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Virgin Träume voller Porno Film
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I've always been a little bi-curious and I have to admit that looking at a woman's body can get me very aroused. Especially when the clothes they're wearing tend to show the shape of their hips, ass and tits. If they wear mini-skirts and skimpy tops that shows their stuff if they bend over or move in just the right way to show a nice round ass with a thong and some nice large tits with hard nipples it makes my pussy throb.

Of course, I also enjoy a man's body. I don't like men who are over muscular, but just enough and of course I check out their crotch to try to get an idea of what they have.

I prefer them clean shaven with short hair and smelling really nice with erotic cologne. I worked as an Office Clerk for a small insurance company and I've always been sexually drawn to my supervisor and her boss. Whenever my supervisor would be near me to instruct me on a procedure or assist me in some project I was working on, I could smell her erotic perfume and periodically her breasts would brush up against my arm or she would lean against me and her breasts would be resting on my shoulder or arm.

Sometimes, her nipples would be hard and I could feel them on my arm or shoulder. She was always very well dressed, and she had a gorgeous body and wasn't afraid to let it show just a little. Her blouses and jackets always revealed cleavage and if she only wore a blouse, it would show her cleavage and also the out line of her nipples.

Her nipples were very large and stood out most of the time. Her skirts, fairly a modest length, would have a slit up the side, back or front and always fit snug against her body. She had very nice shaped hips and you could see the out line of her very nice shaped ass. She had sexy legs and always wore sexy high heels that made her legs look even sexier.

I knew her and her boss were attracted to each other, but I didn't know they were also attracted to me. I later discovered she was bi-sexual and the touches and leaning against me were not accidental.

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She was always friendly to me and invited me to lunch or shopping or other outings she would partake in after work. I had no idea she was getting close to me so the two of us could have an encounter with her boss. One afternoon, I didn't have a lot to do. I was in the break room looking through a magazine.

I glanced at the clock and realized I needed to get back to my desk. I went to the sink to wash the cup I was using and put it away.

Her boss came in the room about that time and quietly came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. It startled me at first because I didn't know right away who it was. But when I knew it was him, I relaxed right away. We started having a casual conversation, when he starting moving his hands slowly and gently up and down my arms. I was wearing a short sleeved blouse and when I felt the heat of his skin touch mine, a shiver ran down my back.

After a minute or two of that, he started to rub my breast very softly with his finger. It was so soft, I almost didn't feel it. He got closer to my nipples and started stroking a little harder until my nipples started to swell. I couldn't help but lean back against him, because it was making me horny and felt so good. My nipples continued to get hard and begin tingling which made me start tingling all over.

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Then I realized his groin was against my ass and I could feel his erection as he started rubbing me from side to side. I pushed into him a little closer and he started rubbing harder and pushing into me.

I could feel his cock getting harder and starting to throb. Now his hands were holding my breasts rubbing them hard and he was squeezing my nipples. He was nibbling my neck. My pussy was so wet and hot and throbbing, I thought I would cum any minute. It felt like he was going to cum too. I wanted so bad to have him deep inside me ramming my pussy hard and fast. I wanted him to back me into the wall and have me right there. He reached down the front of me and slowly pulled my skirt up high enough to touch my pussy.

He touched my clit through my panties and my clit was so hard and swollen it made me jump from excitement. He continued to rub my clit harder and harder making me cum in my panties. Then he slipped his fingers inside my panties and continued to rub my clit and fuck me with his fingers. I had no idea that my supervisor had come into the room and closed and locked the door.

While he was finger fucking me, I felt another pair of hands sliding up the inside of my legs toward my pussy. She was in front of me and while he continued to fuck my pussy and rub my clit, she reached up and pulled my panties down and then spread my legs apart. She sucked, kissed and nibbled at my legs finally reaching my pussy. Then he took his hand away and she started licking and sucking my pussy and clit. This was the first time a woman had ever eaten my pussy and it was wonderful!

While she was sucking and licking and making me cum over and over again, he had taken his pants off and pulled my skirt up from the back.

She spread my legs a little further and he bent me over a little to accommodate his large hard cock. He was so big, and my pussy was really tight. I was so wet though, he had no problem slipping that monster cock deep into my hot throbbing pussy.


I gasped because it felt so good being eaten out and fucked at the same time and getting fucked from behind. He had no problem sliding his hard pulsating cock deep into my pussy in that position. She was licking and sucking my pussy and clit so hard it almost hurt, but it felt so good. Then he started ramming my pussy harder and faster.

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He was so close to cumming, I could feel his cock swell more and more and pulsating faster and harder. I was cumming over and over again.


This woman was so good at eating pussy that I decided this was something I wanted to do more often. He was ramming hard and fast, then he said "I cumming right now!" as his cock exploded inside me. I could feel his hot cum inside my pussy and run down my thigh.

She was also cumming because while she was eating my pussy, she was rubbing her own pussy. She was licking my pussy and taking in both our cum. After cumming none of us were done yet. He was still fucking my pussy and I felt him getting hard again.

She continued eating me until I couldn't cum anymore. He pulled his still rock hard cock out of my pussy and all his hot sticky cum started flowing out of my pussy along with my juices and she continued to lick and suck my pussy until she had taken in all our juices.


We finished undressing and her and I climbed on a table. She laid down and spread her legs open and pulled my head to her pussy while he was getting ready to fuck my ass. I'd never eaten a woman before, but it tasted so good and her pussy and clit were so soft, it was easy and enjoyable to do. She had very large breasts and squeezed and rubbed them while I licked her pussy. A few times I'd stop eating her and suck and bite on her breasts and nipples and drove her mad with desire.

She'd push my head back down to her luscious, pink, dripping pussy and made me eat her more and more. I kept going back and forth making her writhe and moan in pleasure and anticipation. While I was doing that, her boss had slipped his rock hard cock into my ass and was banging hard! It hurt and felt good at the same time. My pussy was throbbing and wet from the hard fucking from him and eating her sweet wet pussy. She had already cum several times and still wanted more.

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I licked and sucked her until she couldn't cum anymore. I still continued to lick her pussy and suck her nice round tits and hard nipples as she continued to moan in pleasure. He was behind me ramming and banging his rock hard, hot and pulsating cock deep inside my ass.

I started cumming again one right after another. Then his cock begin swelling and pulsating more and more until he yelled out in pleasure as he filled my ass with his hot cum. He rammed my ass over and over until his orgasm had subsided. His hot thick cum was slowly oozing out of my ass and down between my thighs some oozing toward my pussy. She came back up between my legs and drank his cum out of my pussy. Then she got up behind me and started licking my ass and his cock at the same time, drinking in our juices.

Several minutes went by and our orgasms subsided. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass releasing the rest of his cum and my juices. She quickly started licking my ass and and thighs until it was gone. After we had cooled down and put our clothes back on, they told me they wanted the three of us to continue fucking each other on a more regular basis.

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I quickly agreed! We've been fuck buddies ever since!

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