Big sexy booty pawg white whooty booty

Big sexy booty pawg white whooty booty
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Coupon Boobie I rolled into the news paper plant, around 9am. I had overslept again. I hate Monday mornings.


I had party the whole weekend. I had just passed my 2nd semester of college. I was interning for a small news paper in my home town. A college professor had gotten me the job. I was her pet project for the semester. She gave me good grades. I gave her my big cock after class.

It was a win, win, for me. She was very voluptuous. I had been attracted to skinny girls before I met her. I changed after she rocked my world. I got out of my pickup truck and headed inside. I walked toward the time clock. "Buck!" said my boss. I turned to see my older skinny female boss.

She was pissed. Last week I was late every day. Now I was late again. I had promised to call her daughter for a date. She showed me her picture. Helen, her daughter, was not my type. I set her up with a friend of mine. He was into the skinny nerds with achne problems. Now I hope he did not blow it for me. "Hey! Chief! What's up?" I said. "Late again I see. You need to get here on time. Any chance we can start to get here earlier than 9am.

I talked to Helen last night.

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You sent another guy on your date. What's up with that?" she said. I paused. "Yeah! Sorry about that. I was studying at the library. Really late. My truck broke down. My dog bite me. I asked my room mate to fill in for me. He said, they had a great time." I said. "He drove by our place. Rolled down the window.

Saw my daughter. Then spun his tires as he fled from the scene." she said very loudly. I gulped. "Sorry boss. How can I make it up to you?" I said. She paused.

"Yeah! You can make it up to me. First! I need you to make a special delivery for me. I got a friend of mine. She lives across town. She is called the coupon lady. She gets all of our undelivered inserts for the Sunday paper. There a big stack down at the loading dock. Make sure she gets all those coupons. Don't leave until she is happy. Very happy! Got it?? This is your last warning. Then call my daughter. Arrange another date.


Just you and Helen. Got it young man?" she said. I smiled. "No problem. I'm off to see the coupon lady." I said. I pulled my pick up around to the loading dock. I started to throw the bundles of inserts in the back of the pick up bed. I opened one to see the coupons. Fuck there was allot. I was positive the coupon lady was going to be just like my boss. A real bitch. The only good thing, was this delivery was going to take all day. There was a sports bar near her house. After dropping the coupons off.

I was going to spend the rest of the day drinking until I had to drive back and punch out. It took me less than forty minutes to pull up in front of the coupon lady house. It was just the house you would expect. A two story plain white house, with a small white picket fence in the front yard.

The lawn was cut perfect. The white suburban station wagon in the driveway in front of the two car garage. She probably was listening to some weird cult like music in the house. I looked around to see if she was even home. There was no movement in front of the big bay windows. I got out of the front seat. I reached in the back of the truck. I pulled out one stack of inserts. I pulled on the thin white plastic straps, keeping the small bundles together.

It made my fingers turn red in the middle. I was not sure how many I could carry without my fingers turning purple. I walked up the white side walk. I pulled up the large brass knocker on the big white door. I knocked twice. "Knock! Knock!" I waited a minute or two. Before I knocked again. "Knock! Knock!" I could hear some noise behind the door.

The big brass door knob turned. I watched the front door open. "Please! Wait. Hi! Oh! Your not William! " she said. "No! My name Buck. I think William retired last week. Mrs. Klink sent me to deliver your coupons." I said. "Glad to meet you Buck. Your such a handsome young man. My name Suzi. Everyone calls me coupon Suzi." she said. They should call her coupon boobie. My eyes were about ready to come out of there sockets.

Suzi was about 5ft 2. She was maybe in her late thirties. She was wearing a light green sweater that was pulled tight over her large torpedo shape breast. She was wearing a large cone shape bra from the fifties underneath her sweater. Her sweater was tucked inside her denim blue skirt. The skirt was old fashioned and cut below her knees. She had two large granny style white shoes on.

She was very top heavy. Luckily her big ass pushed out the back to balance her out. She had a white apron covering her expanding cleavage as she talked to me.

