Horny housewife prepares for the webcam adventure

Horny housewife prepares for the webcam adventure
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Shelly has a quiet way about her but she can be a bear. We have this really nice house. One of the nice things is the end room at the other end from the garage and kitchen. It's an all-purpose room where we flake out. My back hurts sometimes, sitting so much, so I got one of the chairs that shakes you all over and exercises your muscles.

It's very quiet. You can hardly tell its going. Shelly tried it one day and we wound up getting one for her so we vibrate together.

It's a family thing. One time we were sitting quietly and she hollered and jumped up, breathing heavily, and looked at me going, 'Oh, Oh, Oh', and ran out of the room.

About ten minutes later she came back with a soda, laughing, and said, "Got you didn't I?" I said, "Shelly!" But, yeaw she did.

She got me. She was laughing and giggling. She had a good time doing that. I was kind of thinking about her having an orgasm right here in the den. I liked that. All through college she used to sit beside me and rub my thigh. I really liked her doing that too. There were other things. She slowly grew out of it. She loves to go out. She takes me places I probably wouldn't go myself.

The fair in the fall and the hot dog stand at the lake in the summer. Sometimes she just sits and watches the boats and sometimes she chats away like a woodchuck. We live on the edge of town, just us two. She has a beautiful VW bug she calls Freddie Mercury because it has a high pitch sound going down the interstate.

I work for the city, in accounting, and Shelly works for a magazine writing articles. I read almost all her articles. Some I don't but I don't tell her. She's almost 23. She's getting an English degree, hence her work. A little at a time I redid an area of the house just for her so she had lots more room and more privacy.

She could play loud music and I couldn't hear it. I could feel it but I couldn't hear it. I put a bath in that only had a door to her bedroom so somebody couldn't walk in on her. I put in a really nice safe exit for her and said it was needed in case of fire but I wanted her to have her own entrance and exit. It came in off the garage so it was convenient and she always parked in the garage.

She got used to it and it gave her more independence.

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She could go in the kitchen from the garage too if she wanted. Shelly doesn't go out much but you can't tell by her attitude. She doesn't ever give any indication that she's missing something. She doesn't seem to get more intimate with me which I expected since she doesn't seem to have any other outlet. We talked about all the sex on the internet once, as a point of discussion about something she was writing, but it was all academic. Even the really good discussion points.

Even got me going there for a little bit. Then one day she says, "Hi handsome." Well, I am. She says, "I have a friend. His name is James. Would you mind if he joins us? I want you to take a look at him and let me know what you think.

College graduate. Lots of money from work, he's in electronic design. Likes to shop and stand around waiting and looking around. Calm. Heady, dresses ok.

23. Very cooperative about things. Likes to go places and do things. Kisses. Hugs. Holds hands. Shivers. Polite. Football, stuff like that." "Shelly," I said.

"It doesn't look like you have much left to check out. Do you want me to be a friend or a dad or a boss or scare him to death? I can get the shotgun out." "Friendly, dad," she said. "Think of him as your son. Just for the checking out. You can be a stranger later if you don't like him.

Dad, he's very friendly. He sort of draws me in. Maybe he's not friendly at all and I'm drawing him in. It's strange. I don't understand it yet. That's why I'm curious." "Ok," I said. "Should I get him his own chair or do you want to sit on his lap?" Shelly paused for a moment with her almost serious face on and said, "No, we can sit on the sofa. We were on the sofa at his house last weekend. His mom and dad were there." I don't know why she said that last part.

She's 22 years old. Shouldn't need a chaperone at that age. Maybe it was something else. James came over the next Friday night. We had pizza rings with peperone slices wrapped in bacon as a side dish. James and Shelly were a lot alike. Looked a lot alike. Same hair color and build, which was understated, as we say. Nice normal build, nothing unusual. Nice face and all.

