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Free fat teenager gay boy porn movie and mature bisexual men
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First of all a big thanx for all the positive coments. Second I did notice a few typos and wish I knew how to correct them. Third I just hope there weren't any grammatical mistakes. anyways moving on. This part has what we all have been waiting for.

;) Quick Recap of where we left of : Bobby reads lines with his sister Jessie (for the new movie that she will be shooting in three days) and goes to bed all restless thinking about how much he loves them both, the Jessie back home and the new one Chapter 2 : My first time The following day Jessie started off with a full tour of her house, from the old light room at the top of the tower to the conservatory with a grand piano sitting in the morning sunlight and finally to the Jacuzzi, which overlooked the steep cliffs.

Taking my hand she led me down a flight of steep steps that dropped to the beach. Reaching the beach we kicked off our shoes and walked down to paddle in the warm waters. We walked in the surf with the warm sun beating down on us.

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"I actually thought you'd live in LA," I said as I gazed along the golden beach. "I did for a while, but then one day I was driving along the coast and I saw the house and fell in love with it. I was lucky because it was for sale and so I bought it and moved out here. It's peaceful and I like that, and I can be at the studio in about an hour, also I hate living in cities, they're just too crowded and everyone seems to be rushing around" "I know what you mean" We spent the rest of the day relaxing and talking, I guess five years takes some time to catch up.

I helped Jessie cook dinner that evening and afterwards as we relaxed with a glass of wine Jessie switched the TV on. "I thought you'd like to see one of my movies" "Yeah sure, are you OK with that?" "If you're coming to work with me tomorrow, I think you'll see me naked and I'm not embarrassed by what I do" As we settled down to watch the movie I was surprised when Jessie sat next to me, resting her head on my chest.

I put my arm around her and we snuggled together as the movie started. The movie was hot, in no time I was sporting an erection as over the next hour and a half I watched my sister have sex with various people, both men and women.

At some point in the movie Jessica moved slightly and I found my hand resting against the side of her breast, while one of her hands rested on my thigh.

As the movie ended I looked down at Jessie and our eyes met, and suddenly we were kissing, kissing as lovers, deep and passionate. She twisted towards me and we slid back until I was lying beneath her on the couch her body pressed to mine. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues met and I held her tight against me.

We broke apart and I pulled at her dress pushing it up, she raised her arms as I pulled it off her and threw it onto the floor.

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We kissed again as my arms went round her, my fingers fighting to unfasten her bra. The catch opened and I pulled her bra down her arms, she sat up and I gazed with wonder at her beautiful full breasts.

Her hands were trying to unfasten my shirt, in the end she just yanked it open, sending buttons flying and material ripping. Her breasts pressed to my chest as we kissed, breaking the kiss I lifted her higher and closed my mouth on an erect nipple.

As I suckled at her breasts I slid a hand between her parted thighs to touch her panties.

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They were wet with her arousal and she moaned as my fingers slipped into them. "Mmmmmm oooohhh god Bobby that feels soooo gooood, but the bed will be more comfortable" She stood up and as I watched, slipped her wet panties off. I climbed off the sofa and unsnapped my jeans, stepping out of them I dropped them on the floor and wearing just a pair of shorts I followed my naked sister upstairs.

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As I followed her I skimmed my shorts down and dropped them. Naked with my erect cock bobbing in front of me I followed Jessie to her bedroom. Standing by the bed we kissed, naked bodies pressed together. Lifting her in my arms I carried Jessie to the bed and lay her down and stopped.


Jessie, there's something you need to know" "What, what is it Bobby?" "I've never done this before, I never made love with anyone. Jessie I'm a virgin" "Oh Bobby that's OK" She reached for me and pulled me into her arms and we kissed again. "I don't want to disappoint you" "Bobby you could never do that" We kissed, our bodies pressed together. Kneeling above my naked sister I kissed her face, her eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

I spread kisses down her throat to her breasts, stopping to suckle at her perfect breasts I licked and gently nibbled at her erect nipples, bring a moan of pleasure to her lips. She moaned words of encouragement and direction as I slid lower, running my tongue across the under slope of her breasts and down over her stomach, feeling the muscle jump with sexual arousal.

