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Emma mae Creampie 6383-
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I was finishing my drink at the bar in my home office when Shelly approached. " Having a nice night?" she asked. " Not really," I replied. " You?" " I'm not one to pass up the opportunity of a drink," she smiled.

I smiled back. At 32 she is twenty three years younger than me, blonde, elegant, curvy. I had always found her attractive, both physically and because we shared a similar sense of humor, and we had playfully flirted without any danger of it progressing into anything serious. " You like seeing me in just my panties though," she giggled. " True," I smiled. " I'm a leg man myself." " Is that so?" she said, opening her eyes wide in mock shock. " I shall have to remember that," she added, sliding her robe open playfully to reveal an inch of lace stocking tops and white panties with a pink bow.

" You don't want to be doing that with a guy who's horny and crazy about stockings as I am," I smiled, draining my glass and putting it on the bar. " I'll see you in the bedroom". I took notice of Shelly's hot twenty year old body, her breast, and smile when I first met her. Now she is my live-in lover always available and keeping me horny. Her long golden hair brushed away I now realized just how nice Shelly's breasts really are.


I watch as Shelly cuddled her breasts, the nipples starting to rise in the cooler air of our bedroom. Shelly balanced her breasts in her hands, trying to make them look fuller as she looked in the mirror. I eagerly watched as her hands now start to work on the short robe she wore. I watch as Shelly's robe hit the floor. I'm so horny! Shelly's panties still hid her charms, what charms they are!

She has a rounded, perfect ass, with just a hint of her crack at the top of the panties. As she turned to where I hid, I see several dark blonde pubic hairs curling over the top of the panties. I groan quietly as she headed for the bathroom with her panties on.

I knew I had to see more. I listen as the water continues to run, then hear Shelly singing. As I emerge from my hiding place, I feel my hard monster sway as I walk across the room naked, toward the bathroom.


I open the unlocked door and look toward the shower. The door of the shower is nearly see through, and as I stare, I see the smooth outline of Shelly's ass. I stopped thinking, all I can think of is Shelly's smooth ass, casually outlined against the door as I walk over to her. From her singing, and her appearance, I can tell she is washing her hair. This is the perfect time. I had closed the door on the way in, and the steam has built up.

The large bathroom is hot. I open the shower door, and see Shelly naked. I didn't know where to begin to look. My eyes went from her cunt to her chest as she turns to me. Oh the sight of her thick golden mound as she washes her hair. I now step into the large shower, then quietly closes the sliding door.


I knew she didn't know I was there, I feel my monster cock almost exploding, I knew I had to act fast. I step forward Shelly is surprised when she feels my rough hands grabbing her. She opens her eyes, then starts to curse, " John!

You Horny Bastard!" she yells. " What the fuck are you doing! Get the fuck out of here you bastard!" I quickly grab one breast, then the other, watching her pink nipples as they hardened. She grabs my face, then she slaps me.hard! I stare momentarily at Shelly, and she again slaps me.

Both sides of my face hurt, and I continue to stare at Shelly. When she tries a third time, I grab her hand, then pin it above her. I now press my cock against her tan body, her soft pubic hair. I reared back and thrust into her. " Ohhhh Goood!" she screams. " Gooodddd! John! You're huuurrrtttiinng me!" I'm jabbing my hard cock at Shelly's pussy opening, I keep shoving my hips forward, pushing her up against the shower wall, then finally it happens.

I thrust my hard thick cock into her, finding the spot. As we struggled in the wet steaming shower, I found her warm tight velvet glove for my raging cock.

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Shelly's warm tight pussy! I begin to thrust in and out of Shelly. I feel her tightness stretching on my second thrust deep in her, and I knew that part of the wetness around my cock is her blood. The thought made me wilder. Shelly is very aroused. This animal primal lust is happening and is so erotic. Not with John! With her older lover! It Is happening. I work in and out of her now, knowing that the thought of what I'm doing, and to whom, will send me over the edge.

I moan as I went in and out of my younger sexy lover. Shelly continues to scream and shriek as I savagely violate her for my pleasure. As usual she is in pain as her pussy struggles to accommidate my thick shaft, and it is slowly subsiding.

I didn't care. The sensations on my cock are incredible. I thrust forward, even harder and deeper, and feel myself start to peak as Shelly gives an agonized moan.

I hold myself inside Shelly, our bodies pressed together, as I ejaculated over and over into her abused pussy. Finally as my orgasm passes, forcing her mound to milk me, I pull my still hard cock out of her pussy. I tried to force another kiss, but Shelly turns her face away, her moans continue.

" You bastard!" she wailed.

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I just smiled as Shelly continued to rant and rave. I got an evil look.

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I now framed her face. First, I tried to force a kiss, but Shelly struggles with me. I feel my cock returning to life.

" I want you to suck me, you little slut," I said now. I waved my cock in her face.

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Shelly blanched at the thought. " No, John," she said quietly. " That's nasty." I can tell by the sound of her voice she is near the edge of anger. " I want you to suck me." Shelly shudders, from the pain of her broken virginity. " John, fuck me again, I don't want to blow you." She turns her head, and looking directly at me, she said " I'm ready." I needed no second invitation, and moving to her, she looked so erotic standing there.

