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Gay porn movietures home made Luca Loves That Fleshlight
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Paul hated this moment. The moment just after his alarm went off, as his dream fled from his mind to make room for the sudden, crushing realization that it was the first day of school. The knowledge pressed on him like a weight, pulling him down. The alarm was still buzzing in that annoying tone that he had always dreaded. His bed, by contrast, seemed warm, soft and incredibly inviting. By sheer force of will, he managed to drag the blissful sheets off of his body, turn off the alarm and get out of bed.

His bare feet slapped against the cold tiles as he trudged his way to the bathroom to shower. He was not a morning person, he decided. He turned on the shower, the warm jets of water spraying out and steaming up the bathroom.

Stepping into the shower, Paul relaxed into the soft streams of warm water. He slumped against the cold glass and slid down to the bottom of the shower. He loved the feeling of the hot water, slightly cooler by the time it reached the bottom of the shower. When he got out of the shower, he felt less inclined to collapse back into bed and sleep for all eternity, at least.

He toweled himself off and trudged back into his room, only slightly less heavily than he had on the way there. He got dressed in a fresh set of clothes and walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. One of Paul's unique characteristics was that he always had a cup of tea in the morning. Steaming hot and black, it now sat before him with his bowl of soggy cornflakes. He thought about how he had spent his summer, with more than a tinge of regret.

He had mostly hung out with friends, smoked buds and played video games. An enviable social life, he thought sarcastically. Paul often wished he had a girlfriend to occupy his time, but the truth was he was absolutely hopeless with girls. He still had his virginity, and he wasn't really all that close to losing it, if he was honest with himself. Sighing, he took a gulp of tea, enjoying the feeling of it as it cleared his throat and warmed his chest. Glancing at the clock, Paul realized with a start that he had to leave for school.

He said a quick goodbye to his parents and walked out to his car, a faded red Toyota, and got in. The engine turned, gave a pitiable splutter, and then started. He drove to Jeff, his best friend's house, and waited out the front for him.

After a while, Paul got impatient and gave the horn a series of honks until finally Jeff emerged from his house, his disorganization plainly evident. He got in and sank into the soft cushioned seat. "Hey man", said Paul simply. Jeff groaned in response and rubbed his eyes, his post-shower fresh feeling wearing off.

"Hey", he finally said.


"That tired, huh?" asked Paul sympathetically "You have no idea," Jeff laughed. They drove the rest of the way, listening to music and talking about everything from basketball to girls. When they passed through the school gates, Paul felt an overpowering sense of weariness at entering into his senior year at Lakeview high. Paul could hardly begin to think about what it would take to get him through this year. He was determined to do well in school in his last year in high school, but also knew he would end up focusing far more on the social and leisure aspects of his life.

It was going to be a long year. Homeroom was fairly standard beginning of year type stuff, focus on your work, do your homework, try your best, on and on. Paul tried to pay attention, but his homeroom teacher, Mr. Johnson, had a tendency to ramble on about bullshit no-one cared about. Paul just tuned in long enough to catch the end of his speech about the importance of self-motivation when they handed out timetables. Paul glanced through his teachers. He was fairly happy with most of them, but there was one name he didn't recognize.


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Stevens?" Jeff asked beside him. "No idea, must be new." Paul replied. "Well I suppose we'll find out what she's like soon, we have her first for Biology" Jeff murmured Ms. Stevens was indeed new, and Paul heard groups of conversation chatting about what she was supposed to be like when he came into the room.

He took a seat with Jeff and another friend, Kyle. They were sitting directly behind Christine Martin. If there was one word to describe Christine, it would be 'hot'. Sounds stupid, I know, but it would be the best word that comes to mind. She had smooth, tanned skin, long legs, a seductive face, 20B tits and a tight, round ass from playing volleyball. It was this ass that was the stuff of Paul's dreams. Shaking off a stupor brought about by the sight of Christine, Paul tuned in to what his friends were talking about.

