Lazy sex sunday morning with my dildo

Lazy sex sunday morning with my dildo
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I thought I was a normal guy, wife, kids, just retired early due to some remarkable success in the stock markets. I was 52 and my beautiful wife was 48. Our sex life wasn't everything it used to be but who's was after twenty four years of marriage. I admit, my eyes strayed but I never had. Then our niece Mackenzie began visiting us often when she was 12. She was right at five foot tall, dishwater blonde hair and a gymnasts' body. She had small breasts, small waist and the most perfectly shaped ass I'd ever seen.

She always wore the tightest shorts and they always allowed her ass cheeks to protrude from them in the most seductive way possible.

Her thighs were perfect and when seen from behind they mated perfectly with her ass cheeks, leaving a small opening one can see through at the top of them.

Her ass was perfectly formed and her shorts always displayed those wonderful buttocks erotically, the pronounced concave between them seemed to scream, "Lick me, Lick me" in my mind. Her shorts always molded her pussy perfectly leaving little to be imagined. She didn't seem to know how sexy and desirable she really was. She would sit with her thighs spread and the softest skin alongside her mound would always be visible with her outer labia imprinted softly at the crotch of her shorts.

My dick always seemed to be straining whenever she was around. Throughout the years I have to admit I entertained her in my mind frequently as I masturbated.

She had decided not to attend college immediately after graduating high school and this gave her time to visit with us often. My wife and I enjoyed reading sex stories together to get us in the mood for sex every once in a while so during the day I would go online and find what I thought would turn her on.

On one particular day I was home alone reading some sex stories online trying to find some good ones for my wife and I to enjoy together that evening; I had been reading a story of incest that caught my eye because of the way my niece affected my sensibilities. It was titled, "How I seduced my Uncle", and it was a story of a girl that was infatuated with her Uncle and had laid out a plan to seduce him and then carried it out.

The web site also had free sex movies of every nature and kind. I had decided to take a shower and left my laptop sitting on the kitchen table powered on and signed in to the porn site with the story of the uncle's seduction displayed.

With both our own kids away at college my wife and I frequently left our laptops sitting around the house powered up. I had no idea of how that simple act would change the lives of our family members.

Had I just forgotten, or was it some unconscious desire for her to see it that caused me to leave it there, I don't know. Consciously though, I had forgotten that her and her brother were coming to do some yard work for us that day. When I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and started towards the kitchen I was thinking I might toss off while reading a story or watching some movies.

As I neared the kitchen I looked up and through the curved mirror on the curio cabinet in the dining room saw Mackenzie sitting with her back to me at my laptop. She was watching movies of huge cocked black men fucking tiny white women.

I could tell she was aroused by the way she was sitting on the edge of the chair rubbing her pussy with her hand squeezed between her thighs. Then she went back to the story I was reading and sat staring at the screen obviously reading the story. Seeing her young body moving sensually had my dick stiffening.

I then saw her rise and walk to the junk drawer and take a pencil and a sticky notepad from it and it appeared she was writing down the URL of the website before tearing it off, folding it and sticking it in her pocket.

I went back to the bathroom and began making noises that I knew she could hear before returning to the kitchen. She had gone outside before I got there. I dressed quickly and went outside after closing the web site. When she saw me coming out the door she said, "Oh, hi unc, we just got here to do the yard". Pretending not to know she had been on the computer I said, "I'm going to run up to the store and get a few things Mackenzie want to go?

I'll only be gone twenty minute or so." "Naw I think I'll stay here in case he needs some help", she replies. Normally she would have jumped at the chance to get out of having to work. I smile knowing she is going to be on that site thirty seconds after I leave creating her own account, which is free to do. I don't know why I find it enjoyable knowing that but I do. I suspect she is still a virgin and thinking of her sexing anyone, especially me is a real turn-on for me, why I couldn't tell you because she is my niece.

I guess a part of me wants her sexually aroused when she's around me hoping she will have the courage to approach me sexually. I knew I didn't have that courage even though she was eighteen now. I tell myself I'm really not planning on doing anything with her, not now anyway. It just excites me seeing her aroused needing to cum. When I get back she is in the bathroom and I go to the laptop and look at the history and she has visited quite a few different sex sites mostly interracial mixed with bestiality.

Hmmm I think to myself, wonder if the animal sex put her in the bathroom? I creep down the hallway and put my ear to the door and can hear her labored breathing and her voice quavering as if she is rubbing her clit very vigorously and then, Oh.oh.ah.ah.aarrgghhhhhhhhhhohgodddddyeahhhhhh. Then quick deep gasping and panting. I walk back to the living room and sit down with my cock straining my pants. A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom and sees me sitting there, her gaze lowering to the long bulge of my hard dick, and a slight blush colors her face like she is wondering if I know her secret and then says, "Oh I didn't know you were home Uncle Rick.

My eyes examine her, not really knowing what I was expecting to see that would scream "I've been masturbating", but I enjoy looking at her anyway. I did notice her pussy was imprinted against her shorts defining her swollen labia plainly. I spend a few seconds a little mesmerized and she cocks her head sideways and asks, "What? What's wrong, what are you looking at", as she nervously laughs while transferring her weight from one foot to the other, glancing down at her pussy like she's afraid there is something to suggest she had been masturbating with a quizzical smile adorning her beautiful face?

