Bilimg e amiga sem camisinha

Bilimg e amiga sem camisinha
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WHEN I BECAME A WOMAN CHAP. 14 THE BEST SEX EVER It was Columbus Day, a Monday, and both Mommy and Daddy were home. I woke up around 8 and they were still sleeping, so I went downstairs and made pancakes, eggs and bacon. Toast, too, with strawberry jelly.

By the time you're fourteen, Deedee, you know how to make a darn good breakfast, and I knew they liked to sleep late if they could. I wanted to do something special for Janice and Daddy.

I masturbated last night it's wonderful that I can make myself come now, Deedee. I was a little bit horny this morning. Maybe it's hormones, like Mommy talks about sometimes. When she does that, Daddy says, "Yeah, I like it when my whore moans, too," and he giggles and Janice rolls her eyes.

Most of the times when I get to wake up with them, he's got what he calls "morning wood", which just means he's erected and doesn't mind it at all if Mommy or I play S-E-X with him.

Last Thursday after she got off work, Mommy and I went shopping because my bra was fitting kind of tight, and she said baby you're growing.

She helped me find some new bras that were thirty-two A, which meant I was still kinda small but getting something going on. The woman who was helping fit me at the store was friends with Mommy and said honey you really have some nice orioles and you are gonna be so hot with the boys when you start dating. I didn't know what she meant I don't have birds!!! Mommy giggled and said Caryn, her puffy areas are something she doesn't really know about yet.

I go what do you two mean? She goes baby, your orioles are that light-brown area around your nipples, and it's spelled A-U-R-I-O-L-E-S…and yours are growing out puffy. That is something that many men absolutely love to see because it's like breasts on top of breasts.

Mommy said it's real neat too that my nipples are real pink, Daddy likes that a lot. Maybe they'll turn kinda brown when I grow up. Some of the girls in PE already have brown nipples. In fact, most of them do. Well, Deedee, that was new to me! I haven't seen something like mine on the other girls in PE when we shower, even Marsha who struts around like she's boss hog just because she's got big boobs now and all the boys are always trying to look down her blouse.

(And I know she deliberately bends down sometimes when the jocks are looking at her.) Mommy said it's a good thing to have puffy orioles, so I was feeling really proud I was growing Big Birds (that's what I thought of them).

I said, "Can I still fit in a bra with my birds?" She really roared then, Deedee. "Oh course, honey.


We'll fit you right up." The Real Woman thing is harder than I thought. Well, when it was all over with our shopping today, I had three new bras and they were light blue, a kinda transparent one, and a white one. Mommy said they were all 32A's and that Daddy was going to be so proud of me how I was growing, but I might excite Daddy if was to wear the transparent one at home. I got that right away, Deedee. Daddy ALWAYS like to see my naked boobs.

Caryn and Mommy looked at each other then, and I saw Mommy give her a big wink. When we all came out of the fitting room, Mommy and Caryn hugged and said goodbyes, so I hugged Caryn, too. She smelled like lavender. I think this is a scent Mommy likes, too, coz I've smelled it on her some times. Okay, I kinda got distracted there, Deedee, with my new bras and my big birds.

Well gee, wouldn't you???? This whole thing of shopping and letting some new woman I don't even know see my new little tits kind of embarrassed me, ya know? It's October and what they call Indian Summer, since the temperatures are in the high 70s around here now. The parentals had the windows open and a nice morning breeze came in, so I wasn't one bit surprised to see them naked and no covers.

Mommy was on her stomach, so her butt was looking right at me. Right then I just wanted to crawl on the bed and start kissing it. She likes to do that to me, and I'm really starting to like it back to her.

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Daddy was on his back, and I think his penis was maybe three inches long, you know, when it's soft and unsexy. I like to take advantage of it when it's like this coz I get it entirely in my mouth. That's neat coz it makes me feel like Supergirl with my Daddy's sex all under my Real Woman power.

It crossed my mind once again, Deedee, that Sex Ed was gonna be such a fun class coz I could teach the other girls so much but boy oh boy would I get in trouble if I did that!!! I know what me and Mommy and Daddy do is not to be shared with ANYONE coz some adults think this is wrong. I don't see why, though. Aren't your parents supposed to be the ones to teach you about sex? And oh my gosh, I have learned about Home Runs already from them, and that's the way it really oughta be, don't you think?

