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Teen goldengoddessxxx flashing ass on live webcam
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WIFE GETS BANGED MY A UNION IRONWORKER My wife Annie and I live in the suburbs of New York City. We are in our late forties, kids are all grown and gone, we each have decent jobs and are starting to enjoy life without worrying about pets or children. A few weeks back we decided to visit the Hamptons for a long weekend. We love the beach and since it was the off-season, the motel rates were reasonable and the weather was fantastic.

So we left on Thursday and had until Sunday to enjoy our mini-vacation. Normally, when we go to the beach the first thing we do after we check in is drop by a local watering hole that is an old favorite of ours. The place has been in business for decades. We both drank there when we were kids. It has not changed and the atmosphere reeks of beach, suntan lotion, beer and cigarettes.

During this time of year the place is mostly filled with local residents and a few out-of-towners like us. It's warm and friendly and the food and drinks are cheap and plentiful.

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We just like to relax, listen to the jukebox and maybe strike up a conversation or two with another couple, get buzzed and head back to the motel. Sometimes, a guy hits on Annie when I'm in the bathroom or talking to someone else. I'm kind of use to this because Annie is very attractive. She is blonde, big blue eyes and Irish with flashing freckles that seem to attract guys (and ladies) wherever we go.

Annie is full of personality and after a couple of drinks she can really light up a room. People are very attracted to her and we usually have no problem making new friends. Although we have had many opportunities over the years to mess around with another couple or a single guy we have never actually acted on it. We enjoy flirting and talking spicy to others but we have always been reluctant to jump into bed with other people.

We have discussed it many times but have never met the right couple we felt comfortable with. Either I liked the girl or Annie didn't like the guy or the opposite way around. So, it has never happened and we just allow things to flow. If we ever meet a pair we both like, we would most likely go for it, but so far we have had no luck - until this trip. I don't know if you call this luck or what? But, we certainly got into something neither of us expected or ever dreamed of.

It started innocent enough. Annie and I were as usual sitting at one of the bars and joining in the general conversation with several couples and guys. Just light chatter and casually watching the Jets pre-season game on the TV's. It was about 8 or 9 PM and a DJ was just about to start up and that is generally our signal to leave because the drink prices go through the ceiling and the younger crowd starts to gather. Just as we were about to leave, a guy about our age pulls up next to Annie and taps her on the shoulder.

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To make a long story short, he was an old friend of Annie's named Nick. They both grew up together in the city and went to the same schools and hung together in the same crowd for years.

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I met him once or twice many years ago but did not really remember him. Annie and Nick never dated each other, but I found out later that they each had a thing about each other and had always carried on a flirtatious relationship back then.

Annie gave Nick a big kiss on the lips and they hugged for what seemed like ten minutes. They both stood there with arms around each other smiling and laughing away. I was amused and I admit a tad bit jealous, seeing my wife all smiles and wiggling with this guy.

I think what really got me was that he was in really good shape and was very good looking. Found out he worked as a New York City Union Ironworker which no doubt explained his obvious excellent physical condition.

All of this did not get past Annie. I noticed her sneaking peeks at his chest and ass.

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She was constantly rubbing her hands over his chest and arms. He was rubbing her too.

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They acted like I was not even in the same room. Eventually (and after another drink) Nick invited us to join him and several of his union buddies at the other end of the bar. They had a table and were there for several hours letting off steam from a hard weeks work. Evidently, they were all assigned a local job erecting a new hotel not too far from the bar.

They planned to stay over for a guy's night out and go home the next day. As we approached the table, I began to feel a little apprehensive when I saw the group. There were three guys our age, all big guys - beefy, sunburned and pretty loud. They were well on their way to being inebriated. Nick introduced Annie and I and immediately the atmosphere of the table changed.

All the laughing and backslapping stopped. Six pairs of ironworker eyes were intensely focused on my wife. They looked her over from her toes to the tip of her head. I knew this look - it was a look of lust and very dirty thoughts. I knew each one was thinking how they would like to fuck Annie.

I noticed their eyes settling on Annie's tits. Her boobs are not huge, but for almost fifty years old they were still firm and stood up. I sneakily looked at them myself and was shocked to see her nipples hard as little rocks standing erect through her shear (and very tight) shirt.

I hardly ever remember seeing them so pronounced and visible. To be honest, it turned me on too. Wow, here we were about to sit at a table with four muscle bound, drunk guys and I'm sure each of them were thinking on ways of how they were going to fuck my cute, blonde wife.

