Jacking off thinking of Alejandro Dumas

Jacking off thinking of Alejandro Dumas
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Hello, I'm new to sex story writing, so please be gentle. For the story I'll make things easier on myself by using people I know as characters.


In this instance, I'll be myself and make it first-person and the fruit in this literary venture will be a girl I know called Sarah. First let me describe myself, my name is Craig, I'm 6 feet tall and 184lbs.

I have a handsome image (I think/hope), which includes a six pack, blue eyes and a nice jaw line. Oh and brown hair. Next, the girl… I don't know her height, but I'm good at guessing and I'll guess 5' 4". She's thin, like a little too thin for my liking but only a little, I still defiantly would no question asked (hence me writing a story about her lol).

She has black hair, brown eyes, and a very cute face. ------ Okay now for the scenario, I'll try and draw you in here with a deep background It'll probably fail.

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Sarah's mum and dad split up a long time ago and her mum moved on shortly after, having met a nice guy who eventually they moved in with. He became a father-like figure for her and life was good. We fast forward to the present (9 years or so) and unfortunately life at home for her has changed an awful lot.

Her mother's relationship is crumbling and worse yet they have to move out. She has to move out of her house, that has been her home for a hefty portion of her life. Sarah being the oldest has it worst, as her mother can't find somewhere she has to move in with her mother, Sarah's grandmother, where there isn't enough room.

So Sarah is forced to stop at her friend's house. This provides her life with an almost-stable life for a few weeks, until her friend come into a tragedy of her own and can't have Sarah there any-more.

This is where I come in, being a friend of Sarah's I tell her she can stay at mine for as long as she want. I have a nice double bed and a sofa in my room. I tell her I'll sleep on the sofa and she can sleep in the bed.


Having little other option she agrees. My mother makes her feel at home right from the off, the first day of her staying at mine goes smoothly and she really enjoys herself. Later in the evening we sit up late talking about the situation she is in and we really connect, and have a good laugh over Celebrity Juice (TV Show Not sex reference, lol). Then when I catch her nodding off I scoop her up and carry her off to bed.

She is shocked and quickly is brought back to full consciousness, laughing asking what I'm doing… "Well, you're clearly tired but you don't want to go to bed yet because it's awkward, so I'm just going to put you to bed, sorted." I said. She blushes and replies, "You could tell?" "I'm clever, remember haha." - (Oh yeah, I'm one of those people that just kinda knows everything and never loses arguments a twat basically) "Big head", she giggles.

I carry her to my room and rest her down on the bed. "Right, I'm going for a shower and shave, make yourself comfortable." Off I went for a shower, and shave, when I get back she is sat on the bed looking uncomfortable, dripping wet and drying my hair with a towel I let her "I told you to make yourself comfortable, that's not comfortable, come on now Sarah it's a simple instruction.

Don't be a dingbat." "Sorry, I just can't relax, you've been so kind, and I feel like I'm imposing." She says, pathetically. I stop my vanity and give her a stern look, "Sarah, you know me. I wouldn't even let you through the door if I wasn't completely happy with it. Have I not made you feel welcome?" Shocked she jumps up and looks up at me with an almost distraught face, "Oh no it's not that honest, you've been amazing. Today has been the best I've had in a long time, just relaxing and talking.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you think I was ungrateful or anything." I placed my hands on her shoulders and said, "Then relax. Now, how about a shower? Might help you unwind?" "That's actually a great idea", she replies.

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"Those are the only kind I have", I say as she leaves for the bathroom with her sleeping gear in hand. While she showers I get my bed, the sofa ready with a sheet and pillow, and get comfortable. Not the easiest thing to do. Half a Stephen King movie later, she comes in wearing a t-shirt and some panties and gets into bed. "What are you watching?" she asks. "Shawshank Redemption" "Is it good?" "You've not seen Shawshank?!" "No? Should I have?" "It's only IMDB's number one rated film of… ever!" "You're such a nerd", she giggles.

I skip back to the beginning, and she gets comfortable to watch it. But before Andy even gets to court, she chirps up "Craig, this isn't going to work." "It's only just started, give it a chance." "No, not the film. This.

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I can't sleep in your bed while you sleep on that couch. I mean your feet are over the edge for Christ's sake." "I'm fine, it's actually quite comfortable." I lie.