"A sexy, beautiful young woman, Mac. You get more beautiful every day it seems like. If I were young and single again I'd be trying to talk you out of those shorts you have on", I said and then laughed like it was just a compliment but there was more than just an element of truth in what I said. "I'm beginning to think you're a dirty old man uncle Rick", she said smiling as she walked towards the door and then paused, looked back and winked, and said, "I like that", smiled real big and walked out the door.

I knew I wanted to read a lot more into her words than she really meant but it was a nice thought. I'm sure she was exaggerating the rolling of her ass, cheeks squirming as she walked, and my prick pulsed strongly, jerking hard in my pants. She glanced back at me out of the corner of her eyes like she wanted to see if I was watching her ass as she walked.

I was, and a slight grin crossed her mouth as she saw my gaze directed directly upon her young body and undoubtedly saw my straining dick before she disappeared out the door. A few minutes later I glance out the kitchen window and see her lying on the canopied swing in the back yard with her thighs spread laying along the mattress seat.

Her head lays against the padded arm as she seems to be thinking. I see her glance at the window and see the recognition in her eyes as she sees me looking at her.

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She quickly averts her gaze though, like she hasn't seen me. As I watch, her hand drops between her thighs and her fingers idly rub herself, fingertips lightly running along her pronounced slit as she seems to caress her labia unconsciously. Is she teasing me I wonder? Her eyes close, head turning to the side as if she's experiencing intense pleasure.

I wonder if she's becoming aroused knowing I'm watching her. I move closer to the window where I know she can see me. Her hips begin a slow sensual undulation that has my dick rising, swelling, until I am rock hard again and my dick is running down my sweat pants leg almost to my knee as it lifts the slack material.

I am normally around nine inches when hard but I was sure I felt a couple inches longer I was so aroused watching her believing she was performing for my benefit. Then, as I watch mesmerized, she gets up quickly, runs in the house and starts pulling drawers open. I start to speak but my mouth is so dry my voice cracks awkwardly, "W.w.wha.what are you looking for Mac", I ask as I try to turn sideways to hide the pronounced bulge in my pants.

She walks beside me and opens a drawer standing where it's impossible for me to hide what she has caused to be there. "A sucker", she says as her gaze falls on my dick. She seems mesmerized, staring, her head is down like she's looking in the drawer but her gaze is sideways on my dick. I see her chest beginning to rise and fall and her thighs involuntarily squeeze. "I say, "A sucker, why?" She glances up into my eyes and then deliberately lowers her gaze and says while staring at my dick, "Oh I don't know, I was sitting outside and suddenly had the urge to suck on something sweet and hard, something I can run my tongue around and taste it and a sucker is all I can think of, you got any ideas unc?

Do you know of anything Aunt Rita sucks on when she's craving something hard and delicious?" I get the feeling we're both dancing around the seething coal walk waiting to see who will take a chance on being burnt first. My dick is throbbing and jerking in my pants and gives me the courage to walk behind her and press against her, placing my hard dick against her ass while I reach over her and open a cabinet door while saying, "She used to keep some hard stuff up here I believe.

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"If you see something you like just grab it Mac. Hmmm must not be this one I say as I raise up like I'm looking on the higher shelves as I rub my swollen cock up and down her ass crack. I think I hear a small moan and her ass presses back against me. "Dang, I feel so hungry now. All of a sudden I feel so empty like I'm craving something. What do you have that will fill me up Unc", she asks as she turns to face me, eyes smoldering, face flushed from the arousement I'm positive she is experiencing.

My hands reach down and grasp her ass cheeks as I pull her to me. We stand there with my dick jerking strongly against her when suddenly the door opens and her brother comes walking in. She hurriedly breaks free and walks in the living room and sits staring at me, chest heaving, her body language expressing frustration, her eyes begging me to do something to alleviate the throbbing she feels. I have to put my hand in the pocket of my sweats and hold my dick down so it's not readily visible as I ask, "All through or just taking a break", praying he's taking a break.

"All done, just need something cold to drink now", he replies as he opens the refrigerator door. "There's a cold beer in there", I say invitingly. He looks at me with a funny look on his face and I laugh and say, "Don't worry I won't tell on you." "No but Mackenzie will in a heartbeat", he says dejectedly. I look at Mackenzie and ask, "You want a beer Mac?" She looks at me as if me asking her acknowledges that I see her as a woman, an adult as she asks, "What will Aunt Rita say, I wouldn't want to get you in trouble Rick?" "Aunt Rita's not here is she, and I'm not a snitch.

Don't see where one beer is going to turn you into a drunken alcoholic but if you don't want it that's ok?" What am I doing, I think to myself? I wage an internal battle as my mental abilities are becoming more and more influenced by the throbbing in my dick. Did she just call me Rick? We suddenly seemed to have grown closer in her mind and I think I like that fact.

Mac rises and walks in the kitchen and asks her brother, "Will you split one with me Austin? I don't know if I like it and I don't want to waste it if I don't?" Austin smiles and says, "Sure", he replies as he realizes she can't tell on him if she splits hers with him!" I get two glasses down and Austin opens a beer and distributes it between the two glasses and then hands Mac one. She tastes it and says, I like it I think, and then takes a big drink and says it's good, ok I'll drink it.

We all go sit in the living room and I talk to her brother about school and other mundane things as Mac sits across from me holding her pussy pretending to watch TV as her gaze continues to drop to my pants front where I have pressed my dick down the inside of my thigh so her brother can't see it.

