then revealed to the world what he had created. He had cured his own pancreatic cancer with his creations. Perhaps more astounding than curing cancer, and certainly more significant to the common man, he also cured the common cold.

Any microbe could be disrupted within the human body including the specter of AIDS. Predictably, winning the war over microbes changed how we lived and continued to live. We lived longer and had greater control of our own health. A Smartphone app interacted with the nanites in one's body.

Doctors became must less ubiquitous. Nanite technology continued to improve and there was little damage to a body that they could not repair. Culturally, finding the cure for disease had a predictable and very primal effect. Free love exploded beyond the even bounds of the 1960's. Specifically, having sex with anyone could no longer be traced. There was no evidence, not even pregnancy as destroying something as large as a fertilized ovum was trivial for the nanites.

Fat cells were equally trivial. At first the newest sexually revolution happened somewhat quietly and surprisingly slowly. People simply did not believe in the technology, they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it never did. Approximately six months after the technology became commercially available culture embraced its new freedom. Strange changes in culture began to occur.

Nudity suddenly became much more accepted throughout the world. In places where it was illegal it was simply no longer enforced. Given that nudity was socially acceptable it only a matter of time until public sexual activity became culturally accepted.

Most people still appreciated their privacy but those who did not weren't arrested or particularly bothered. There were times when the activity was interrupted. But the interruption came as if a picnic was occurring in an inconvenient place rather than interrupting something offensive.

Finally spontaneous "Roman" orgies grew in popularity. By then culture was beginning to show some restraint and much less sex was public although it had been fully legalized. When the nanites became standard medical practice I was 52. I didn't react to it at first but I did get a sinus infection so I was prescribed my own nanites.

After a bit of research I agreed to the treatment. I had no idea the profound effect they would have on my body. I was certainly cleared of my sinus infection, but I experienced far more healing than I was expecting. The pains of age were beginning keep me awake at night but the nanites seemed to resolve them.

I quickly lost weight. I no longer needed a CPAP machine at night, and I slept more thoroughly than I had for a long time. I had more energy during the day and fortunately the nanites prepared me for the sexual revolution. I had had no loss of function in that regard prior to the nanites except when it came to stamina. To be clear, when I was a young man I could quite easily make love through an entire night.


Prior to the nanites I simply got tired quicker. But my wife had no complaints even though she was 8 years younger than me. After the nanites it was she who got tired before I would. After my success with the nanites, she got her own nanites and had similar results. We had a great sex life before and now it had been improved. Both before and after the nanites I was a happy man, I had no interest in any extra sexual activity.

Still, as it begun to happen around me I began to wonder if I would deal with this new reality. One day, my wife and I went for a hike on a nearby mountain trail and walked around a corner and caught a couple doing it doggie style.

They paused when they saw us and we stopped in shock. The man smiled and started to thrust again. The woman sighed and pushed her butt up towards her lover.

They were obviously Arabians of some sort. They were both darker skin colored than my Irish back ground. But nearly everyone on the planet was darker than me. The lady had a larger but beautiful mouth with reddish pink lip stick. Her face was thin. She had high cheekbones and a nice long neck. Her eye brows were thin and carefully shaped. Her breasts weren't large but she definitely swayed as her lover thrust.

She had lovely brown eyes and was smiling and seemed to be enjoying herself. Her butt was a bit bony for my tastes but she had some amazing hips which I wasn't able to see at first glance. The man was not tall and looked like a typical man from that nationality. He was hirsute with curly black hair on his chest. He had a neatly trimmed moustache and a beard and they were not connected. He was in great shape with well defined arm muscles holding onto her hips.

He seemed very young making me reevaluate the woman he was thrusting into. Now that I saw it they were both young, maybe in their early twenties. He started thrusting again and she gave a deep throaty groan. The groan did it for me and my plans to back away from the couple just didn't happen.

I looked at my wife and she seemed transfixed as well. They had a large thick reddish blanket on the grass near in a clearing near the path. The clearing wasn't particularly hidden, so anyone walking by would notice the couple unless the walker was extremely focused and walking with their eyes down or looking away.

When we first caught them, I did see some surprise in the man's expression and somehow I knew intuitively that they had not attempted to give us show. Instead they had simply become overwhelmed with their young lusts and had stopped at the next available clearing.

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We continued to watch as the couple's passions seemed to grow. The woman would pull her head up revealing her shapely neck and moan oh in a feminine lower pitched voice. The man seemed to speed up and began to grunt quietly as he thrust into her. She said something in what I assumed was Arabic. He nodded and said a few words in reply. He slowed down and she turned and smiled at my wife and I. Then she pointed at my crotch and then pretended to suck a cock.

I realized that I was hard. My wife saw the woman's gesture and asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock. I managed to say the safe thing and I told her that I'd like her (my wife) to suck it. She grabbed my crotch, laughed, and said your cock won't lie to me. Then she grabbed my hand and moved toward the couple. When we got close to them she undid my pants and pulled them down.

Then she pushed me to my knees directly in front of the woman. The woman used only her mouth to pull my cock up and into her mouth.

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She began to move her mouth back and forth on my cock. She was no stranger to sucking cock. My wife reached between my legs from and fondled my balls and ass. I wasn't expecting that but after my initial startle, I whispered, "That's so nice", to my wife. She smiled and told me that she loved me. I wasn't going to last long although I certainly wanted it to. I was directly in front of the woman and her lover's thrusts pushed her mouth forward and my cock deeper into her throat.

