Tammy quot_Sunny quot_ Sytch Nude Photoshooting BTS

Tammy quot_Sunny quot_ Sytch Nude Photoshooting BTS
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Samantha was just your average 17 year old, Her cell phone was not only her life- her entire universe revolved around it, but little did she know that it would be her precious phone that would change her teenage life forever. She was an attractive girl, her dyed blonde hair went barely past her shoulders and her blue eyes were so deep that you could lose yourself in them like the deepest of oceans.

She wasn't exactly a "skinny" girl like the rest of her classmates, but she wasn't fat either and her smile could warm to anyone's heart and melt even the coldest.

It was a warm mid-spring Friday morning and the sun was splitting the sky. As Sam bounded down the stairs in her regular happy and bubbly mood, she was met with the sight of her parents doing what most parents do in the morning, sipping on their first coffees of the day that were their morning wake up calls whilst reading through their eyes into the world beyond theirs, the newspaper.

Sam's Dad looked up from his paper and gazed at his joyful daughter, he knew the news he had for her would upset her gleeful mood for the rest of the weekend.

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"Sam, you remember me and your mother discussed going on a camping trip awhile back?" He didn't wait for her response but allowed her a little time to recall the discussion. " Well because we've been getting such good weather these past couple of weeks we've decided to move it to this weekend, which unfortunately means you will have to babysit Gemma and Tommy for the next few days.

We will be leaving this afternoon." Samantha looked between her father's stern face, one which she never liked to mess with, and her mother's expression of pity.

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They had dropped this on her so suddenly that she already knew how Sam would react. "But dad, I had plans this weekend!" Samantha whined in that pleading voice that only children and teenage girls could use, unfortunately for her she had used this same voice on her father too many times and he was having none of it.

"You're babysitting and that's the end of it, your mother and I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time so you WILL babysit and you WILL NOT have ANY boys over! Understood?" He asked with sternness to match his facial expression which had not faltered since his original statement. Samantha simply sighed and said "Fine". She knew she had been beat. She left for her room, the smell of coffee lingering on her clothes.

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She was disappointed that she was going to have to babysit for the weekend when she could have been going out with Ryan. As she lay on her bed her mind began to wander as to what she could get up to this weekend with her sister. Samantha always had a soft spot for Gemma but had never thought of her as anything other than a sister.

She thought they could watch a movie or go shopping, but then they'd have to take Tommy with them as well. Gemma was 16 and in Sam's opinion she didn't need babysitting.

She ran track for her school and thus kept an athletic and muscular body, she had long legs that seemed to go on forever. She was a bit of a late bloomer compared to her sister, Sam had a 34C bust whereas Gemma's was only a 34B but Gemma knew that her ass was her best feature, her theory was confirmed by many of the boys in school with wolf whistle and obscene hollers.

Gemma opted to keep her natural brunette hair and allowed it to grow long to the crook of her velvet smooth back. Her parents had left and it was around 6 o'clock so she decided it would be a good time to make some dinner. Samantha was a good cook, a talent she had that not many knew about. She made them some of her home-made pizza with a selection of toppings for them to choose from.

She called on Tommy and Gemma to come down for dinner. Tommy was first down as he always is at dinner time. "Mmm, smells good sis, what are we having?" asked the hungry 12 year old, a hint of his primal side showing. "Pizza and you can put whatever toppings you like on it" she replied.

"Sounds good" said Gemma who was descending the stairs.

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Sam noticed her face was a little red and she seemed out of breath but she thought nothing of it. Dinner progressed with the constant small talk about gossip and boys between Gemma & Sam driving Tommy insane.

He never knew how girls could talk so fast and understand each other at the same time.


He excused himself and left to go to his room to gain some relative peace, the amount of pizza he had just eaten finally catching up to him he lay on his bed and drifted into the land of dreams where only he existed and he decided what noises were made. After Tommy left Sam turned to her sister and said "Wanna watch a movie?" Gemma agreed and they left for the living room.

Sam turned on the lights that lit the carpeted room. The yellow light providing color to the room which had multiple couches a stack of pillows and blankets in case they got cold and their 32" T.V which Sam dived for the remote of.

Rule of the house 'He who controls the remote, controls what is on' as their father had decreed after her and Gemma had a massive falling out because of different opinions on what to watch (all siblings have them at some point, it's just the norm). Captain America was on, which was good because both girls loved super heroes. Before they settled down to watch the film, Gemma offered to get them a few Cokes from the fridge.

When she returned she found that her sister had laid the pillows and blankets into a makeshift bed on the floor. "I thought it would be a little more comfy" Sam said to her sister as she handed her a coke ad laid down on the 'bed'. She was right, it was comfy, it was as if they had no weight what so ever and were merely floating.

They settled in and about the part in the movie where Cap. gets injected with the super-soldier serum, Gemma, like her brother before, started to feel the weight of what she had just eaten and started drifting off to her own private slice of heaven, her mind. Sam noticed her sister was starting to sleep and thought she would get a little more comfortable. As she did this she noticed her phone on the ground, she thought 'why not check my messages'. She picked her cold phone up from the warm ground and unlocked it.

There was a new message. Gemma woke a few minutes after going to sleep because she could hear someone sobbing. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked around her, her eyes adjusting to the bright light of the room. She saw only her sister, lying on her side, trembling.

"What's wrong sis?" Gemma asked, a hint of fear and worry in her voice, she never usually see's her sister cry.

"I don't want to talk about it…" Samantha replied, the sadness heavy in her voice as she quivered.

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"Come on…You need to talk to someone about it, why not me?" "Fine," Samantha said as she rolled over to face her sister, Gemma immediately noticed how red and bloodshot her sister's eyes were. A feeling of protectiveness rushed over her as she saw how vulnerable her sister looked. "Naomi just texted me, she said that&hellip.that.she said that Ryan had tried flirting with her and that when she said no because she was my friend he.

he said forget her she' an ugly bitch who's always too busy to go out with him and the he messaged me saying that he was dumping me, that it wasn't him, it was me. That BASTARD!" Yelled Samantha ash she broke out into an extreme fit of crying. Gemma didn't know what she should do so she did what her instincts told her to do, she scooted closer to her sister and hugged her tightly. She hugged her like her life depended on it.


Slowly Samantha's tears stopped and now she was sulking to herself, but was comforted in her sisters embrace. The two sisters lay like that for more than 10 minutes before ether of them moved.

Then Samantha looked up at her younger sister, her sister who she had witnessed growing up, she had noticed the changes in her over the past few years and she had to admit, Gemma was going to be a good looking woman when she got older. She gazed into Gemma's eyes; they seemed so innocent and so caring. Then she did something. Without even realizing what she was doing she leant in closer to her sister, paused, and then kissed her.

It was a passionate kiss, filled with love, no tongues just the tender embrace of their lips on one another's. She stirred a feeling inside of her, a warm fuzzy feeling in her chest, one that she had never felt before, one she could only describe, as love.

Gemma too was beginning to have this feeling, but Gemma was also getting another feeling, a warm feeling in her groin, one, unlike the other this one she knew well.


She was embarrassed and so she remembered that this was her sister, he older sister who she had looked up to since she was little, who she thought of as more than a sister, as a best friend. Gemma leapt up and ran from the room up the stairs and slammed her door behind her.

All of this happened before Samantha had time to comprehend Gemma's movements, and, as she did, she too remembered that is was her sister who she had just kissed with more passion than she had ever kissed Ryan with. She lay there on that makeshift bed and cried herself to sleep that night.

What had she just done? Would Gemma ever be able to look at her the same way? Or would she just blank her out altogether? These were all questions that could only be answered in the morning.