So anyway, I was carrying a big tray loaded down, so I had to be careful and not my usual boisterous self when I'm in their bedroom and they're naked like this. I'm getting good at controlling myself like Mommy said I should, which is real important when I think of or see sexual kinds of things at school or in the Mall that remind me of all the fun times I've had since I've learned to be a Real Woman.

I think I can get "turned on" real fast anymore. That's what Daddy calls it.


He told me not long ago that I get real turned on when he gets his hand in my panties. I have noticed that when I'm at the Mall and see girls or women who wear their blouses low or their skirts real high or their boobs or cleavage is showing too much, I think about Mommy. It also makes me wonder if those girls are learning about being Real Women, like I have already.

Every once in awhile, when other women go by me at the Mall, I smell lavender on them and that makes me think of Caryn, who fitted my new bras. She is about the same size as me (five-four) but she has bigger boobs, of course. I set the tray on the chest at the foot of the bed, and then leaned over the side of the bed and planted a nice soft kiss right on Daddy's cock. I just couldn't stop myself from licking it, too, Deedee. I was trying not to wake him.

He smelled to me like his dick had been in Mommy last night. Believe me, Deedee, I know that smell.

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Then I walked around to the other side and kissed Mommy's butt right at the top where it splits. I just love the smell of her skin, she always smells so clean. I went back to the tray quietly and started eating one of the eggs I'd fried and dipping the toast in the yolk. That's my favorite, Deedee. I guess the crunching woke Mommy.

She stretched and turned around and saw me there watching them and eating&hellip.and smiled. She punched Daddy in the side and said wake up sleepyhead we've got a visitor. Daddy groaned and slowly opened his eyes and saw Mommy, then me&hellip.I just calmly chewed away.

Oh did I mention what I was wearing, Deedee?

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Mommy's camisole top, the pretty yellow one. It comes clear down to the top of my thighs. You can mostly see through it. I knew they would both like this. I stood up and held the tray like a proper servant and said, "Madam and Mister, your breakfast is served. Please enjoy, and dessert shall follow." In literature class, we've been reading those writers in the 19th century, you know, the ones who made a whole paragraph of one sentence and had so many commas you thought you might get really old, like 20 or something, before you got to the end of the sentence!!

I really liked that, though, coz it mainly said a bunch of thoughts all in one, and since I want to be a writer when I grow up, I thought I should be practicing this thing. I started to go in that 1800s fashion, but Daddy laughed and grinned big at me, and Mommy's mouth just popped open like she was so surprised, and her boobs were swaying, and I just lost my train of thought, Deedee.

Janice knows how much I love sucking on her boobs, and Daddy knows it, too. Okay, so anyway, I handed them the tray and spun around and bent over, pretending I'd dropped something "oops, dropped a piece of toast," I lied, just so I could flash my bare butt at them.

Mommy giggled and said, "I hope you get the piece you wanted, honey." Mommy taught me a new word a couple of days ago lascivious. It means really sexy, like you wanta make Daddy's prick poke up hard, and there's things you do, and she taught me some.

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So… I leaned over Daddy's lap and picked up one of the strawberries, dipped it in the egg yolk and held it up so some dripped down all yellowy and stuff, then I tilted my head and stuck out my tongue and laid it softly there, then I closed my lips and just sucked that baby in like it was Daddy's cock or something. It was really funny, coz they both applauded me.

They were sitting up and watching and then they just started clapping and laughing. "Oh Cassie, you are such a hoot," said Mommy. Then Daddy chimed in, "What a lascivious slut!" So right then I knew Mommy had been telling him what she'd been teaching me lately.

"Tell ya what, baby," said Daddy, "why don't you eat breakfast right there while you watch me and Mommy have a Good Morning fuck?" Well Deedee, I couldn't pass that up. I wouldn't pass that up.

I love watching them have fucks. And sometimes, I even learn something new about how to move, or the timing of it or something. So, we spent the morning that way for awhile, me eating toast and eggs and stuff at the foot of their bed, on the chest, watching. Daddy laid his head on Mommy's lap and she reached down to grab his dick and start making it long, and of course her breast was right in his mouth, so he just sucked and sucked away while I'm eating my eggs and dipping toast in the runny yolk the way I like it, and it didn't take long before she's jacking him off.

