His virgin ass is tight

His virgin ass is tight
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My mistress was not happy with me. It wasn't my fault I couldn't please her, it really wasn't, but I am strong, and won't try to hide my guilt behind justification. Up until yesterday afternoon, I was (and I say that in the past tense, knowing destiny and fate awaits me) her loyal and willing slave, doing all and any that she asked, with never a complaint.


Now I was definitely out of favor, and worse, she was planning a savage, unrelenting revenge on me. I deserved it though, such is my lot in life, regardless of whether I was at fault or no. That revenge would be extreme, dominant and degrading, I knew and expected no less.

My loving mistress usually didn't condone such vulgar methods of punishment, but I had embarrassed her in front of her friends, and that was NEVER allowed. I knew my punishment would include degradation, and I accept my fate.

After beating me for over an hour last night, she gleefully informed me she planned to make a full example of me, as a lesson for the other slaves, thinking I would break and beg. I am better than that, though. I can, and will, take her punishment in my stride, or die (if need, and I don't exaggerate; to date 5 slaves have left mysteriously in the middle of the night, and the garden does look healthy).

I am proud of my role as head slave, and would not risk losing that prestige, without putting up a hard fight, regardless of the consequence to my own health. So what was my crime? Yesterday, my mistress had invited a group of other important dom.'s for dinner, and I was the dinner, or rather, my belly was to be used to serve up the dinner.

The stupid cunt of a cook, in her ignorance though, had over boiled the food, and when placed on my stomach, as I lay in supple preparation, had caused a terrible burn, and I had screamed and involuntarily jumped, with the dinner ending up on the floor. And the mistress being ashamed in front of her peers. This was not good. I am not a weak man, no! I could have taken any heat, if I had been told, but the fucking little cunt of a cook, was so frightened and intimidated by the worthy guests that she didn't forewarn me of the excessive heat of the tray, or maybe that was her plan all the while, the little cunt whore, maybe she did know all along and planned to disgrace me!!

I'd have her tits squeezed flat for that, and I do mean literally! The house has a large basement, with among other things, an old laundry roller machine. I have put her tits in it before, squeezing delightfully as she squirmed and cried in pain, and would again without a second thought of consequence. I live with my mistress in her large country estate, and share my duties with 4 other slaves, one other cock, and three cunts.

Yes, they are useless worthless cunts (including the weak ass who has a cock), all; useful only for fucking (and they do that badly), so I won't try to pretend anything less than utter contempt for those cunts.

As head slave, I am in charge of those other useless souls. I even get the opportunity to practice my own fledgling dom skills on their worthless bodies, and I am good at my job. I like honing my skills. I have been here for 5 years, forsaking a life of wealth and career, for the unselfish pleasure of keeping my mistress perpetually happy.

And yes, I am (or until yesterday, was) eternally happy in my role. Here I sit today, less than 24 hours after the debacle, waiting news of my impending punishment. My mistress screamed, and kicked me viscously in the balls, spat on me, and then dragged me away by my cock. I didn't resist. I knew I was to blame, and I never did try to offload the blame to the other weak cunts.

Then she took me to her private dungeon, strung my cock and balls to a tether, and proceeded to whip me ruthlessly. I took her punishment silently, thinking my punishment was over when she finally released me. But she then told me she would sleep the night and ponder my fate. The other slaves, curse them all, are now sniggering around, waiting for the show to begin. I love my mistress, and would let her do anything to me, as long as she doesn't take away the opportunity for me to continue that love.

So how did I get here? What motivated me to turn my back on my wealth and career, to become a slave? A long story, as life usually is. In my prior life I was married, but to a dragon, and among other things was sexually deprived. As a teacher I was constantly exposed to young, willing flesh, and never tempted … until, Anne. She was 17, young, and mature, all in one package, and stacked.

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Great tits, and a great mouth, both to use and say the most sexual things. Her vulgar sexual taunts eventually wore me down, and one night we fucked, and fucked, and fucked.

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But we fucked at my work, and I was caught. I was caught red handed, or should I say 'red-cocked', my cock in her wide mouth as the door opened. I ran. I ran far, and kept running, until I met my mistress. A wonderful, and caring woman, who wanted a slave to help her run her house. My mistress is 65 and beautiful. Her huge tits bounce and sway as she walks, and as head slave, I have the honor of shaving her gorgeous cunt daily. A chore I relish. She has never lashed out, nor inflicted unnecessary pain, only ever punishing me as I needed.