I rub it as I lick my lips while my eyes gaze at her clenching thighs. Each time I do it her thighs squeeze and a soft shudder runs through her. I am aroused but her young hormonal arousement has her appearing to ache for relief.

I watch as she drains the glass, seeming to drink in order to take her mind from the ache at her pussy. Austin drinks his quickly also saying, "Now that's good, just what I needed, good and cold too", as he tries to sound manly.

I rise and pick the glasses up and say, "Better get rid of the evidence" and wink at Austin. I take the glasses and rinse them out and sit them beside the sink and turn and look at Mac through the doorway. Her brother can't see me where I'm standing. I watch as she turns to sit facing me with her feet on the edge of the couch, thighs open widely. She glances towards her brother and then her hands drop and she rubs her pussy for a few seconds while staring at the now tented sweats at my dick.

I can't believe the boldness of her actions. She had always shown a propensity towards exhibitionism but never so overtly sexual. She clearly did that for my benefit I think and I reach down and grasp my hard cock through my sweats and squeeze it, outlining its thick head as I lift it. I see the effect it has on her inner excitement as her thighs close and I see her ass squeezing as her pussy muscles clench tightly. I see the round lower edge of her ass cheeks and the soft skin of her pussy straddling the thin strip of her shorts at her crotch and my hand strokes my dick in my sweats.

She mouths the words, "Show me", as she begins tapping her temple with her index finger alongside her eyes and then points at me as her hand lowers. She's communicating her desire to see my dick through her gestures and her silent mouthing I think to myself. My breathing is heavy, and all kinds of thoughts run through my head. I have fleeting thoughts of Rita, my marriage, my reputation and then I look at her again and she tilts her head with an expression of "Well". I have never felt an arousement as intense as the one gripping me at this moment.

I feel possessed, unable to prevent my actions as I grip the waistband of my sweats and pull them out and press the front down until my cock bobs up and stands swaying straight out in front of me. Her eyes open big, her chest lifts as she breathes in quickly.

She tries to pretend she's watching TV but her gaze keeps returning to stare as I grip my dick and stroke it. Her hands press down between her thighs and she squeezes them tight against her pussy as her thighs rock from side to side.

She glances at her brother and then rises slowly and quietly walks into the kitchen slowly while looking in the direction of Austin. She walks straight to me and grips my dick in her small hand as she says, "He's asleep". She runs her hands up and down my hard dick and I know I'm about to cum, precum is oozing from my urethra in a stream as she murmurs, "Dang it's so big." She squeezes me with one hand as her other slides into my sweats to cup my balls and caress them gently, while staring at my face.

"I want to suck it, can I", she whispers? My mind is screaming, YES! YES! when I hear a car pull in the driveway and I say quickly, "Oh my god Rita's home" as I push her away and run to the bathroom and lock the door and begin stroking my cock with the memory of my beautiful Niece's hands on my dick and her words in my mind. I cum within just a few strokes and I didn't think I'd ever quit tensing and shooting. My dick felt as stiff as steel as I filled the toilet bowl with my need for my nieces lips on my dick.

Even after my balls quit pumping cum they still dry spasmed, bending me at the waist with intense thrills. I finally had to release my dick hoping if I didn't touch it that it would soften and I could leave the bathroom.

I thought of everything and anything except my niece's 18 year old ass and her boldness. I was finally able to shrug and leave the safety of my throne room to face everyone. When I emerged Mac was sitting on the couch with her thighs crossed and pumping hard. She looked at me and I could see her sexual frustration.

Austin was still sleeping and I couldn't help thinking how Mac would still be sucking or possibly fucking me if not for Rita's untimely return. Rita asks if her sister had dropped them off and if they are staying for dinner or if their mother is going to pick them up or what?

Mac jumps up and says, "'I'd like to go home now if you want to take me". She knows there is no chance for us to do anything so I'm sure she wants to go home and masturbate in her own bed while watching movies on her phone. I volunteer to take them. In the car Austin says, "When I get married I hope all we have to do is sit around all day and play on the computer like you do Uncle Rick." "That's not all I do, I usually only get on it when I'm home alone with nothing to do like when I take Rita to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 4 and 6 O'clock", I say, hoping Mac will try and find a way to be at the house during those times.

Besides there are a lot of things you can learn on the computer online isn't there Mac? I noticed you had been on a few educational sites on my laptop today while I was gone. So see Austin there's a lot to learn on a computer, it's all there in black and white", I said as I smiled at Mac. She looked at me and blushed but got a knowing smile on her lips as I asked, "Ain't that right Mac?" "Yeah I learned a lot about Africa and the African people Austin, enough that I know I want to go there.

Everything is sooo big there it seems. And Uncle Rick is right it's all there in black and white with color movies and it's such an erotic place, very hot, it made me all perspiring and wet just looking at the pictures and movies.

The African men all looked so strong and they were packing big loads. Do you ever look at the African pictures Unc?" "Just about every day, I like reading the stories also. Maybe some day I can help you accomplish your dream of going there. I have some friends that came from Africa and they can probably show you all kinds of things about Africa. Being from Africa they get into it deeper than others can.

But once you get them started they can go on for hours and hours so you better be prepared to spend some time with them if you ever get them going.", I said, knowing with her acute perception she would know exactly what I meant. "I'd love that, I could let them teach me everything they want to. I just know if I ever go there once I will want to go as often as possible. Everything is so big there, it would take some time I'm sure to take it all in, you know, going from one place to another, especially if you like it and want to spend some time at every place" "Austin piped up, "Yeah I think I'd like seeing all the animals, you know the tigers and elephants and giraffes".