They were discussing a new action movie that they had seen on the weekend. "Come on, even you have to admit, it was ridiculously predictable", Kyle protested "Are you joking? It was awesome, you just think way too much into movies", Jeff replied. "No I don't, you just accept any bullshit basic plot that you get fed. What do you think Paul?" Kyle asked. "It's true Kyle, you are a massive movie snob. You should try just enjoying it for once", Paul said with a grin. "Ugh, I should have known I'd get no support from you", Kyle said, throwing up his hands in feigned disgust.

It was at that moment when Ms. Stevens made her entrance. It wasn't in a loud way, but rather in a very small, unassuming manner that she entered the classroom. She was about 5' 6", with shoulder-length straight dark hair and smooth pale skin. She had big, 36D tits and a nice, round ass. She wasn't quite hot in the way Christine was, but she was much, much more than cute.

She was both quietly elegant and ridiculously attractive at the same time. Paul was completely enraptured by her, but the same could not be said for the rest of his class. Most kept talking, some not even noticing her arrival.

She, to her credit, did not seem peeved by this in the slightest. She merely stood out the front with her hands clasped patiently. Eventually the talk died down, replaced by a sort of quiet tension as the class waited for the inevitable class detention that would have been forthcoming with most teachers.

But instead, she just unclasped her hands, gave a small smile and said "Thank you". She then turned to face the blackboard and began teaching the lesson. The class, surprised by her tolerance, were far too shocked to begin talking again. Once she began teaching the lesson, it became apparent that she was a genuinely great teacher. She cared about what she was teaching enough to actually make a real effort to engage people, and was patient enough to bring around those who might have taken advantage of her tolerance.

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The only problem was that Paul was so distracted by her voluptuous curves that he could barely focus, especially on a biology lesson. In the end, the bell rang and they moved onto other classes, but Paul's mind stayed with Ms. Stevens. A week passed, and Paul was getting used to the daily grind of school.

Get up, Get ready, Drive to school, Listen to teachers go on about pointless crap, Try to pay attention, Go home. The only time this routine was ever really and truly interrupted was when he had Ms. Stevens. Paul began to anticipate biology with joy, excitement even. It was after one biology-less day, when he crashed onto his bed in the afternoon, sighing with the frustrations of school. His phone rang beside his bed and he picked it up and pressed it to his ear.

"Hello?" Paul said "Paul", his mother said, "I'm going to be working late tonight, so you'll have to drive yourself to work." Paul groaned inwardly.

He had completely forgotten he had work. "There's dinner in the fridge", continued his mother, "Grab yourself a plate and heat it up, I'll see you when you get back from work." Paul said goodbye and hung up, annoyed at the thought of work.

Paul worked at a restaurant, washing dishes. It was shitty work and shittier pay, but Paul needed the cash and his mom pestered him until he finally got a job. Paul dreaded every minute of that shift. Sighing, Paul got up and got changed into his work clothes before trudging downstairs to make his dinner. Work was, predictably, pretty shit. He washed dishes seemingly endless amounts of dishes, stacked endless plates, and was abused by the cooks all night.

At the end of the night, Paul walked out of the kitchen, taking care not to slip on the newly mopped floor, and told the manager his shift was over. The manager thanked him in a default, monotonous tone and handed him his cash. Paul was paid in cash, which was vaguely dodgy, but he didn't earn enough to have a taxable income anyway, he supposed.

He was sure they listed his pay as donations to charity to get out of paying tax, but he didn't really care. Paul stepped out of the car park and looked down at the meager bills he held in his hand. It surely didn't seem like much for four hours of his life. As Paul walked towards the car park, he noticed a figure making a their way towards it a little further on. Every now and then the figure stumbled, obviously a little bit drunk.

The restaurant's bar section always produced one or two of these people at the end of Paul's shift, let loose to find their drunken way home. As he approached the figure, he noticed something familiar about it's characteristics. When he got close, he realized with a start that it was none other than Ms. Stevens. "Oh hey Paul", she said when she saw him,"What are you doing here?" "I uh, work here" he responded lamely.