I could see she had just painted her finger and toe nails, the same high gloss shine. Her makeup and small gold earrings were old fashioned. It was like I was back in the future. I just watched her soft pink lips move. She had a super short platinum blonde hair style. It was set high on her head. It did not even cover her ears. "Nice to meet you Suzi. Where would you like your coupons?" I said.

"Follow me, Buck! I just got done making cookies. Some big old fashion chocolate chip cookies. My favorite." she said. She turned to walk down the hall, her front door closed behind me.

I could see a big red belt tied tight around her hips from the back. Her big ass moved under the denim skirt. I looked down the front of my tan cargo shorts.

I could see my cock move in the front. She was making my mind, do back flips. I wanted so much to fuck this hot older MILF. I looked around to see if she had any kids or a husband.

I could not see any pictures on the wall. She just had allot of shelf's through out her house. All of them were stocked with food, paper products, laundry detergent, water, cereal and femine products. "Quite a stockpile. Is it the end of the world?" I said. She giggled. "Almost all of it was free or I paid next to nothing. That why they call me the coupon lady. I got so much stuff, that my husband moved out with the kids.

He said I spent to much time couponing. His loss. Are you still back there honey? Just down the hall to my office." she said. I kept close, I did not want to miss that ass exploding out the tight denim skirt. We walked to the other end of the house.

She opened her office door. "You can put them on the big table at the end." she pointed. I smiled and walked into her office. I put the first bundle on the end of the big card table.

She had two pairs of scissors and a ton of coupons on the 6ft by 4ft table. I turned to see a big black leather desk chair. A computer and a big printer. "This is where the magic happens." she said with a big smile. I smiled. Then gulped. She had reached over to get a big feather duster off a stack of papers. I am going to clean while you bring in the rest of my coupons. Just shut the front door when your done. Thanks Buck." she said. I smiled as I walked down the long hall and through her house.

I left the front door propped open as I walked back to my truck. I started to take 4 big bundles at the same time. It was killing my fingers. The white bundle straps were cutting into my fingers. I looked down at them as I walked through the house. I finally got to her office.

I dropped all 4 bundles on the floor. I pushed them under the big card table. "Thanks sweetie. How many more?" she said. I turned to see Suzi dusting a high shelf just outside her office. Her big breast pushed her cone shaped bra forward, almost falling out the front of her sweater.

"Just a few more." I gulped. I looked down the front of my cargo shorts again. My cock was moving under the thin material.

I had to move it before she saw my cock move under my shorts. It took me about an hour to unloaded my truck. I made about 30 trips back and forth. I kept stealing looks at Suzi as she kept cleaning her office and hallway. I started to stack the last few bundles on the back of her coupon table.

I looked around for Suzi. I could hear Suzi down the hall from her office. I could feel my hands throbbing from the plastic ties on the coupons. I looked down to see my fingers were almost purple. I started to shake my hands and fingers. Trying to get some circulation back in them.

"Hey! All done?" said Suzi. She was now standing in the doorway to her office. "Yep! All done." I said. "What's up with your fingers?" she said. I smiled. "Nothing.

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Some of the plastic straps were tight on the coupons. They made my fingers turn color. It's all good." I said. "Ding!" went a buzzer down the hall. "Yeah! My cookies are done.

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Stay here. I'll be right back." she giggled as she left the room. I looked around her over cluttered office. There was stuff everywhere. Now she had another large load of coupons all over her table. I reached down to peel open a few of the plastic white straps on some of the bundles. I tossed the open straps on the set of coupons behind the table.

"Did ya, miss me?" said Suzi. I smiled. She had a small plate of 3-4 large chocolate chip cookies on top. She smiled as she licked her lips. She pulled off the top cookie. She put it on her pink lips. She started to nibble on the cookie. A few crumbs fell off. Some fell on her apron. One big piece fell between her breast. She looked down, then kept eating her cookie.

