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Part 8 Luna continued her slow pacing round her back garden. Gone were her looks from the night before. When she was at home she liked to spend her time in muggle clothes she found comfortable.

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Today she was walking round her garden bare foot wearing a pair of shorts, a loose flowery shirt and a braided headband in her messy hair. Luna liked spending time in her garden. She'd often spend time walking around humming quietly to herself or listening to the birds whistling from a near by tree.

Her thoughts today though, as she took another lap around the garden, were about Tom making love to her last night.

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She couldn't stop thinking about him, and it wasn't just the sex that was on her mind. He was so beautiful to her and was so kind. She seriously considered that he would make a truly wonderful boyfriend.

He'd promised to come see her today and she couldn't wait to just be around him again, although the thought of him making love to her again excited her.

So as she chucked some food onto the grass for the birds, she made her way back into the house. ***** Molly Weasley woke up with a big smile on her face. For the last two nights her and Arthur had made love to each other.

She'd even given him a blowjob in the kitchen last night when Hermione was sat in the other room reading a book. She could not believe her sex drive and lust had come back, but she was sure as hell enjoying it. This was only one of the reasons she'd woke up happy however. Arthur was currently kissing her neck, his erection poking into her hip.

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Reaching for his cock she whispered 'I hope you're going to put that to good use.' 'Of course dear.' he grunted back as she slowly stroked his cock.

'We'll need to be quick though, the kids will be up soon.' Molly said as she picked up her wand and put a silencing charm on the door. Arthur positioned himself in between his wife's legs as he rubbed his cock against against her entrance. He found that his cock easily pushed in all the way as she was desperately wet. He quickly built up a fast rhythm as he pounded into his wife with no mercy. He could feel his balls slap against her as he pushed inside her as deep as possible with every thrust.

Molly never had to encourage her husband. After all these years he knew exactly how she liked to be pleasured in the bedroom. So as he leaned down to suck on her boobs all she could do was let out a series of moans. 'Ohh yes. l-l-like t-that, oh yeah y-yeah!' Arthur was still pounding into her with all his strength and he knew he was getting close. He was also panting heavily, the combined efforts of the pleasure he was getting and his lack of stamina.

'Ohh Arthur! I'm so close. R-Right t-t-t-there! Ohhh Merlin.' As Molly's pussy tightened around his cock it was all to much for Arthur and he fired his load deep inside of her.

Wiping the trickle of sweat off of his forehead he leaned forwards and kissed Molly. ****** Harry, Hermione and Ginny were sat in the kitchen having breakfast together. It was the day of Ron's second Quidditch match and he'd had to spend the night with the team. Hermione seemed to be missing her boyfriend. It was obvious she was disappointed about not getting her daily dose of Ron's cum inside her.

Harry and Ginny however were in high spirits, despite being overly tired. Last night Harry's stamina had been put to the test as he and Ginny had shagged late into the night. Everytime Harry had fired his load Ginny would go down on him and get him hard again. After 4 orgasms for Harry, and countless more for Ginny, the young couple had finally fallen asleep. So today the three of them, plus Mrs Weasley, were going to watch Ron play again. The rest of the family were busy at work and Mrs Weasley had told them she would watch the match but wouldn't attend the after party because she was too tired.

So after they all had eaten, they apparated to the stadium. ***** Luna was walking towards the village. It was around 4 in the afternoon and Tom still hadn't come to see her.

She was already missing him and was sure he wouldn't mind if she came to see him again. She was slightly upset that he hadn't come to see her like he said he would, but she presumed that he was just busy and had not got the time too yet. As Luna got closer to Tom's house her thoughts turned to the night before.

The sex had been so passionate and beautiful and she had confessed her love to him. In all honesty she didn't really understand what love was, although she knew she had strong feelings for the muggle boy.

