I caught the babysitter rubbing her pussy

I caught the babysitter rubbing her pussy
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Mixed Metaphors VI Tony woke up to a small hand in his face. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he took the hand and moved it down to his side. Apparently his new roommate had rolled over in her sleep and dropped it onto his face. He wasn't used to things like this happening, but he didn't mind. Everything Becky did, was a treat to him. The clock displayed 5:05 am. They had to get up by six and it wasn't enough time to go back to sleep. Tony felt that if he awakened Becky, she might want to make love anyway.

This time he was going to beat her to the punch. She had turned over again and was now sleeping with her back to him.

Tony lifted the sheet and saw the most beautiful naked body he had ever seen. He was going to take a chance, and began stroking his penis to get it hard. He had been careful not to wake her, as he had something special in mind. Tony inched up as close as he could without actually touching her, then laid his hand on her right butt cheek. He marveled at how soft it was, and lifted it revealing her butt hole and a little lower her gorgeous vagina.

Without so much as a good morning, Tony pushed his hips forward, his cock sliding into her wet little cunt. "Ohhhh God," she said as she awoke to Tony's penis imbedded in her pussy. She then reached around and grabbed his hip and pulled him toward her, in an attempt to draw his cock deeper inside of her. She mumbled, "Tony I've been dreaming about you fucking me.

Do it harder baby … fuck me as hard as you can. As Tony continued to shove into her she looked over her shoulder and said, "Wait baby." Tony thought to himself, "wait?" what was she talking about? Becky pulled her body forward, causing his cock to flop out of her, then turned around and pushed him onto his back.

She then swung a leg over Tony and sat on his abdomen. Reaching down Becky took hold of his cock and gently guided it back into her cunt. Once it was just where she wanted it, she placed her hands on his chest and began moving her hips front to back. Within just a few minutes she had cum twice, however had not slowed down as she fucked him even harder. When Becky leaned forward he took hold of her titties and squeezed.

She moaned loud and came again. He thought this was fantastic as he could just lay back and let her fuck him until she was completely satisfied, then he would cum and finish everything off.

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The problem was that she was so sexy; he was getting hot and knew it wouldn't be too long before he came also. Tony began lifting his hips shoving hard up into her. She looked like one of those cute cowboy bar girls riding a mechanical bull, except of course she was naked. As he shoved upward with his hips, she screamed and came again. Apparently that was it, Becky lay down on Tony's chest and slipped her arms around him.

Tony knew that if he was going to get anything done today, he was going to have to fuck her hard and fast so he could cum in her pussy. She was almost asleep from exhaustion, when Tony placed his arms around her and rolled over in the bed, hoping they didn't fall on the floor.

As they had completely traded places, Tony wasted no time and began shoving his cock deep into her.

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She opened her eyes wide and then smiled. She said, "Do me honey. Fuck me baby. I'll hold on tight." Tony shoved faster and faster as Becky's pussy was sucking him in.

He told her that he was cuming, and at the same time she came again also. He pumped his cum into her gripping cunt while leaning on his arms and knees. The clock now displayed 5:45 am. Good timing he thought. Becky closed her eyes, as Tony crawled off of her.

He lay there panting like a dog that had tried to catch a motorcycle, and failed. Five minutes later he went into the bathroom, and stood over the commode, bracing on the wall with one hand, and holding his cock with the other. He had just cum so he couldn't force it. Finally he began to pee … what a relief. Tony turned the shower on and got in. He scrubbed himself down then got out to dry off.

After putting on a robe, he went back into the bedroom to wake his little blonde lover. She resisted for a few seconds, until Tony whispered in her ear, eighty thousand a year. You want to go to work or stay home?

"I'm awake!

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You fucked me so well honey that you almost knocked me out, and now you expect me to get up and go to work?" "Sweetheart, I don't expect anything. If you don't want to go in, I'll tell them you are not feeling well." "Some boss you are mister. You make it much too easy to play hokey. I'm getting up. Thank you for letting the shower run." "Your welcome," said Tony, "OK no more sex in the morning." "That's what you think … you taught me how to do it right … and we are going to do it, in the morning and at bedtime, at least until you don't want me any more." "I'll give you forty years, with an option for ten more.

I'll be eighty-two then, and fully dependent on Viagra." "Anyway you can get it hard, is good enough for me." Becky dragged out of bed and into the bathroom. She sat on the bidet and turned the water on slowly. The warm water felt wonderful as it squirted up into her vagina. She thought a lot of girls would like this, especially if they don't have a boyfriend.