"Mac looked at me and slid her tongue over her lips and gave me that knowing smile and says, "Yeah I was hoping to see what kinds of dogs and horses and mules and stuff they had over there. You know there are animal lovers there.

I don't think I could live without at least a dog when I get my own apartment. I fell in love with one of my friends Great Danes once when I spent the night with her. He was so huge and I actually rode him. He took me all around her bedroom bucking hard and fast.

I was scared to death and loving it at the same time. You've seen her dog haven't you Austin?" "Yeah he's a big dog, I could ride him I bet", he says and Mac and I both smile. This girl is really turning me on and if Austin wasn't with us I'd be fucking her in the back seat right now. I just wonder if she'll think of me as she's masturbating that young hot pussy. I know I'll have her in my mind when Rita and I fuck tonight. "Well, you two be good" I say as Austin gets out and walks off towards the house saying, "I got to use the restroom, thanks Uncle Rick".

Mac looks at me and hesitates as if she'd like to kiss me good-bye but then just smiles seductively while glancing at my crotch almost longingly and says, "I'm always good, but when I'm bad I'm better.

You'll find out when you fuck me Rick", "Did you really fuck that dog Mac, that's hot as hell gal." "Yeah his dick is as big or bigger than yours and he had me crying and screaming and begging for more all at the same time.

When he knotted me I thought I'd die either from the pain or cumming and I didn't know which. I really loved it. I better go in, your dick is hard again ain't it. Fuck I'm going in and play with my pussy and remember what you felt like in my hand. "You know that no one can know about any of this don't you Mac", I ask her?

"I'm not stupid Rick, you thought I was a virgin before today didn't you. I'm not going to do or say anything that's gonna stop me from enjoying what I like. I like your dick Rick, a lot", she says as she exits the car. Hmmm that's twice no Uncle I think to myself. "I'll be thinking of you tonight in Africa with all the animals sweet ass." She turns and smiles and says, "Me too".

That night I couldn't get her out of my mind. I thought of everything she had said, especially the part about the Great Dane. I had often fantasized of Rita having a big dog breeding her, knotting her pussy and shooting his steaming dog cum in her. I could never even broach the subject with her though for fear she would think I was a pervert of some sort. She did have a fantasy of being seduced by a hung black man that I knew about, but she never indicated she ever wished it to be anything but a fantasy.

I couldn't get the thought of Mackenzie being hammered around the room by a dog the size of a Great Dane out of my mind. Knowing she had the black cock fantasy also, just had my mind obsessed all night. Rita even commented on how aroused I was and how much harder I was after we made love.

She even asked me who I was thinking about joking with me. Then she shocked me when she said, well keep thinking about her whoever she is, I liked that.

I wondered if I told her I was fucking her sister's eighteen yr. old daughter in my mind while I fucked her if she'd still feel that way. A few minutes later I received a text from an unknown number, the message was "Wish you were here with me in my backyard while I romped with the Great Dane while visiting Africa.

Thinking of you, love"! "What it is honey", Rita called to me? I quickly texted, "Mmmmm me too, I have been in my mind while fucking your Aunt". Then I quickly deleted what I had sent from the call log and message center. As I return to the bedroom I say, "That's a strange message, must be a wrong number or something, read that and see what you think", I tell her as I throw the phone to her.

"That is strange Rick, you must have some really strange girlfriends. Is that the one you were thinking of while we fucked? She has a Great Dane, does she fuck it too while you watch?" Rita was having a ball thinking she was joking not knowing just how close she was in some of her words and how right on she was with others.

"Yeah, I'm gonna bring it home and let you fuck it too. Big as its dick is I figure you won't mind trading me for the dog", I say laughing She lays back and looks like she's pondering the problems of the world before saying, "Mmmmm that might be fun", more to herself than to me. "Do you think women really do that Rick, have sex with their dogs and other animals?

Seems like they'd catch something if they do." "I know they do baby, hell you can go online and watch movies clips of them fucking dogs, mules, horses and just about every kind of animal even snakes and fish, hell there are even clips of men with animals". My wife seems to become excited at my words and rolls onto her side and says, "You're kidding, you can get your laptop and show me men and women doing all that, do it, I want to see." My heart is in my mouth as I say, "Are you serious, you really want to watch women fuck dogs", I say as my dick begins jerking as it stiffens.

"And horses and mules too", she says with an excitement that has her pussy clenching, thighs tightening as I watch. "It really turns you on thinking about this doesn't it, I'm beginning to think my beautiful sexy wife has a kinky side to her", I comment. "I don't think you can say much about how it turns me on as long as your dick is straining like it is.

I believe you like thinking of women fucking dogs and other animals." "No, I like thinking of YOU fucking dogs and other big dicked animals. THAT'S what has me hard", I tell her, wishing I hadn't said it as quickly as it left my mouth.

I waited for the onslaught of cussing I expected from her. All she did though is lay there and look at me like she was debating what to say to me, glancing down at the sheets as if too embarrassed to look me in the eyes.

When she speaks, it's spoken low and with a tremor in her voice as if she is afraid of my reaction to her words of, "It turns me on thinking of me doing it too". Her eyes were forming tears as she gazed at me as if pleading for me to understand and forgive her for her spoken admission of having such slutty desires. I look at her and realize how slutty her admission made her feel and say, "Would you really do that for me honey, you'd actually fuck animals to show me how much you love me and want me happy.