She moved the plate toward my right hand. I took off the next cookie. I smiled as I nibbled on her cookie. It was very good. "Mmmmm! Very good cookies." I said. "I just love cookies." she cooed. "More than coupons?" I giggled. She laughed too. "Ha Ha!! Never! Nothing beats my coupons. Well maybe one thing beats my coupons." she said with a big ass smile. I was almost afraid to ask. I did not want my boss back at the plant, to kill me.

I just smiled. I finished my cookie. I looked back at Suzi. She had finished her first cookie. She was almost done with another one. She now had crumbs all over her cleavage. I just kept smiling. She offered my another cookie. I started to eat that cookie.

"So.What do you do with all these coupons? What your secret??" I said. "Hmmm! Let me show you." she said. I watched as she walked passed me. She was now in front of her small table of coupons. I walked up behind her. I looked over her shoulder. "First! I like to be organized. I spread out all my coupons. I categorize each one. Then! I open each set of coupons from the big bundles." she said. I watched as her big breast moved in front of my eyes. She kept reaching all around her table.

She arched her back to put some of the coupons on the edge of the table. Her big ass was inches from the front of my cargo shorts. Her ass was so close. It was just a matter of time before she touched the front of my cargo shorts. I inched closer to her. Her white apron moved across the table. Knocking over a bundle of coupons. "Bam! They hit the floor. Suzi looked to her right. "Oh! No! That is just not going to work.

I forgot to take off my apron. I just get so into making sure my coupon are just perfect. I loose tract of the situation. That just can't happen. Can you untie me Buck?

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Just pull on the white string. Thanks sweetie." she said. I pulled the white string around her waist. A second later her apron slipped off her waist. I untied the top of her apron next. The top fell off and landed on her breast. Her white apron just sat there on her big breast.

"These get in the way all the time. My husband hated them." she said. She pointed to her big breast. I gulped as she pulled her apron off and dropped it on the floor next to her coupon table. I looked down to see her big red belt around her waist. The back was tied just above her hips. The front was under her big breast. She was bending over squishing her sweater on the coupons. I leaned in to get a better view. She moved her feet back. Then I felt her denim skirt touch the front of my cargo shorts.

I breathed in. I noticed her breathing getting heavier. She kept her big ass on the front of my cargo shorts.

My eyes got bigger as she moved her ass up and down, and side to side. She was grinding her big ass on the thin material covering my now erect cock. Suzi then looked over her shoulder after putting down her last coupon from the first bundle. "Just like that. Then I put all of them in my computer. It's just that easy? You know what?? I never thanked you for carrying all these coupons to my office. William used to throw them into my bushes.

I like this allot better. I used to offer him a kiss or hug for his trouble. Of course he just sped away before he got his tip" she said. "Hmmm! That sounds like a great tip to me." I said. She smiled. Suzi pushed her big ass across the front of my shorts as she turned. "A kiss or a hug?" she cooed.

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"I'm sure there both great. A hug sounds better today." I said. "Great! A big bear hug." she cooed. She opened her arms. I moved forward. Her great big breast pushed into my chest. She put her hands around my neck.

Her arms on my shoulders. I leaned down almost picking her up. I could feel the large metal hinges on the back of her old fashion bra. They almost poked into my skin. Her sweater was very soft. I could smell her old fashion perfume as she pushed her face into my hard chest. She then dropped her hands on my shoulders and long arms. I moved my hands down to her lower back.

"What big arms you have, and such wide shoulders. So many muscles. I'm sorry sweetie. Am I hurting you? How are your fingers? Do they feel any better?" she said softly into my chest. I gave her lower back a big squeeze. "I guess they do. That's good for me." she giggled. I picked her off her small feet. Then set her back down. "You know? You did such a great job. I think you may deserve a kiss too. I don't think a hug is going to cut it.

How does that sound?" she said. She looked into my blue eyes. She then closed her eyes as she stuck out her perfect pink lips. She made a big fish face with her lips. I was afraid to give her a kiss. She kept puckering up.

"Hmmm! Where did she learn how to kiss? Mrs. Suzi! Open your eyes." I said. She opened her eyes. "Did I do something wrong?" she said. "Hmmm!" I said with a weird smile. "I've always kissed that way." she said. "Let's try something different. Just lean up. Don't make any faces with your lips. I'll kiss you. Just look into my eyes." I said. She smiled. Then leaned up into my arms. Her hands were on the side of my face.