If you move your butt just right the water hits your clitoris and well… 'Oh that's nice', she thought. She could sit here all day. "Are you taking a shower yet?" asked Tony. "Not really … I'm having an affair with the bidet. It's treating me very nice." "Shower?" "I'm going… kill joy." As her pussy was now clean she went into the shower and began to wash. The shower chamber was much too large to shower alone.

Tony will just have to come in with her from now on. "Do you know what you are going to wear today?" "I think that lavender suite, with the light green blouse and purple pumps. Think that will be too much?" "No … it sounds great, baby. I'll be in my closet getting some clothes." When she saw him, he was wearing some gray slacks, a white shirt and a Navy blue blazer, with a red and gold crest over the left pocket.

It was seven-thirty am, but he was ready to go. "I didn't know the Miller clan had its own crest." "Yes the miller … clan. I don't want to scare you but my actual family crest is two crossed machine guns over a dead body," said Tony laughing out loud.

"Funny man!" "That's why I get paid the big bucks," said Tony in a modified W.C. Fields accent. "Do you want some help with your hair?" "Why? Do you do hair?" "No but I can get somebody up here in about ten minutes, if you want." "In ten minutes … well maybe in fifteen it will be done." Tony picked up the photos and paperwork for the Italy shoot, and went through it again as Becky was getting dressed. When she walked out of the dressing room, he fell in love all over again.

She looked a lot like the actress Meg Ryan. She just took his breath away. They sat there and talked about the work, and Tony told her she would need her passport for next weeks trip.

She laughed and told him she had one that was about two years old.


When he asked what was so funny, she told him she had gone through a lot of trouble to get it for a trip with Sonya. "Where did you go?" "Mexico!" "You don't need a passport to go to Mexico, or Canada for that matter." "Yes …I found that out later.

Don't laugh at me Tony." "I'm not laughing, just smiling as … I don't have to worry about your passport." "Yah right!" "Maybe we ought to go down to the street," said Tony.

The couple locked up the apartment and set the alarm, then took the elevator down to the floor level. When they walked out into the sunshine, Ronnie's cab was parked at the curb.

He was standing on the sidewalk waiting for them. As they approached Ronnie opened the door and said good morning. The cab was very clean inside, and Ronnie told Tony he had cleaned it for two hours yesterday.

"So how did your wife like the dinner?" "I'll tell you, when I showed Marge the tip you gave me, she snatched it out of my hand like a magician would make a watch disappear. She said that we don't need to eat out and spend a lot of money at a restaurant, when the tip would buy almost two weeks worth of groceries. I wanted to show her a good time, but what can I say?

I'm sorry. Hey! here is your coffee and some rolls, and here is your hot chocolate. There are also some muffins and napkins in there." "She wouldn't let you take her out?

Hmmmm … I think I have a surprise for her. Let me work on it." Ronnie drove very carefully so nobody would spill anything on themselves. He arrived at the building at twenty to nine, and found a spot under a tree so they could finish their small repast. "Ronnie … how old are your children?" "The little one, David is five. James is almost eight and Josh, named after his maternal grandfather, is eleven." "Can you get off Saturday?" asked Tony.

"Yah … it's an overtime day. Why." "Becky and I are going to torpedo your wife and take care of the kids on Saturday, and you can take her out all day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. She won't be able to say a thing as everything will be arranged in advance and pre-paid," Tony laughed out loud. When Tony looked at Becky, she smiled and nodded her head. "I need you to get back to me with a list of everything she likes, and everything she has wanted to do.

Saturday is going to be 'Marge Day'. This will be fun, and you my friend will reap the benefits. You know what we will get the boys some sleeping bags, in case you guys can't pick them up until Sunday morning." Tony and Becky got out of the cab and walked toward the building.

She held his arm tight and asked, "What made you want to do all that for Ronnie?" "You!" "Me … what did I do?" "Sweetie you brought me love and a new life. I want everybody to be as happy as I am, and if not everybody; then an occasional cab driver and his wife. The rest of the world we will try to help as we go along. Besides, taking care of the boys will be good practice for when we have our five." "Five… three maybe, but not five." "OK … but I'm holding you to three." "See I told you, that you were something else." "Only because of you." Becky was nervous in the elevator and had butterflies in her stomach when they steeped off into their offices.

"I'll send all of the information you require for your drawings to your new boss. You want to get together for lunch?" "Sounds good. Tony?" "Yes?" "I love you." "Thank you baby. That will get me through to lunch." Becky had several assignments on her desk when she walked into her office. She studied them and decided that two of them could be taken care of with computer-generated artwork, while the others could be done in either watercolor or acrylic.