"Oh, OK then." she said amiably. "Have you been at the bar?" Paul asked with a note of concern. "Ah, yes I have, unfortunately" She replied. "Well then, I can't let you drive home. Do you want me to call you a cab?" "No, no that's fine, I'll walk. Haven't got the money for a cab anyway" "Really? How far is your house?" "A while away", she replied. Paul thought for a bit about this. His mind was still reeling from seeing Ms. Stevens outside of school, let alone slightly drunk.

"I could give you a ride," he offered, "It wouldn't be any trouble" "Are you sure? That's very generous of you" she said "Yeah, yeah, no problem. Hop in, it's the crappy red Toyota on the right" he replied. She climbed in to his car, and Paul was overcome with a momentary wave of shame at his messy car.

He turned the key and heard it splutter, and pumped the gas pedal until it finally caught and surged to life. Glancing over, he saw Ms.

Stevens looking through the junk on his floor. She finally drew out a large glass bong as he pulled out of the car-park. "Oh, uh.", Paul said, unable to come up with any half decent excuse. "I have one just like this at home", Ms. Stevens murmured beside him. Paul was stunned at the thought of someone like Ms. Stevens smoking weed. She seemed to not be phased by her own revelation until she realized what she had actually just said. "Don't tell anybody what I just said to you" she said, her embarrassment obvious as her cheeks grew a bright red.

"It's fine", Paul laughed, "Everyone does it." She chuckled as she simmered down and relaxed back into her seat. Paul drove the rest of the way to her house, following her directions from the passenger seat.

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He finally pulled up outside of a modest apartment block in a decent neighborhood. "Here you go", he said "Thanks a ton for driving me. Hey, you know I'm trying to cut down on the amount of weed I smoke, but I have some sitting around that I know I'll end up smoking.

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If you want, you can come up and take it off my hands." she said with a smile. "Uh. sure, sounds great" Paul replied, more than slightly shocked at a teacher offering him pot and inviting him into her house.

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Paul walked with Ms. Stevens to her apartment, where she unlocked her door with some difficulty and led him into her apartment. Everything in her apartment was clean and packed away. It was decorated tastefully, with a picture or two hanging from the walls here and there. She told Paul to wait in the living room, and walked off to her room to grab the pot.

While he waited, Paul sat on a leather couch and casually appraised the tidiness of her house. After a few minutes of her digging through her room, she emerged with a small ziplock bag with a few buds at the bottom. Paul stood and smiled as she handed him the bag. "Don't let me catch you smoking this before school now", she cautioned with mock severity.

"Cross my heart, I'll consume responsibly", he said with a small laugh.

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It was then that he realized how close she was standing. Judging by the look on her face, she had only realized the same thing just now. There was a drawn-out silence, and then Paul looked up to find her staring directly at him.

Their eyes met, and without realizing it, Paul leaned in towards her. She did the same, and their lips met in a soft kiss. Paul drew back, torn between pulling away before he did something dumb, and going back in to appease the raging excitement that was building inside him.

Ms. Stevens looked as if she were about to say something, the muttered "Fuck it", and pulled him back in for a much fiercer, harder kiss.

Their lips locked, her soft warm lips pressing hard against his mouth as her tongue sought his. Their tongues twined and explored each other's mouths as he she dragged him into the bedroom. Breaking off their passionate make-out session, she pushed him onto the bed and began undoing the buttons on his shirt. Paul shrugged his arms out of his shirt and started tugging off his pants, tossing them aside leaving his bare naked body. Looking over, he saw her take off her panties excitedly, flinging them onto the bed as she went to work undoing her bra.

When that fell off, Paul was greeted with the sight of tits so round and perfect it was incredible. Her juicy ass was on full display, round and smooth as she lowered herself on to the bed and spread her legs in an obvious invitation.

Paul took this invitation by pushing his head in between her legs to get to her beautiful pink pussy. He started by licking and kissing all around her lower lips, savoring the taste of her pussy. He then worked his way up by slowly licking and kissing his way to the clitoris.

It stood out, engorged and ready for licking. He gratefully obliged, swiping it energetically with his tongue. He traced soft circles around her clit and sucked on it gently. He could feel her pussy becoming moist, the soft juices of her sex leaking out of her puffy pussy lips. He kissed her clit and all around her pussy softly. He heard a soft moan escape her lips, followed by a louder, more excited one.

