Por la colita a naty

Por la colita a naty
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P3 I woke up the next morning feeling more than ready for a steamy shower to get the day started. I adjusted the water carefully, stepped in, and shut the glass door behind me. It felt good. I just began to soap my body up when I heard a faint shuffling noise outside the shower. I couldn't see much from my vantage point due to the thick condensing steam coating the shower door. My perverted sis is probably trying to spy on me. I heard nothing but silence for about 15 minutes so I assumed she snuck in to steal some toothpaste or something and left.

I finished showering, spun the water knobs to "off" and opened the door open all in one motion.

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When the door came completely open my dick instantly began to harden. My mom is sitting on top of my bathroom counter with one foot propped up on the edge of the sink and the other leg dangling down to the floor and she's completely naked. Her swollen pussy is dripping heavily around the two fingers she has rammed inside it and there's a small pool of girl cum puddled under her ass. Her big tits are wet and glistening from the shower steam and dripping a mix of sweat and condensing water from the steamy air.

She pulls her soaked fingers out of her dripping cunt causing a wet slurping noise which causes my rapidly hardening dick to twitch upwards shamelessly. "It's for a project" She states confidently, staring straight into my eyes. We both begin laughing so hysterically that it causes us several wheezing minutes to catch our breath and calm down.

I realized then that she knew I wasn't doing a project last night and she's not going to ground me.

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I'm so happy she's making light of the moment that I walk over to my mom to give her a hug. She pulls me close and I forget I still have a semi. My half-hard cock slides casually right between her closed thighs and the top side of my thick shaft makes contact with her dripping pussy lips.

We both instantly go silent and I can feel mom shiver. I wrap my arms around her pretending that she's shivering because she's cold, but I know better. She slowly calms down but she's still holding me tightly.

I can feel her slit part gently over the top of my shaft and the feeling of her little hole contracting and pulsing over the top of my dick causes it to harden quickly.


It begins to push harder against her swollen cunt and spread her lips open wider. She sighs softly into my ear as my cock throbs against her now gaping pussy lips and I feel her girl fluids dripping down the sides of my dick and down between her legs. By this time, my dick is almost to its full girth and the veins are proudly pronounced and protruding from it's shaft. Mom begins shivering in my arms from the simple movement of my cock throbbing against her dripping hole.

I've gained some new found confidence since the events of last night, so I get bolder. I pull my hips back agonizingly slowly, effectively sawing my slick veiny dick across her aching cunt.


"nnnnnnnnnggggggh" Mom lets out a long gutteral moan and her body begins to shake harder in my arms. Once the tip of my dick is almost in line with her drooling pussy entrance, I push my hips back towards my mom with a little more haste this time and saw the length of my thick cock meat the other direction over her hot slit.

She begins shaking hard in my arms and I take this as an invitation. I hold her up against the counter and wrap my arms tighly around her back to hold her still. Then without warning, I begin fervently sawing my veiny cock back and forth in quick long motions over the length of her swollen slit. It feels so good. I look in the mirror behind her and see copious amounts of both our fluids running down the backs of her thighs.

My mom moans deeply against my neck with each sensual thrust of my cock. The sound reflective nature of the bathroom allows us to clearly hear the sloppy sounds of my cock grinding wetly against moms contracting cunt hole. "Oh god baby!" Mom shouts with short breaths.

She's about to cum. I'm going to make my mom cum on my cock. I begin using harder and longer thrusts to achieve my goal and I can feel my moms thighs tighten around my cock.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she gets three labored-sounding shouts out before her body begins shaking and convulsing against me. I keep pumping my cock shaft against her gaping cunt as she orgasms and jerks in my arms. Then suddenly my tempo gets off for one thrust and I feel my entire cock length slide right up into my moms sopping cunt. "UGH!" She lets out one short yell, her eyes roll back into her head, and her cunt begins forcefully squirting fluid all around the edges of my cock spraying against my thighs and stomach.

Her body quickly begins jerking and flailing violently against me as she's thrown into a whole new level of orgasm. I see no harm in it, and start fucking my mother against the bathroom sink, each thrust causing a spurt of liquid to spray from her pussy against my balls and pelvis. I'm essentially having to support almost the entire weight of her body with the help of the counter as her legs are twitching and spazming uncontrollably by this point.

Her eyes and head are still rolled back in a ragdoll state as her climax subsides. "Mmmh mom" I moan quietly, subconsciously vocalizing my own eminent orgasm. At hearing this, my mom snaps back to reality and quickly drops to her knees in front of me. "Please cum on my face, baby" My mom moans out sexily to me in a pleading tone "Please cover me in that hot fucking cum, baby!