And he had told her in return that he loved her aswell. She couldn't wait to spend more time with him. As she reached his house the first thing she noticed was a few people passed out on the front garden. Clearly still feeling rough from the party last night they hadn't woken up yet. Luna wanted to go check that they was ok, but she also couldn't wait to see Tom so she proceeded to knocking on the front door.

A boy about 18 answered the door. Sick stains on his top and his greasy hair sprawled across his face. 'Hello, is Tom here?' Luna asked in her dreamy far away voice. The boy just held his head in pain and said 'He's upstairs I think.' and he let her pass through the door into the house. The house was in a terrible state. Furniture was broken everywhere and even more people were passed out on the floor. There was puddles of sick, and in one spot blood, everywhere in the house.

Carefully walking through the house, avoiding all the sick and smashed glass, Luna made her way upstairs to Tom's room. Having manners she knocked a few times on his door, but when there was no answer she opened the door and walked in. Tom was lying on the bed naked. But there was an equally naked girl bouncing up and down on his cock.

Neither Tom or the random girl had noticed Luna walk in and they were both moaning in pleasure as they fucked. Tears started to form in Luna's eyes as the boy she had all these feelings for thrust into another girl. A boy who had made love to her for the first time and said that he also loved her. Clearly he had used her. She felt pathetic and vulnerable. Tom and the girl seemed to noticed that they were being watched at the same time and both made to cover up.

'Shit! Luna what are you doing here?!' Tom shouted. Luna didn't say anything, as tears of heart break started to run down her face. Her hand twitched towards the wand that was in her pocket. She was legally aloud to do magic outside of Hogwarts now that she was 17, but it was still illegal to perform magic on or in front of a muggle. But consequences be damned, Tom had mislead her and she wanted him to pay.

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She muttered an incantation and directed her want towards the bed without either of them noticing. With that she turned and left the room. ***** The Quidditch match went excellently again. Ron didn't have much to do in the game and had managed not to let a single goal in. Galvin of course was the star of the show, winning the match for the team as he stole the snitch from under the nose of the opposition seeker after a low dive. After the match Harry, Hermione and Ginny went to the players lounge to meet up with Ron.

After congratulating Ron Harry had gone over to talk to Galvin. Harry noticed from across the bar that Ron was looking over jealously, annoyed that his best friend was interested more in talking to Galvin than himself. So Harry called him over to join the conversation.

'Ron! Great game today mate don't you think?' Galvin asked as Ron joined them. Ron's spirits instantly rose, he loved talking about Quidditch. 'Yeah it's good to get another win, you pulled of a great catch at the end.' 'Well it was alright I suppose.' Galvin responded with a big smile. The three of them spent the next fifteen minutes talking about Quidditch and the Cannons, with some other members of the team joining in.

As more people turned up to the party the alcohol got flowing. Everyone was drinking again and the music was soon turned on. Harry and Ginny spent some time dancing together before joining in with a drinking game that Ron, Hermione, Galvin and some other people were playing. Harry didn't really understand the game he was playing, but he loved downing the drinks each time he lost. As they all started getting steadily drunk they began to play truth or dare.

Ron was up first and picked dare. The Quidditch lads instantly put their heads together to plan a dare for him. 'Okay Ron.' Galvin explained. 'You have to strip naked and go do a lap of the Quidditch pitch on your broom.' At first Ron looked hesitant, but he knew he couldn't back down on his dare so he walked outside of the bar and stripped down. Moments later he was zooming around naked on his broom. Harry noticed Hermione's eyes following the naked Ron hungrily.

As Ron finally re-entered the room fully clothed, it was Hermione's turn. She looked cautiously at Ron's team mates. She didn't fancy having to do an outrageous dare so she opted for truth. 'You're biggest secret?' Ginny asked straight away. Hermione thought about it hard. Most of her secrets were about the war, secrets about Harry and Voldemort that she couldn't tell anyone at the time.