She spread her beautiful legs, bending from her waist showing her naked ass and hips. My monster hard cock, standing straight out in front of me. Before I moved to her again I looked at her one last time, and she nodded again. I smiled, my prize again presented to me for the taking.

The lips of her cunt are pink swollen and moist with juice and my cum, gaping slightly. I move closer, touching the tip of my swollen phallus to her vulva. She moans when she feels me again, this scene is so erotic that there is no way she will stop me from taking her again.

I directed my thick cock against the lips of her cunt and begin pushing into her. She is moaning now as she feels my beginning entry, her vulvae spreading to the pressure of my invading cock. She gasps as I stretch her, a hoarse cry as the large head of my cock enters her distended pussy. It is unbelievably erotic and I almost came.

I slowly advance my cock into a trembling and moaning Shelly. I grip her hips, holding her steady as I continue to fill her wet pussy again. Finally Shelly gives a hoarse cry as I impale her, possessing her; her stretched cunt filled with my invading cock. Still holding her hips I begin moving my cock into her. With the third thrust she cries out and came, her body in spasm. I held her steady, fully impaled into her till her climax subsided.

Then I begin a slow steady thrusting into her, pushing fully into her each time, my hard cock shiny with her juices, blood, and my cum from previous fucking. She is moaning continuously as I expertly fuck her, bringing her to higher and higher levels of arousal. Soon I'm thrusting into her more powerfully and she is grunting to my thrusts, her body jerking, her breasts moving.

It is unbelievably erotic. I'm thoroughly fucking her, my cock moving in and out of her, her body flushed and trembling, her face twisted in passion.

She became more vocal as she neared another orgasm, saying " Oh my God! Oh my god!" A scream erupts from her as she orgasms again, triggering my orgasm. I pull her fully onto my spurting cock, and groaning I fill her with my semen again. After I drained my cock in her, I slowly remove it.

Finally Shelly is well fucked, she straightened up, pulled her panties up. Flushed she looks at me and said " are you satisfied now?" I said yes and we fell asleep. Later, she feels me on top of her as I begin sucking and biting on her neck, my knees now between her legs, forcing them apart. She feels my cock pressing against her opening and she moans as my lips move to her ear, my hands pinning her struggling body for the moment. " You're a hot little cunt," I whisper in her ear, her body flushing, " hot little cunts need fucking.

And I'm going to fuck you again." She cringes at my words, and at my cock pressing forcefully against her pussy. She cries out in pain as the head of my cock pops into her bruised pussy.

Blackness engulfed her vision as she feels her pussy stretching beneath my battering cock head, the pain filling every corner of her body and mind. Her blood slicking my entry as I fill her to my balls with my throbbing cock, her body stiff in agony, her body feeling like it is being torn apart again. I begin brutally thrusting into her, giving her no time to accommidate my thickness, whispering in her ear, " Oh yes, baby, nice.

Fuck yes.

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Good cunt," while licking and sucking on her neck. Fifteen minutes, seems like hours passed as I rode her, slamming her slender hips and buttocks painfully into the bed with each downward thrust, and the pain gradually lessened to be replaced by pleasure and the feeling of fullness. She is moaning as I froze on top of her and moaned, and she feels my seed fill her, coating the inside of her pussy, bringing a cool relief to her tortured young flesh.

I rolled off of her and she tried to get up, to finally escape; I had taken her for the third time, surely I would let her rest now. She manages to prop herself onto her elbow when two hands grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs high into the air, forcing her once more onto her back. Before she can do anything, her knees are beside her head and I'm on top of her, my penis again searching for her violated pussy. She gasps as I entered her in one smooth motion: it didn't hurt this time, my previous orgasm lubricating the way for her fourth violation.

I begin to fuck her slowly and steadily, kissing her lips and her neck. After our previous three sessions it is almost comforting; she is exhausted from her struggles and, held like this, almost folded in half, she can't move, can only lay there, slowly getting fucked for the fourth time in today.

A warmth spread through her body as I slowly thrust into her, and she feels the nipples on her small but firm breasts begin to throb beneath me, rubbing back and forth against her breasts by the gently rocking motion of me above her.

Her loins begin to tingle, like a humming or a buzzing deep down around her pussy, as she stared confusedly at the ceiling. She closed her eyes, trying to forget what is happening to her, trying to forget that she is lying on the bed being fucked by me for the fourth time, but the sensations engulfing her body, the delicious sensations coursing along her nerves, begin to overwhelm her.

Each thrust of my cock brought a muffled gasp from her as sparks of pleasure flashed across her body. My kisses on her neck became burning, thrumming pleasures as the buzzing deep down in her groin increases with each stroke of my cock in her bruised cunt.

She feels me increase my pace on top of her, and her eyes snap open and her body starts shaking with the tension of coming ecstasy. It feels so good, she thought, so good, and she screamed in release as I bit down hard on her neck, the pain sending ecstasy screaming down to her cunt, which burst out in the most incredible sensations.

Wave after wave of agonizing pleasure rocking her slender young body, her cunt gripping and grasping and twisting around the invading phallus, her vision going black as she feels my seed fill her for the fourth time today before she passed out. When she awoke she found herself alone in bed.