I knew this was a sticky situation. I'm just a normally built guy and would not be much of an obstruction to this crew if they decided to make Annie their girlfriend that night.

My only hope was that Nick, being an old friend of Annie's would be level headed and prevent any outrageous behavior. An hour or so passed with Nick and Annie catching up on news of the old crowd and stuff like that.

I ended up talking with the other three about football (they were Giant fans, I like the Jets). They would not let me buy a drink. They were very generous and the drinks kept coming. I noticed how they kept glancing at Annie. When she walked to the ladies room, they gave her the old up and down.

They told me how lucky I was to have such an attractive wife.

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When Annie returned, Nick stood up to pull back her chair and I could not help but notice that he had an enormous boner under his jeans. Bet Annie saw it too. Holy shit! This guy was really turned on." Uh oh", I thought, we had better think about saying our good by's and getting back to the motel real soon.

Well, Annie would have none of it. I tried several times to signal her to get ready to leave, but she kept ignoring me. She was pretty buzzed. Any more drinks and she would no doubt start to get sick or fall asleep. I can tell when she reaches her limit and she was fast approaching it.

I was not too steady myself and started slowing down. The guy's were still going strong and pushing us (especially Annie) to have another drink. Nick started getting pretty mushy with Annie. I overheard him telling her how much he always liked her and was turned on by her.

His hands were becoming more and more free roaming over her legs and back. They were talking only inches away from each other's faces. One time he even tickled her and she didn't stop him. Well, it was getting pretty out-of-hand. Annie was not stopping his advances.

In fact, she was openly enjoying his attention and several times allowed Nick to rub her inner thighs under the table. Her nipples were about to pop through her shirt. I caught all of this and was very nervous.

I had hoped that Nick would be the one to keep things from getting crazy. Finally, I went to the men's room, threw cold water on my face, felt a little better and came back to the table with the immediate intention to take Annie by the hand, say good by and leave. Annie and Nick were not at the table. I felt panic rise in my gut. The other three guys were all talking low and acting like nothing was wrong. I asked where they went and they all just shook their shoulders.

One gave me a sly smile and his eyes darted toward the front door. I headed in that direction only to find Nick and Annie leaning against a car in the parking lot kissing. Their arms were wrapped around each other's necks and he was grinding his hips against hers.

They were oblivious to their surroundings. As I approached them, I saw Annie lowering her hand from his neck toward his crotch. I stopped in total amazement and shock as Annie started to rub Nick's cock through his pants, right out in the open.

Nick's hand went immediately to Annie's left breast and started to rub her nipple with his finger and thumb. I didn't know what to do. Stand there like an idiot, say something or go over - pull him off her and punch him in the mouth. Two things stopped me from hitting him… his size and Annie's obvious lust, cooperation and desire to be with him. So, I walked back to the bar's front door. I entered and then immediately turned around and came back out making a lot of noise and coughing.

Just as I had hoped Annie and Nick jumped back from each other. I pretended not to see them, gave them a second or two and then looked over and waved as they came toward me. They were both very flushed and breathing a bit heavy.

Nick made a wimpy and unoriginal excuse that they came out to get some fresh air away from the cigarette smoke. Annie would not look at me in the eyes.

In fact, I believe she was looking down and over in disbelief at the huge, fat bulge in Nick's jeans. You could not help but notice it even looking directly into his face. The thing was practically popping out the top of his belt. My God… this guy was hung like a frickin horse and Annie had her hands all over it just seconds ago. I think she was still in a state of shock. She could not get any words out. She just stood there dumb and mute.

Somebody had to say or do something; it was quite an awkward moment. So I did… I walked right over to Annie, took her hand firmly and said it was time to go. Nick, a little chastened at this point did not object. I thanked him for the drinks and told him to say goodbye to his friends. He nodded and made a feeble attempt to kiss Annie on the cheek. Annie was like a robot and just stood still. She would not move. I pulled her a little and she just stood her ground.

Nick didn't know what to do and started making small talk. He asked me where we were staying. I told him and… well you guessed it. He and his buddies were staying at the very same motel. His eyes widened and a big smile came over his face. "No kidding", he said. My gut turned and I mumbled something like, "yeah, we gotta go Nick, see ya later". Annie looked at Nick, leaned over, kissed his cheek and whispered something I couldn't hear.

Nick started to walk back into the bar and waved. Annie and I made it back to the car and I glanced back at the bar as we were pulling out of the parking lot and I saw Nick and the guys coming out the front door. Shit, I thought, we better get back to the room real quick. We drove pretty much in silence. I did ask Annie what she said to Nick and she just smiled, leaned back and said nothing.

