Bigtits MILF doggystyled by big black cock

Bigtits MILF doggystyled by big black cock
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts.

ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Five By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter VII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 - Summer Camp Counselors Part 2 - Lessons of Love (mc, oral mm mf, mfm) Scooter took his new found friends back in the cabin with his trophy leaving me with my mind clouded from the combination of the drink and the excitement.

I made my way back to my cabin, finding Suzi had already taken the boys to breakfast. Even though I desperately wanted to fuck, I decided to head for Suzi's tent to jerk off with the aid of some of the toys she had brought. I had my shorts off by the time I was within six feet of the tent's entrance. I unzipped the flap and went straight to her trunk.

I pulled out three penis shaped vibrators and laid down on the air mattress. The sensations of deep throating the first dildo when I lubed it with my spit was pleasant enough to my horny mind that I did the same to the second one after I had worked the first up my ass.

With my left hand, I worked the vibrator in and out of my ass, while I used my right to alternate between my dick and the dildo in my mouth. I was lost in lust as I worked myself higher. I was at it for some time, longer than I thought it would take with the aids. But I was used to having more stimulation than that. Another body to feel, another mind to share with. When a hand took hold of my dick while I was moving the dildo deeper into my mouth, I groaned with pleasure. It took me several moments to bother checking whose hand it was, finding out just as Eric took it in his mouth.

I fought against the flood of excitement and lust his action had produced. When his hand replaced mine on the vibrator in my ass and began working it in rhythm with his mouth, I was overcome by the stimulus. My dick began shooting jet after jet of my drink enhanced cum. It overflowed his mouth, so he took it out and aimed it at his chest. Squirt after squirt, he continued using his hand on my dick, amazed by the volume I was putting out. I finally gave one last jerk before collapsing, nearly passing out.

When I finally looked up, Eric was laying on his back, jerking himself off while he smeared my cum all over his chest, dipping his fingers into his mouth with the samples he scooped up. He came pretty quick, and he had never cum so hard before in his life. He slipped his finger in his hole while he came, shooting his load onto his chest, moaning in a soft squeaky voice.

The drink didn't allow me to soften, and I pounded my own meat while Eric swirled his cum around, mixing it with mine. He was tasting the mixture for the third time before he noticed my hands rapid movements. He sat up, and I saw his eyes were clear, yet had a hungry look about them. My own were most certainly full of lust, for he didn't hesitate to crawl over to me and climb on top.

I was not in control of my actions when he pressed his lips against mine. I could taste our cum in his mouth as we ravaged each other's mouths with our tongues. The kiss was animal like, and when he sat up, his eyes were glazed with sex. But when he pressed his ass hole against my dick's head, my head cleared with the shock of the wrongness, and I prevented him to go any further.

"But why?" he asked in a desperate voice. It had been the first words we had spoken to each other that morning. I held onto my mind long enough to reply, "Because I will not take anyone's virginity if we do not love each other.

I don't love you, and you don't love me. Therefore no fucking!" With a surge of unknown strength, I lifted him off me and set him down beside me. "SHIT! I have to CUM!" I cried as I frantically beat my meat again. "The let me do it!" Eric said, the glazed look coming back to his eyes as he moved himself into position. "N. ARRRRRGH!" I said, helpless to stop him was he worked the forgotten vibrator once more.

My will weakened, and his mouth was once more taking me in. When he pushed the vibrator in so deep that his index finger's tip pushed in also, my balls exploded again.

This time, Eric had been prepared, and managed to gulp it fast enough to keep up. He seemed disappointed when it stopped far sooner than the first time. That was the last thing I thought before I passed out. I awoke when I felt Suzi's shock when she found us. Eric was asleep on top of my chest, the small vibrator I had selected for my ass sticking out of his own. That sight brought Suzi to her knees with arousal. I saw some movement outside, so I said, "Suzi!

zip up the flap!" She jerked to her senses and quickly complied. Eric had awoken with my loud voice, and looked up at me with a soft and smiling face.