I started to kiss her pink lips. Her lips were hard at first. Than she relaxed as her lips began to get moist on mine. After a few minutes she closed her eyes. I could feel her tongue, just about ready to invade my mouth. I opened her mouth first.

I slowly rolled her tongue with mine. She picked up quickly and relaxed her mouth. We kissed very passionately as she pushed her chest against mine.

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I could feel her erect nipples under her bra, against my shirt. She was breathing heavy again. She moved her finger nails down the front of my shirt. Stopping just above her chest. She looked into my eyes as she broke our kiss. She moved out of my arms. Only a few inches from me. I opened my mouth.

I was speechless. She opened hers. "That was really nice Buck. Nobody has ever kissed me that way before. It's been such a long time since a man has been in my house.

Especially one, so young and cute, like yourself. Do you have to get right back to the news paper office?" she cooed. I smiled. "I'm sure Mrs. Klink can run the office with out me. She did say to make sure the coupon lady was happy. Are you happy Suzi?" I said. She put her right finger in her mouth. "Yes! I am happy. But I could be more happy.

Maybe you should show me what's been poking me, under your big cargo shorts." she purred. I smiled. She gave me a big wink. I started to take my shirt off. She pulled it over my head. She let out a soft moan when she saw my hard chest and abs. I then kicked off my white tennis shoes, under her cluttered coupon table.

She was now running her hands on my chest. She tugged on my hard nipples. "Oh my Buck!" she said. I then slowly unzipped my cargo shorts. I let them fall around my ankles. My hard cock sprang up, then out. It was standing straight out, almost poking her green sweater. "MMmmmmmmmm! Why Hello young man. No underwear today. Is that real?" she blurted out. I grabbed her right hand. "Ohhh! That is real, and so very hard. Do you shave?

There is no hair down here. God! You have big balls." she blurted out again. "Thanks!" I said. I moved forward to give her a big kiss, as she cupped my big balls. Her other hand was jacking my cock. I broke our kiss. I reached down to grab both her big breast. They felt like two large satin covered beach balls in my hands. I kept her breast up with my right forearm.

She wiggled around, as I reached down to unbuckle her large red belt. I then pulled her red belt off, letting it fall to the ground. She reached down to pull up her green sweater. I smiled when she could not pull it over her large boobs. I had to pull with both hands to get her sweater over her head. Her hair did not move, as I tossed her sweater on her coupon table behind her. Her huge old fashion 50's bra was straining to keep back her large breast.

I smiled as she tried to put her hands back to unhook her bra. She continued to reach as I put my hand down her side. I unzipped her old fashion denim skirt. Her large ass was keeping it from falling down the back. Her large breast were resting on the front of her skirt, keeping it up. I looked down and smiled.

"Here let me get that." I said. "Do you know what your doing? This bra is so hard to get on and off. It's the only one, that keeps my breast from tipping me over." she said.

I put my hands on her hips. I turned her around. She was now facing her coupon table. I took two steps back to admire her large back side. I reached down, on the middle of her back. I could see the four inch bra hooks keeping her old fashion bra on. I had not seen anything like them before.

It was now or never on this big bra. I started to move the hooks, up and down. Then side to side. "I told you it would not be easy." she cooed.

Her face was inches from her coupons. She was smelling the old news paper as I worked on her big bra. After a few minutes, I finally got the trick. I pulled out, then up.

Then her bra hooks slowly turned and fell open. I pushed the head of my cock on her denim covered ass. I left a big wet spot on her denim skirt. I then yanked down her skirt. She quickly kicked it it the side. I looked down to see she was wearing some huge old fashion white panties. I moved the tip of my cock forward. I was pressing the tip of my cock on her white silk panties. She let out a soft moan. "That feels nice Buck." she said.