Although, I do know she has the potential for a bad temper, and have seen her cut and hurt a few little cunts for disobedience. Her demands are simple. I care for her, and look after her, doing everything and anything she asks, of course, but I do it willingly. My reward, if I am good, and I always am, is to get her sexually. My reminiscings were broken when, without knocking, the door opened, and the second cock slave, Jon, beckoned me to follow him.

Silently, I stood, and followed, knowing my time has arrived. My mistress was sitting in her throne, naked as always, as I entered her dungeon, eyes down in a subordinate stance.

The useless cunt cook was lying at her feet, and I saw blood pool around the worthless cunt's body.

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Good, I thought. Spite still lives in me. "Ah, dear boy," she said, so smoothly, "I am pleased you could join us today." Us? I looked around, daring to lift my head, and I saw the three other dom's who were present yesterday, two women, and a man, and a second, new, man. All were naked, and all looked at me in contemptuous disgust. One woman was probably in her early 20's, young I thought for one so powerful, but she was a large lady, fully a size 22, or greater, neither shaved nor bushy, with massive sagging tits, which she pulled and tugged at, and she looked so dark in mood.

The second woman was closer to 50, still not small, very hairy around her cunt, and appeared to be a very sinister lady.

This one was fingering her cunt as I looked. Neither acknowledged me. The two men were both good specimens, neither old or young, and both had good bodies, and very nice looking cocks. In another time, … I started to dream, … but no, it was sinister business here today, I couldn't let my mind wander.

With a venom in her voice I knew all too well, my mistress lashed out at my would-be 'guard'.

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"This worthless excuse for a cunt didn't like my rules, and now her tits are no longer useful to her. Jon, remove and bury her shitty body, and put her tits on my trophy shelf, NOW!" Jon, ever obedient, quickly ran and picked up the young cook, and I could see her severed tits lying neatly, nipples pointing up, next to her lifeless body.

I knew of rumors, but this was the first time I had ever seen this side of my mistress. Did it bother me that the useless cunt was dead, and had been tortured. No! Why should it? A slave surrenders to their mistress (or master) and becomes a 'none' person.

It is at the discretion of the dom.


to decide, and permit, life. I started to fear for my life, though. My fate was sealed, I thought. I took a breath, and waited. I would go out defiantly. I would. "Dear boy," she purred, still, "you look anxious. Why? You have nothing to fear from your loving mistress.

Do you?" She stood, and walked over to me. Her massive tits bouncing so rhythmically, and her bald cunt glistening. She stood next to me, and I felt her hand reach out to my cock. Although I was frightened, and aware of my fate, my mistress had one firm rule. Us men had to always greet her with a full erection, or suffer her fate. I didn't disappoint her, despite my own problems. She stroked my cock, pulling my foreskin back to reveal my cock head.

She lowered her head, and licked my cock head and piss hole, leaving a trace of warm spittle on my glans. "You like that, don't you, my dear boy?" she purred, then grabbed my cock, sticking her long nails deep, and pulled hard, causing me to let out a sharp breath. She turned, looked me in the eye, then spat in my face. "Jon, prepare this useless turd for our special attention." She ordered, and Jon rushed to me, took me and led me to the 'rack'. My mistress's favorite 'instructional' tool.

Jon roughly tied me down, and then left the room. My hands were tightly shackled above my head, and my head was restrained by a strap across my forehead, and under my chin.

My legs were lashed either side to the legs of the device. I was now alone with my mistress, and her four dom. friends. I was half lying, half standing, my shoulders and upper back, and from my knees down supported, but with my ass and lower back exposed, as was my entire front. This device could be manipulated so that I could be horizontal, vertical or any position in between. Immediately she turned the control, and I found my head lower than my body, about two feet from the ground.

I was facing up in the air. I knew what to expect, having seen this device in use frequently, and having even used it myself, for my own pleasures, and knew I could handle what was to come. The unknown man approached, after being signaled by my mistress, and stood legs astride my head, his cock facing away from my body.

He grunted once, then a second time, and a long brown turd of shit escaped from his bowel. I opened my mouth expectantly, as I knew I must, and ate his turd. This was not an unusual practice, although extreme, and I had done it before, but only from the wonderful ass of my own sweet mistress.

But shit was shit. As he finished shitting, he bent lower, and I knew my next task, without prompting. I licked his ass clean, making sure I gave his ass a little tongue fuck too. When he decided I was finished, he moved back to his allotted place, and my mistress came forward.

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"You little fuck, you smell like shit, you need your mouth washed out". And she called one of the two women dom.'s over. This lady (the younger of the two) was large, huge in fact, and stood in a similar position to the previous dom. Her piss was salty and warm, but it did remove the rancid taste from my mouth. She was also, surprisingly, considerate, pausing mid-stream to let me rinse and swallow.