"Shit, Eric. I don't want to hurt your feelings but. Don't ever do that again." The look on his face made me regret my words. He sat up quickly, making us both yelp. The cum on his chest had turned into a sticky paste, and his quick separation had hurt. Before he could get up to run away, I grabbed him and pulled him back down.

I hadn't meant to reject him like that. "Hey. you didn't understand what I meant," I said holding him to my chest as he wiggle to get free. He stopped his wiggling, so I let him loose. He sat up carefully and asked in an uncertain tone, "What did you mean?" "Here, get off me so I can sit up.

And get that thing out of your ass before you hurt yourself." He sheepishly complied, then watched as I sat up and scooted over beside him. "What I meant was. Shit, Eric.


You know how bad this is? I'm responsible for you. And if I had let you take your cherry on my dick, it wouldn't have been any different that me going over to one of the girl cabins and fucking one of them." "But you didn't come to me. I came to you. I wanted to do it." "Doesn't matter. If I hadn't been so far gone from the drink, I would have never let it happen in the first place." His eyes teared up, and turned his head away.

"But it did happen, and you know what?" I asked turning his face back towards me with my hand. "You helped me when I needed it bad. If you hadn't come along. Well, I might have been desperate enough to do just about anything. Including raping someone." "But you don't want me." he said with a new set of tears going down his face. "Nobody wants me. Not you, not Randy, no one!" He turned away from me and started sobbing. Suzi came over while I rubbed his back. "Eric, have you ever had a blow job?" Suzi asked out of the blue.

"Huh?" we both said. "N-No. Never," Eric's shakily replied as Suzi took his limp pecker into her hand. "Tim, could you get us each a small glass of drink?" Suzi asked without looking from Eric's blue eyes. "Uhm, I guess." I said, getting up. I walked over to the big container, finding the insides of my rectum a bit tender as I walked. "I know you aren't interested in girls, Eric, but I think you and I are a lot a like.

And after seeing you and Tim. Well, you've turned me on." Suzi said with a smile. "I.

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I don't dislike girls." Eric stated a little confused. "Maybe, but you're not the least bit turned on by them, are you?" she said removing her shirt. His dick started to respond, and Suzi looked at him with high eyebrows. "Maybe we were wrong about him Tim." "I doubt it," I said handing them their styrofoam cups of the purple liquid. "What is it?" Eric said after tasting it. "It's what made Tim so horny that he would have bonked an exhaust pipe if he had found one," Suzi said after draining her cup.

"But I had a lot more than this, and I didn't drink it to get horny. By the way, did you hear what happened Suz?" "Yes I did. You better get cleaned up and get dressed. You're supposed to be with the little guys for basketball. I'll take care of our new friend here." I reached out with my mind and found things had been already taken care of, so I said, "Looks like I've been given the morning off. I'll just stay here and rest. I'm pooped." Suzi had Eric remove her bra, bringing his dick back to full attention.

I decided to have a little sip myself, more for the recharging than to get aroused. Despite my better judgment, I couldn't help myself wanting Eric in a sexual way while watching him wiggle and worm under Suzi's erotic tongue and mouth.

I was quite impressed with Suzi's skill when she lured him into a passive and helpless state. "The twins have been teaching you things, haven't they," I thought to her. Suzi's reply was wiggling her butt like the twin's walk. I forgot about Eric and found myself lowering her shorts and panties.

I took my hand and put a finger at each door, finding her pushing up against my finger with her front door. After two failed attempts to penetrate her in her awkward position, I indicated either to move Eric or let me do it to her butt. Eric found himself being brought out of his trance and moved over further on the air mattress. Once Eric saw what I was going to do, he begged us to let him move once more.