Daddy could see that my other hand was massaging my nips (and my BIRDS, too, Deedee!!) and he said "Janice!! Jack me off on Cassie's strawberries!!" Well, you bet it happened real quick, he was leaning over my plate and Mommy was just stroking him like mad and then it started coming out and blasting one two three shots on the bowl of strawberries.

I was so happy to watch all this. I think I am the happiest anymore watching Daddy's white sperm shoot out (or when it's shooting off inside me, Deedee). Daddy just fell back on the bed exhausted. I could tell, coz this was what he did mostly when he and I had fucks together. Mommy came and sat down beside me, and we each picked out strawberries covered with Daddy's swimmers and fed them to each other, like girlfriends or something.

It was just the wonderfullest morning, Deedee. In between bites, Mommy said, "Let's let Daddy sleep because it's a holiday. Later on this evening when he's all recuperated and ready for some more fun, we'll show him your new bras." I thought the best answer was what a Real Woman would do, Deedee I took the last strawberry and held it in front of me and stuck my tongue out and S-L-O-W-L-Y licked the white stuff off while Mommy just grinned and grinned.

"Cassie Lee," she said, "you are The Bomb!" And then she squeezed my bird. NIGHTTIME&hellip. Since it was like a holiday about Columbus and all, Mommy said I should make a production out of my new bras.

Daddy had taken us out to a fancy restaurant for supper, so we were all dressed up. When we got home, I had my black dress on, which he said was "so slinky", so I went upstairs and put my transparent bra on coz I thought that would be the sexiest thing to show him. Mommy came upstairs with me and put some make-up on and used a curling iron on my hair so I had bangs and it came down on the sides and curled up, and she put some light pink lipstick on me.

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She said I looked like a friend of hers from back in high school. When she got done with me, she left for her bedroom and said go down and show Daddy, honey, tease him a little and we'll see what he'll do.

"Be lascivious," she said. I pranced right down there like a good little slut, Deedee. He was in his easy chair on the other side of the couch. He said oh baby you look so pretty all made up and stuff, so I twirled around for him. He said where's Mommy and I said she's coming down pretty soon but that I'm supposed to turn you on or something and he said oh girl you do that just being in my sight, so I smiled and said I have some fun for you tonight.

Just then, Mommy came into the living room with stuff I'd never seen her wear before a bright red bra with the nipples cut out…bright red high-cut panties with the crotch cut out!!!

Red nylons and white boots with spangly things on them, and she had some bangle bracelets on her wrist. There was even a gold neck choker. Golly she was hot!

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Geez, Deedee, she was just majorly exposed. I've never seen any undies like this before, and she never wore anything as sexy as all this before.

She strolled into the room like it was any old evening when we'd be watching TV. She came by me and said hey honey, wanta see Cassie Lee's new brassiere? Janice put her arm around me and I could feel her nipple pushing into my arm.

Daddy said he was always up for a show from his two darling house whores. Mommy undid the zipper behind me and I slid the dress off my top. My transparent bra stood out real good. I knew it would. Mommy looked down and said my orioles were out now, too, so I said do you like my birds, Daddy? He didn't know what I meant and I just giggled. Since we hadn't even gotten past second base for more than a month, Daddy didn't even know my tips had grown and I even had orioles now. He said huh?

And so I walked over to his chair and cupped my boobs and said you see anything different? He said I see delicious Cassie boobs staring at me right through her bra. Mommy came up behind me and cupped her hands over mine and said honey, they're bigger now, and her orioles have started puffing out.

Well, Deedee, I was getting turned on now by all this taking clothes off and Mommy standing there half-naked and feeling me up, too, so I leaned my head back and wanted to turn Daddy on so I just said kiss me, Janice. She was behind me and squeezing my boobs through my bra and planted her mouth right on mine. Daddy clapped his hands and said wow I love it. She pulled her tongue out of my mouth and said go give Daddy some head. I didn't know what she meant. She said that means go suck his dick, baby, so then I got it, Deedee.

Head means dick, okay. Geez, adults are so hard to figure out sometimes. I can't believe I'm fourteen and getting nice orioles and been to fourth base and I still haven't learned that head means dick. I have so much to learn, Deedee. Daddy said wait, let me play with your new bra and tits, so I just left Janice standing there and walked up to Daddy's chair with my bra hanging out like that and the top of my dress hanging down by my waist.