Obviously since the war had ended they had all come out and were common knowledge now. There was something nagging at her brain though. There was another big secret she had, but she couldn't remember anything about it. 'Hmm all my secrets were about the war so I don't have a big secret anymore.' Hermione confessed.

'Ask me something else.' It was probably a bad idea that Hermione offered they ask her something else. 'First sexual experience?' Galvin asked, not at all bothered about embarrassing Hermione. Hermione blushed. It wasn't something she really wanted to share with people but it was the aim of the game. Downing another shot she spoke up.

'When Ron fingered me me in his bedroom whilst Harry was asleep on the floor a few weeks ago.' She said, as her and Ron went bright red with embarrassment. Most of the group laughed at Harry for being so close yet unaware of the couple pleasuring one another whilst he slept.

Although he wasn't bothered, he had got it on with Ginny whilst Hermione had been awake a couple of weeks ago, and that was good enough revenge for him. Next up was Harry, who opted for truth. 'Happiest moment of your life?' asked Hermione. Everyone obviously thought it would be defeating Voldemort and finally being free of terror. That didn't even cross Harry's mind however. 'My happiest moment would be the first time I kissed Ginny.

I was so happy to finally be with the person I love more than anyone in the world. Someone who was perfect and beautiful in every way.' Harry said, not at all embarrassed.

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'Blahhh, pass me the sick bucket.' Galvin joked, as Ginny beamed affectionately at Harry. 'Ok Ginny your turn, Truth or Dare?' Ron asked. 'Well I ain't scared of any dares you lot could come up with so I'll go for that.' Ginny replied confidently. Galvin instantly leaned over to whisper in Ron and Harry's ears. After a few seconds they both nodded their heads, a big grin spreading on Harry's face. 'Ok Ginny, we dare you to snog Hermione.' Galvin said. Hermione looked shocked. She definitely wasn't a lesbian and didn't fancy kissing Ginny even if they were close friends.

Ginny noticed Hermione's discomfort. 'C'mon Hermione it's only a bit of fun.' she said reassuringly as she leaned in towards her friend. With the eyes of every male in the room on them (and some female) the friends leaned towards each other and shared a quick kiss.

Smiling awkwardly at each other they leaned in again and this time started to get into it. Tongues were exploring the others mouth and Ginny had her hand in Hermione's bushy hair. The two girls continued to kiss passionately for around a minute before they pulled away from eachother. Harry had a big grin on his face still, and a slight bulge in his trousers. Ron had a look of happy disgust. Happy that he'd just seen his girlfriend get off with another girl. Disgusted that the other girl was his sister.

Before the next person could take their turn, a burly beater from the team, Galvin noticed some new arrivals. 'Looks like someone needs to greet our newest guests to the party.' he said, drawing everyones attention to four beautiful women, around 20 years old, who had just walked into the party.

Galvin and a few others got up to go and talk to the girls, offering them drinks and making conversation. The girls were dressed for the occasion, showing off a lot of cleavage and legs. Harry got up to go get another drink, when Ginny grabbed his hand and pulled him into the back room. 'What you doing Ginny?' Harry asked, although he had a slight suspicion that he knew exactly what she was planning.

'Well you said such nice things about me out there that I want to show you just how much you mean to me.' Ginny replied, pushing Harry backwards so that he sat down on a create behind him. Harry didn't utter a word as she pulled at his trousers and boxers until they lay around his ankles. He was already slightly hard from watching Ginny kiss Hermione a couple of minutes earlier, but as soon as Ginny put his cock in her mouth he was at his full size.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, stroking him slowly whist she licked and sucked on his head. Occasionally she would reach down and squeeze his balls gently to increase his pleasure.

Harry was proud that he was lasting a lot longer than when he first started fooling around with Ginny. After a couple minutes of Ginny sucking on his cock she began to pull off her own clothes. Finally when she left in just her bra and socks she sat down on Harry's lap facing him. 'I can't wait to have your cock filling me up again Harry.' she whispered in his ear as she eased his erection into her wet pussy.