Make me your slut and coat my face and tits in that thick jizz" I looked down and her eyes are wide open like some possessed beast.

Mom opens her drooling mouth wide and sticks out her long wet tongue. By this time I knew what type of force my orgasms had and I wanted my mom to receive the full force of it. I reached down and grabbed mom roughly on the back of her hair and held her face in place.

"uuuh huh" she moaned an approving moan through her wide open mouth, as if she was hoping I'd grab her like that. My orgasm tore through me and my legs began to shake as my cum erupted forcefully from my thick cock.

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I pointed my cock directly at my moms face and the first blast of cum sprayed right against the flat part of her outstreched tongue. Cum flew everywhere, splashing across her big glistening tits, flying upwards to sprinkle her beautiful face and hair, spraying off to either side, showering miscellaneous bathroom items in my thick liquid.

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The second large rope of semen shot straight against her right cheek sending cum flying off to one direction, coating the side of her face and a portion of the bathroom counter and mirror. A third, equally as strong stream of thick cum spurted out hard against moms lips just as she was bringing her tongue into her mouth to drink the cum off of it. It caused a generous portion to splatter across the bottom section of her face and the rest to deflect downwards to her already cum-slick tits.

She opened her mouth wide again and just as I thought my orgasm was subsiding, my mom reached up and gently started stroking my balls.

My cock began spazming and rapidly sputtering several shorter ropes of cum straight into her waiting mouth at feeling her expert hands softly stroking my sack. My legs began giving out as the last few jerks of my cock sent a few big final blobs of cum to ooze out and splat audibly against moms large heaving tits. We both collapsed onto the slick cum-coated floor and held eachother, trembling from both of our subsiding orgasms.


I had school in an hour so I hopped back into the shower to rinse off. When I came back out, my mom was asleep on the floor and my sister was standing at the entrance of the bathroom, mouth agape.

"Shit Jeff, What did you do to her?!" Jessica asked me through a knowing smile. Moms ass was pointing towards the door and she was curled up in a fetal position.

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This caused her red swollen pussy to be clearly visible between the back of her thighs. "Jeff?" she asked in a more serious tone "Did you fuck mom?" "Not really. I was just teasing her and it kinda. slid in. you know?" Jess began giggling uncontrollably as she pictured the scene in her mind.

"Sure ya did big guy" Jess spat incredulously at me "You fucked her brains out, bro. Good job. And look at all this cum dude, you're like a fire hose!" "Hey don't talk about mom like that" I shot at her.

I looked down at moms spent body lovingly. When I looked back up, Jess was bringing a dripping finger-full of cum to her mouth that she'd apparently scooped off the bathroom mirror. "Mmm How come you didn't invite me?

This tastes so good." Jess said as she glanced around furtively for more of the sweet liquid. I would have loved to give her some of her own, but my balls were aching from the explosive orgasm I just had moments ago and I was going to be late for school. When I came back in the bathroom a few minutes later to brush my teethe, Jess was on her hands and knees hovering over moms body.

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I leaned in quietly for a better look and I could see that she was hungrily lapping up tonguefulls of cum from the valley between moms tits and swallowing after each hasty slurp.

She began moving downwards, licking mom's stomach and just above her thighs and in places where there wasn't even any cum, she was just licking at moms flesh like some hungry beast nibbling at carrion. Finally she tentatively dipped her tongue in the small river of cum that formed in the slit of moms pussy. She became a little bolder and put her lips up against moms tight slit and loudly slurped my cum from it.

"Mmmh" Jess moaned through puckered lips as she sucked as much of my cum out of my moms pussy slit as she could. Once she cleaned the outer opening of moms cunt of cum, she hesitantly stuck her tongue out and pushed the lips open a little.

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A river of girl cum instantly began to leak out down moms ass and Jess quickly began licking it up hungrily. Jess appeared to lose track of what she was doing and began jamming her tongue up inside moms cunt hole seeking more of the sweet fluid.

An audible slurping sound began to fill the bathroom and was instantly silenced by a voice. "Jessica?" Mom moaned as she looked down to see what was happening. She had to open her legs further and roll onto her back in order to see what was going on. Jess took this as an invitation and began digging in even deeper, driving her tongue deep into moms cunt and covering her pussy mound with her mouth.

"Aah baby, What are you doing?" mom asked sweetly. To me continued.