I had to admit, Eric was hornier than any of us. He crawled underneath Suzi, placing his dick at her mouth, and his head inches below her pussy. He had a close up view when I penetrated Suzi doggy still. He even strained and struggled to reach where my dick disappeared inside her with his tongue. When Suzi realized what he was trying to do, she gasped, letting his dick fall from her mouth. Eric managed to place his mouth over the area and began sucking and licking the juices from her lips and my dick while I fucked.

Eric's mouth and tongue drove our linked orgasm into its final stages. His tongue probed inside her along my shaft as I spurted my seed into her spazming vagina. When Suzi fell forward, my wet dick fell onto Eric's face.

In moments he was feeding on my cock, slurping away the mixture of juices. My dick reversed it's softening from his efforts, and again I was hard and feeling horny. When Suzi came out of her daze, she only had to watch a few seconds before she moved to take Eric's dick in her mouth again. I peeked into Eric's head, finding him happy and full of pleasure. His mind envisioned my cock in his mouth, Suzi's mouth on his dick, and Randy's dick up his ass.

The fact the third wasn't physically happening kept disturbing him, even though he had never had this amount of pleasure passing through his body. I shared this with Suzi and tossed the small vibrator to her. Eric jerked in pleasure from the vibrator touching his rose, nearly gagging both Suzi and himself. Eric was at peace as the vibrating dick completed the illusion. The scene in his mind quickly faded as his orgasm drove him past the ability to think.


Without sharing ours with him, I connected him to our two way and Suzi and I both shared his orgasm. He came in greater quantity than I did that time, but then I only had a modest couple of squirts left in my entire body. Despite his lust being thoroughly satisfied, Eric continued to nurse on my dick.

He wanted to keep it hard, and probably would have done so if I hadn't force it to deflate using my talents. Suzi had succeeded where Eric had failed, and she was starting to build up more steam.

Eric still didn't stop while I waited patiently for him to tire of it. When my muscles started complaining about their overuse, I finally informed him I had to lay down and pulled it out of his moving lips. I laid on my side beside him, carefully avoiding Suzi's work as I positioned my legs.

Eric still had his eyes closed, but his still moving mouth was open enough to see his red insides. He looked so vulnerable, so precious right then, I fell ever so slightly in love for him. He didn't resist my hand turning his head to face me. He didn't even open his eyes, but swallowed in an expectant way. Or perhaps he had swallowed my cum after swishing it around his mouth all that time.

I didn't bother to look as I gently kissed his lips. His tongue came alive like a snake trying to strike its prey. I refused to admit his tongue to my mouth, trying to teach him some control.

But he simply didn't give up, and when he suddenly surged with another orgasm, he actually forced his way in. I tried everything short of biting his tongue to push him back out. Eric completely and willingly let his lust and emotions control him, searching for more pleasure, wanting more sexual play.

Using my powers to weaken his tongue's strength, I finally forced it back. I was extremely worried about Eric's lack of control. Not to mention his continual attempts to get more sexual stimulus. I finally removed my lips from his, finding Suzi's gaze upon us. My strength was zapped by my multiple orgasms. I was thirsty, but I wasn't about to drink anymore sex juice. I asked Suzi if she wanted to join us in a little nap. She shook her head no and gave me a strange look.

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"What?" I asked. "You have that look in your eye." "Huh? What look?" "The look you get when you want to snuggle with Joey. It's a different look than you get with the twins and me." Eric opened his eyes and looked at me with a slight wishful look. Suzi slipped her bra on, then her panties and shorts before saying, "Go on. He's waiting to hear it." Her tone was not exactly cold, but it wasn't warm either. "Suzi. You know me better than that," I said peering into her eyes. She sighed, then said, "I know.

Just. Be careful? You wouldn't want to hurt Joey." "Then I'll let you both know right now," I thought to her as I opening a connection to both her and Joey. I shared with them my fond feelings for Eric, and then shared my love for them which was orders of magnitude greater. "Okay. Then I'll let you two rest until lunch," Suzi said with a little more warmth and left the tent.