I never thought I could love you any more than I did but you've just made me love you even more. I love you with my entire heart but I don't want you doing something like that unless you think you could enjoy it. Does it turn you on or did you just say that because you thought I wanted you to. I do want you to, in fact I've thought of it many times over the years but was afraid you'd think less of me to suggest it." "I don't know why it does Rick but whenever I think of it or hear people talking about it I feel myself getting wet.

It's such a delicious taboo thing that it really turns me on to think about doing it. Maybe it's because I've always been so straight laced about everything sexual, you know my upbringing.

You would be surprised the things that I find arousing me that make me amazed that they are even in my thoughts much less arousing me." My dick is hard as a rock and I practically run to get my laptop before I wake from this dream. It's just a few minutes before my wife is watching many different breeds of dogs fucking many different women and hearing their excited moans and screams as they receive deep fierce fucking from huge dog cocks.

It is easy to see the pleasure the women are feeling is real and very intense. Rita is sitting cross-legged watching the screen with her hands clawing at her pussy as she moans her arousal while seeing what she so obviously has craved for a long while. I hear the wet sounds her fingers make as she digs deep inside her juicy pussy, hips turning down and hunching as she watches a Great Dane pound at least ten inches of thick dog cock deep into a woman and her loud scream as he forces his knot inside her and she explodes in a flurry of hunching and screaming as she feels his hot dog sperm breed her human womb.

Rita's gaze is transfixed, glued to the forbidden coupling in front of her eyes and she moans passionately, "Oh damn I need that so bad Rick, look at her face, she's in heaven. He's still cumming in her.oh.oh god.I'm.I.I.I'm cumming so good.ahhhyeah.oh shit.I want to fuck a big dog Rick.aaarrrgghhhhHHHHGOD". I grab her ankles and pull her down the bed and spread her thighs and ram my hard dick into her forcefully and fuck my wife roughly, pounding my dick into her savagely while telling her, "Fuck him baby, fuck that big dog dick, make him cum in you honey, fuck him baby, work your pussy into his dog cock.

Damn its hot watching you take his dog dick baby" Rita's eyes are closed and her hips move in a flurry of motion as she fucks her pussy up into my ramrod stiff cock, thrusting up so hard her pussy hurts my cock, tries to bend it with the ferocity of her need. "Oh god I want it to cum, want to feel him fill me with his animal sperm. Fuck me boy, breed my bitch pussy.

ahh.ahhh.yeah.yeah.giveittome. her words have me close, too close, I want to enjoy her turmoil and her reaction to her thoughts as I fuck her. Then her cunt clenches down on my dick tighter than I've ever felt her squeeze me and my balls explode. Hot cum races up my cock to bathe her womb with its seething heat and her moans and cries are loud, her body tensing, upper body writhing, twisting as if her body is being tortured.

Her legs hold me to her body as I punish her pussy, glans embedded in her womb as I pound her fast, driven as the dog had been with the woman as I drown her womb repeatedly until her body is trembling, shaking with the intenseness of her release.

I've never caused her to cum so intensely or so long as she shakes violently as she cums on the dog dick she imagines in her mind.

She squeezes me tight with her thighs and groans aaaarrggghhhHHHHH as I force my dick in her as far as possible and hold it to her forcibly until we both tremble together and then at the same time seem to fall exhausted. "Honey, I think you love dog dick" I panted as I lay atop her body entirely happy to just remain there and go to sleep. Get up Rick she moans as she pushes me off her while panting, "You haven't even showed me the horses or donkey's or any of that.

I want to see it all tonight!" I get up and my legs wobble and I fall against the bed and she says, "I may love dog dick but you love it just as much and you aren't even the one feeling it in you, pervert", and laughs and adds, "God that was the best orgasm of my life I'm pretty sure". I walk to her dresser drawer and open it as she watches me curiously.

I grab her biggest Black, simulated real skin dildo and throw it to her as I say, "You're gonna need this cause I'm through for a bit I think, you just drained me completely. Damn I thought you were gonna squeeze my dick right off me mmmmm I liked that, liked that a lot baby!" I went to a web site that I knew would excite my lovely wife. Soon she was watching a black pony gripping a heavyset woman by her hips and ramming his three inch diameter cock in her pussy as she stood bending at the waist.

As he got excited his thrusts were lifting the woman from the floor on the end of his two foot long dick. He drove her forward until she was leaning forward on a bunch of hay bales and his front hooves were lifted to the bales and he just stood there while the woman's hips rolled and pressed her pussy back onto his dick until the pressure she exerted had him wrap her waist and begin hunching forcibly into her deeply as she cried out with each thrust of his hips.

The woman was begging for the pony's cum telling him to fuck her hard, to give her his hot cum. I saw Rita pick up the dildo and press it deep inside her as she moaned at its entry. Her gaze never left the screen as she said, "My god he's actually fucking her, holding her hips and driving his huge dick in her pussy.

I can't believe she's begging for it harder, my god he lifts her with every hunch of his dick already." "You'd love to feel what she's feeling wouldn't you honey, feel that hot dick stretching your pussy, lifting you by your womb.

You know you'd be cumming just like she is with every thrust of his cock. She watches the woman's head flailing, hands reaching back, not to push him away but to claw at his equine body as she cums hard over and over. She braces her body with outstretched arms, hands against the hay bales as her pussy absorbs every hard thrust and her head shakes with every thrust.