She sat at her easel and began to sketch. After two hours of intense work, she had knocked out three preliminary drawings. It was almost 11:30, when she called her boss Ms. Johnson on the intercom. Becky told her she had a few presentations to show her. Johnson said for her to come into her office and bring her work with her. She looked at three drawings of a vehicle.

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One was in watercolor, the second was in stipple and the third was done in acrylic. Johnson studied the drawings, with a history of fifteen years of experience and an MBA. Johnson looked up at Becky and nodded her head then asked, "What are you proposing for the hair dryer and the ipod?" "I believe," said Becky, "CGA would work well for those." "Fine," said Johnson, "When do you believe you can have something for me?" "Three, maybe Four.

Depends on several other factors. I haven't even turned on my computer yet." "Well these are good and I'm looking forward to seeing your other work. Also Mr. Miller has sent a request for some work he needs for the Hugo Boss layout, however I believe it can wait until tomorrow or the next day.

You know that you are scheduled to go to Italy for the Hugo Boss shoot next week, don't you?" "Yes Mr. Miller's secretary told me this morning." "OK then I'll see you around three or four.

Tell me something, what is your first impression of out little firm?" "Well being an artist and a writer, I attempt to shy away from snap decisions.

Many things change as you get used to them." Becky returned to her office and turned on her computer.


It was a Dell with Microsoft Office software. It also had Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and PageMaker 7.0. She would have liked some other applications, however these would work for a while.

Becky began in Photoshop on the hair dryer illustration. When her intercom buzzed she welcomed the break. It was Tony who wanted to know if she was ready for lunch.

As they were riding down in the elevator, Becky told Tony everything that had gone on that morning, and was concerned that she would be unable to complete her work in a reasonable amount of time. She wanted to know if she could get a laptop and a digital camera to take to the Italian shoot.

He said that she should call his secretary and tell her everything she required for the trip. He would make sure she had everything the next day.

Tony also told her that as he was getting all the details ready for the Italian shoot they could stay late, and she could work until she was satisfied.

Tony hailed a cab and they went about two blocks to a small deli. There was a cold breeze blowing in from the ocean. Becky sneezed very loud causing Tony to jump about a foot. He began to laugh uncontrollably. "I have always wondered what a Tyrannosaurus rex sounded like. Now I know." "I'm sorry I just had to sneeze," said Becky searching her purse for a tissue. You didn't want me to hold it in did you?" "If you had held in that sneeze, you might have blown off the top of your head," he said still laughing, "Are you all right?" "I'm fine," she said, slightly embarrassed and a little irritated at Tony for his comments, "Don't you ever sneeze?" "That was really a sneeze?

I've heard quieter gun battles." "Funny man. So this is your sense of humor?" "Well it was funny." "Look what I have here," she said holding her hand so nobody else could see it.

She had her right hand in a fist with her middle finger sticking straight up. He was a little surprised when she mouthed the words, 'fuck you'. "Ohhhh … I love it when you get romantic. Is that a threat or a promise?" "Both … so better eat some carbohydrates. You will need them tonight." There was just one couple waiting in front of them.

When they sat down Becky ordered a tongue sandwich and strawberry lemonade, to which Tony squinted his face and shuttered.

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"You don't like strawberry lemonade?" "Tongue … I don't understand how anyone can eat tongue." "But it is OK to eat rump roast?" "Ok, I see your point." When the waiter asked Tony for his order, he said Oriental Chicken Salad, sans the chicken. "Sans the chicken?" Asked Becky. "It means in the absence of, or without chicken." "Why do you order a chicken salad without chicken?" "Because I don't like chicken, but I like the Oriental salad.

The only time I eat chicken is when I have Chicken Kiev, which is wonderful. It is said that Chicken Kiev was first made in France for Peter the Great the Russian Emperor, when he visited there. Peter liked it so much he took the chef back to Russia with him, based on that one recipe. Did you know that chickens don't really have breasts? They don't nurse their young so they can't really be called breasts." "You really are something else." "So you have said … Eat." Upon return to the office Becky began work on the other drawings.

By four o'clock she had the CGI of the hairdryer completed and notified Johnson. When Johnson saw the illustration she smiled and nodded. "How long before the I-pod is completed?" "It will be on your desk when you come in tomorrow, hopefully along with several drawings for the J and J tattoos." "Great, thank you.