"What was that all about?" Eric asked, fearing pain. "Suzi and Joey know me better than they know themselves. The three of us love each other very much." I moved up on the bed and pulled him up against my chest, and stroked his cheek as I went on. "Suzi knows I feel more than just friendship towards you. You've touched me in a way you can't do with your hand or your dick.

I'm trying to say you're special to me now." "You mean." Eric paused, then said in a whisper, "you love me?" "Yeah. But it's not the same kind of love that I feel for Joey and Suzi.

Joey, Suzi, and I. Well, we don't need to have sex to keep us close. We always give each other our love before we ever have any kind of sex. "But you were nothing more than a friend before.

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The feelings we have for each other right now won't last. I love you, and you love me. It's real, I'm not trying to say it's not. I just don't want you to go in with your eyes closed like you have been." "Like I have been?" I kissed his forehead and caressed his chest and tummy before leaving my arm rest across his chest, letting the closeness of the moment last. Eric's own arm began to move, but I was unhappy when I found his hand tugging on my dick. "Eric.

Stop. That's what I'm talking about. Love is not sex." "But. I only wanted to make you feel good." "I know you did, but you also wanted me do the same thing to you." I gently moved from under him and rolled over to look him in the eyes.

I said, "You have to learn how to control yourself. Letting your lust control you will destroy any chance of you really being happy. I want to show you what real love is. But we could never have any kind of sex again until you learn." "But. What if I don't want that?

I want to suck you off, and have you fuck me. I don't CARE about the rest." "If sex is all you want, you can just get dressed and forget about me. Find some sex craving fagot like yourself and fuck and suck until your heads explode." The pain on his face faded, his expression turning dark and sour. I shivered by that transformation, so I grabbed him and held him close.

"I'm sorry." I said with real tears. "I really. I love you Eric. I want you to know what real love is. It's better than sex." I took his face in my hands and held it up to mine. "You hear me? BETTER!" He nodded his head as best he could in, his cheeks smooched forward by my hands' pressure, looking at me with wide eyes. I released him, and he laid there trying to sort his feelings. "Look. I'm very tired. I need to take a nap. Will you let me hold you without you trying to start something kinky?" "Can we hold each other?" "Uhm, yeah, I guess." We ended up in each other arms, his head hugging my chest.

As I let my sleepiness take hold, I scanned his thoughts, finding my words and his feelings whirling around his head. The fagot comment was the center of his disturbance, asking himself if he really was gay.

The answer he kept coming up with was "yes". While the focus of his thoughts certainly interested me, I found the thing I was searching for. I used my empathic talent to confirm my findings. Eric was holding onto me like a teddy bear, and as I concluded I was right, I felt him snuggle up against me a little more.

In the back of his mind, the appealingly childish embrace had a far more important source. Eric had decided I was too important to him to loose right now. He had put aside his cravings and lusts, and settled on blindly trusting me to make him happy. And because he did that, he was happy, even though his other thoughts had kept him from realizing it. I fell asleep sure he would calm his mental storm enough to discover his happiness on his own.

Suzi's own fondness of Eric grew also. Joey was friendly to him, and didn't seem to mind us spending time with Eric. But to Joey, Eric was just another one of the thirteen year olds we were responsible for.

So when Suzi popped her question to the two of us at lunch on Saturday, Joey didn't know how to take it. "You want to what?" Joey said in surprise, stopping his burger halfway to his mouth. "He already tried to get Tim to take his virginity, and he wouldn't. But now Eric and I are pretty close.

I want to do it so he knows what he's missing with women. I think he's learned what he needed to learn, and he hasn't done anything sexual for two days now. He deserves to have his virginity taken by someone who cares for him. Tim won't do it, so that leaves me. But I won't if it upsets you." she said giving Joey a pleading look.

"Shit. I don't care. Tim, you decide. I just don't want to be involved." I looked in her eyes, finding her compassion motivating her more than her sexual attraction towards Eric. After a hug and a kiss on her cheek, I said, "Just be gentle with him. Anything too fast may ruin everything we've done. When do you want to do it?" "During crafts, if that's okay." "Yeah.

