Sweet teen solo Stepmom Found My Jizz Rag

Sweet teen solo Stepmom Found My Jizz Rag
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I'm a lawyer, and I know right from wrong, but this year has been really hard on me. Being 34 years old, standing at 62 and weighing in at 170 lbs. Dark reddish blondish brownish, Low Cesar haircut. I'm a mixed man, mothers Italian, fathers Puerto Rican and Indonesian.


I don't know my parents, they were killed in a high jacking in a airplane coming from Italy visiting my grandparents on my mom's side. All I know is at five I was living with my grandfather on my dads side, In Puerto Rico, and things changed from the start. I went from hi middle-class, proper education and proper dressed. To living in the projects no one cared for going to school in that area were my grandpa lived, girls 9 and up half naked or walking around in bikini thongs, guys on the streets hustling, gambling, Pimping.

I had to go to school two towns over because my grandpa said the school near home is too dangerous. So I would have to wake up Twice as early and ride my bike every morning Monday - Thursday Fridays -Sunday's no school. Every morning I see the same girls prostituting 5:30 in the morning. One day Before the sun was up an I was riding my bike to school, I saw a little girl who looked maybe 12 years old, she sared at me blankly as she was bent over a black mustang.

She had about 16 inches of black long hair done in to high pigtails. She was very pale skin, blue eyes, Her white shorts an pink panties down her ankles she had on 2$ pink sandals, an a pink bandanna tie around her flat chested skinny body. She look like she only weighed 60 lbs An only looked 4ft tall. I stared back I felt something in my dick tingle at the sight of a lil Anglic girl being used for pleasure, the look on her face and the tears dripping down her cheeks,is what turned me on the most, the man behind her was about mid-40s very dark skinned complexion, grayish blackish Stright back medium braids to his shoulders.Wearing a black, white pin striped Business suite, his pants were down his anklesand he clearly didn't care who saw him fucking that lil girl.

my bike almost crashed in to a local neighbors garbage can, I was in such a trance. I just shook my head an continued my rouge to school. From that point on I all I thought about was that lil girls face and her being fucked hard.

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It was haunting me in my dreams, and when I day dreamed. Or if I saw a little girl who looked similar to that little girl my dick would get rock hard.

The first time I had sex was with a girl two years older then me, I was 11, she was 13. She was my grandpas girl first. I knew my grandpa was a prev, seems like every month it was a new little girl hanging out with him while i was gone. Never older then 15. One time, when I came home I meet this girl leaving my grandpas room. She was about 100 lbs 4'5 in height. Long blonde hair to her round bubble ass coka cola shaped body perky round tits, she loved to show off in a small belly shirt with no bra so her pointy hard nipples show though the fabric of cotton.

Honey brown eyes, full lustful lips, rosey cheeks.


Here eye liner seemed smudged an her hair was messy like she just been in a fight. " Hi I'm Linda", she walk into my room behind me an closed an lock the door. " hello, my name is Juan", an I watched her as she pulled a not of ones fives and tens from her old looking dirty with holes once white nikes.

She counted ans whispered " fuck 20 dollars short fucking old man", as she put her money away I started to ask her if she could please leave my room, " umm can you ." she interrupted, " please look the old man thinks I'm gone can I crash here just for the night I'm tried, and I don't think he will be waking up soon since I put it on him real good like he likes!

Shocked all I said was ok. " Ok, but p,ease don't touch any thing that doesn't belong to you. She winked and just walked to the television and just sat and watch Tv.

Every time I ate and drink I would give her half of it, I kinda enjoyed her company since my grandpa wasn't much company, he always sleeps when I'm home.

We laugh an talked about the shows on tv, it was great. Clos to midnight I was getting tired so I let her know I was hitting the sack. I rolled over to the side where bed is against the wall an only in my Boxer briefs leaving room for her on the other side of the bed, and I fell asleep. Seem like only 20 mins past when I felt someone's lips and tongue warped around my cock. Sucking me so hard rushing the blood to the head of my dick, I felt something I've never felt before I thought I was about to have a stroke.

I try to push her off me but at the time i was only 78 lbs 5ft tall, she held me down an told me. "sssh, your wake up the old man. Relax it's ok your be fine just lay there I paying you back for feeding me given me a place to stay tonight, so don't reject me I'll feel insulted. I just layer there getting my 5 inch phat cock sucked.

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As she sucked up and down and I didn't even know if I was gonna last she turn her body in a 69 position, and told me to suck her. I looked at her pussy, and I was speechless my first view of a a girls snatch.

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It was beautiful my dick got hard at the site of her pretty pink little lip slightly spread apart little tiny pink asswhole seemed to be pushing in an out by its self, I went crazy an started licking her ass hole first down to her pussy ending at her clit and back up again repeating this for, Several minutes. I could hear her moans an groans through her sucking of my dick she never once let go of her tight wraped mouth on my now 6 inch rock hard cock.

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All of a sudden my ass clinched together my legs tensed up toes curled my neck stiffened as I start eat her out wilder my dick shot thick gooey virgin loads of cum, I think I squirted about four times in a roll in her mouth she choke and had to catch her breath. Embarrassed I ask if she was ok, she smiled at me still catching her breath. It was dark but the moon light that came in illuminated her sexy naked body 24 B cup, sexy youthful abs beautiful little skinny legs Spread show her phat pussy small lips tucked in between those phat outter hair less pussy lips with a hidden red bud for a clit.

Ummm looking at her semi sweaty naked body was make me hard, she looked at me an smile. "That's what I love about younger boys your always ready for more" Confussed I didn't say nothing as I turned my head and started looking for my briefs, I heard her say you ready Papi.

When I looked she was bent over my school study desk bare ass in the air boney legs spread pussy plumped an ready for me I see the jucies between her inner lips slowly dripping out. " Put your cock in me, do it now I'm horny for you being with older men dose nothing for me they dont know how to fuck". I couldn't believe what I heard, but my body did I just stood up an stop caring for my briefs.

My cock was fully erect at 6 inches an when I stood close enough till my dick was touching her hairless mound I just stared for a second an I pictured that little girl from that day on the bike, I imagined it was her bent in front of me, I looked and caressed her naked bum I licked it just a few more times taken in the sweet smell from inside, feeling my dick throbbing I stood up an just forced my dick in, rocking back an forth.

Hearing her scream and cry gave the vision of that little girl, the same way that man fucked that little girl I fucked her, slamming my dick deep pulling out driving it back in feel her cumm and shaking on my dick, I felt so powerful I felt like a god.


She started screaming for me to stop to get off but I now had the control. I grab her hair in my fist, grab her throat with my other hand an started pumping even faster. I don't know what part of me this was coming from but it felt good. And the more it felt good the harder I wanted to pound her cunt, and the louder I wanted her to cry. I felt my dick stiff up and my body tensed up again, i started to picture the face of that little girl with the long dark pigtails and baby blue eyes, an I let myself bust deep inside this little sluts phat hairless pussy.

She pulled her self off slapped me an garbed her things, an run out the apartment, I just ran behind to lock he door. I felt like a new Man, not just a 11 year old boy as i walked to my bed room still naked i saw my grandpa there. He was smile with his hand rised up in th air. Hi five my grandson, that how we do it in Puerto Rico, get back to bed you have school.

As i locked my room door went under the cover naked with a hard dick again, closed my eyes and started dreaming of wet lttle pussies. With that being said I was ready for more Sex. By: S. Mena. Part Two, Juan's trip to School.

Coming soon if you want to find out more about Juan crazy Sex adventures in Puerto Rico.

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