You can easily discern her pleasure at fucking the animal. My wife begins cumming as she sits on the dildo grinding it into herself, cumming hard until her hands reach beneath her to pull the dildo into her as deeply as possible as she tries to mimic the pain she knew the woman was receiving.

Then she said, "Yes, oh god I must be such a slut but yes, yes, I'd love it I'm sure." Sometime between the goats and pigs fucking women and the full sized horses my dick gets hard again as I watch Rita cum and I have her lay on her stomach with the dildo in her pussy and I fuck her ass while she watches horses cumming in young girls pussies, asses and mouths. I had only been allowed to fuck her ass a few times in our years of marriage and then only for a few minutes but when she sees women fucking huge horse cocks up their ass she decides if they can take those dicks she can take mine.

I know watching it on the screen has her wanting her ass feeling something in it. I fuck her ass while telling her how I'd love to lay under her fucking her ass while she had a big horse cock filling her pussy and soon she is cumming her ass off, pressing up into my dick as I fuck her tightly clenching asshole for over a half hour and she loves every second of it.

Who is this slut that has inhabited my straight laced wife I wonder as she's begging me to fuck her ass harder, to stretch her so a horse cock will fit up her asshole. Rita finally reaches out and closes the lid to the laptop and lays there squeezing my dick with her asshole as she asks me, "Rick, could you really still love me and more importantly respect me if I really fucked animals like we just watched, well, dogs and horses anyway." "Rita honey, how could I not respect you, I'd have to not respect myself if I didn't respect you.

And as to loving you I'll love you more because it will give me a lot of pleasure watching you do those things just as watching you tonight has. I know what was in your mind when you cum all these times tonight and I know what you were wishing was in your pussy ass and mouth too. Baby would you love me if you saw me jacking off while you sucked a dogs dick, knowing you were turning me on sucking his cum from his animal balls?" "Damn Rick, you do that on purpose don't you, just so you can keep fucking my ass.

Hmmm that's so damned nasty, having a slick dog cock in my mouth sucking on it Fuck my ass Rick oh damn baby I want to do it all so bad, want to be your slut. Do you want a slut for your wife honey, a woman that cums on animal dicks, sucks them and fucks big black men's dicks. "Oh god Rick, will you watch me fuck black dicks for real, oh damn baby, would you, I mean I know you don't mind me thinking about it but can you really let me.oh fuck baby.cummin.oh god.ahhh.ahhhh.fuck me Rick.oh god I wish that dildo was a real black cock.aieeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEYES!" "Oh god I love you so much.

I've wanted you to ask me that for years honey. You'd make me the happiest man in the world if you'd really fuck huge black cocks and have them cum in your mouth, ass and pussy." "Oh yes, fuck my ass.arrgghhhhhhhh.I can't stop.aieeeEEEEEE.CUM IN ME.CUM.ARGHHHH.ASSHOLE.OHHHHHH fuck I want a nigger to cum in me baby.oh god your cum is so hot.fuck itin me hard.hurt it baby.big black dick in my pussy.ohhhhhhhhhh I should thank Mackenzie for her message mentioning the Great Dane.

It is what had started the conversation about dog fucking and led to my wife's subsequent confessions of her needs and desires. I knew we would be shopping for a dog, hopefully a Dane like Mac had been fucked so well by. Maybe she and Rita would form a friendship that surpassed the normal Aunt-Niece relationship and they could share some dog cock together.

Now that I have my slut wife so willing to engage in everything I have ever dreamed of maybe I won't be so aroused by Mac's tight young ass and just give those thoughts up.

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I doubt she will let me though remembering the look in her eyes and the way she so boldly grabbed my hard dick with Austin right in the other room. I finally withdrew my cock from Rita's slick, sloppy asshole. For reasons I can't quite fathom I pick her hips up, withdraw the dildo from her soaked pussy making a loud slurping sound and press my face to her and slide my tongue deep in her asshole and lick around her sensitive ring of nerves.

My tongue delves into her sloppy pussy, over her clit slickly, repeatedly. My mouth enjoys her slick wet body, licking, slurping, swallowing her juices and I'm sure my own as she moans and presses back into my energetic probing and laving.

I tell her I am eating her black lover's cum from her ass and pussy and she moans deeply and begins working her hips avidly as her mind embraces that role. She cums hard, arms folding into her sides, hands squeezing her breasts and her pussy clenching my tongue within her as I feel her pussy emitting a flood of warm juice.

As it streams from her I gather it with my flailing tongue as I drink of her intense pleasure. She hunches into me with a fervor borne of her thoughts of a black man cumming in her and me licking it from her ass and blackened pussy. Rita finally lets her shoulders sink to the bed and lays there with her ass in the air for a long time before saying dreamily, "Will you buy me a dog Rick, a big dog with a huge dick?", and then falls to sleep before I can answer.

I lay there thinking, damn, this has been one of those days when almost everything went right. If only Rita had gotten home just a half hour later it couldn't have been more perfect I think, remembering Mac's hands stroking my cock. God I must have been crazy to have done all that I think as I pick the laptop and my phone up and walk into the kitchen.