I reached down to pull her hips around again. Her big white bra was still on her breast. I reached down with both hands to palm her big breast. She smiled. I then used two fingers to pull forward, causing her bra to fall into my hands.

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I gently tossed it over my shoulder. She giggled as her big breast fell on her chest. "KaPow!!" Her whole body shook when they slammed against her chest. I then saw her two thumb size nipples expand two sizes in front of my eyes. She put her finger back in her mouth. Some big chunks of her chocolate chip cookies fell out from between her breast. They fell on the floor in front of her. "Take off those panties.

Can we get rid of them?" I said. She smiled. "For you! Anything babe." she smiled. I pointed to her panties, then to her old fashion white shoes. She kicked them both off toward me. I reached down to toss them in a small garbage can, next to her cluttered desk. I then walked over and picked her up in my arms. She tossed her head to the side. She looked over her right side.

I gently tossed her onto her coupons. "Buck! We can't do this here.Not on my coupons." she yelled. I felt her big ass slide on the coupons as I let her big body go.

I stopped for a second. Her face was all excited. I could smell a new aroma in the small room. She was very turned on. I looked down to see her legs open. She had a very full bush. It was blonde and very curly. I smiled. I could not wait to shave her later. I spat some saliva in my right hand. I then wiped my 9 3/4inch cock in my hand. I grabbed the base as I moved my hips forward. She pushed her body up on her elbows to see what I was doing.

Her large breast blocked her view as the tip of my cock found her hairy pussy. Her eyes got big. "Buck! Wait! Not on my coupons!" she said. I eases my cock inside her tight pussy. Her face was flushed as she took more of my hard cock inside her.

I grabbed her legs to hold them around my waist. She pushed me forward causing more of my cock inside her. I could feel her pussy tighten, then relax. She was breathing very fast. I moved my hands to her stomach. I took a big grip, causing her to scream. I then moved my hands to her huge breast. I pushed them to the side. She could now see me body against hers. "God! What are you doing to me. You feel so hard inside me.

No man, has made me feel like this. Your cock is only half way inside me." she screamed. 'Wait! Should I stop? I mean the coupons." I said. She shook her head "No!". She winked again. "Do you like it Suzi? Is this better than couponing?" I moaned.

She moaned very loud. "Oh! I think you do like this better than couponing. Mmmmm! God your pussy is so tight, and so very wet." I yelled at her. I reached down to scoop up her big breast. I could taste some crumbs from the cookies on her breast. She was moaning as I sucked on her big nipples. I was biting, chewing and sucking on them very hard. It was driving her crazy. I thrusted one more time all the way in. Her face got red again. Then her whole body orgasm under my body. She screamed out.

I kept slamming my cock in her. "What is that?? Oh! God! Your making me orgasm. No man has done that for me. I love it Buck. Don't stop homey." moaned Suzi. I reached up to put my hands on her shoulders. I pushed down, causing her whole body to move. "FUCK!!!! YES!!! Your all the way in, you bastard." she screamed. I looked down to see the base of my cock had met her large bush. Her matted down pussy hairs, were against my smooth skin.

She let out a big grunt. Her large breast fell down her side. I reached down to pull her left leg over her right side. She was now on her side. My cock was buried all the way in, as she moved. I reached down to put my left hand on her big left breast.

I put my right hand down to play with her pussy. My cock kept sliding in and out. She let out a soft moan, as I picked up the pace. She kept trying to move on her table. She kept pushing all her coupons on the floor.

A few minute later, I pulled all the way out. She smiled as she rolled over on her stomach. I hopped on my back on the table. I could feel the wet coupons stick on my back. I peeled a few off her back as she looked down at my erect cock. "Lick it Suzi. Show me, how much you like it." I said. She hestitated for a minute. "I never done this before. My husband never wanted me to suck his small cock. Your so big. be gentle." she said. I smiled as she moved her tongue down in front of my cock.

She opened her mouth. She started to lick around the head of my cock. Some precum had mixed with her sweet juices. She then started to take in a few inches. She spit out my cock after a second. "It's to much Buck." she cooed. I smiled as she put more of my cock in her mouth. She was making some large sucking noises. Her greedy mouth kept taking more as I began to fuck her mouth.