He was very well mannered and it wasn't put-on. He laughed and said funny stuff along in the conversation. He helped Shelly clean up, and he knew what to do, and talked to her a lot throughout. Current judgment, I like James. He would make a good son. We quieted down and I watched one of my shows and James and Shelly camped out on the sofa. I wasn't watching that much but they were close to each other and James got in some time on her bare thigh with his fingers over inside.

Sometimes on her knee. It was natural, not specific. During conversation neither seemed to notice. When Shelly was bending over some James had his hand on her back, high and low. Shelly seemed to get in her touches and rubs on James. Same thing, just doing it unnoticed by the other. That was a really good thing for me to see. I was very happy she was getting involved just this much.

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When they said goodnight they stood up right at the sofa and she got her arms around his waist and he around her shoulders and they peck kissed about ten times. Her hands got on the top of his buns but neither one pulled in tight.

The next afternoon Shelly caught up with me in the kitchen. She said, "How do you like James, dad? He seems really confortable to be around, doesn't he?" "He is comfortable to be around," I said. "He isn't a wimp or nerd. If he was it would be ok." I shouldn't have said that so I alibied out. "Nice conversation and he knows a lot to talk about. I think you have a friend there." "Good," she said.

"Now, let me tell you some things to think about." I thought, 'uh oh'. She said, "James said when he got out of college he knew absolutely nothing about a personal life. He wasn't devastated but felt lost and wondered what he missed. His mom caught on and helped him out of it and got him started.

He said she would get with him on the sofa and spend the evening talking and getting intimate enough with him that they could almost act like lovers." "Well, that's a good way to learn," I said. "Where else are you going to learn that except with someone's daughter?" She smiled but said, "He said his dad was right there doing other stuff and making comments.

Her mom would slip a hand in his shirt and pants and he would slip a hand in hers. He learned what a woman liked to do that way. He said they would stretch out on the sofa in their underwear so she could teach him how it felt and teach him what to do and what not to do.

It was ok with his dad. He enjoyed watching and giving little suggestions.


Dad, he said he had his hands down in the front of his mom's pants lots of times and she in his." "Shelly, it's a different way to learn but I think its fine. I wish my mom taught me some of the stuff I learned the hard way. Sorry I said that." She laughed and said, "Its ok dad. Anyway when I was at his house on the sofa we casually got that comfortable.

He had my blouse unbuttoned and me laying back on the sofa and his hands up my shorts in my panties and his dad just looked occasionally and smiled.

His mom would say, 'He's doing nicely isn't he?' I had a really great time and he flat out got me excited and it was fine with me. I enjoyed every bit of it." "You do have your bedroom you know," I said. "It's quite private. You're certainly entitled and I would be happy with it, even encouraging." "Thanks, I know all that," she said.

"I don't want to move to the 'my bedroom stage' yet but we are having some fun. Anyway. He said if I would like to make out on our sofa it would be fine with him.

We did in front of his dad and mom and got used to it and his dad really got turned on and he thought you might like to see me making out." "Wow," I said. "That would be different. I've never actually seen two whole other people having sex.

That might be invading your privacy a little too much Shelly. How do we get comfortable with that"? "Dad, I would very much like you to enjoy seeing me and James," she said. "Keep in mind our underwear might eventually go flying behind the sofa. You know what's next and it may be for an extended time and varied positions and some things you might get embarrassed about but you'll always have those memories. If you'll let me I might can help you be more comfortable with it.

Think about it and let me know." Shelly gave me a kiss and went off to bed. I guess sex is a lot more normal today than it was even four or five decades ago. My mind certainly was visualizing some erotic things. Maybe James's mom could teach me. His dad might have some suggestions, like showing me his shotgun. I smiled for about five minutes. The next day, Sunday, about 1:00 in the afternoon Shelly came in the den.

I wasn't that interested in the football game. She had on the smoothest sexist pair of pajamas I've seen her wear. There were three buttons on the top part and the rest opened as she walked showing her stomach from just under her breasts down to the top of her bottoms. I loved bare midriffs. Her bottoms boated up and down when she walked. She didn't have a bra on. I couldn't see how she could possibly have any pants on.