Slowly she began to grind into his lap, moaning quietly at the pleasure Harry's cock gave her. Just as Ginny built up a good rhythm the door to the back room burst open. In came Galvin and a blonde haired girl that only five minutes previously had walked into the bar. They were kissing furiously, already tearing at one another's clothes.

Harry and Ginny froze in shock. 'Oh Harry didn't realise you were in here.' Galvin said when he noticed the other couple mid way through a shag. 'Mind if we use the room aswell?' Harry was speechless so he just looked at Ginny. After a few seconds she shrugged her shoulders and ever so slowly began to bounce on his cock again. Harry realised that he also didn't really object to Galvin and the unknown girl fucking only a matter of metres away whilst he and Ginny did the same thing.

It was no doubt the alcohol that controlled the four of them as they carried on shagging. As Ginny continued bouncing up and down on Harry's cock her eyes caught the other girl in the room. She was now completely naked and had taken up the same position as Ginny, sat on Galvin's lap bouncing on his cock.

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Ginny checked her out. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a beautiful face, although maybe abit to much make up. But it was her body that most interested Ginny.

She was slender and athletic but had massive boobs that were now bouncing up and down. Her build reminded Ginny of Fleur's body. And straight away the images of Fleur being fucked the week before entered her mind. Seriously turned on from thinking about other girls Ginny began to pick up the pace, thrust down onto Harry's cock with growing speed.

Although Ginny didn't mind that Galvin and the girl could clearly see her half naked fucking Harry, she didn't want them to hear her talk dirty. Something that Galvin's lover obviously didn't care about though. Every other second there was shouts like 'Ohhh spank my arse!' and 'I've been a naughty girl, ram me hard!'.

Through her soft moans Ginny leant forward so her head rested on Harry shoulder and whispered 'I'm c-c-cumming Harry.' Her whole body clenched and squirmed as she rode out her orgasm. Still bouncing on his cock she continued to moan loudly into his shoulder until she stopped, panting for breath. To tired after her orgasm to carry on shagging she climbed off of Harry and got on her knee's in front of him. She only had to suck on his cock for around 30 seconds before she felt his end coming nearer.

'Gin, I'm gunna.' Harry tried to warn. Ginny pulled her mouth away from his cock and and began to stroke his cock quickly, aiming it at her face. A second later Harry fired his load onto her waiting face, covering her mouth, nose and cheeks. Some of his cum was dripping off her face onto her boobs. The sight was such a turn on to Harry that he remained hard, although Ginny was done for the night. A quick cleaning charm and dressing later, the couple were about to leave the room when they heard a shout from the blonde girl.

'Ohh.arghh put a finger in my arse.' Looking at each other in disgust, Harry and Ginny ran from the room. ****** Harry woke up the next day at the same time as Ginny.

Both of them were nursing hangovers from the night before, although they also had the happy memories of their shag in the backroom. After their quick and lustful shag they had rejoined the party, joined minutes later by Galvin, and carried on drinking and dancing.

Harry remembered how he and Ginny had not stopped drinking all night. Shot after shot they had as the party continued. Hermione and Ron had also knocked the drinks back. Galvin however had out drank them all. Everywhere he went he practically left a trail of empty beer bottles. Like all good parties the journey home was eventful, especially as Galvin was spending the night on the Weasleys sofa and was going back with them.

Too drunk for any of them to apparate home, Hermione had attempted to make a portkey. Unfortunately her mind had become slurred and unresponsive because of the alcohol and the porkey had took them about 2 miles away from The Burrow. So they had decided to walk the two miles back to The Burrow. It was possibly the longest walk home ever because they seemed to stop for something every five minutes. At one point Galvin had found a pub still open at 2:00AM and, promising only to go in to use the toilet, had come back out with 20 cigarettes and a bottle of vodka.

