Masturbate quickly for me in public toilet

Masturbate quickly for me in public toilet
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I have always felt an attraction towards older men. Some people call it "daddy issues". I call it wanting a mature and intelligent partner. However, there is a limit as to how old a man can be before I gain interest. Ben is thirty nine.

Something about this man drives me absolutely wild. He is over six feet tall with graying dark brown hair and a perfect body for my tastes. His voice is completely enthralling. The moment I met him, I couldn't help but to feel an extreme attraction.

Ben and I are co-workers. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time bonding during lunch breaks. He has a wife and two children. Consciously, I felt a little guilty for developing such a lust for a married man.


But, she is fifty. He is way too sexy to be with such an old woman.

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As time went on, we had laughed together at holiday work parties and texted almost daily. We share so many common interests and despite our significant age gap, he grew very intrigued by me. Ben invited me over and unlike the numerous previous occasions, his wife and kids were going out of town for the weekend.

I hadn't known until I arrived. This took me by surprise.

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We normally would play video games together in his man cave while his wife did her own thing. This time, I was completely alone with him and I will admit, I felt a bit nervous. It was going as usual, hanging out, talking with each other and playing games. The whole day, I dazed in and out of thinking about all the possibilities of what I'd rather be doing with him. The sun was going down and I couldn't help but feel that tingle between my legs every time he smiled at me.

I decided to get up and go get us some more drinks from the kitchen. On my way back to his man cave, I started thinking, "This is the perfect opportunity to take a chance and show him how I feel." As I was walking into the doorway I spoke, "Ben, I have a question." Without turning to face me, he answered, "And that would be?" I shut the door behind me and laid the drinks down onto a nearby table.

He was in the middle of playing GTA as I slid my hands down his arms from behind the couch, reaching for the controller. Pausing it and laying it to the side, I whispered nervously, "Close your eyes." He chuckled and asked,"What are you up to?" Though he was confused, he abided and shut them.

I came around and climbed on top of his lap. I could feel his body tense up very quickly, his eyes flickered open. Before he could speak, I leaned in and kissed his lips softly, feeling him crumble underneath me as he groaned quietly,kissing me back. My breath shuddered as I pulled away slowly, looking into his eyes. "Fuck," he whispered, "What are we doing?" I replied, "I'm sorry.

do you not like it?" He shook his head and quickly said "No,no. I didn't mean that. Just why?." I asked him, "Are you attracted to me?" I blushed as I spoke. He smiled slightly and said "Well, of course I am." Relieved to hear him say this, I bit my lip and pressed my body into him. He ran his fingers through my long, red hair, pulling me in for another kiss.

Wrapping my hands around his neck, I traced his lips with my tongue. Opening his mouth, our tongues lustfully swirled around each other.

I felt a hardness pressing against me as I straddled him. At this point, I was already soaking wet. I wanted nothing more than to free his cock. I began to reposition us so that he was laying back on the couch. His hands found their way up and underneath my shirt, unsnapping my bra. I giggled and sat up, removing my top.There was desire in his eyes as I slowly slid off my bra, revealing my perky,D cup tits.I felt his cock beginning to throb underneath me.He pulled off his shirt & I smiled as he licked his lips and ran his hands up my stomach, cupping my breasts.

"I want it in my mouth," I say, beginning to slide his lounge pants off. I run my hands along his legs on my way back up.

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Once I reach the waistband of his boxers, I use my teeth to pull them off, looking into his eyes as his big cock bounces out and brushes against my face. Kissing his thighs, I grasp his member and begin stroking it.

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He's rock hard and trembling. I swirled my tongue around the swollen head, drinking the precum that was seeping out, then took it into my welcoming mouth. My tongue played across the hot flesh as I took it deeper until the tip reached the entrance to my throat. At that point I slid my lips back until just the head remained in my mouth and treated it like an ice cream cone.

He groaned loudly, gripping the couch cushions. I began to work my mouth back and forth on his shaft, taking him to the back of my throat with each bob of my head.This drove him wild.

Breathing heavily, he sat up.With an audible pop, I released his cock from my mouth. He grabbed my waist and pushed me into the couch, now on top of me.


"God damn, you're so sexy," he whispered into my ear, sending chills down my spine. He began to kiss and suck on my neck as his hands explored my body. I wanted to feel his body against me, so I quickly took off my bottoms, panties and all. He grunted when he felt how wet I was as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

His cock pressed between my slippery,bald pink lips with ease. I reached down and took hold of his cock, teasing my clit with it.

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He began to suck on my light pink nipples, making me moan quietly. I couldn't take it anymore. "Ben, I need you to fuck me." I led his cock to my tiny entrance. He braced his legs, and began to push. I let out a gasp of pleasure as my pussy was stretched and defiled by his monstrous shaft.He whispered, "Are you okay?" I replied, "Yes, it feels so fucking good please.

let me take it all." I sunk my nails into his back as he filled my pussy. Surprised at how tight I was, he grunted "Oh fuck." He continued to thrust inside of me until he couldn't fit any more. This pleased me to no end. I felt every vein slip along my lubricated walls. "Mmmm Ben, fuck me," He sighed in pleasure at my velvety heat pulsing around him.

My pussy spasmed around his cock hungrily. He quickly pulled back and thrust again, biting and licking my neck as he did so. My moans getting louder, exposing my neck further, he pressed his lips harder into my tasty skin. My lips were so firmly sealed around his cock, the fluids that kept secreting at a near dizzying pace covered him, and I felt it squelch inside me with every thrust. My nipples slid gracefully across his sweat-slicked chest as I arched my back.

"Harder," I moaned, my voice in sync with his slow, deep thrusting.

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I tested his name again, whispering it a few more times with his thrusting,my voice hitching with each upstroke. I kept whispering it, my mind clouding over with pleasure, my head tilting back. I jumped at a pulse that bumped deep inside of me when he thrust the deepest he had ever been. I cried out at the sensation, my cunt reflexively squeezing his cock as tight as it could. He leaned in and kissed me. I moaned loudly in his mouth as I squirted against his cock, my juices leaking in rivulets to his sac, and he groaned into my mouth.

My nails digging into his back, I trembled as my body began to release tension. He looked into my eyes and smiled. "Ben." I whispered back at him breathlessly. He was close. He let out a single grunt as he kicked into gear and began fucking me in earnest. I moaned loudly as his balls slapped heavily against my ass with each thrust. He quickly pulled out and jerked off, aiming for my tits. I sprang up and opened my mouth.

Just in time, he began spurting his hot load all over my tongue and down my throat. Swallowing, I bring his cock into my mouth and suck every last drop out. I wipe my mouth and smile at him. He sighs heavily and pulls me close to him. I lay my head on his chest and we relax there together for quite some time. He then speaks. "Wow. I can't believe that just happened." I say, "What do you mean?" He replies, "You're eighteen. And. I'm almost fourty years old. I would have never thought you would want that.

You really shocked me." I giggled. "Ben, I've wanted you for a very.very long time. I'm so glad you didn't turn me down." He replied with a smirk, "How could I ever turn you down?" Thank you for reading. Comment your thoughts! ;)