She had too much to drink and was ready for bed. So I thought. We arrived at the motel. I parked right in front of our room, entered and locked the door making sure every lock was set tight. I peeked out the curtains and didn't see anything. The coast looked clear. I was relieved. Annie went right into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later in a loose tee shirt and panties - her usual sleeping attire. I noticed a big wet stain on the front of her panties.

Was it from her peeing or was it the result of her arousal over Nick? I was beat, took a leak and jumped into bed next to Annie, who was already fast asleep. I wanted to talk to her about the evening (and examine the wet stain), but I conked out immediately too.

No surprise here… a few minutes later, maybe an hour later, I don't know, I was too dazed - there was a knock on our door. It startled me and I jumped right up. It took a moment or two to clear the fuzz from my mind. I then realized that it had to be Nick. Who else? I could see through the curtains the shadows of two guys. I didn't move. Then another knock, not loud or hard, but firm. Then I heard Nick in a hushed but deliberate voice say, Hey Annie, open up, let's have one more drink.

A nightcap. Come on. A couple of more knocks. I then heard Annie mumble something. I turned to her and asked her what she said.

"Let him in". "What"? I said in a strained whisper. 'Come on; let him in for a few minutes. We're have a drink and then he'll go", she said. "Bullshit", I said. "There's two of them out there. Are you crazy"? More knocks and pleading from Nick for Annie to open the door. I could tell by his speech that he was a little more drunk then when we left him back at the bar.

Then, without saying a word to me Annie pulled back the sheets, stepped out of the bed and walked right to the door. I was too stunned to move or say a thing. There she was in her tee shirt and panties, nothing else on, and was about to open the door to two drunk horny guys. Before I could pull myself together Annie unlocked the door and opened it.


Nick and his buddy, the one who I think was named Paul were momentarily startled to see the door open, but they recovered quickly. They stepped right in. Nick went right to Annie and put his arms around her waist, lifted her right off the floor and kissed her hard right on the lips. Annie's mouth opened and Nick stuck his tongue deep into her mouth. This all seemed to happen in slow motion. I stood there paralyzed, unable to move a muscle. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I could not move.

The other guy, Paul sat a bottle of some type of booze down on the dresser and stepped between me and Annie and Nick.

He stood there not looking at them, but at me. I was confused, intimidated and a bit shaken. Not sure what was going to happen next or even what to do, I slowly moved backward and sat down on the chair by the window. Paul moved back toward the door and stood behind me.

Nick now had Annie flat against the wall with her tee shirt pushed up around her neck. Her breasts were totally exposed and his hands were all over them, pinching and rubbing. He was kissing her roughly all over her neck and face. Her mouth was open and she was having trouble getting her breath. At one point he even lowered his mouth to the nape of her neck and started to suck on her skin. Even in the dim light I could see the beginning of a huge red welt.

He was leaving his mark on her. Nick was about three times bigger than Annie. He was a very big guy. His body completely covered her. He handled her like she was a feather. His hands were huge; his arms were thick and defined.

Annie just stood there as Nick had his way with her. What should I do? I'm no wimp. I'm not a sissy and I'm not afraid to defend what's mine. But, I was torn, confused. Here I was sitting on a chair with nothing on but my Jockey shorts. What was really strange was that I had a terrific boner myself. I looked down and could not believe that I was erect and I mean totally erect. Harder then I have been in years.

I couldn't believe it. Annie has complained to me in recent years about my dick not being as hard as it used to be. But, here I was as hard as I was when I was nineteen. I also had a compelling urge to stroke it. I actually wanted to cum, real bad. I was extremely horny and turned on.

All of this happened in a matter of seconds, so it seemed. As I was pondering this I heard Annie give out a moan. Something she has rarely done before. I couldn't see quite exactly what Nick was doing to her, but by the location of his arms he had evidently placed his hands between Annie's legs. Annie was totally in his control and under his spell. She was starting to loose strength in her legs. She was sliding down the wall. Nick picked her up like she was a little limp rag doll; he looked over at me for a second and glanced down at my erection.

He gave me a slim smile and I knew he knew there was nothing I could do to interfere with his plans for Annie.


Nick carried Annie over to the bed and gently laid her down on her back. Carefully he removed her shirt and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. Both garments ended up on my lap.