She got my hand and pulled me up out of my chair. My vibrator hadn't even timed out yet. She took me over to the sofa and picked up a pillow that was in the middle and put it on the end. Arms around my neck, she said, "Dad.

I want you to have a good idea about watching James and I. We can take as long as you want and I want you to feel exactly what he's going to be feeling. Maybe me too." She sat down on the sofa about in the middle, maybe a little towards the pillow and lay down with her back tilted over towards where the back of the sofa and cushions met.

It was a nice big soft sofa, made for this type of lounging. She had one leg up against the back of the sofa. I wasn't all that sure but I think there was a wet spot down on her pants.

It seemed a little darker. I couldn't take my eyes off her pants. She smiled and pulled me down. I got on facing and she tilted over and I felt her all up and down. I was hard. Nothing to do with me.

Just happens. She said, "I think James is going to go slower than this but we know you're experienced." I had a t-shirt and shorts on with some really lightweight cooler stretchy briefs. She said, "I'm going to get you dressed about like I am. Hang on a minute." She pushed my shorts down and took the darned things right off.

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She was really fast doing that. Arms around my neck she kissed me, closing her eyes as she came. Her leg came over my hips and I was right up against her vagina. Right where the wet spot is. I could feel her breasts spread out on my chest.

I didn't know where her nipples were but they had to be attached. I did see them bumping out before she pulled me down. I haven't been this hard since way back when. She stopped kissing me and pulled her head back just enough so we could see each other without going cross eyed.

She said, "I hope you're as turned on as you seem. I am too. I can feel you right down in. It feels really good. Move it around some if you want, you don't want to waste a good turn on. Besides, it'll turn me on more and I like that." She took my hand and put it down on her thigh and slid it into her crotch and rubbed it up and down.

She said, "Do you know where your hand is? Yes, it's right there, rubbing me right on my nerve endings. If you can feel your penis why don't you put it right against there? We'll both enjoy it. You can thrust some if you want. Hold my butt. That would be nice." I was absolutely soaking it up.

My penis was right there and plenty of range. I aimed it and pushed and got my hand on her buns and she got into kissing me again and we did that until the cows came home. That was so good neither one of us could stop. I don't know how long it was but eventually she said, "Oooooooo.

Give me a minute again." She took off my top and hers and threw them over the back of the sofa and started again. My penis never left its assigned station. She kissed me and we went again. I think she was going slow enough to keep me, and herself, from having an orgasm. After a bit she said, "Dad, I don't mean this literally but get a hold of yourself." She took off her bottoms and took off my briefs. She got her hands around my waist leaving me around her neck.

She played with my buns and balls and leaned back and got her nipples right up in my mouth. Yes, I did have experience and knew what to do about that and I did. Both.

It seemed a month of Sundays went by and she got her lips on mine again and then pulled back. Her eyes were riveted on mine and she said, "Did you get a hold of yourself ok?" I nodded 'yes' and she said, "Think of yourself as James and show me what you want him to do to me and don't think about anything else." With that she moved under me and opened her legs up high and I literally fell into her valley.

I was so flustered and hot and under the influence I don't know the exact moment I touched her vagina with my penis but it wasn't there long. When I pushed in I felt the walls flushing down on all sides. I don't know how I got my hips to stop and pull back but I remember doing that and going again. When I got in a little far I could feel my foreskin being pulled way down and the head trying to disconnect and go ahead on its own.

It had been so long I totally forgot some stuff. I started either remembering or finding long ago habits. I got all the way in and my eyes got uncrossed and I said, "Should we stop soon? I may have an orgasm." She said, "You can't stop until you do. A good one. One that I'll remember. That's what this is for. I can feel you going way in. I can feel your balls. I can feel your muscles.

I can feel you rubbing my breasts. I want your tongue in my mouth with mine. I want you to totally wear yourself out. I want you to come over to my bedroom and feel me up like a pro. I want you to do my G-spot.