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She just gives me a look that screams 'I'm not an idiot'. I sigh and say, "Okay then, what do you suggest?. Because no guest of mine is sleeping on this uncomfortable bastard, that's for sure." "Get in the bed." "Ooo feisty!" "I'm being serious, just get in, we're friends there no reason we can't share a bed." I leap up and dive into bed.

"You really missed your bed, didn't you haha" "Shh, watch the film." We settle down and by the time the Heywood gets his legs broken we're cuddled up, and I start to have impure thoughts. She yawns and rolls so we're spooning.

"I'm cold, get closer." She says. I oblige and now my cock is resting gently between her butt cheeks, the shaft running down her arse and resting against the top of her legs. She feels it and gently thrusts her hips back and forth and asks "Is that your…" "Yeah, sorry I'll move…", I interrupt. "Don't" she says, "It's fine, just wasn't expecting it haha" I giggle but can't help noticing my cock suddenly getting a surge of blood, and it twitches a little, growing ever so slightly.

I hide the sudden increase with a slight hip twist and try my best to stop it growing any-more. But the harder I try the more it grows.

Now I can't hide it, it gently grows against her, getting harder and harder, by the time its erect my face is bright red from embarrassment and the back of her neck is red, clearly flustered from this sudden erection. I decided to tackle it head-on, trying to false-confidence the subject. "Ignore that, sorry haha", while picturing my cock slamming in and out of her. My heart rate increases and she feels my chest beating against her back. She turns to face me and says "What's got you going? I didn't even do anything?

haha" "Sorry I…" "Don't apologies, its okay", she says and smiles at me. I smile back and we just find ourselves smiling into one another's faces.

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That moment seems to last a lifetime and all the while all I could think was how beautiful she suddenly looked. I hadn't really thought about it, but at that moment her beauty shone. She slid across the sheets, closing the slight gap between us and kissed me gently on the lips. I returned the peck, and then we both fell into a romantic, movie-kiss.

I gently pushed her onto her back, and opened her legs with one of mine, and climbed on top of her, by my now throbbing cock was rubbing against her thought my boxers and her panties, as I dry humped her, kissing all the time. I slid my hands down her and then pushed her t-shirt off, revealing a nice, perk pair of breasts.

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Moved my head closer and kissed her neck 3 or 4 times, then moved down to her shoulder and then down her chest, over her tits as my warm hands tenderly caressed every inch of her. Then I lifted my head up, and slid my soft hands down her sides, all the way to her panties, that I softly grasped and with the raising of her legs she aided me in removing. This revealed a gorgeous little pussy, with a neatly shaved landing strip. I took her legs and placed then on the inside of my elbow while I held her body with my warm soft hands.

I then proceeded to kiss her stomach and worked my way steadily and passionately down to her awaiting pussy, that I gently kissed then teased with my warm moist tongue.

All my previous actions had already got her going and she was wet and ready, but I carried on with my oral treat, licking furiously as my warm hands held her hips. She moaned softly as my tongue flicked away at her quivering clit. I felt her legs shake as she began to climax, then she let out a sharp moan as her legs went wild and she climaxed heavily.

My cock throbbing, I climbed up her, kissing all the way.

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The moment I reached her lips with my, my cock met her warm little pussy. The head of my throbbing member gently touched her vagina lips. With this I could see in her face she wanted it, and with a tender push my cock edged onto her pussy.

With her so tight, it didn't penetrate, but with gentle pressure I pushed my way in and I plunged into her. I entered a few inch and slowly slid out, all the while kissing her neck and she made gentle sounds of delight.

My heart racing I plunged further, and back out a few inch, and further more, and out. Over and over, until she had the entirety of my throbbing cock nested happily in her welcoming heaven. With this I began to thrust in a sensual rhythm. Her warm, wet pussy hugged my cock as I trusted inside her.

We went on this way, my cock beating in and out of her tight little hole for hours until we could take it no longer.


The pleasure engulfed us. We climaxed and she moaned into my shoulder as her nails scraped my back, the pleasure overwhelming her, as my cock made its final thrusts and I unloaded my steaming load into her.

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We collapsed into each other, kissing and cuddling. Eventually we drifted off to sleep, entangled in each others arms.