As I moved across her stomach I caught the scent of her womanhood and at gentle pressure from her hands, I moved lower. For the first time I found myself looking at a woman's aroused pussy, what made this moment even more special for me was that it was my sister's pussy.

I kissed her inner thighs before raising my head and running my tongue across her swollen labia. With gentle words, moans of pleasure and light touches on my head Jessie guided me, showing me how to give her pleasure.

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I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips before pushing my tongue deep into her cuntal opening. I revelled in the sweet, musky taste of her pussy juice, lapping and sucking at them as I made love to my sister with my tongue.

With slight pressure she moved my mouth to her engorged clitoris, I lapped at it sucking it between my lips as my fingers pushed into her honey pot. She moaned and jerked in pleasure as I explored her womanhood. Suddenly she cried out aloud, "Oooooohhh fuck!! yes Bobby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg" I removed my fingers, pressing my mouth to her pussy and pushing my tongue into her as I massaged her clit with my pussy slick fingers.

She orgasmed, flooding my mouth with her womanly nectar. I drank it down, sucking and licking at the juices as her body seemed to shudder to orgasm after orgasm. Until finally she pulled my up her body, we kissed and then she sensually licked her pussy juices from my face. My cock was hard, throbbing between us as I lay on top of Jessie, her hand reached between us and she guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. As my cockhead slipped between her labia I pressed forward, slowly burying my erection in the hot embrace of her womb.

I was surprised and amazed at the feel of her hot, wet, tight pussy as it engulfed my manhood. I was soon locked in her hot embrace, we kissed, our bodies joined at mouth and groin. I withdrew until only my cockhead remained locked in her pussy, before plunging forward. The feelings were too much and I groaned in pleasure as I made love to a woman for the first time and felt my cock jerk and my cum flood into Jessie's womb. "Oh god, oh fuck, Jessie I'm sorry, god I'm so sorry" "It's OK Bobby, it doesn't matter" I realised after a few moments that my cock was showing no signs of loosing it erect state.

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I kissed Jessie and started to thrust once more into her womb. "Mmmmm., my stud," she said with a smile. Our bodies moved together, slowly at first, savouring the feel of our joining, as our passion increased Jessie lifted her legs to her chest and rested them over my shoulder. Suddenly my cock was going deeper into her womb, the head brushing through her cervix causing her to jerk and moan in pleasure. As our need and desire increased I drove myself faster and deeper into my sister's body.

Her hips lifted to meet me, driving my cock harder and deeper into her womb. Faster and faster until she threw her head back and screamed, "Cumming Bobby, cumming O fuck yes I'm cumming cumming cuuummmmiiinnnngggg" Jessica's body rocked to her mind blowing orgasm and seconds later I pumped my second load of hot jism deep into her womb. "Ooohhh Jessie, Jessie, Jeeesssssssssiiiiieeeeeee" As our orgasms passed Jessica's legs slipped from my shoulders and I rolled over pulling her onto me.

We lay in each other's arms, my soft cock lay damp on my stomach, coated in a mixture of sperm and pussy cream. Jessica's head rested on my chest and I could smell the fragrance of her shampoo, and the aroma of our spent passion. One of my thighs rested her legs and I could feel the juices from her pussy running onto it.

I stoked her body and hair, gently kissing the top of her head as we held each other. Trying not to disturb her I pulled the sheet over us both as she snuggled into me.

"I love you" I kissed her upturned face and smiled, "I love you too Jessie, always have and always will" "Mmm, my Bobby, you've always been my Bobby" "I know" She hugged me and I lay there listening to her breathing as she drifted into a deep sleep.


For a while I just lay there, unable to believe what had happened and hoping Jessica wouldn't regret it in the morning. More chapters to come. and please keep commenting