CFNM Handjob Training with Post Orgasm

CFNM Handjob Training with Post Orgasm
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It was a hot balmy afternoon right in the middle of summer. I had just come back from High School to find that there was no one at home except Sally, our live-in maid. Mom was away at work and Jessica, my baby sister was anyway away visiting our cousins.

I dumped my bag in a corner of my room and decided I needed a shower to freshen up after soccer practice which had left me pleasantly tired. I yelled out to Sally downstairs to pour some chilled juice for me which I planned to gulp down after my shower. I stripped off and entered the shower stall. I turned the force of the shower up to max and enjoyed the needles of the water-spray hitting my back. It was like a body massage for my aching muscles.

I turned around and tried to move the showerhead downwards to hit my tummy and chest. As I was manipulating it into the right place, the water-spray hit my genitals and I shivered.

It felt great to feel the needles on my quiescent cock and balls. In seconds, I had a raging hard-on as my cock swelled to its full erect length of 7 ½".

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Jeez, the feel of the spray had made my bulbous cock-head swell to a size thicker than usual and turned it purplish pink. My balls shrunk tight upwards in my scrotum as the cold water made them react.

I wasn't really in the mood to wank off so I continued with my shower, soaping myself thoroughly including my hard-on and my balls. It felt greatly rejuvenating in the shower as it always did after a work-out. I emerged from the shower, still with my cock pointing northwards and just as hard as before, which was somewhat unusual because I didn't even feel like I wanted to pee.

I wrapped a towel around myself with my hard-on making a tent in it. I opened the door of my room and shouted out to Sally once again asking her if she had poured my juice out. There was no answer from her in spite of calling out 3-4 times.

This was really weird. As far as I knew, she hadn't said she was going to step out for anything. I decided to go down to the kitchen to investigate.

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As I walked down, I tried to will my cock to settle down, "Down boy down", I said to it in my mind. As I entered the kitchen, I couldn't see Sally at all, which was again very weird. I cursed her silently and decided to get my chilled juice from the refrigerator myself. As I stepped behind the counter, I saw her on the floor on her back, eyes closed, hands and legs askew. She wasn't moving. Shit, I thought, what the hell happened to her.

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I knelt down and tried to shake her without any response. I felt her pulse at the wrist as we had been taught to do in school. I could feel it easily; it was pretty regular and strong. I put a hand under her nose to feel her breath; I could feel her breath as well as she exhaled. I tried to shake her awake again as I wondered what the hell was the matter with her. Then I saw the light reflecting off something on the floor. It looked like a spill of some sort of liquid.

I glanced at the kitchen counter and saw the overturned bottle of cooking oil. I realized that she must have slipped on the oil spilled on the floor and maybe hit her head on something hard, like the edge of the kitchen counter or the floor. I moved my hand around on her head feeling for any bumps and sure enough there was a soft swelling at the back of her head but the skin was unbroken.

I felt re-assured that Sally had just been knocked out by hitting her head. Sally was a Filipino, around 22-23 years old, petite, about 5'3" and maybe 110 lbs. I remember Mom saying she had been married to some junkie who had disappeared a while ago. She had been with us for more than a year. As I looked at her again, I realized her skirt had ridden up over her thighs and I could see her white panties. Also her shirt had fallen partially open and I could see her bra underneath. I just couldn't take my eyes off her.

With a start I realized that I still had a raging hard-on and my towel had nearly slipped off while I had knelt down trying to tend to Sally.

I shook her hard again, even pinched her arm hard but there was no response. All sorts of thoughts whirled through my mind.

I had always fancied Sally; she was young and pretty sensuous. Her tits were nice and taut and I had many times peeked down her front when she bent down for something and admired her brown tits though I had never seen her nipples.

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I was careful to be sneaky about it and I was pretty sure she had never noticed. I had tried more than once to peek into the bathroom while she was having her bath but never managed to see much, except once when I had seen the panties and bra she had taken off on the floor next to the shower-stall before she stepped into the shower.

We were alone now and there was no chance Mom would be back before late evening. Sally just had a concussion and it didn't look as if she was seriously hurt. I felt slightly giddy as my mind whirled with what I could possibly try. I put a tentative hand on her left tit and gently squeezed it. If she woke up or moved, I would pretend I was trying to revive her. There was no response. I put my hand on her thigh and stroked it upwards. Again there was no movement of her legs.

This made me more bold and I slipped the same hand between her legs right up against her panties and slowly stroked her pussy from outside. Again there was no response. I decided to throw caution to the winds. I pulled her skirt right up over her tummy and put my fingers in the waistband of her panties.

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I slowly pulled them down till I could see her curly bush. This got me so excited that my towel fell off and I could feel my cock get so hard it almost hurt. I tugged at her panties and pulled them right down to her knees, then over her ankles and finally right off. Sally lay there with her hairy pussy exposed to my excited gaze. Somewhere at the back of my mind was the thought " I would love to see her totally nude".