Let's go tell. Hmm. He's not here anymore. And neither is Randy." I reached out to find them, discovering Eric's self control have failed him again. "Shit. Looks like you might not get the chance to take his virginity. Joey watch my guys for me. Come on Suzi!" I said standing up, dragging Suzi by the hand with me. We hurried away from the others, then I explained to Suzi.

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"He's loaded Randy up on the drink, and they're making out like mad. Eric thinks he can make Randy love him by getting him so horny that they will take each other's cherries. Shit. We have to hurry." We raced down the path to their cabin, and got there just as Eric was pressing his dick to Randy's rose. "ERIC STOP!" we both yelled.

His eyes were glazed over with his sexual desire, only momentarily hesitating before he started his plunge. I reached out with my mind and stopped the motion before it completed, then had to stop Randy from sitting down on it, his own mind lost in lust. Eric was frantically trying to pull Randy onto him with his hands, so I took control of their bodies and made them get up and lay down in their own bunks.

"Suzi, I can't seem to keep Randy asleep. You're going to have to relieve him while I talk some sense into Eric." Suzi sighed, then sat down beside Randy and took his dick in her hand. When I released my hold on Randy's body, Suzi almost was unable to keep him down.

Her hand job wasn't doing enough, so Suzi gave me a dirty look, then sucked his little cock and balls in her mouth. Eric was frightened nearly out of his wits, unable to move or speak. I sat down on the edge of his bunk, stroking his cheek and chest with a loving touch. I released my hold on his body slowly, telling him he was okay, and to trust me. The fear stayed in his eyes, but didn't try to move away when he had complete control over his body again. "I'm sorry I had to do that.

But you almost made a big mistake." I waited a moment to let him speak, but found him too scared and confused to do so. I laid down beside him and wrapped my arms around him, hugging him like he had done to me.

I kissed his bare chest when he finally rapped his arms around me too, feeling his fear fade. "How did you do that?" he finally managed to say.

"I can do a lot of things," I said moving even with his face. "But what you were trying to do, make Randy love you like that. Eric, I thought you understood. You can't make someone love you with sex." "But. You and me. And Suzi. You even said." "Okay, I admit we started out feeling love because we had sex.

But what the three of us did, we were doing it because we wanted to. You tricked Randy into wanting to have sex with you. None of us tricked you. If you had fucked him, he would have hated you for the rest of his life. "Eric, Randy will never love you or do the things you want him to do. If you don't believe me, I can show you his mind. But you already know that, don't you." "I." "I know. You don't want to believe it. Eric, I know it hurts, but you have to forget Randy.

He's not interested in you.

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But someone will be, probably several someones. And two of them are here in this room with you." "But. I tried. I really tried. But I'm so horny all the time. You will stop loving me if we do anything, so I had to find someone else." "I'm sorry Eric. It's not your fault. I think I've pushed you too long. I guess I'm used to having really good sex. I should have realized that after you had your first good sex, it would be even harder for you to go without.

"I think Suzi picked up on that before I did, and I'm the one who can read minds. We were looking for you to ask you. Eric, Suzi would like to make love to you. Real love. She doesn't want you to loose your virginity without love." "She. wants to fuck me?"If you don't mind that she's a girl," I said teasingly. "No, I don't mind at all.

She's probably the first girl I've ever gotten horny over. But Tim? I really love you. Not just because we had sex and stuff. If you really love me? Could you?. and Suzi?" He was looking in my eyes, triggering my empathic link for a brief moment. He gasped when he felt my feelings, and I nearly did so too. "Only if both of you will still love me afterwards though." he said down heartedly.

"Eric. I said with a straight face, "I'll always love you. Suzi is getting tired of sucking on Randy's dick. How about you take over for her, while Suzi and I get undressed.