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I pushed them off onto the floor and was about to say something when Paul picked up her panties and started rubbing them. He lifted them to his nose and breathed in Annie's fragrance. I was speechless and horrified when Paul opened his zipper and took out his erect cock. Not two feet from my face was a complete stranger wrapping my wife's panties around his cock and jerking off.

To make matters even worse, his cock of course was twice as big as mine. After a minute or so of this and seeing my wife naked on the bed with Nick, his face buried between her legs I lost it. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started stroking too.

Before too long Paul and I both shot our loads all over the motel's carpet. I do not remember cumming so hard in my life. It felt so good and it lasted so long I thought I was going collapse. I must have been very horny because I shot out a load so large it almost matched Paul's. The carpet was drenched with semen. Paul put his dick away and stepped outside to smoke.

I just left my dick hang outside my underwear and within a minute it was hard again. I only wish Annie would notice. It usually takes me about an hour or so after I cum to get hard again. Wow, what a night! Nick, still fully clothed was intensely eating out Annie's pussy.

He was really concentrating and doing a fine job, as far as I could see. Annie was in another world. Her eyes were closed and her hands were on his head, guiding him. Her hips started to grind and her breathing started to get heavier and I knew she was building up to cum. Nick also noticed this, but had other plans for her.

He slowly stopped eating her and let her level off. He stood up, took off his shirt and jeans. Annie just lay there watching him in silence and lazily playing with her clit.

I knew what was coming and said to myself, "the hell with it". I took off my shorts, spread my legs and started to wank off again. Hopefully, this time I can last a little longer and enjoy the show. And… what a show it was. We will never, ever forget it.

I never saw Annie react to sex the way she did that night. She was a totally different woman than the one I knew and loved. She let go completely and let her body take over. No restraints or holding back whatsoever. Normally, Annie is good for one organism at best, per session. But this night she had more cums then we have together in a month. Nick pulled down his underwear and produced the biggest cock I have ever seen in person.

It was of course fully erect. It was very long, about twice as long as my standard size six incher. It was thick, full of veins and almost purple in color.

He had an enormous pronounced head. It actually looked angry, almost a weapon of destruction. Its tip was very wet and shiny. I am by no means bi-sexual or anything close to that. But, I have to say; it made me take a deep breath. Annie was hypnotized. Her face was like I never saw it before. Her blue eyes were wide, her nostrils and mouth were open and sucking air. Her chest was heaving. She opened her legs automatically, very wide.

She was prepared to accept this monster no matter what. In fact, as she spread her legs I heard the wetness in her pussy.

She was soaked and open. Nick did an excellent job preparing her. He knelt between her legs and held his cock in his right hand and slowly positioned the head between her pussy lips. He let her control the insertion. It didn't take long. Annie slid down toward his cock and took his entire length deep in her pussy.

It slid in without the slightest discomfort to her. He went deep and she pulled her legs up and held them in the air. She could not get enough of him. Nick started to thrust in a gentle way, but Annie would have none of that. To my surprise she let out long low moan and said "Nick, please fuck me hard, make me cum, fuck me hard and deep". Well, he did. God, that was all he needed to hear. I never saw anything like it before, not even in porn flicks.

Nick laid himself flat on top of Annie and started pounding her small, tight pussy like an incredibly powerful jackhammer. I could not understand how Annie could take it. Each twelve-inch stroke went deeper and deeper.

Her body was completely covered by his. I could only see his ass move up and down in quick powerful thrusts. After only a few minutes of this, Annie started to wail, yes, I mean wail. It was not a scream or a moan.

It was in between. It was continuous and came from deep within her. It was too much for me and evidently for Paul too. Because he came back into the room and we both were standing there beating our dicks like madmen. The stars must have been aligned that night, because all four of us came at the same time. It's true. I think Annie started to cum first by the pitch of her wail. That triggered Nick, Paul and yours truly.

Holy shit, what a sound we must have made. Nick extracted his still hard cock from Annie after a few minutes. I was dumbstruck by the amount of semen all over his dick and in Annie's pussy. It was thick and solid white. She was actually soupy with cum. It poured from her pussy onto the bed sheets. I was mentally and physically exhausted and fell into the chair. I needed a drink. So did Paul. We both took a swig from the bottle he bought.

In a minute or so we were both sound asleep. Don't know how long I was asleep, but I woke up to see Annie curled up in Nick's arms. They were both completely naked without covers on. They must have fucked some more while Paul and I were asleep because the bed sheets were totally soaked. Annie's thighs were gleaming with pussy juice, semen and several angry looking love bites from Nick. I got up to have a closer look and was taken back by the condition of her pussy.