So I opened her shirt buttons down all the way and pulled it open. She was now naked except for her bra. I was now completely unmindful of anything except the need to see her fully nude. I tore her bra off and there she finally was her full tits with their round brown nipples, her flat tummy and her hairy bush lying there for me to devour. I spread her legs wide and focused on the delicious dark pink pussy exposed to my lustful gaze.

Her outer lips were puffy and swollen, her inner labia peeking out beautifully from between them and her clitbud was hiding at the top. God, was she hot or what?. I slowly inserted a shaking finger into her pussyhole and slipped it in all the way till my knuckles.

I felt her heat on my finger as her tight hole clutched at it. I used the fingers of my other hand to open up her pussylips and gazed with wonder at her delicious cunt. I partially pulled out my finger and slipped in two now. God, she was tight, her pussy gripped my 2 fingers tight and I felt the heat inside her pussy again on them.

I realized that my cock was so hard now that not only had my cockhead turned deep purple and was swollen bigger than ever before, it was pressed right up against my belly straight up north. Somewhere in my subconscious, I felt the need to smell the aroma of her cunt, so I bent down between her legs, opened her pussylips wide apart and sniffed in her fragrance deep into my nostrils. It was a mix of a heady soursweet aroma with the pungence of her pee. God, should I actually taste this lovely morsel, I thought.


As if in a trance, I bent down with my face between her legs, inhaling the wondrous aroma of her cunt and then my tongue slipped out and licked gently at her pussyhole. It tasted a bit like sourcream and a bit like pee. I licked her slit from top to bottom, hungrily devouring her juices as she slept.

Suddenly I remembered I needed to see her anus too. I felt under between her asscheeks and moved my finger around till I could feel the round tight puckered pit of her anus. It drove me wild with lust. I was past caring now. I turned her over till she was nearly on her tummy, gazed down hungrily at her round tight brown asscheeks and roughly spread them apart. I could see her tightly puckered brownish-pink anus and a little distance away the beginning of her slit upside down.

Almost subconsciously, my nose was drawn to her anus and I deeply inhaled the aroma of her anus which was just as heady as her pussy fragrance. As if hypnotized, my mouth was on her anus and I was licking at her puckered pit tasting her anal dew. It was delicious forbidden fruit for my taste. I knew the time had come when I had to fuck this marvelous pussy and empty my seed in her cunt.


I pushed her back around till she was lying on her back again and spread her legs wide. I slipped between them, rearing up as I grasped my rockhard erection and guided it to her pussy. I rubbed it up and down her slit and then almost roughly thrust my cockhead into her pussy.

It slipped through and I could feel her pussy tightly clutching my swollen cockhead. I wanted to bury my whole cock deep upto my balls into her sleeping pussy. I was now almost going crazy with the need to fuck Sally's tight hot cunt. I thrust hard into her and felt my cock slipping deeper and deeper into her tunnel as she opened for my crazed hard member.

I felt my balls pressed against her cuntlips and as my pubes pressed against her bush I realized that my whole 7 ½" rockhard cock was buried in Sally's sleeping cunt. Almost like a crazed lust-ridden animal, I began to thrust in and out of her pussy, deep smooth strokes that made her tits shake.

God, she was tight, I could feel her cunt holding my cock like a smooth tight velvet glove. My lips closed over her right nipple and I sucked it hard, my other hand squeezing her left tit hard as I felt it soft and pliant. I was now fucking her deep and hard and she hadn't moved at all. My cock felt like it was on fire as it smoothly moved in and out of her tight love-tunnel, my balls working overtime to produce the seed I wanted to empty into her womb.

In 4-5 minutes, I realized I was going to spill my seed as my excitement and the tight friction of her cunt against my thick cock made me lose control. I spasmed hard as my hard cock spat my seed in torrents deep into her pussy and into her fertile womb. I was cumming like I had never cum before and I could actually feel my balls contracting as they squeezed my jism out and down my cockpassage and out of my cockhole deep into her pussy.

I must have spasmed hard for nearly a minute before I came toppling down from my massive orgasm and lay exhausted between her legs with my softening cock bathed in the pool of cum I had filled her pussy with.

Slowly I came to my senses and realized that Sally's amazingly tight pussy had been an awesome fuck, the best I had ever had but I had RAPED her. I realized I needed to get her clothes on again quickly, lift her and put her on her bed.

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I pulled out of her, wiped the seeping cum at her pussylips with my towel and hunted around for her clothes. Somehow I managed to get them on her body. I lifted her and took her to her room where I laid her on her bed and covered her with a bedspread.

I was going to wait 30 minutes for her to wake up before I called Mom and told her about Sally slipping and hitting her head.