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The woman seemed to have no gag reflex at all and I struggled not to cum. I had a wonderful view of the young woman's back and very nice hips. I could see her butt bunch as his hips pushed into her backside.

I could see his six pack stomach and the sweat on his brow. He caught me looking at him, but didn't seem bothered. I was a bit embarrassed at my own middle aged body but there was certainly enough distracting me from such negative thoughts. My wife removed my shirt and I felt her ample breasts on my back.

She began to nibble and kiss my neck and ears. I grunted and tried to think of paying taxes or anything else I could to avoid cumming. I was kneeling on the blanket but there was stick underneath. The small pain did help distract me from cumming briefly. Then I smelled the excitement of the woman on a small gust of wind.

I yelled louder than I wanted to that I was going to cum. The man seemed to be close too and I could hold back no longer. I came powerfully.

The woman did not slow down and continued to use her mouth to pump my cock. The man came too, his face and shoulders turned red and he let out a loud shout and his entire body stiffened. After quite a few spasms, my orgasm finally finished. I had to beg the woman to stop. After cumming I had become tender. The women let me up and then she flipped herself over onto her back and threw her legs up in the air.

She pointed at me and said with absolutely no accent in her sexy deep voice, "It's my turn, eat my pussy". I turned to my wife who was removing her pants. When I hesitated, she said, "It's only fair sweety, she sucked you off". So I knelt between the woman's legs and began to lick her clit. The woman smelled very strong which excited me until I realized with some disgust that I could also smell and taste the man's cum.

I had never tasted another man's cum and I can barely stand my own. I pulled back but the woman grabbed my hair and pushed my head down so I just kept going.

I heard my wife gasp and I managed to look up enough to see that the man had his face in her crotch too. I thought I might be jealous but instead was I happy that she was getting some pleasure too as I had had an extremely large cum after an exciting blow job. The woman began to breathe heavier and I focused on continuing to do what she was obviously enjoying. She rested her legs on my back. I reached up to fondle her smaller breasts.

A minute later she came with a gush of wetness. I was pretty excited about making her cum and so began to lap up all the juices draining from her pussy. Between her and her husband's juices, I had plenty to clean up. I licked the crack of her ass and was there was plenty of wetness there as well.

Finally she pushed me away from her pussy and scrambled over to my wife's side and began to suck on her left breast. I quickly moved to my wife's other side and kissed her pushing their juices into her mouth with my tongue.

She moaned deeply and I moved quickly to suck her free breast. This seemed to be the final straw for her and she came with a long loud grunt. She also had to beg for the man to stop and he pulled up smiling.

He winked at me and stood up. I could see that he was still somewhat hard. His cock was similar to mine in shape, not porn star long but fairly thick. But the skin on it was darker even than his own skin. The woman also stood up and they embraced. I was definitely hard again so I quickly moved between my wife's legs and thrust all the way inside with a single thrust.

She was as wet as I've ever felt her. She whimpered and told me "Yes"! several times. The strangers sat down together and simply watched us fuck. Turning to my right I could see the woman's glistening pussy and the man's now limp cock. I tried to really give it to my wife and provide our audience with a good show. I did manage to get a strong rhythm going and we were both grunting.

The woman began touching her own breasts and her pussy. Then she also started fondling her husband's limp cock and balls. The woman leaned a bit to her left and checked out my ass. I realized that the finale should be me shooting all over my wife's chest. I quickly repositioned over her when I knew I was going to cum. The man in particular seemed excited about watching and both strangers moved closer as I stroked my last few strokes before cumming.

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Both of their faces were about a foot away from us as I shot a respectable load of cum onto my wife's big tits. To my surprise both of the strangers gave my wife's chest a lick as I tried to calm down from my second ejaculation of the afternoon. The couple then started to pack their belongings. My wife and I stood up so they could fold their blanket.

We tried to thank them but they just smiled and chuckled. Still nude except for sandals, they quickly walked away with a final wave.

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My last view of them was to admire then woman's hips as she sauntered around the corner. She was very sexy indeed. My wife and I sat down on the grass near each other. Cum was still dripping down her chest and we were both out of breath.

"You looked well fucked", I jibed my wife.


"You should see yourself! You're still pretty hard and dripping too! And, You're grinning from ear to ear to you know"! We laughed together and at each other. We stood and began to look around for our clothes. A group of kids wearing college apparel appeared all of sudden hiking up the trail.

There were two girls and three boys. There was no way to reach our clothes before they got a full view. We just stopped, turned, smiled and waved. The girls chuckled nervously and the guys gave us thumbs up. One of the boys who looked a bit nerdy slowed down and with wide eyes examined my wife's chest. "Is that… jizz… on your…chest", he asked quietly.

"Yea it is", my wife answered and giggled. "Cool", he whispered as one of the girls pulled him away. "Come on Rick, the show's over", the cute strawberry blond told him. "Apparently", he said with a look back over his shoulder at my wife's dripping chest. After they rounded the corner, we laughed again together and we retrieved our clothes. "He was pretty impressed with your chest there sweets".

"Yea I think he had a boner before he rounded the corner", she joked. "You've always had that effect on me". "True but I think you had that effect on the tall guy", she nodded and laughed. "What? Yikes"! I answered. My wife laughed even harder. It took some effort to get the grass and sticks from our clothing. It wouldn't be the last time we did something like this in this new world but it was certainly the most memorable. All rights reserved 2016