They all tried the cigarettes. Ron and Ginny had never heard of them before and didn't want to miss out on trying something muggles did. Harry had seen Dudley smoking in the park by Private Drive before, and his drunk mind made him wonder what they would be like.

The only person who didn't try them was Hermione, whose parents had warned her for years about smoking causing yellow teeth. A bit further along in their journey they had stopped because Hermione and Ron had disappeared. After Harry and Ginny (Galvin took this time to take a quick nap in the road) spent 10 minutes looking for them, they reappeared stumbling out of a bush, Hermione wiping some cum off her chin and Ron doing his trousers up.

Eventually they had gotten home in one piece. However Mrs Weasley had waited up for them and was furious that they had gotten home so late. Miraculously Galvin had put on a sober act and took the blame for them being late.

Using all his charm he had managed to talk down Mrs Weasleys bad mood and Harry had even heard her say, to a sleepy Arthur, that he was 'such a lovely boy'. So now Harry and Ginny were trying to recover from their hangovers. And the hangovers were pretty bad.

Them hangovers you get that make you say 'Damn I'm never going to drink again!'. As Harry and Ginny made their way downstairs to get some food they found Galvin eating breakfast, looking moody. 'You not feeling well either?' Harry asked, still holding his head to nurse his headache. 'I feel fine, the Daily Prophets just pissed me off, look!' he said, throwing the paper to Harry. Harry looked down onto the front cover. A collection of pictures from the night before covered the front page.

Galvin kissing a topless blonde girl, although little stars covered her nipples. Galvin lying passed out in the middle of a road. Galvin punching someone in the face. And finally Galvin and Harry walking down the road with a bottle of vodka and a cigarette each.

'How did they get these photo's?' Harry asked. 'And who's that you're punching?' 'Well after I fucked that blonde bird in the backroom I realised a reported had crept in after you'd left. He took the picture of me kissing that bird and it was him I punched, his mate got it on camera.

So they must have followed us home and took the other pictures without us noticing.' Galvin explained. 'But they've wrote a story aswell.' Harry realised the small box of writing in the corner of the page and began to read.

GALVIN GUDGEON: OUT OF CONTROL? Yesterday Galvin Gudgeon pulled of a spectacular snitch catch to help the Cudley Cannons Youth team to a famous win. It was the first time in 4 years of youth Quidditch that a team had managed to prevent the opposition from scoring a single point. Only hours after his great performance did he bring shame to the sport and his team once again. Whilst celebrating his win Gudgeon was out of control because of the amount of alcohol he had drank.

Although it is common knowledge that Gudgeon likes a drink, his antics this time and passed all his previous troubles. Our inside researcher reports that Gudgeon took part in an orgy in the back room of the the clubs players bar with the blonde witch pictured with him above and another unknown couple.

A confrontation with our reporter not long after being discovered with his blonde lover led to our research being punched and left with a broken nose. Around 2AM this morning pictures were taken of Gudgeon smoking and drinking in the streets with Harry Potter. The two seems to have shared a bond together and now Gudgeon seems to have mislead Harry into these drunken antics.


For more information on Gudgeon see Page.6 'Well they say any press is good press.' Harry said half heartedly and Galvin cracked a smile. 'What's this nonsense about an orgy!' Ginny questioned. 'We did no such thing.' 'I should hope not aswell young missy!' said Mr Weasley as he walked in to the kitchen from the living room.


'You kids need to start behaving yourself. I've just got an urgent message about Luna hexing a muggle boy and need to go and sort it straight away.' Harry and Ginny looked at him in shock. 'Is Luna going to be ok?!' Ginny demanded. 'Well I'll try and cover it, my assistant is the only one who knows about it at the moment and I have asked him not to mention it to anyone. But if the Magical Law Office find out about it Luna's going to be in serious trouble. She should know its illegal to perform magic on muggles.

And if they see it as a malicious attack she could face exclusion from Hogwarts.' Mr Weasley told them grimly. To Be Continued.