I could feel her large breast resting on my thigh. I reached down to squeeze them. This caused her to moan. "Roll over babe. That a good girl. Get on! Put your hands on my chest." I said. Suzi lowered her tight wet pussy on my cock. I watched as my cock slipped right back in her hot tight pussy. She put her hands on my chest. I started to bounce her up and down on my cock. She screamed. She started to orgasm again on my cock. Her nipples turned dark purple.

I looked down. I thought I heard something. "Crack! Crunch!!!! Buckkkkk!" The coupon table started to crack underneath us. Suzi screamed. 'Thud!!" I could feel myself fall. I watched as Suzi body followed mind. We landed on all the big stacks of coupons under the table.

The table fell to the side. Spit in half. Suzi looked around. I looked down to see my cock was still buried in Suzi wet pussy. I could feel something touching my arm. I looked over to see two white plastic straps from the bundles of coupons I had brought in earlier. I grabbed both plastic straps. I started to bounce Suzi on my cock.

She looked down into my eyes. I smiled. I then put one strap in each one of my hands. She smiled. I quickly put each one of her huge breast through the opening of the white plastic straps.

She moaned as I tighten them around her breast. Her soft white breast turned pink, then light red. I brought them up to my mouth. I started to bite down on her erect nipples. She moaned. I then pulled the straps tighter.

Her breast turned a darker shade of red. She screamed. I finally pulled the plastic straps very tight. She fell down on my face. Her big breast mashed against my face and neck.

I sucked hard on her dark purple nipples. "Fuck!!! YES!!!!! I'm cumming again. Buck!!!!" she orgasm so hard, her whole body shook for a few minutes. I was biting her nipples. Her breast mashed against my face.

Her body fully on mine. Her pussy juices coating my cock. She was flooding my waist. Her juices flowing down on her precious coupons. A minute later. I start to grunt. Her eyes got big. Blast after large blast of my cock, unloaded deep inside her. She fell back onto a big pile of coupons. Her pussy bounced off my cock. I looked down to see my cock shoot one last load on her stomach as we both laid there on the piles of coupons.

"Beep! Beep!" I could hear a big truck backing up. "Knock! Knock!" I felt the big bed move. I could not more my hands. "Coming! I heard some new large heels click across the wooden floor.

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Then a pause. "Oh! Good Morning! Mrs. Klink. Thank you so much for delivering my coupons this morning." said Suzi. "No! Thank you coupon Suzi. It's a pleasure to bring you this big load of coupons, this fine morning. Is that a new bathrobe? Those heels are very cute on you. You look so very hip in that new outfit. I also am very happy that you found my new employee Buck, a great help these past weeks. I'm just sorry he could not be here today. He had another date last night, with my daughter.

I barely see her anymore. He keeps her very busy these days. I gave him the day off, today. He should be back next week. Have a great day." said my boss Mrs. Klink. "Slam!" The front door closed.

I heard Suzi coming down the hall. "Helen! Wait a minute before you go out.


You Mom should be leaving soon. Then gather all the bundles up and bring them to my office, just like last week. Then start cutting my coupons. Just like I showed you. I'll be right back sweetie." said Suzi. I heard Mrs. Klink daughter get of the couch in the living room. "Can I watch again Mrs. Suzi?" said Helen. "After you get the coupons from the yard. Then you can watch us." said Suzi. I smiled.

Suzi came back into the room, followed by Helen. I watched as Helen took off Suzi bathrobe and carried it down the hall. Suzi untied her small black see through teddy.

Her big nipples were hard as rocks. I looked up to see my hands tied to the bed frame. The same two white plastic straps, I had used on her, from a few weeks ago. She smiled. "I'm so glad you got Mrs.

Klink daughter to help me with the coupons. Now I have so much free time to please you. Our safe word for today is your favorite."Coupon Boobie!!!" Love, Buck xoox "This story is fictional. It is not based on anybody, dead or alive. Thank you. Please read more of my crazy adult stories."