I want lots of orgasms. I think I may say all that to James someday. Go fast when you're ready." I was ready right then. I was so turned on and my dick was so hard I was constantly squeezing into it. It was a wonder I wasn't constantly pumping semen out or peeing all over the place. Shelly was so wet it was like taking a shower. I could tell it was at an extreme level for her too. She was pumping up into me firm and far. She was squeezing me hard every time.

My dick was plowing right through almost every time and everything felt like it was boiling over. It felt like I was getting semen out long before my orgasm and she surely went at the same time. With all the jerks from her and me we actually did get three or four orgasm thrusts together.

I haven't pounded a pussy that hard as long as I can remember. It wasn't a daughter or wife or chance encounter type of thing. It was pure raw sexual erotic fucking.

I was lucky. My dick made it right through to the end of the damn thing. I forgot she was there, it was just me and a fuck. Shelly was that good. I didn't know.

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*** I was thinking about getting a new tv. James was over and supper was finished and all cleaned up. James was suggesting a certain tv and why. Shelly was in the kitchen getting some cold drinks. James said, "Frank." We got to the first name for the father stage. "Shelly mentioned about the medicine she takes." It was the pregnancy pill.

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"She also mentioned what she said to you. I want to say that I will accede to all your wishes where Shelly is concerned. I don't want to embarrass her or you or myself. My dad was absolutely thrilled to see me and mom.


I thought you might with Shelly and me." "Thank you James," I said. "I've never seen that and I would be absolutely thrilled. I wouldn't want to miss a thing. When you two want some privacy it'll be there." I leaned over closer and said, "I think she may be more passionate than you think. I've heard that about young girls. It's probably what brings out the passion in us.

Makes us have to work a lot harder but well worth it." James smiled and raised his eyebrows a little, thinking. Shelly came back with the drinks and we sat around settling from dinner.

It was time for my show so I turned the tv on with the sound down a little. James and Shelly weren't even noticing that I was in the room. They were shoulder on and talking at each other. Both their hands were feeling around on exposed skin but not all that active. It was interesting watching them preparing themselves. I wasn't watching all that much tv. The thing is they weren't all that far away from me.

It wasn't like they were way across the room or the sofa was turned the other way. There was a table between this end of the sofa and my chair and my table was turned to the right some and the sofa was turned to the left some.

I had the part of the table next to the sofa cleared in case James happened to have his feet up on this end doing something. It wasn't bright in the den. A couple of standing lights with shades for reading. The bright overhead lights were off but I could see quite well. Shelly had an arm over James shoulder. He was on my side.

She also had a knee bent up on his lap. She had shorts on so her crotch was easily accessable. James had a hand gently fluttering and peppering her inner thigh with his touches. I know that's a bit much but that's the way I thought of it. Things were getting romantic. I blinked and Shelly had a hand under her knee, palm down. James had a hand up inside her pants and I could see the fabric right in her crotch rising and falling.

A few minutes later Shelly pulled her hand back and started getting the button and zipper undone on James's Bermuda shorts.

James evidently didn't want to impede her so he pulled out of her shorts and got up under her top in front. Then he stuck a hand behind her. There was something poking up around her shoulder in front. Her bra. James undid her bra on the outside of her top in back.

The man was an unqualified genus. The money he could make just teaching that must be enormous. Shelly got his zipper down and James had her top up and her nipple in his mouth so he got his hand back in her shorts. Shelly had her hand down in his shorts now that he was more accessible.

They had their shoes off. I didn't see them do that. Kissing and feeling up went on for a long time, maybe half an hour. I remember it was always fun if you weren't terminally turned on.

I also was thinking why wasn't I a little perturbed someone was getting in my daughter's pants. With me watching no less. Sex just wasn't isolated and tabooed in the current generation.

It was thought of as free fun so why not. The stigma of pregnancy was almost gone. It was getting to be more common. Shelly was topless and James's pants were down about at his knees. He still had his shorts on. His hand was still up Shelly's pants going at it but not too fast. I felt absolutely wonderful that she was feeling absolutely wonderful and enjoying herself.