You think you can suck on his dick while getting fucked both ways?" Eric's eyes were filled with. well, I don't know what it was. And I've never seen it again. His eyes were so full of emotion, I swear they literally glowed with energy. Or perhaps it was just my other perceptions getting mixed in with my sight. But in any case, I only saw it a brief moment before he rapped his arms around me tight and hugged me with every ounce of strength he had.

"I'll take that as a yes," I weased. I was almost in danger of getting injured, so I turned his hug down a little without his knowledge.

Moments later, he turned the pressure off all together, but didn't discontinue his hold on me. We laid there for several minutes with our arms rapped around each other, his heart beat slowing from the peace he had found.

I was so proud of him. He really had learned what it meant to love someone. He was happy just to hold me, even though he knew he would have the best sex he ever had the moment he let go. That momentary empathic contact was filled by his love and trust, not by his lust. And that was what had changed my mind. Suzi's fatigue from struggling with Randy forced me to break our embrace. I reached out and found Randy's chemically driven lust to have been partially satisfied, enabling me to put him to sleep for a short while.

"Thanks," Suzi said, pulling Randy's hand out of her brazier and shirt. Then she sat up and let out a "Whew!" I nudged Eric towards Randy's bunk, and was surprised by his misinterpretation of my intentions.

He sat down beside Suzi, took her hands in his, then looked up into her eyes and said, "Suzi? I just wanted to say thanks. I think you're the sexiest woman on the planet. And. I love you." He kissed her on each cheek, purposely avoiding her lips each time, then allowed her satisfaction with a passionate exchange of saliva.

"Whoa, slow down you two," I said. "Uhm, Eric? You're gonna have to take a trip to the bathroom before." Suzi's surprised look caused me to interrupt myself and say, "Eric's asked me to take his other virginity. He asked out of love." "Randy and I already emptied ourselves out before coming here," Eric said looking at Randy. "He looks so." He paused.

"Innocent is the word you're looking for," I said. "Yeah. Innocent. I can't believe I tried to make him. Come on. Let's get started before I cry. I'm." he choked up. Suzi pulled him to her and Eric hugged her chest.

A few moments later, he let go and with a teary smile he said to her, "Your boobs gave me a hardon. Maybe I'm not so gay after all." "You two can get started.

I'll be right back," I said as I reached for the door handle. I hurried to the toilets, took a huge shit, then grabbed a few things from Suzi's tent. I paused when my eyes fell upon the half empty container of drink, I almost took some back with me. Even though we still had a completely full one, I didn't want to waste it when we were all in the mood anyway. As I ran back to the cabin, I realized it would have been a bad idea anyway.

The drink had its uses, but its effects would turn our lovemaking into a sex fest. And that's exactly what I wanted to avoid. I almost dropped the vibrators I had grabbed into the bushes outside the cabin, but I realized they would greatly ease Eric's suffering if I used them on his ass before using my dick. I found them on two of the mattresses they had laid on the floor. Randy was awake, and I was very upset to find Eric and Randy sucking on each other's dicks. "Randy started it," Suzi said looking up with glazed eyes.

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"He woke up while we were moving him to the floor. Eric's dick was right by his face. Eric nearly dropped him when Randy sucked it in his mouth." "Shit," I said as I felt around Randy's mind. When Eric had talked Randy into fucking, he had unknowingly been conditioning Randy. I hadn't realized that over the past half hour, the drink was slowly brainwashing Randy's fairly innocent mind. "ERIC! YOU HAVE TO STOP!" I cried.

"YOUR TURNING HIM INTO A DICK SUCKING NYMPHOMANIAC!" My ill chosen words triggered their orgasms. Despite the large amount of drink Randy had taken, Eric barely got a mouthful. His equipment hadn't developed enough to produce much normally. The drinks effect in that respect was very minimal. As the two boys tried to go for another round, I knelt next to Eric's head and said, "Eric, the drink is doing things to Randy's mind. If you don't stop, the Randy you knew will disappear forever.