He leaned forward and held my hips and kissed my bare stomach and boy, I could feel my cunt squiggling around right then, Deedee. (Yeah, duh, I DO know what my cunt is!!) His hands went around to my butt and he was licking all over my bra. I pulled his head tight to me. "Do you like it?" I asked. He said oh baby you have the prettiest tits and bra ever and then went back to kissing me there and sucking, too. My Daddy knows how to suck tits real good. (You probably noticed, Deedee, that since I'm a Real Woman now, I've mostly quit calling 'em TIPS.

It's more sexier talking about my TITS, don't you think? I know Daddy thinks so!! He tells Mommy and me both that it gets him hot when we use those real words.) Finally, after like forever, he asked if he could unsnap my new bra and of course I said please do sir and he laughed and he did that and there I was bare naked tits again and his lips were sucking my orioles and I had all these thoughts in my mind of mama birds feeding baby birds and I loved it.

I know Mommy was behind me watching, and I really wanted her to be sucking my orioles too coz I like the look of them, and sucking feels great. I don't suppose they'll tell us that in Sex Ed either. I felt Mommy's boobs squeezed up right behind me so she could look over my head to watch Daddy, then all of a sudden her hand came around and she pressed fingers against my lips.

You can probably guess what I tasted, Deedee. And her other hand pushed onto my boob and rubbed the same thing there. Daddy went right to it, of course and then smiled and said, "Janice, you've been playing with yourself, haven't you?" and she said "Well, nobody else was," and he went "maybe it's your turn now, all dressed up fit to kill like that," and so he sat me down beside him and Mommy kneeled down and there we were, both of us sucking Mommy's nipples sticking out of the holes in her red bra.

That was real fun, Deedee, coz my head was right next to Daddy's and he was making sloppy sucky noises, so I decided I'd do that, too, and Mommy just started giggling again about it all. We were just a happy laughing sloppy sucking family.

Momma bird feeding the baby birds. I could see Daddy's hand busy down below on Mommy, too. She was really humping it. I knew she wanted fucks now. I said "Janice, why don't you quit being so lascivious and just fuck the man?" Haha, Deedee, her eyes got real wide at that, I can tell you, and Daddy said "yeah, listen to the little whore." (And again you'll notice, Deedee, that I'm finally learning that word can be a verb, too.) So there's the happy family picture for you on this fine holiday in our fancy clothes.

I'm sitting on the couch with my naked new tits with my puffy orioles out for the whole world to enjoy and my fine new black dress at my lap. Daddy's head is in my lap and he's laying on the couch. Mommy climbs on him in all her fancy redness things and he's saying something about fucking a Red Whore and she's saying you bet baby the best you'll ever get and then I get to watch of course.

Daddy takes my hand and puts it around his cock to hold it up while she slides her pussy right down on his erection and makes moans. I HAVE to do something, too, so I just lean down and start kissing Daddy. Mommy's humping away and making her happy noises, and Daddy's tongue and mine are just rolling around each other like we were married or something and it's just the happiest time of my life.

I've still got my hand down there stroking his penis where it comes out of Mommy while she gets fucks, so we're all three having some good quality family time and everybody's happy. Oh Deedee, I just had a tremendous thought just think how we could illustrate The Happy Family for show 'n tell in Sex Ed class if we had a camera phone now!!!!! I can tell when Mommy's really getting going coz I've watched like this quite a few times by now, and I can see she's ready for her orgasm.

I don't let go of Daddy's cock, but I angle my knuckle so it rubs Mommy's clit every time she comes down, and I know she feels this. It only takes a minute more for her to explode like crazy and she's jerking around on top of Daddy and my hand. I'm so happy. When she calms down and is jerking a little bit, Daddy says to me, "Cassie Lee honey, lean down and go swimming." Me and Mommy both knew what he meant, Deedee, so she popped off him and I leaned over and swallowed as much of his wet prick as I could and just kept stroking him and it didn't take long with my squeezing and sucking and Mommy watching right beside me 'til Daddy had his orgasm right in my mouth, which is one of the best ways, and he gasped give it to Janice when you get done!

So I'm sucking away while he's blasting his swimmers in my mouth and Mommy's saying good girl, good girl. And then he's finally done with his orgasm so I look at Janice and open my mouth so she can see Daddy's white stuff on my tongue and she leans closer and melts her lips and tongue all over mine and Daddy is just glowing, watching us share.

We are a real close, loving family, Deedee. You betcha.