What a gift James was giving her. And her him. I could catch her scent every now and then. I was hard and I did have some condoms so I could orgasm if it came to that. It was kind of growing on me as they kept on. I was squeezing the bottom of my dick. What used to be my penis. I've matured. James's shorts were off. He had a whack-a-mole there. Big dude all by itself. Shelly's hand around the bottom only covered some of it. Her fingers weren't together and she couldn't move all the way to the top without letting him go and moving her hand up.

His foreskin down around looked like one of those round rescue floats on boats, lifebuoys. They were either constantly kissing or talking like magpies. Great smiles and smiling eyes.

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They were trying to get inside each other's skin. The only way to go. Shelly's shorts were off. James was nude. Shelly's pants to go. I always left that to last if I got the choice. Sexier. Playing in pants is for lovers. Shelly sat up a little straighter, a bit slow.

James followed. I doubt if he noticed. She tilted backwards slightly and they both let their muscles accidentally get them down on the sofa. A pillow was right there. James was on his side with his back to the back of the sofa with Shelly facing. They both had a hand down in between. I don't think they were playing with themselves. I was.

I got my right leg up on the edge of the footrest so they couldn't see my lap. When Shelly unzipped James's pants and slipped her hand down in I got myself out. It really felt good but I went slowly. I didn't think I could go for two and I wanted to last as long as they did if I could. James got Shelly's pants down near the bottom of her butt. Shelly pulled her hand out and got around James's neck and James started short thrusting and pulled his hand out.

I wasn't sure he could actually get in Shelly. He was bigger than I was and I was over eight inches and almost two inches across. With that big ring it would have to squash some but she must be dilating the way they were going. James got her pants down below her knees. She couldn't open her legs with them there so they would go soon.

Shelly took care of that and got a leg and knee up on James's thigh. They didn't seem in all that much hurry for orgasms. It seemed young people liked to play with sex a lot. They could always have orgasms later and many more. I had my fingers playing with my head. I finally got out enough pre-cum to help.

I forgot to bring the petjel. With Shelly's leg up on James I could see up her butt and his big dick working down in right about across her vagina. They were breathing pretty good but not overly hard. I didn't think it would be long. I figured I could watch James's butt and when he squeezed and thrust that would be it. James was running his fingers down her back and through her buns.

I would love to see his dick go in but they were in the wrong positions. It was taking a long time. We were quicker in my day. We fucked for the orgasm, now they fuck for the feeling. Shelly moved back toward the edge of the sofa a little and James did too then he lifted and she put her lower leg under and up then her other leg over.

She had room for her knees. He was right there. I could see her vagina, spread open a little for a peek. His dick was about an inch away. They looked at each other and started a kiss and his big dick moved between her outer lips and seated itself right in her vagina.

I saw it, the whole thing. Right in. He was feeling what I felt. James and Shelly were fucking and I was fucking my fingers. My head flushed a little and I took a big breath and let it out slowly through almost closed lips. Shelly started pushing against him and James held still. He was letting her work it in. She was doing a good job.

She obviously liked it and was ok. Still a solid mouth on mouth going on, probably tongues too. We always did. It was a secondary fuck. I could see Shelly's vagina spread wide around him pulling some skin out and pushing some in when she thrust. The ring of foreskin was just about to get in. I thought it would get spread down from the pressure but couldn't tell if it did.

She kept going and James joined in and it was slow and sensuous. He didn't want to hurt her. I knew he wouldn't. It was a quiet hanging on time watching until either he was all the way in or she was all the way over. After about fifty thrusts they got to it more. A little faster, a little more animated. A little more conversation. A little more butt grabbing, by both.

A little more tongue touching out of the mouth. A lot more fucking. They were in it for the long haul and I was still expertly playing with the head of my dick. I did jack it sometimes for a change. I was insufferably pleased with myself that I got to see them. It was the most erotic thing. Two people that age with that much energy wanting that much from each other. They may have started sideways so I could watch. They switched to her on bottom and James lifted and dropped slowly in between her thighs.