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You're brainwashing him into a loveless, mindless dick sucker." Eric froze, then his eyes wide with horror. Randy's dick fell out of his open mouth, getting a desperate response from its owner. Eric suddenly leapt off Randy, saying "I'm sorry! I didn't know I was hurting him!" "He'll be all right," Suzi said helping him down as his legs gave out.

"Timmy can fix it, can't you Tim." I was already deep into Randy's desperate mind, not really hearing her words. "I need Joey," was all I said. Joey ran in out of breath a few minutes later.


"I don't know, Tim." he wheezed. "I'm not even real <gasp> sure how I do it." "It's the only thing I can think of to get the drink out of him fast enough. I'm not even sure if your sharing link will share its effects. But the only other way would be sex, and that's out of the question." "I don't understand why you couldn't just put him back to normal after he gets off." I sighed frustrated. "Everything I do is just adding or redirecting peoples thoughts.

This is ERASING his personality. I could give him a new one, but there is no way I could put him back the way he was! Come on! Every second it gets worse." Joey and I closed our eyes, then I signaled to Suzi that I would be needing to link to her and Eric. While Joey was trying to get his share link to stay open, Suzi said, "Eric, Tim is going to. link us together. I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen, so just stay calm when you start feeling strange.

It usually feels wonder. Oh!" Joey had worked his share link out, and I was able to form another share link with Randy. When we felt his life force mix with ours, I felt my dick grow instantly hard. I knew it was working, so I had formed two more share links with Suzi and Eric. My arousal diminished sharply, and once I was sure everything has stabilized, I closed all the links. "Why did you stop?" Eric said a moment later. "It felt awesome." "I have to be careful about linking to too many people.

If I over do it, I have to stay in bed for a day or two because my head hurts so bad." "How do you feel?" Joey asked. "I feel great myself." "Yeah, me to. I guess I was a little over cautious. But I still have to fix Randy a little, and I didn't want to take any chances." "Well, I got to get back. If you need me to make another house call, you know how to reach me," Joey said humorously as he left. I was deep into Randy's mind, finding the damage not all that bad, and actually appearing to undo itself.

"Shit. I'm sorry guys. Looks like I jumped the gun. Randy's personality and stuff are returning back to normal somehow. I don't think I have to do anything." Randy was in some kind of numb daze. He wasn't unconscious, but he wasn't really aware of us either. He just kept tugging on his semi-hard dick while sucking on the other hand's fingers. We watched Randy for almost an hour, Eric talking about what he had done, and the good times he and Randy had in the past.

He had put his shorts back on, his modesty amplified from his disgrace. Finally, I got up to stretch and said, "Well, he's as normal as he is going to be. The only thing different about him is something I can fix pretty easily. And I will, but you won't want me to." "Huh? Tell me, please?" "Look at him. Tell me what he's doing." "He's jerking off. And moving his finger in and out. You mean he wants to suck dicks?" "Probably more than you do.

And your suggestions about fucking each other are still in him too. He still likes girls, but not as much as he wants guys. And before you get any ideas." I reached into Randy's mind and began inserting commands to counter his new desires. Once I finished, Randy's hand fell away from his mouth, forgotten. Eric's shoulders sagged. "Goodbye, Randy," he whispered.

I peeked in his head and found he had let Randy go. He had accepted Randy would never be his lover. Pain he had felt while thinking he had destroyed his friend had given him the strength to do it. Even while the joy and excitement filled him from the implications of Randy's altered state, the knowledge that he had tampered with his friend held his ambitions back. Seeing that it would not be needed any longer, I removed the loophole in the commands I had placed in Randy's mind.

Randy would never trigger the hidden memory. It would have only produced a momentary surge of lust whenever Eric's mouth first took his friend's dick in. But it would have been enough to temporarily induce a craving for the taste of Eric's dick and cum. I had thought it would have only been fair for Randy to give back what he received. Eric figured he wouldn't be giving Randy any more blow jobs.