It was swollen and beet red. Her lips were huge and I never saw her clit so large and gorged, her hole was wide open. Globs of Nick's seamen were still dripping down her cheeks onto the bed. His dick was down, but his pubic hair and stomach was matted by cum and pussy juice.

Boy, they must have really went at it and recently too. They made a nice couple lying there. Like they were married for years. Annie looked very content and satisfied. I was starting to feel jealous. I quietly went to the bathroom and when I returned I saw that Nick was stirring a bit. I sat quietly in my chair and tried to go back to sleep without success. After a few minutes I opened my eyes slightly to see Nick playing with Annie's tits.

His dick was hard again and he was kissing her neck. "Shit, this guy never stops", I thought. Another minute or two passed and Annie started to stir. Next thing I know, Nick puts his hands around her waist and turns her onto her stomach.

He then gently pulls her ass up in the air and Annie is almost on her knees. "What the hell is he doing now"? Well, his intentions soon became clear. Nick started to kiss Annie's ass cheeks.

She was half asleep but as he worked closer to her asshole she started to grind her hips a small bit. "Holy smoke he going to eat her ass, the son of a bitch"! In all of our years together, Annie never let me near her ass. That was one area we never messed around with. She was very severe about it, so I never tried anything… especially eating her ass! Now Nick was actually tonguing her virgin ass hole. He was passionately kissing it and sticking his tongue deep into her hole while fingering her clit.

Annie even had her hands on her cheeks helping to spread them apart. She was grinding and moaning, her face buried into the pillow. Seconds later she started bucking and almost screaming in total uncontrolled lust as she had the most intense organism I ever saw her have.

In fact, as she was cumming, I saw globs and strings of Nick's semen shoot from her pussy. It was as if she was cumming like a man. Wow, the cum just shot out under some intense pressure and contractions from her pussy.

Annie fell to her side and almost fell off the bed if Nick didn't catch her when he did. I looked over at Paul and saw a look of total surprise and shock on his face. I must have looked the same way. Because Nick looked over at us and busted up laughing, so did Annie.

Besides the look of surprise on our faces, I believe they were also laughing at our stiff dicks sticking up in the air. I was so busy watching them, I didn't even notice my own erection.

Annie must have felt sorry for Paul and me because she immediately got out of bed and came over to our side of the motel room. She knelt down in front of Paul and started to give him a blowjob. I was once again stunned beyond belief. Here's my little wife, naked as a jay bird, dripping cum all over the place and sucking on another man's dick.

Annie is not the best, but not the worst cocksucker in the world, she gave it her best that night, because in about 30 seconds Paul shot what he had left in her mouth and down her throat. Geese, how about that! Annie hates to swallow. Finally, her attention is turned to me. I was a little hurt she didn't do me first, but what the hell, this was a crazy night. She knelt between my legs and begins to suck my dick. Almost immediately she begins to giggle. "What the hell are you laughing at"?

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I asked. "Ahhh honey, don't get mad, but your dick is so small compared to Nick's and Paul's. I guess I just got use to large cock tonight'?

How could I argue with that? "Shut up and suck", I told her. We all laughed and Annie proceeded to suck me off better than she ever did before. She even swallowed, not that I had that much cum left in me. The room began to fill with daylight. We didn't even notice what time it was. All I knew is that my head was pounding and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep in a real bed. I was hoping that Paul and Nick would now leave. But, to my great disappointment, Nick took Annie's hand and led her to the bathroom.

Next thing I knew I heard water running. "My God, they are going to take a bath together"! Sure enough that is exactly what they did. For a long time too.

Paul and I just slumped in our chairs and crashed. It did not stop at this point. I could spend several more pages describing how Nick and Annie continued to play around that morning. They must have spent twenty minutes kissing each other goodbye. Nick promised to come around to our home on a regular basis. Annie didn't even ask my permission. Annie is now addicted to large cock. I am used mostly for oral and manual stimulation. I cannot get Annie off any longer by intercourse. She has indicated to me that she no longer can feel me when I am in her She can only cum now by big guys like Nick or a good-sized vibrator.

Her pussy has become totally accustomed to large cock. How does this make me feel? Inadequate? Wimpy? Naaaa, I found out something I never knew about myself before. I enjoy my wife being taken by other men. I enjoy eating and making love to her when she lets me with her pussy full of semen from other men.

Annie has never been happier. I love her more than ever.