The punishment so far, although maybe seeming extreme to my readers, was totally to be expected, and I was glad it was over.

My mistress didn't believe in repetition, so I was fairly certain the toilet punishment was over. The dom. returned to her place, and my mistress came over again, and readjusted my position. Now I was standing straight up, facing my mistress.

The male dom I had seen yesterday came over next, and started to tug and pull my nipples. I admit to enjoying that, and wondered what my punishment would be, when he was handed a large meat skewer from my mistress, and he roughly pushed it into, and then through, my left nipple. It hurt, it fucking hurt, I admit, but still I held my tongue. He pierced my nipple right the way through, and left the skewer in place, then my mistress handed him a second skewer, and he pierced my right tit too.

It hurt, even worse, and my tits were screaming in agony, as he literally pushed with all his strength to get the dull skewer through the tough nipple skin, and I was bleeding profusely.

Then he took a rope from my mistress and tightly tied the rope around each skewer and nipple. I knew what was going to happen next, and braced myself.

Instead he lowered his head, and started sucking my still erect cock (why lie, even though his actions hurt, they also caused me to re-grow a stiff erection, such was the intensity).

I let him suck, and he had a good technique, licking my piss hole expertly as he stroked my shaft. As he sucked my cock, I felt his hand snake around to my ass, and I felt him push a finger into my ass. He started finger fucking my compliant ass as he sucked harder, and I was ready to shoot my hot seed. He sensed that, and stopped, withdrew his finger, and returned to his place. I stood there, fully ready to shoot my seed, and my tits throbbed violently.

My mistress lowered my position to horizontal, and the other, older, female dom. came over, and mounted my erect cock.

Her cunt was hairy, and she had huge tits. As she was on top, she controlled the action, and she plunged her hairy cunt onto my cock, stabbing into her cunt urgently. "Don't you dare cum, you little cunt slut," she hissed, and then started to buck, and fuck me forcefully. She also grabbed out at the rope around my pierced and painful nipples and started to pull very hard, stretch my already abuse tits to near breaking limit. This one was a real test, I knew. One part of me knew instinctively that I had to stay hard and fuck her, and another part of me knew I couldn't dare cum, or else I would be doubly punished.

She hissed at me, "fuck me you useless cunt of a slave, fill my glorious hole with your slave cock." I rode with her, and against her, fucking deep into her wet hairy cunt, willing my cock to stab her deeply, and in moments she cried out in orgasm, and tumbled off me. Had I passed the torture? Was it over? No.

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My mistress readjusted my torture device once more, and I was now upright again, but leaning slightly forward, and I saw from the corner of my eye, my mistress approach me from the rear, wearing a huge strap on dildo. Easily 12 inches long, and over 3 inches wide. I knew, no need to guess, where that was going to go.

There was no lubrication, as I knew there wouldn't be, of course, and with no preamble, she thrust this wicked toy deep into my anus.

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It stung as it slid deep into my ass. Fully all of it disappeared, and still I stayed quiet. She started fucking my raw ass, and pulling on my bruised and tortured tits.

As she fucked me, she hissed quietly in my ear, "enjoy you cunt slut, this is the end, and you will hurt long for your contempt of me. Enjoy my last pleasure of your useless body." Then from nowhere a knife appeared. Oh no, I really thought she would forgive me, and this day would be punishment enough, but I was wrong it seemed. I flinched, expecting the worst, yet it never happened. She kept fucking me deep and hard with the strap-on, but nothing more. I dared not cum, despite the pressure from my balls, and yet I dare not disappoint my loving mistress.

She chose for me. "Come slut, cum and let your seed stain the floor, so that I might see you lick it clean." And cum I did. Over the floor as directed.

She pulled out of my bleeding ass, undid my restraints, and I fell to the floor and licked it clean. The other dom.'s came over and congratulated my mistress for her kindness in permitting me to live, and they left. I was now alone with my mistress, and I was sore from head to toe, bleeding profusely, and exhausted. It was finally over. I was alive, and seemingly had been punished enough.

Then suddenly my loving mistress grabbed me by my hair, and shoved me against the wall. "you miserable cunt, after all the loyal years I have shown you, you go and abuse my trust, and shame me in front of my special colleagues.

You cannot be allowed to leave here, without a mark of penance." And she slashed out with the knife she still held. My cock came off cleanly, balls and all.

I felt nothing, so sudden was her rage. I now lie here, resting as I write this memoir, her first eunuch. She caringly dressed my wounds, stemmed the blood, and put my cock on her trophy shelf. I praise god I am alive to serve her.