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I place the computer and phone on the table and fix myself a Jack and coke and sit there contemplating our new openness in our marriage and what possible consequences might come from Mac's stroking my hard dick. Just then I receive a text from Mac asking if I'm up. I reply, "Yes" "Call me", she texts me back! I go cover Rita up and shut the bedroom door and then call her as I walk down the stairs to the finished basement and lay down on the couch in the recreation room there.

I know I can hear the floor squeak if Rita gets up and leaves the bedroom from there. "Hi" she says when she picks up. "I was laying here remembering the feel of your big hard dick in my hands today and how bad I want to suck you and I needed to hear your voice while I lay here playing with my pussy. Are you naked Rick?" "Yes and I need to thank you sexy.

I was thinking of having my dick inside your young pussy when I fucked Rita tonight and she said my dick was harder than it had ever been and she cum harder than she had in years because of it. So I guess I owe that all to you. I wish you were here with me sliding your tight pussy up and down my hard dick Mac" "Hmmmm that makes me feel special knowing you think of me while you fuck your wife Rick. Makes me want to give you my pussy so you can remember how I fucked you as you fuck Aunt Rita.

Knowing I'm your niece, do you feel bad wanting my pussy, knowing I'm seeing your dick get all hard and swollen when you look at my young ass in my shorts? I wish you were here so you could see me naked Rick. Would you like to see my pussy, watch me play with it", she teases me? My dick is hard, hard, hard listening to her.

"Yeah, I do feel bad but I still want to feel your pussy squeezing my dick Mac. You know I want to see you naked baby. I want to see you right here on top of me naked with your pussy fucking me, cumming on my dick as it hurts your pussy like you want me too". Do you have a Skype account Uncle Rick, ohhh that sounds so taboo when I call you Uncle and we're talking sexy like this.

My Uncle wants my pussy, mmmm I like that, it makes me want to fuck you so badly Uncle Rick. I thought I liked calling you just Rick but now that we're talking so dirty I think Uncle Rick is better. My Skype is UnclesSlut I just made a new one just for you. If you add me you can see me in my bed rubbing my pussy while I watch you stroking your wonderful big dick. Hurry up Uncle Rick, I need to cum with you.

Tell me you'd like to fuck your young niece's pussy with your big dick. I open Skype on the desktop pc across from the couch that was hooked into the fifty two inch TV. I enter her Id and wait and soon there she is. I configure the TV so that I can use our wireless headset and can talk even lower than with the phone.

Smart girl I think when I see she also has on a wireless headset. My gaze runs over her body slowly.

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Her breasts are round and firm, her nipples large and erectly hard as I gaze at them. I want to feel them between my lips as my dick plows her young twat.

Very surprisingly, her mound is bare as it nestles between her beautiful thighs with just a small landing strip above it. She rolls over on her hands and knees and turns her bare ass towards me and my dick literally jerks and bounces wildly with each beat of my heart as I see what I had imagined so many hundreds of times.

I feel a craving to have my mouth on her young pussy and my tongue laving the crack between those sensual ass cheeks. She is looking back at the camera and I hear her say, "Damn you really do like your niece's young pussy and ass don't you Uncle Rick, your dick is jerking all around like it wants to rape me" "It does", I say. I stretch my legs out and begin stroking my dick and notice that the camera angle makes it look much longer and thicker than it probably is.

My glans feels strained, its skin stretched tight as it throbs as I stroke my cock with both hands. "Do you want this Mac, do you want me to force all this in your pussy, you want Uncle Rick to fuck your young pussy and let you cum all over it.

Damn I need to feel your mouth on me Mac, feel your tongue sliding around my glans, sucking at my slick precum. I'll spread my thighs like this and let you lick my balls and asshole. Will you be my slut and lick my asshole Mac, stick your tongue in it? I watched my niece becoming very aroused and agitated and knew no guy had ever talked to her this way and she was hanging on my every word as her fingertips rubbed her clit in rough circles and she stared at my dick imagining it in her pussy.

"Lay back and let me fuck you Mac. Yeah like that, lift your knees and spread your thighs until you feel open and vulnerable. Now look at my dick and imagine its fat tip spreading your pussy, fucking you, feel how hot it is like that dog's dick. I'm gonna put all my dick inside you Mac, I'm gonna fuck you hard and drive all my stiff dick into you even if you cry and scream, I won't stop until it's all inside you and you feel it throbbing against your deepest flesh, stretching you until you think your pussy is ripping.


You're gonna feel it swell real big and you'll know it's getting ready to pump my babies into you and you'll beg me to do it, even knowing I might get you pregnant you'll beg me to give you my cum".she begins cumming then, without even touching herself. Her mental imaginings excite her so much thinking of doing what my words conjure in her mind that her hips lift, outturn, thighs tensing, back arching as her hands are raised as she cums hard, trying not to touch herself for fear that she'll lose the sweet heaven she resides in.

When her body begins bucking, jerking, her hand grabs her pussy and she rubs her clit hard causing her pussy to again lift in a hard trembling orgasm. Watching her I know I am going to fuck her.

Up until this second I have thought we would play and tease possibly having oral sex but knowing how badly she wants my dick I know I am going to feel her young cunt gripping my hard Uncle dick as she coats it with orgasm after orgasm of her tasty pussy juice. I plan on sucking her pussy so long and hard she'll cum so much she'll faint. I didn't even mention black dick and I know how hot that gets her. "How did you do that, how did you make me cum like that?

Oh god I could just feel your hot dick in me throbbing and cumming Rick. That was so real, fuck! Uncle Rick are you really gonna fuck me like you just said. That's how Marsha's dog Ramrod fucked me when I was a virgin and it hurt at first but then the pain just made it better or something and I really loved it.