This is really great. I think we will get along just fine. I know that you are busy, but if you get a chance, think about some copy for the band-aid spread. There are a couple of people working on it, however it was your idea and you may already have something in mind." "I'll think about it." "Good . see you in the morning?" Becky worked all afternoon on perfecting the hair dryer and the I-pod.

When she looked up from her computer she saw it was getting dark outside. She rubbed her burning eyes and sat back in her soft leather high back chair. Becky got up and involuntary stretched. She went into the coffee room. When she smelled the coffee, it reminded her of the six or eight cups of the dark elixir her dad would drink daily. She was kind of happy when her mom told her that he had switched to decaf.

Becky removed a bottle of water out of the small refrigerator, which was adjacent to the coffee machine. Becky jumped when two very large hands took hold of her shoulders.

A soft male voice said, "Hello my love. How is it going?" "Tony … you startled me. I almost peed my panties. I believe I will have to get you a bell, so I know where you are." Tony smiled and put his arms around her, then leaned in and kissed her on the neck. He moved his mouth up to her ear and slithered his wet tongue into the tiny orifice, and then bit down gently on her earlobe, as it had always produced wild sexuality in her before.

"God honey what are you trying to do to me. Keep that up and I'll take you right here on the table." "Can't do that baby. People eat here, besides the cleaning crew will be in soon and I don't do floorshows.

You want to go home?" "I would love to go home, but I promised Johnson I would have a print out of some work on her desk when she comes in tomorrow. I can't start by doing a half way job. I have already given her some sketches and she said they were good." "Johnson? She said they were good? Wow." "Why… you didn't think she would like my work?" "No … it's not that. The most I have ever heard her say was 'adequate, sufficient, suitable and maybe satisfactory', but never good.

From her that is high praise to say the least." "She also said, 'this is really great. I think we will get along just fine.' "Oh oh… watch yourself. That doesn't sound like Johnson. I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her." "Why?" "Because this firm was 'Smith, Travis, Miller and Taylor', when she came in as a copywriter. Somehow she set up poor old Linton Taylor and got him to resign.

He had made enough money to take an early retirement, but he could have made a lot more if he had stayed.

We have never had to fire anybody before, however since she has made partner she has let three people go. Honestly, I think she has something on Smitty, uh…Mr. Smith as he always agrees with her, no matter what. We can't argue with him, as he is the CEO. So just do as she says and watch your back." "Gotcha' boss.

You know if I had my computer set up in the apartment, we wouldn't have to stay late. I could transfer my work to those little USB Mini storage units and work at home if necessary… like in an emergency." "I don't really want you working at home, but we could set up your computer in my upstairs office … for any emergency." "You have an upstairs?" "Didn't I show it to you? There is an office, another bedroom, a bathroom with a whirlpool bath, a walk in closet and a storage room, for Christmas stuff and other junk." "Does the office have a window?" "Yes a large one … why?" "Which way does it face … like North, East, South or West?" "Let me see," said Tony turning his body and looking out the window, "North … yah it faces north." "A Northern Light is an artist's dream," said Becky with a big smile on her face.

"Ok tomorrow, I'll call Chelsea art supplies and framing on 24th st., but I'll need a list of materials you need. Chelsea is where I sent the drawing you did of the old man in the park. It will be delivered on Friday." "When the movers brought over my stuff, where did they put my computer?" "In the basement." "You have an upstairs and a basement?" "The building has a six story basement so all the tenants have storage areas.

I'll have the super bring your computer up tomorrow, unless you would like a new one?" "No. I have a lot of clip art and photos on my hard drive, not to mention special artist's applications and a 250 MGB zip drive. I have all the artwork I have ever done on about sixty zip disks.

I would prefer to have my own computer. It is like an old friend. Would you tell the super to bring up any of my boxes marked 'Art Materials' please?" "No problem, then I can help you set it up tomorrow after work." "Thank you Sweetie." "Your wish is my command my Queen," said Tony in a half English, half Australian accent. "Who was that supposed to be Lord Essex?" "Actually," said Tony, "I was going for a Robin Hood type sound." "But there were no Queens in Robin Hood.

Prince John wasn't married, and his brother King Richard the Lionheart, was Gay. He was in love with his French cousin, King Philip of France. When Richard visited Philip, they ate together and slept together. It is said that they were very much in love. You had better stick with Essex and Queen Elizabeth the first." "You know … I didn't know Richard was gay." "He was a famous King, the son of Henry the second.

It is known in history, but the crown of England doesn't flaunt it." "Now I can say, that you are something else." To Be Continued …