So he had mixed feelings about my suggestion. "Well, someone is going to have to suck him off to bring him back out of his daze.

It might as well be you, Eric. That is if you're still in the lovin' kind of mood," I said, giving the crotch of his shorts a squeeze. "You mean. after everything I did, you still want to do it?" "Well, I can't speak for Suzi, but yeah." Suzi gave her consent by also giving Eric's crotch a squeeze.

He looked at Randy, then said, "I want to do it with you both. But. I don't want to ever touch Randy again." Suzi and I looked at each other, then Suzi said, "Well, I'm not going to do it. It's too. little for me to get excited about. You do it Tim. Your blow jobs are ten times better than mine anyway." "Huh?

I thought you didn't suck dicks," Eric said suspiciously. I gave Eric a mysterious smile and said, "I don't. But I do give blow jobs. Suzi, move your hand so I can demonstrate." Suzi's hand snapped to her lap, then she snapped it to her side when she felt my mind touch her. I simulated six tongues working their genitals over for a few moments, then stopped. "Ohhhh! I hate it when you tease," Suzi whined.

I was staring at Randy, continuing to simulate the tongues at his crotch, and found Eric's hand going down my shorts. "Eric, please. I'm concentrating. Suzi will play. I'll be as quick as I can." Reluctantly, Eric's hand retreated, and I wasn't paying attention when they moved back to the floor. They were still in their clothes when the cabin door opened and the four other cabin mates walked in.

Todd, Peter, Brett, and Robert stood there staring at Suzi and Eric in each other's arms. "Shit," I said softly, then forced Randy's orgasm to peak quickly so I could clean up our new mess.

Randy thrashed around for a moment, drawing three gasps and a "shit," from the boys. "Uhm. It's not what you think," Eric started. "Close the door guys," I said, keeping my eyes locked on Randy's face. "Damn. He's still not coming out of his daze. I don't understand. Oh. Heh." I removed my initial attempts when I was unsuccessfully trying to get him to go to sleep.

The moment I did, Randy blinked his eyes and came too. "You okay?" I said, handing Randy his shorts and underwear. Randy's face turned red while he covered himself with his shorts. "Shit Randy. What are you embarrassed about? Everyone here has seen you naked before. Oh, well maybe not Suzi." His ears could've probably glowed in the dark when that sank in. I had prepared him so he wouldn't flip out when I woke him. He just quickly put his underwear on while covering his crotch with his shorts.

Once his shorts were on, he sat there looking sheepishly towards Suzi. "What is going on?" Todd finally said. I poked around in each of their heads, and decided just make them forget. I had been tempted to let them watch, but only one had even successfully jerked off. "We were just having a little discussion. What do you guys think about having a weenie roast tomorrow?" Their positive replies and sudden relaxed nature made Eric and Randy throw me questioning looks. I winked at Eric, then whispered to Randy, "They only remember walking in and finding us talking.

You feel okay?" Randy nodded, still a little spaced out. "Hey. You're not to blame for anything you did. Eric tricked you, and he's sorry about that. If you want, I can help you forget it ever happened." His eyes were pointed at me, but he wasn't looking through them. Randy's mind played back the events, then he blinked and looked at the floor. "No. That's okay," he said, laying his arm over his crotch.

If he hadn't done that, I would have never have guessed he had gotten a hard on. "Okay. Well, Suzi and I have some unfinished business with Eric. How come the four of you came back so early?" "They were having trouble keeping everyone busy, so they let all the Jr.

High kids go and have free time," Brett said. "I think Jarvos is kinda, um, upset with you," Todd added. "More like mad," Robert admitted. "He'll get over it," Suzi said. "He already has. Well Randy, looks like you're free to do what you want," I said. Then in a stern voice I said, "Sorry Eric.

Looks like you're gonna miss some free time while you get what's coming to you." Eric played along, looking glum and disappointed. As the three of us left, I heard Peter exclaim, "Hey, what's my bed doing on the floor?"