When her dog cum in my pussy with his big knot stretching me I didn't want him to ever stop. Every time he's fucked me it's like I'm being raped cause I can't get away and he hurts my pussy bad but I never want him to stop fucking me with his huge dick.

"Marsha told me today they have to get rid of him because her and her mom have to move into an apartment when they sell the house and they can't afford the extra rent and to feed him too.

He eats a lot, like eight cans of food a day. I'm trying to talk mom into letting me have him but she says we can't afford him. He fucks me so good, and he was the only thing I have to fuck me until you will.", Mac says and seems truly disturbed she is going to lose her lover even if he is a dog. I have a better idea, why don't we take him. You know it would be easier for you to fuck him here than at your house.

Is she selling him or giving him away", I ask her? "She was going to give him away because she has to find him a home or give him to a shelter and she wanted to know he had a good home". Tell your friend Marsha if she talks her mom into it she can come with you and fuck him at times too, you know, when Rita isn't home.

Tell her mom I'll pay her three hundred dollars for him, five hundred if he's registered AKC. I know how much you love him Mac and I'll do it for you sweetie. I was lying, I was doing it for my wife but if I can accomplish sating both of their hot pussies with Ramrods dog dick then that's just an added incentive.

I was stroking my dick as my gaze continued investigating her body especially her pussy. I had always imagined her outer pussy lips being thin almost non-existing at her age.

I know she isn't fucking anyone, not a human anyway. They were instead swollen, laying like flower petals as they kissed each other and her inner labia were also protruding giving her the appearance of a much older woman.

I want to part those lips with my dick so badly as I sit stroking it with Rita and Mac fucking that dog in my mind.


"Rick, cum for me please. I want you to think about fucking my butt while I use this vibrator in it. Ramrod has never fucked me in the butt and I want you too Uncle Rick, will you fuck your niece up her eighteen year old virgin asshole", she begs, knowing the effect she's having on me.

I'm finding that she is much more sexually immature than most her age but in other sexual ways she is light years ahead of those same girls. Maybe that's what having a huge dog cock pounded unmercifully into your womb repeatedly does to a girl, I think, she doesn't need to seek out guys for sex.

Oh fuck I think when I look up at her again, She has her knees up alongside her tits and her arms over top of them holding her hips rolled up where she can fuck this cone shaped vibrator in her ass while watching me jack off.

I straighten my legs and begin stroking my dick with both hands. I play with my balls and stroke my cock rubbing my slick precum over my glans while hearing her low moans as she fucks her asshole with the vibe.

Her moans become louder as she presses it in her until the fattest part is spreading her open about an inch and a half. "I'm gonna open your asshole more than that Mac, look at my tip baby and think how it will feel when I press it into your tight ass. Think how you'll squeeze me and my dick will stiffen when you do and you'll feel it jerking in your asshole, feel it rubbing inside you like that vibe is now only your asshole will burn from me stretching it open.

Do you like looking at my ass Uncle Rick, I saw you looking at it earlier today, you were thinking you'd like to see it like now wasn't you. You wanted to take my clothes off and ass fuck me right there, I saw it in your eyes and I wanted you to, wanted you to fuck me till I cried and then fuck my asshole till it was sore and then fill it with your hot cum to soothe it.oh.oh.ahhhhhhhhhh.cum Uncle Rick.cum for me.oh god I'm cumming.your dicks so big.long.wantta suck it so bad.fuckit.unghhh.arghhhhh then she fucked her ass hard and deep with the vibe turned wide open while screaming her pleasure and needs.

I cum so hard my cum shot in a long pearlescent ribbon about five feet in the air, then another, then another and another, until my dick looked like a percolating coffee pot, my ball juice bubbling and spurting from my tip until my hands were both coated in my sticky warm seed. "Oh my god that was so fantastic, I want to feel you do that in my mouth, my pussy and my asshole Uncle Rick.

Damn you cum as much as Ramrod does only yours looks thicker and tastier. Can you do that again for me?" "I don't think so Mac, between beating off today and then Rita wearing me out I think I'm empty for today. Mac you're so beautiful, how about standing up and adjusting the camera and let me see you standing there naked sweetie?" She does as I ask and I'm overwhelmed by her beauty.

When I'm gazing at her with my hard dick buried in her fully she'll be even more beautiful I think. "Do you love me Uncle Rick", she asks almost innocently?

I gaze at her and feel like my heart is drawn to this young beautiful waif of a woman, a goddess in her own right and I say truthfully, "Yes Mackenzie, I believe I do and I know just how wrong that is on so many different levels, but I can't help it sweetheart. Yes I love you. I feel tears forming in my eyes as I know the effect my words will have on her and the devastation it might cause in our lives but it was the truth. I did love her. It's crazy but there is no other word to describe what I feel for her.

I want to hold and kiss her as much or more than to sex her, to feel her heart beat against mine and to feel her head on my shoulder sleeping as Rita does.

This is so wrong I think but I'm helpless to prevent it, She can just smile at me and I want to kiss her like I do my wife. I'm not sure where my journey with my wife is about to head, certainly in a different direction than it was going yesterday; I am just as curious to see how my relationship with Mackenzie will intertwine with my wife's newly revealed hungers.

I plan on just enjoying the journey no matter where we wind up. Comments will continue the journey.