He felt emboldened by his new found reassurement that he was getting her off. He reached up with one hand and started playing with her nipples, thumbing the nipple back and forth.

She squirmed beneath him, bucking her hips into his face, trying to bury his face int the soft folds of her pussy. He abandoned her tits to bring his hand down to her vagina. With a moan of encouragement, he pushed a finger deep within her pussy, arcing it up to reach where the g-spot was supposed to be.

She squealed in delight, moving her hips in rhythm to the thrusts of his finger and swipes of his tongue against her clit.

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He started going faster, bringing her moans to a fever pitch as she came all over his face in a warm flood of pussy juices. "Oh god, that's the way." She cooed. "I can't take it anymore, I want to feel your cock inside me" Happy to obey, he stood up at the edge of the bed and pulled her towards him by her hips, grabbing a good feel of her ass in the process.

He poised his cock at her pussy, taking a moment to rub it up and down her lips without actually thrusting it in.

"Oh for fuck's sake, just put it in." she said impatiently. "Beg for it." Paul said simply. "What? No, well. uh. ok, please, please fill me with your cock now, Paul." "All you had to say." said Paul as he pushed his dick into her slowly. She moaned loudly. "Fuck that's good, Paul. Please don't stop" she moaned. He then started to thrust deeper and faster, slowly picking up pace and thrusting long and hard inside her.

Her pussy became wetter, lubricating his thrusts with her pussy juices. His pelvis slapped against her incredible ass, the skin rippling slightly with each thrust. He grabbed her ass firmly in both hands as he thrust in and out. Her moans were increasing in pitch and volume, until Paul was sure everyone within a 10km radius must have been able to hear the sounds of their passionate fucking.

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Her pussy muscles clamped around his dick tightly, drawing his cock in with each thrust. "Make me cum with your huge dick, Paul!" she moaned in excitement. She seemed to try to say something else, but it was cut off by a wave of moans as she squirmed on his shaft. He started rubbing at her clit with one hand while he went back to playing with her tits with the other.

"That's fucking it, oh my god", she gasped. Paul groaned as he thrust, feeling the mounting pressure inside his balls. She too, seemed close to climax. Her moans grew louder as she grabbed his hand, guiding it as it massaged her tits. Her face was twisted in an expression of complete ecstasy as she began lifting her ass off the mattress to meet his dick. Her ass made a loud slapping noise each time he thrust into her, her tits bouncing along, jiggling in their perfect way.

Pulling out, Paul stopped briefly to lie on the bed and position her pussy over his readily awaiting dick.

She slid down onto his shaft, moaning in the process.


She picked up speed, her gorgeous tits bouncing in front of Paul's face. She paused with Paul's dick fully inside of her, grinding against his pelvis and moaning with her eyes closed, before resuming her rapid pace of riding his dick.

He heard her breaths become shallower, and then she moaned with a volume and intensity louder than anything Paul had ever heard. "I'm cumming, Paul!" she screamed. As her moan died off, her breathing returned to normal and she fell off his dick, panting. She then lowered her head onto his cock, gagging a little as Paul felt it touch the back of her throat.

She closed her mouth around his shaft, running her tongue along the side and swirling it around the head. Paul felt the pressure build in his balls as she began to bob up and down on his cock. "I'm gonna cum", he warned. She took her head off his cock, fixed him with a seductive look and replied, "Good, I want you to squirt your load all over my tits and face, OK?" Paul nodded obligingly and she began to jack him off with her hand.

He felt the pressure build to the point of no return, before he felt rope after rope of cum spill all over her face and droop down onto her tits.

She grinned up at him and he grinned back. She wiped his load off her face and they collapsed together on the bed, spooning with each other. The last thought Paul had before he drifted off was that he loved the feeling of having Ms. Stevens next to him more than anything else in the world. AUTHOR'S NOTE This is my second stab at writing, so please tell me what you thought. Don't hold back with any constructive criticism, all of it is welcome. I may do a sequel if this is well received, but a word of warning, it will probably be some time.