Incredible rod engulfing in this umatched voyer act

Incredible rod engulfing in this umatched voyer act
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this is Waleed(name changed). I am 22 years old&hellip.Doing be&hellip.I am tall and well built&hellip. This story is about my chachi&hellip.Uncle wife&hellip.How I fucked her Starting the story…&hellip.My uncle is a business man who often goes abroad for business purposes… My cousin of my age studies in banglore&hellip.

And my cousin sister works as a teacher in a college&hellip. I had long fantasy about my aunty parveen&hellip.She is 48&hellip.Average boobs and a good looking woman&hellip.

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I used to masturbate thinking of her from a very long time&hellip.I always dreamed to fuck her&hellip.My dream finally came true when once my chachi invited me to stay with her for 2 days because my cousin sister had gone to attend the marriage of her very close friend&hellip. I on hearing this really got excited and I know that this is going to be my last chance to fuck her&hellip.I first met my friend and took a medicine from him to stay long in sex&hellip.

When I went to uncle s home parveen greeted me with a kiss&hellip.I was very excited… I went to her bathroom 3 times that day and masturbated thrice thinking of her&hellip.On dinner time we had dinner and went to our respective rooms for sleeping&hellip. I was unable to sleep that whole night&hellip.

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I was thinking how to seduce her into fucking&hellip.I downloaded porn and started watching them the whole night&hellip.I couldn't sleep&hellip.A plan stuck my mind…I kept my rooms door half open and removed my pajamas&hellip.

When she awoke in the morning&hellip.


She had to pass by my room…I though on seeing her reaction&hellip. She came through the room…I kept my eyes closed&hellip.She looked at my dick and my bare legs and closed the door&hellip.I got a little confused&hellip. Not knowing her exact reaction&hellip. Now I woke up and had breakfast&hellip.

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I was thinking it will be my last night there so I had to do something extraordinary now or will never fuck her&hellip.In afternoon went to the bathroom and started to watch porn with allowing the music to be heard by my aunt&hellip.I kept a door little open and started to masturbate&hellip.She came near the bathroom and she saw me from behind&hellip.

Now I was frightened to face her because I didn't know what she is going to tell me&hellip.She thought that I didn't knew that she watched me&hellip. When I went to the kitchen&hellip.

I tried to be bold and acted normally and she also acted normally&hellip.


Now after dinner I took courage and told her that I would sleep in her room… And I told her a foolish reason…I knew it was upon this answer&hellip. If she agreed… It meant she is interested&hellip. and she agreed&hellip.I was now on moon&hellip. And was hungry for her… I ate the medicine and I know I need to satisfy her by fucking her long&hellip.

I was waiting for her&hellip.She came in the room…She had already changed her clothes&hellip.She came on the bed and we were watching t.V…I was very nervous on how to start…She did not gave any signal&hellip.When we closed the t.V &hellip.Light was off and now I took the courage and lifted my hand near her butt.I though this is my only chance&hellip. No reaction came&hellip.I got bold and started to move my hand on her butt&hellip.She didn't responded…Her breath started to become heavy…I clearly heard this&hellip.Now I was in full confidence that she was enjoying it.

I now bought my penis near her butt and started to rub her butt&hellip.She now moaned a little louder… She then turned towards my side and I gave her a smooch for 2 mins&hellip.I then started to remove her clothes… To my surprise she didn't wore her bra and panty&hellip.She whispered in my ear that she knew I was going to fuck her that is why she removed them on her own&hellip.Now I took no time in removing my clothes&hellip.

Then I started to rub her pussy with my fingers and lick her pussy till all her juice got out then I started to insert 1 of my finger in her pussy n started finger fucking.she was moaning hard…She moaned heavily now due to which my dick was completely erect&hellip.I continued to insert my finger for about 10 mins…I now turned like bull…i bited her nipples to which she cried in pleasure And in no time I inserted my long dick inside her pussy in missionary position …I started to slowly and after a few strokes my speed increased and she was in a little pain because she hadn't sex from a long time…She was crying in pain and enjoying my hard fucking&hellip.

Then I told her ride on me…She sat on dick and started the cow girl ride&hellip.She was now enjoying and pain seemed to her turned into pleasure&hellip.

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After sometime I told her to give me a blowjob for which she agreed because she was fully seduced&hellip. I then started to fuck her boobs&hellip.I put my dick between her boobs and started to fuck her&hellip.Then I fucked her in doggy style&hellip.She enjoyed this position the most and we cum after 30 mins of hard fucking&hellip.

We were a little tired and we lied on the bed&hellip.After few mins…My dick again got erect to which she smiled…I ate the second tablet…And now I was in full mood again&hellip.I told her now its time for anal to which she hesitated&hellip.

She never had anal with my uncle&hellip.

I started to lick her butt hole with my tongue…She enjoyed it and was moaning&hellip. After few mins she got fully seduced and took my dick in her mouth and started to give me another blowjob&hellip.Now I bought her hair oil and applied it on her asshole&hellip.I then inserted my finger in her hole so that the whole oil will move in her ass hole&hellip.Then she started to apply oil on my dick&hellip.And now I started to insert it slowly upon halfway …She didn't felt the pain&hellip.

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Then I inserted it fully and on my stroke she cried in pain&hellip.I then took my cock a little out…And started to fuck her half way&hellip.She was enjoying halfway fuck in doggy style&hellip.Now I made her sit in the cow girl position…She slowly inserted halfway dick then I started to insert full dick in her asshole…As it started to loosen a little &hellip.She moaned in pain&hellip.I increased my full speed&hellip.We changed our position and I came in her asshole.

…Then my semen came out of her asshole I completely satisfied my aunt&hellip.We took a bath in the morning and I made her to sit on my dick&hellip. We often fuck whenever we find the opportunity&hellip.