She lifted her knees higher and he was in again. His butt did squeeze together when he thrust. It was thrilling for me to watch. I didn't see either one playing with the other's butt button. They might not have discovered that yet. James tilted his head and she stretched her arm back and her nipples were toast.

He got both and seemed to suck hard. Shelly moaned loudly and dug her fingers in his back. His dick was going faster and she was thrusting up harder. James stuck a hand down in between, probably on her clit. Nipples and clit and fucking will do it.

Shelly gurgled her throat and caught her breath and tried to thrust up into James and stay there and couldn't hold it. She fucked herself out as hard as she could and James grunted and got into a really body straightening orgasm.

Everything below his waist seemed to freeze straight out but he could still slam his hips into Shelly and did. Their bodies danced around on each other until they slowly collapsed into each other's arms.

It must have been forty or fifty minutes since he got in her. That's a long time. He stayed on top, in her, until they came around and started talking and started playing with each other's hair and smiling and pecking. She whispered in his ear and he lifted so she could get out and go to the bathroom. James closed his eyes and rested and went when she got back and kissed his cheek. I had an orgasm when they did and took off the condom and hid it while they were getting over theirs.

I had my pants back up and head back on the chair but peeking at them. Shelly came over and gave me a hug and a kiss and a daughter smile. She said, "Did you have a good time? Were you shocked?" "Yes and no," I said. "Thank you very much. It was wonderful and I was so happy to be able to watch." She said, "Did you have an orgasm dad?" I said, "Yes.

At the same time you and James did." She smiled. She was happy. She said, "Now I have two great lovers." Just then James came back and she went to attend to him. Later they messed around some more. I went off to bed. Shelly and James did start spending the night at our house. I thought it was great and wanted them to do that and was relieved when they did. Shelly spent some nights at his house and once a whole weekend.

They were apart a lot, working and other stuff. James traveled a little on projects but mostly they were a casual couple. Shelly and I were walking a trail one Saturday with backpacks and walking sticks. We did it right. She said, "Dad. James mentioned once that since he and his mother got together before he wouldn't mind if I wanted to get together with his dad. He said it would probably be fun for his mom to watch and him too.

His dad is about like you. In looks I mean. James said he was big like him in his pants. I wouldn't mind and I think his dad would enjoy it but I wondered what you think about it." "Its ok with me but it's your decision," I said. "You said you wouldn't mind. Does that mean you would prefer not to?" "Dad," she said.

"I don't want you to get the idea I'm looking for every big dick I can find. I am, but I don't want you to think it." Photos.

cpmlink.net/MdXsAA She laughed really hard at that. She was funning at me. "It would be very satisfying to have sex with his dad and over the top erotic to see his mom and him watching. I like his dad. He's a lot like you. I can sit in a room with him for a little while and start wanting to get in his pants and him in mine.

I don't know why. It's beyond me. It may be because he's a lot like you." "If it won't cause any problems and you want to and have sexual desires in that direction then suit yourself," I said. "Frankly I think it will make James just as happy. He mentioned it so it was probably his idea. He wants to watch too and hasn't had the chance. Lots of couples would like to see their significant other have sex with someone else.

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Particular when it's so acceptable by everybody." "There's one more thing," she said. "James's mom was wondering if she might could invite you over for dinner. Now you and I both know where that's going to go. She reminds me of mom a little so you'll be smitten some. She won't throw you on the sofa and rip your clothes off. It'll develop slowly so plenty of time to move on. I think you'll enjoy the experience.

Dad, she can fuck your socks off and you'll love every second of it. So will the cheering section. Sorry I said it that way. Just wanted to make a point." I found out James's mom is the one that taught him how to go slow for so long. I did too. My hips were sore the next day. James said to pull my foreskin down, in the morning, and wrap a band-aid around it so it wouldn't come back up and with it rubbing on the inside of my pants by evening it wouldn't be so sensitive and I could last a long time.

It still turned out to be an absolute blast.